21 Things Fans Need To Know About Jenelle Evans' Family Life

Jenelle Evans first found fame when she was featured in an episode of 16 and Pregnant. A year later, she signed on to star in the spin-off show Teen Mom 2, and has been there ever since — well, until recently. There’s always been drama in Jenelle’s life. And just because she’s married with three kids (and two step-children), it doesn’t mean it’s any less dramatic.

The reality star’s eldest son, Jace, was born in 2009. The 9-year-old currently lives with his grandmother full-time, as Jenelle relinquished custody in front of TM cameras when he was only a toddler. The celebrity later went on to welcome another son, Kaiser, with her ex-fiancée Nathan in 2014. Fans of the show know the couple hasn’t been on good terms since their split a year after their son’s birth. Shortly after, Jenelle met her future husband, David Eason. The couple welcomed their daughter, Ensley Jolie, in 2017, the same year they were married.

However, it definitely hasn’t been a happily-ever-after story for Jenelle and her husband David, as he’s made headlines for his bizarre and controversial behavior. Keep reading to see what all fans need to know about the issues going on in Jenelle’s family life at the moment.

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21 She Was Just Fired From Teen Mom 2

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There has been much speculation whether Jenelle would return to Teen Mom 2. Reports say the production crew has had trouble filming the star due to her husband’s threats to show up on set and cause a ruckus.

Earlier this year, it was reported Jenelle and MTV were negotiating her contract and that the celebrity was insisting they begin filming her husband once again. However, it was just announced earlier this May that Jenelle has officially been let go from the show.

“MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since,” an MTV spokesperson confirmed to Us Weekly. “Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

20 And It Was Because Her Hubby David Harmed Her Dog

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Many fans and co-stars had already expressed concern over Jenelle’s husband. But no one saw it coming earlier this month when the news broke that David had harmed his wife’s dog.

Although the details are still unclear at the moment, it has been confirmed David took the dog to the woods on their property and ended his life, The Ashley states. “Kaiser and Ensley had no idea and [haven’t] said anything about it since,” Jenelle has said, confirming her two youngest kids weren’t aware of what was happening.

David’s daughter, Maryssa, whom he has from a prior relationship, was evidently very disturbed. “[She] immediately went to her bedroom and didn’t come out all night until the next day,” Jenelle explained. The Ashley has confirmed this most recent incident is what led MTV to terminate their relationship with Jenelle.

19 Now He’s Being Investigated By PETA (And Authorities)

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A 911 call was placed soon after David harmed Jenelle’s dog and police arrived at the scene. Although it’s unclear if charges are being pressed, PETA has spoken out against the reality star’s husband.

“People who abuse animals typically don’t stop there. There’s concern for other animals and humans in the house as well,” PETA wrote over social media. “There is no excuse for animal abuse, and we hope David Eason will be prohibited from owning any other animals in the future.”

David has since said he only did what he did because the dog (a tiny French terrier) tried to bite their daughter. He shared a video trying to prove his point, but fans pointed out that it didn’t even show the dog biting Ensley. Rather, the toddler had been getting in the pup’s face.

18 She’s Not Allowed To See Jace At The Moment

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Fans will know that Jenelle’s mother Barbara has had custody of her eldest son, Jace, since he was a toddler (she willingly signed over custody when trying to get her addictions under control).

Following the incident with David and the couple’s dog, reports now say Barbara is refusing to allow Jace to go over to Jenelle’s home. The news comes as a bit of a surprise as Jenelle and Barbara have been on good terms recently after months of estrangement.

“Barbara is still in contact with [the people from MTV] and she said that since Jenelle isn’t leaving David, she can’t allow Jace to go see Jenelle because she knows that will mean Jace will be around David,” a source told The Ashley. “Barbara told Jenelle she is contacting her attorney to get something in place banning David from being around Jace.”

17 David Might Mistreat Their Children

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Fans aren’t sure what to think of David after all of the rants and bizarre behavior he’s exhibited. Perhaps one of the most concerning things that’s been said about him is that he might mistreat his and Jenelle’s children.

Jenelle’s ex-fiancée and the father of her son, Kaiser, was the first to imply that David mistreats the kids. He says their home life is not conducive to raising kids.

"Please stop playing an innocent bystander," Nathan once wrote on social media. "Editing is hell. This is my son. My pride and joy. Tons of unedited [...] neglect, and indecent conversations are filmed around children. It shows nothing but greed. People love resolutions and a happy ending."

16 Her Ex Is Trying To Get Full Custody Of Their Son

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Last season on Teen Mom 2, the show explored how Jenelle’s ex-fiancée Nathan has been trying to get full custody of their son, Kaiser. Nathan originally became worried last year after his mother found bruises on her grandson.

Nathan and Jenelle have been battling things out in court for months. At one point, Nathan even refused to give Kaiser back after a visitation, which prompted the police to get involved. Ever since the incident with David and the dog, Nathan has been even more outspoken about his concerns for his son’s safety.

