21 Truths Moms Couldn't Keep To Themselves

Everyone has secrets, but moms have more. On top of their own secrets, they also keep quiet on all of their husband’s wrongdoings for fear of looking bad.

From some of these confessions, it’s understandable why the moms could never spill the beans. With everything from having secret affairs to hating the mom life and jealous of their own kids, it’s hard not to feel sorry for these moms.

Even worse is the fact that many of them have blatantly made their kids keep their secrets from the dad.

We all have our breaking point though and it won’t be long until these 21 moms have a meltdown. Some of them are only speaking out on Whisper, but it’s clear that their secrets will catch up with them sooner rather than later. They may as well tell the truth now before the situation blows up in their faces. Others have shockingly confided that their secrets have already been exposed and their lives ruined. As bad as it may have been for them, it’s even worse for their kids who found out, but have no one to confide in themselves. The worst one is definitely the one on the fence about getting a DNA test.

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21 No Judgment Please

You read something like this and you can't help but wonder: "What has the world come to?"

Surprisingly, another mom replied that she too is having an affair and would love to chat with her. Another wrote: "I know that feeling. The need for judgement free conversation with someone who gets it. Even if they haven't experienced it, they enjoy the stories and don't judge."

"Not terrible. Love to be a fly on the wall for those convos."

Actually, many would argue that if you're going to cheat, then you may as well end the relationship to have the freedom to pursue other interests, also giving the other person the freedom to do the same. There is simply no sense staying in a relationship while also sneaking around and being unfaithful, much to the other person’s complete blindness to the fact.

20 Testing His Love

In the vicious world of dating, it's not enough to just take potential suitors at face value. Both genders test each other, but women test men more. We all test the other to some degree in any relationship, but the mom in this Whisper definitely takes the testing to the next level. By outright starting out with a lie, no matter how understandable it may be, is simply kicking off the relationship on the worst foot.

Why do women test men? While a loaded question, it usually boils down to determining if a man is confident, successful and strong enough. After being burned one too many times with the lies of potential suitors, it likely became easier for this mom to just lie about her income in an effort to ward off the bad apples. Looks like that plan backfired though, since now she is on a mission for revenge.

19 It's All About The Money

As Sarah replied: “Gotta make that money!" It’s true, we all need to make money to support our kids, but there is something to be said about how this mom is hiding her job from her husband. With her hiding the fact that she works as a cam girl, it goes to show that he would probably disapprove. We say “probably” though because all too often we think we know what the other partner will think or do, only for them to shock us once they actually find out. However, the likelihood of him approving of her job is probably slim.

It would be interesting to know how she actually pulls off keeping her job a secret though as doing it full-time usually requires a timing commitment as well as a full background set-up that wouldn’t be easy to have to put up and put away each time.

18 Attention-Seeking Much?

Marc wrote: "You are a horrible person."

While we wouldn’t necessarily put it in those terms, this Whisper does tether on disbelief. It could very well be fake, but her resentment probably isn’t very high. It’s a secret that she would definitely never tell anyone and probably has nothing to do with the daughter anyways. High school and teenagehood, in general, are tough times full of regrets. Although the mom should instead be happy that her daughter is gorgeous as she says, the resentment likely has more to do with her own regrets about her past. She doesn’t go into detail, but she may have been bullied for an awkward phase or has regrets about certain fashion trends she may have followed that she may look back at with horror now.

17 Unnecessary Lie

A lie such as this one is unfathomable. Despite him cheating on his wife, the kid nevertheless needs to know the truth. The better question would perhaps be whether he knew he was the real father, but judging by how she writes “they had to keep it a secret” shows that he was likely in on the secret. The levels of secrecy in this Whisper are just beyond, especially since not only did he have an affair, but there was a secret child and we can only assume that his wife still doesn’t know.

Even more twisted would be if he has been living a double life this whole time, posing as her step-father, only to go back to his “real” family sometimes as well. At least she finally found out the truth, but nothing justifies making her believe this whole time that her real father wasn’t in the picture.

16 Publicly Known Unhappiness

Although harsh, Linda’s comment does have some truth to it: "Basically you have no backbone. Had a child with a sh*t excuse of a man. This is why you should wait until marriage."

The mom in question didn’t necessarily need to wait for marriage, but there would have likely been some testament to their incompatibility prior to having kids. Although, it’s also possible that they had kids very soon into their relationship, not giving them the chance to realize that they would be better off away from each other.

In a bit more of an encouraging way, Heather advised instead: "Kids would rather grow up in a happy house than an unhappy house with both parents. I hope you're working on a way to get out of the relationship, and I hope it works out well for you. ?"

15 Unwilling Secret Keeper

With marijuana becoming slowly, but increasingly, legal around the world, there is something to be said about how many truly need this drug to survive on a daily basis. From pain management, all the way to anxiety reduction, it has undeniably been shown to be a valuable resource to many, both parents and those with no kids. But it’s especially controversial for parents, especially those who “force” their kids to keep it a secret.

Does the kid in this Whisper keep it a secret because the mom asked them not to tell anyone or because they are ashamed that their mom is doing something illegal? The reasoning behind this secret makes a tremendous difference, especially if it’s a habit that the mom is trying to hide from others.

14 Real Or Fake?

Although this Whisper sounds extreme, it isn’t exactly outside the realm of possibilities for it to have truly happened. It’s the kind of secret that the mom definitely had no choice but to eventually disclose, especially since it is way better for the kid to hear it from her, rather than friends, family members or even neighbors.

