21 Secrets Kids Have Kept

Kids are the prime witnesses to any of their parents’ wrongdoings. Sure, kids would never tell on their parents, but the psychological cost of using the little ones as the ultimate secret keepers is greater than anyone could imagine.

Everyone loves secrets and kids especially love to feel like they are their parents’ best friends. Unfortunately, too many parents take advantage of this trait by using their kids as their actual best friends, confiding everything about their lives: everything from their financial doubts, all the way to their relationship worries.

Happiness rarely makes it into the equation because parents like these are rarely happy. They always complain about everything little thing. They are never guilty of anything, but are rather the unknowing victims of every single bad thing that happens to them.

Meanwhile, their children listen with big ears. After all, it’s exciting to be told “grown-up” stuff. Although most adults who ask kids to keep secrets have good intentions, it’s rarely all sunshine and butterflies.

These 21 Whispers kids from kids with secrets show the tremendous guilt that kids can experience for trying to keep their parents’ secrets. But there are also a few secrets from kids willingly keeping things from their parents to avoid getting into trouble or from fear of being sent to a hospital.

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21 Skipping Is Not An Option

Trying to offer some advice, one person replied: "Don't take this the wrong way... but that's what medical coverage is for... ex. dental we are covered 80%. Who knows, they might have coverage for you :)"

But if the kid is posting on Whisper, then there is a good chance that his parents don't have dental coverage. Especially in the US, medical and dental coverage can be way too expensive per month, forcing many to have to skip it. For the kid to feel the need to hide a toothache is definitely problematic though. As much as visiting the dentist right now might be expensive, it might turn out to be even worse if the cavity is left unchecked to the point of needing a root canal. It's way better to get it checked now than risk waiting until the situation becomes worse.

20 Better Safe Than Sorry

The number one question on anyone’s mind after reading this Whisper is sure to be: but what could they use the recordings for? It’s clear that having the recordings saved on their phone is a kind of security blanket for the kid. It might even serve as validation that he or she isn’t the crazy one, their mother is. Abusive parents (and people in general) tend to flip the table on their victims, making them feel guilty when they have no reason to feel that way. This is probably why the Whisper user feels comfort having the files. Words and abusive statements can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment, but by recording everything, they can re-play it and learn to recognize the abuse for what it is.

Another Whisper encouragingly wrote: "Yes. Continue to do this. My mom has extremely explosive behavior that my brothers are FINALLY starting to see after YEARS of me trying to prove it to them. Keep the evidence. Use it."

19 American Beauty

Lots of Whispers can be found on the popular site about kids confiding that one of their parents doesn’t want them to reveal to the other that they have been cheating. This one though, definitely takes it a step further. Not only is her father pressuring to keep it a secret that he cheated on her mom but it was also with her best friend. They may as well make a movie out of his life.

Two people had the same idea in reply to this Whisper. While one wrote: "Blackmail him for stuff," the other more specifically replied: "You just got yourself a new car, new clothes and hopefully new friends."

Technically she could indeed do all of that, but having to keep the two secrets from her mom will probably be enough to spend her spiraling.

18 The Mom Needs To Know ASAP

You really need to read this Whisper a couple of times to fully understand the implication behind the Whisper author’s words. “He’s leaving her because he began to gain interest in me” should inspire instant horror in anyone reading as it is the stuff of nightmares for any parent.

Even more horrifyingly is the advice that some senseless Whisper author had the audacity to write: “Don't do this to her. You already know that it will hurt her, but you don't know how much. She might even start to hate regardless of you being her daughter. She'll think that you stole her happiness."

With advice like that, it’s no wonder that kids are eating Tide Pods nowadays. As much as the mom might think that, the chance is minuscule and exposing the pedophile for his behavior is the definite best route to take.

17 A Heavy Confession

Whisper confessions are seldom accompanied with more explanations, but the author of this one actually elaborated more after someone replied: "Could be worse. Trust me I know."

They wrote back: "Yeah but it could be better. I just want some normalcy or stability in my life," also adding, “[and] recently found out my dad complained to my mom constantly about me. My mom doesn't know I know.”

Learning that his or her dad used to complain about them all the time would definitely make the pain hurt more, but the reality is that all parents complain about their kids at some or other. Complaining and hating them isn’t the same thing though and there is something to be said about how the dad wouldn’t have been in a good place when he said those words. Either way, this Whisper author might really want to consider talking to a grief counselor.

16 Beyond Bad Parenting

The fact that this her mom still doesn’t know speaks volumes. There is nothing worse than making your kids lie to you, but here’s this Dad of The Year not only asking his kid to keep on lying but also maintaining a major lie.

Everything could have been resolved on much friendlier terms. All the dad had to do was admit to his wife at the time that he was cheating and that’s it! We all just have one life to live. If he didn’t want to be with the Whisper author’s mom anymore, that’s totally fine, but getting the kids to take on your burden of lying and cheating just isn’t the way to go. The fact that they had a baby that the Whisper author’s mom still doesn’t know about it really pushes this one over the edge.