“It’s been a year since I filed for custody, it’s a process,” he told The Ashley. “I can’t just run over there and grab my son. If I could, believe me, I would. I have been trying everything I can [to get custody of Kaiser.] I try to communicate with Jenelle, but she refuses to communicate with me. I’m not a bad guy.”

15 Jenelle Was In A Bad Marriage Once Before

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Unfortunately, Jenelle’s relationship with David isn’t the only problematic marriage she’s had. The reality star was previously married to Courtland Rogers from 2012-2013. And while Courtland didn’t harm any of her pets, their relationship was still less than ideal.

While together, the couple reinforced each other’s bad habits. Courtland was eventually arrested after a domestic dispute with Jenelle, which led to their divorce. She actually discovered she was pregnant after leaving him. But Teen Mom cameras showed Jenelle make the decision to end the pregnancy because she couldn’t see herself raising his child.

14 The Cast Refuses To Film With David Around

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David was fired from the MTV show last year after making a series of controversial comments. But he was still allowed to be on set if Jenelle was filming.

However, after bullying and threatening various co-stars online, reports say much of the Teen Mom 2 production crew is outright refusing to work with Jenelle if there’s any chance David will be around.

“They no longer feel comfortable working on Jenelle,” an insider told The Ashley. “There are some people who no longer feel safe going down there anymore because David has made it clear that he does not like the people from MTV."

13 David Almost Went To Jail Over Child Support

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As if the past month couldn’t get any tougher for Jenelle and her family, only days after the news broke about what happened to her dog Nugget, it was reported that David was facing jail time after owing $5,000 in unpaid child support to the mother of his son.

“The judge told David at his last court hearing that if he wasn’t caught up by the next hearing [which was Friday], he’d be going [away],” a source told The Ashley. “He had a decent amount of time to come up with the money.”

When David showed up to court earlier this month without the money, the judge only gave him a few hours to come up with it or face the consequences. The publication reports that David later came back to Jenelle to pay the fees.

12 Her Hubby Was Investigated By The Secret Service

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Fans could barely believe it last December when Jenelle’s husband David went on a bizarre rant following an unexpected visit from the Secret Service.

Evidently, David became of interest to the Secret Service after making a series of comments against the government online, including posting a video showing off everything he has stored on his property.

But rather than being concerned by the impromptu visit, David posted a series of videos to social media showing him flipping off the government personnel car as it drove off his property. He also flaunted his collection before saying, “They will say I’ve gone off the deep end just wait for it!”

11 Jenelle And David Briefly Broke Up

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Fans breathed a sigh of relief in December when it seemed like David and Jenelle had called it quits following his debacle with the Secret Service. The couple changed their online profiles to say they were no longer attached and Jenelle began posting vague statuses implying she was looking to get back into dating.

However, only a few days later, Jenelle confirmed they were indeed back together. “Lmfao Married couples have disagreements but that doesn’t mean they are ‘splitting up’ #RUMORS,” she wrote on social media. “I will stand by my husband,” she added.

However, given the recent ordeal with her dog, sources say that divorce is back on the table for this tumultuous couple.

10 Her Ex Called The Cops On Her Hubby (Multiple Times)

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If you watch Teen Mom 2, then you know that Jenelle’s husband David and her ex-fiancée Nathan Griffith definitely don’t get along. But it’s gotten so bad between the two men that Nathan has actually called the authorities on David several times.

Last year, Nathan got in touch with Child Protective Services. But more recently, it was revealed Nathan was the one who called 911 after reports said David harmed Jenelle’s dog.

“I’m just trying to figure out where my son’s at and what I should do in this situation right now. I’m just so confused right now,” Nathan said on a leaked recording of the 911 call, TMZ reports. “I just want to make sure my son is safe.”

9 David Isn’t Allowed To See His Son

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Many aren’t sure what to make of Barbara and Nathan wanting to keep Jace and Kaiser away from David. However, it turns out David actually isn’t allowed to see his own son, which speaks volumes.

According to Radar Online, David didn’t see his son Kaden for years, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Olivia. The boy’s mother was originally granted full custody in 2014 and David was “denied any contact with the child” as he was in jail for a domestic case related to Olivia. The site added that he didn’t try to see his son until 2016 when he got involved with Jenelle.

Olivia originally agreed to visitations, but David was eventually denied all of his rights when he “ignored the rules set up by the court.” Although David and Jenelle have been trying to get custody of the boy since, his mother is said to be going against it, given all of the drama David has been associated with recently.

8 Jenelle Recently Got Her Tubes Tied

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If there’s one thing fans don’t have to worry about, it’s Jenelle and David having any more children! This past April, Jenelle confirmed that she had her tubes tied and her baby making days are very much over. Her representative confirmed it in an interview with Us Weekly.

Fans were initially concerned after Jenelle posted about herself being in the hospital, thus leading her representative to confirm it was a pre-scheduled procedure. “She’s healing properly and focusing on her business ventures,” they said, adding that her husband “was by her side during the procedure.”

“Got my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet!” David captioned aa “It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answers and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!”