15 Treacherous Neighbor

We want our kids to grow up believing in Santa Claus, unicorns and with a positive outlook of the world, but teaching them about its evil side is tricky business. As much as we want to shield our little ones from predators, they’re unfortunately out there and as parents, we aren’t always around to protect them.

They say the best defense is a good offense and this fact would have 100% applied here. Starting from the time that kids are old enough to understand, they need to be taught that if an adult tells them to keep a secret, for whatever reason it may be, that this almost certainly means that they aren’t to be trusted and that they should always tell their parents the “secret”. It would have certainly been helpful in this sad situation.

14 Unplanned Side-Effect

It's almost impossible not to wonder if this kid got the idea to pop pills for a different reason than prescribed for one of their parents. Prescription drug abuse is a rampant problem in nearly every country and if the kid would have seen their parents popping pills like candy with a medicine cabinet chockful of a ton of different medications, then there is a good reason that they may have been inspired to take advantage of their own medication as well.

Either way, it’s clear this Whisper author needs help and the parents are too oblivious to see the warning signs. It’s hard to speculate without all the details, but there is still the very real possibility that the parents may have pressured the doctor to prescribe ADHD medication when it wasn’t even needed, instead getting their kid addicted to them for a completely different reason.

13 99% Certain It's Not A Secret Anymore

If his mom caught him watching “gay stuff”, then he is likely not “secretly gay” at all. There’s a definite elephant in the room, but it sounds like either the mom is totally ignoring the reality that her son is gay out of homophobia (as it’s often sadly the case) or she is merely giving him his space and waiting for him to come out of the closet. This Whisper confession is definitely reminiscent of the countless YouTube videos that teenagers have uploaded to the web showing how hard and emotional it was for them to come out to their parents, or often just their mom, only to hear: “Oh yeah, I know

Catching your son watching “gay stuff” is probably one of the biggest indicators that just can’t be ignored, so for sure his mom already knows. Let’s just hope that she’s rainbow friendly.

12 A Burdened Life

Following the law isn’t an easy feat for many and sometimes real life simply catches up with us. At the end of the day, it’s never easy for any parent to have to leave their kids to go serve a prison sentence. Unfortunately, there are consequences for every action and sometimes those consequences comes with a couple of years behind bars. The Whisper author has every right to be angry though.

As they say, they are very close, but the fact the mom had to go away for a couple of years is time that they will never get back. It’s not uncommon for children of incarcerated parents to experience behavioral problems, antisocial behavior, depression, as well as embarrassment if others find out. After a couple of years of their parent having been away, the trust would have also been undoubtedly broken because they wouldn’t see their parent as dependable or reliable anymore.

11 Wrong On So Many Levels

If they are old enough to use a vibrator and post their confession on Whisper, then they are undeniably old enough to buy their own. Secretly taking and using their mom’s massager is wrong on too many levels than we could possibly explore. If they don’t have the money to afford one, then it sounds like it’s time to get a job.

If for some reason they can’t, then the mom still needs to know that she isn’t the only one using it. A vibrator is one of those extremely private things that most definitely should not be shared between mother and daughter like clothes or shoes might be. It’s fine for the teen to be curious, but some boundaries clearly need to be put in place in their household with regards to personal objects.

10 We're Glad Too

Some Whisper confessions hit harder than others and this is certainly one of them. After someone wrote that "Suicide is selfish and would probably destroy him," another replied: "You know what's selfish? People bullying someone sooo much that they want to kill themselves. Think before you speak."

That initial person’s reply does a splendid job of demonstrating the dangers of posting your thoughts, feelings and actions on the web for others to dissect instead of seeking help from friends, family or actual professionals. It’s true that it would destroy any father or parent, but at the end of the day, she needs to take her life into her hands and telling him would definitely be the first step. It’s important to realize that suicidal thinking usually goes hand-in-hand with problems that can be treated and there’s always a solution, no matter how much it might feel like there isn’t.

9 Not What Matters

As much as ignoring her parents’ rules and going to a rave despite their interdiction would be bad, the fact that she was sexually assaulted is far worse than breaking the rules. As someone noted: "Don't let the fact you might of broken their rules keep you from telling them or at least your mom."

Shockingly, the original Whisper author replied: "They did not react well when I told them [about the first time]. No way am I telling them the other three times."

Appalling. For her parents to “not react well” when she told them the first time is absolutely horrifying. Bad parenting is rampant, but this just goes beyond anything imaginable. She clearly can’t rely on her parents any more, but seeking outside help from a therapist and the police would be the definite next move.

8 Unbreakable Bond

As kids or teenagers to keep a secret is never a good idea. However, this one undeniably finds itself in the grey away. On the one hand, it’s terrible to ask the grand kid not to tell their mom something as big as the grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. On the other, there is probably a very good reason for which they don’t want the mom knowing. There are a few similar Whispers to this one on the popular site and in all of them, the burden of keeping such a humongous secret is clearly one that the kids struggle to do, but without more details about the reason for which the mom can’t know, then it’s hard to say more.

There’s also the possibility that the kid found out through another family member, so perhaps it’s inevitable that the mom would find out the truth.

7 Not So Flossy Glamorous Life

As much as the entertainment business is glorified, there is nothing easy about it. While one person replied that it "would be a fun job", another had some more useful advice: "Tough job. It's not just having s*x, it's being told what to do with s*x and if you're not comfortable doing, get out, we'll find someone else."

It might sound fun to get paid to have fun, the reality of the matter is far more exhausting, nearly veering on exploitation in the vast majority of cases. It’s no wonder that she fears getting disowned by her mother, but it’s still a conversation that she should have as it’s inevitable for her to find out. If she was still a couple of years away from turning 18, then we would say that she still had time to change her mind but if she was mere months away…

6 Time To Tell

The Turpin family House of Horrors is one of the best examples as to how there is no time like the present to finally tell someone or more specifically, run to the authorities. Nearly everyone is brought up to believe that snitching, especially on your own family, is bad. But it’s in cases like this that “snitching” is actually absolutely imperative no matter how much the parents might try to convince them otherwise.

Living with mice and roaches in the house contributes towards an unsanitary condition for kids, let alone anyone, to live in. As much as the dad may have built the house, it’s clear that he did nothing to maintain it if there are cracks, holes and rodents. In this case, it’s all too easy to assume that the parents are likely addicts who aren’t taking care of their kids, especially since they aren’t even allowed to have anyone over.

5 Embarrassed To Tell Anyone

As much as parents may try to hide their real careers in cases like these, kids nearly always find out. At some point, it becomes nearly impossible to explain where mommy is going every night and why she needs such exotic-looking high heels. In fact, kids catch on a lot faster than parents might even realize.

But for any kid whose parent works in the porn or any related industry, the hard part goes well beyond just knowing. Having their friends or peers at school find out can be mortifying beyond words and also often leads towards relentless bullying. It might still be this Whisper author’s secret, but secrets rarely stay untold, especially when it comes to topics like this one. Unfortunately, the parent/child relationship can get particularly complicated, especially if the parent’s career becomes unsafe.

4 Taking The Fall

And the burning question on everyone’s mind is: are they still together? That’s some major loyalty right there, although none that should be commended. At some point, they should really tell their respective parent’s the truth and in all actuality, they should have just been honest from the start. But the fact that he let her take the fall makes us wonder if there may have been other factors at play.

Was he possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he crashed the car? Perhaps by switching seats right before the police would have arrived, he narrowly avoided getting into worse trouble than just having to pay for the damages. That is really the only reasonable explanation, especially considering that they still hadn’t fessed up at the time of writing the confession.

3 Not What We Usually Hear

This Whisper is particularly shocking because we usually hear of stories like these in reverse. Among most confessions from kids about physical abuse, the perpetrator is usually the father, but in this confession, it’s the mother. Even more shocking is that the Whisper author writes that they can’t tell their dad or anyone else from fear of being killed. It’s likely an empty threat, but coupled with the daily abuse, it’s definitely enough to keep them from speaking out.

No matter what they 100% need to tell someone. A Whisper user encouragingly wrote: “Omfg. You'll make it. You have to. I know you will. You're going to be okay. But you have to tell someone." Another was more urgent with their advice: "Get help! Tell the cops! THIS IS NOT OK!! You can't let this happen to you. You have to tell someone!"

2 Not That Straightforward

As much as she might not want to tell her parents, it sounds like that’s exactly what she needs to do. But if their immediate response is to straight away send her to the hospital, then perhaps that is exactly why she is scared to tell them. Luckily, there are many services available that could help her and that wouldn’t send her to the hospital against her wishes.

Unless deemed a suicide risk, young individuals aren’t usually sent to the hospital as the first response, but parents could have the instinct to try that as a result of not knowing what else to do. It’s a tricky situation, but by posting on Whisper, at least it’s clear that she is trying to reach out and get help. Let’s hope that she was able to find it in the form of a real person.

1 Messages To Heaven

When a loved one like a parent passes away when the kids are still young, most aren’t given the chance to say goodbye. Instead, they are usually left screaming “why?” at the suddenness of everything. Not knowing the answers to the hard-hitting questions can make the process even harder.

Everyone deals with grief in different ways, but it’s especially hard when kids lose a parental figure suddenly without getting the chance to say goodbye. Many deal with the process by turning to writing, whether through stories and poems. Others find refuge in writing to their lost loved one as if they were still alive. Although challenging at first, these honest messages would have undoubtedly helped this Whisper author to gain acceptance and closure. Writing messages on Facebook can be helpful, but they may want to back up the messages to the hard drive just in case.

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