7 Jace’s Dad Is Trying To Get Back Into His Life

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Jenelle has three different baby daddies, so needless to say, there’s always been drama with at least one of them. Earlier this season on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and her mom Barbara received a call from her eldest son Jace’s father, Andrew, asking to see his son after years.

Barbara agreed on-camera to fly to New York to meet with Andrew to see if he was in a good enough place to meet with Jace. But true to Andrew’s flakey character, he never showed up to meet Barb, despite her buying a plane ticket to come see him.

A phone call between the two later revealed Andrew had gone to Florida when he was supposed to meet Barbara in New York and he just forgot to tell her.

6 Jenelle And Her Sister-In-Law Don’t Get Along

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It’s been made crystal clear that Jenelle is not on good terms with her husband’s sister Jessica. In 2018, the two ladies got into a spat via social media days before Jessica was arrested (some source shave speculated Jenelle may have been the target of the offense, though it remains unconfirmed).

The feud began after Jenelle left a bad review of Jessica’s new clothing line, ‘Expressive Shirts.’ “Fake business!!!!! This owner is psycho! She threatens people on a daily basis...” Jenelle wrote, Hollywood Life reports.

This wasn't the first time Jenelle took a jab at Jessica. In 2017, she wrote, “Let’s talk [about your problems] then… how you got fired from New Hanover Hospital for larceny then your husband sells your only vehicle for a motorcycle when you guys have 5 kids.” Yikes!

5 David Is Facing Charges For Towing A Stranger’s Truck

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Okay, by now you’re likely beginning to realize that Jenelle’s husband David is facing a lot of different legal problems, all at once. Another issue the ex-reality star will be going to court over is for illegally towing a stranger’s vehicle.

Last December, weeks after the Secret Service visit, David posted a video of himself towing someone’s truck after he says it was blocking his parking spot, Us Weekly reports. “Learn the right way to deal will [people] who think it’s cool to block you in a parking space,” he said. Jenelle could be heard in the background laughing and encouraging her hubby.

The vehicle’s owner, Terry Hill, later filed police charges and is currently waiting to face David in court.

4 Jenelle Once Got Into It With Her Ex’s New GF

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It’s not only David who makes headlines for getting into scuffles! Jenelle has gotten into her fair share of hands-on drama with people. Back in 2015, the reality star made headlines for throwing a glass at her ex-fiancée’s new girlfriend (who he’s still with, by the way).

According to TMZ, Nathan showed up at Jenelle’s house to get his things following their break-up. When she saw that he brought his new girlfriend, Jenelle subsequently threw a glass at her and made contact.

Teen Mom later documented the reality star having to face charges for her actions. Nathan and his girlfriend are currently pursuing full-time custody of Kaiser.

3 The Cast Is Concerned About Jenelle’s Marriage

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It’s not only the fans who are worried about Jenelle and David’ relationship. Her Teen Mom co-stars have expressed their concern on multiple occasions, particularly after the recent incident with the family’s dog.

Briana DeJesus, who’s been an ally of Jenelle’s on the show and has stuck up for her relationship before, told this to Radar Online: “I am very [put off] to hear about the ... dog incident. I don’t care who you are, but hurting animals is not ok and my heart is breaking over this.”

Similarly, Kailyn Lowry released a statement on behalf of her company saying she was “sickened” by the incident. Leah Messer wrote, “I think the behavior from other cast does reflect on us.” Additionally, both Chelsea Houska’s dad Randy Houska (who’s been threatened by David) and Leah Messer’s mom, Dawn, spoke out on social media.

2 Even Farrah Abraham Thinks He’s Off

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Fans of Teen Mom know that Farrah Abraham is the second most controversial star from the show next to David Eason. So, the fact that even she has called David out for appearing unstable says a lot!

“[Harming] a dog that did not have any child bleed or [pass away], he should be facing time,” Farrah told Hollywood Life following David’s incident with his dog. “I lost my dog last year and I can only imagine [what] the kids and Jenelle are going through. Very sad.”

Farrah added this is why she doesn’t want to be associated with TM2 -- only the original show for her! “I would never work on Teen Mom 2 – I’m an OG,” she explained. “The Teen Mom executives need to revert to the original line up and authentic stories, [rather] than the havoc it has caused. I’m happy I left when I did.”

1 But Her Friends Don’t Think She’ll Get Divorced

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As bizarre as things have gotten between Jenelle and her husband, sources, unfortunately, say they don’t believe the reality star will leave her man anytime soon. Evidently, the star is too blindsided by her love for David -- or her trepidation, should we say?

“Despite Jenelle publicly claiming she’s considering a divorce from David, friends of hers are worried that she’s just putting on a front to avoid facing more criticism from fans,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They feel Jenelle will eventually work things out with David. Jenelle has always stood by David and friends [worry] that it would take a whole lot more for her to leave him for good.”

The insider continued, “They think it’s an unhealthy situation for Jenelle and her kids and wishes she would make the decision to divorce him once and for all, and not just put [it] out there that she’s thinking about it.”

Sources: TMZ, The Ashley’s Reality Round-Up, Radar Online, Us Weekly, Hollywood Life.

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