It would be interesting to know this Whisper author’s age though given that they had no idea that this had happened, despite it happening just five years ago. Are they maybe twelve, rendering them just seven when it happened? It’s also possible that the dad wasn’t necessarily in child’s life either at the time, but still maintained contact with the mom. It’s clear the mom didn’t do any jail time, but she must have had a trial.

13 A Commonly Shared Secret

Motherhood rarely turns out as anticipated and the fact of the matter is that most parents don’t actually love parenthood in general. It’s a tough job that most of us are simply thrown into. Nine months is hardly enough time to prepare most of the time. As Emma fittingly inquired: "You hate being mom, or the gravity of the position?"

Clara wrote: "Honestly, there is no such thing as 'good parent'. Just try to do your best for the kid if you love him."

Taking it day by day and trying to enjoy the little moments is probably some of the best advice, but it doesn’t always work. Dealing with challenging kids can make even the most patient parent go crazy more often than they would have ever thought themselves capable of doing.

12 There's A Reason For Everything

When things aren’t going well in the current marriage, it’s all too easy to reminisce about the good parts of a previous relationship. But the fact of the matter is that exes are exes for a reason. Those relationships didn’t work out and rarely work out a second or third time. When regretfully thinking about the past, it’s harder to remember the reasons why a relationship didn’t work out, especially if there wasn’t anything major, but rather a combination of little things. The mom in this case may think that she has changed since, but it doesn’t mean that her ex did.

Nevertheless, there is also something to be said about the bigger issue, which is the unhappiness she is experiencing in her current relationship. It will undeniably need to get addressed eventually.

Amelia offered good advice: "Follow your heart and dreams... Don't let the relationship grow sour. It tastes like bad milk. Trust me..."

11 Ingenious Life Hack

Although Nick replied: "You're only cheating yourself," Nicole sympathetically replied: "For the people asking why she's hiding it, have some kids and you will understand ? Then you'll be sneaking into the closet to enjoy a candy bar alone."

Another anonymous user wrote: "God, motherhood sounds horrible."

Ha! Yes, motherhood isn't exactly sunshine and butterflies and if someone isn't a parent, they most probably won't understand the intricacies behind this Whisper.

Although it sounds like she may be cheating herself, the reality is that she probably just doesn’t want to share her milkshake with anyone else. Kids have an innate ability to hear a discreetly opened candy wrapper from the other side of the house and as much as we teach them “sharing is caring”, as parents, we sometimes just want to enjoy our milkshakes all by ourselves and not have to give it to anyone!

10 Not PG13

All things considered, she can do anything she wants in her private life, all of which would be completely irrelevant for her work life. It is still funny that everyone sees her as a “boring married mom” when in reality her wild side is quite wild indeed.

The million-dollar question though is: but does her husband know and approve? For him to know is one thing and maybe even have his own other relationships, but if he doesn’t, then it changes the nature of this Whisper entirely. If he doesn’t know, then she isn’t just a “boring married mom”, but she is actually a “boring cheating married mom”. Regardless, this Whisper serves as a great reminder not to judge a book by its cover as we never know what is truly going on with people, especially those we worth with.

9 The Irony Is Great With This One

This Whisper is hilarious, especially since it greatly sums about married life with kids. As much as we may try to hide our bad habits from our kids, they are unavoidably are number one suspects. After all, kids spend a lot of time observing and mimicking their parents’ behaviors and even when you try to turn around to do something that you don’t want them copying, they still find a way to see. The same goes for whispering swear words, which their little ears catch even easier than if they were said in a normal voice. Simply put, kids have an uncanny way of catching all our worst behaviors, leaving out the best the moment that they become adolescents.

But the fact that “Jesus is okay with it, but [they] can’t tell dad” is just too funny. We wonder what secrets dad doesn’t want the mom finding out…

8 Not Very Nice

Although she might not know the difference, that is just beside the point. As Sarah remarked: "You're missing the entire point of being a parent." Another Whisper user wrote: "Aw dude seeing your kids happy is adorable, why would you not want that?"

To both of these, the original Whisper author actually elaborated: "She's happy just playing the game. They usually don't even keep score to tell the kids who wins. She gets pretty worn out with one game anyway, so I know she'd be miserable having to play twice."

But her explanation doesn’t actually add up. With it being a tournament and with her dreading another game, then they likely are indeed keeping score. Otherwise, why would she be rooting for the other team? Either way, if her daughter is truly miserable playing the game, then maybe it’s time to have a conversation about trying a different activity.

7 Just An Excuse

If she isn’t happy in her marriage, then that’s actually the worst thing to do to her daughter. All too many parents stay in loveless marriages for the sake of their kids’ supposed happiness, only for their kids to grow up quite unhappy. As much as we may try to shelter our kids, the reality is that they grow up seeing a lot more than we think they see. Not only that, but they see the hate (and lack of love) between their parents.

Either way, it sounds like this Whisper user is definitely due for some self-reflection to decide if she does want out of the marriage or not. Staying in limbo about the decision isn’t benefiting anyone, especially not her daughter, who appears to be her main concern.

6 Mom Knows Best

After some criticism about her Whisper, the mom actually elaborated: "Before anyone else assumes stuff, we liked him, we are just glad it's before the wedding and not after or after they had children. We love our daughter very much."

Fair enough and a secret that any parent is sure to understand, but it’s also a secret that she is going to have to keep from her daughter. Confiding her true feelings on the matter would only be the equivalent of poking a fresh wound. Having the mom say she knew it from the start would only serve to drive a wedge between the daughter and her mom.

As Anais remarked: "At 20 she has a lot of life to live before getting married. I wish I didn't marry so young. There are so much things I can do now.”

5 Not All That Remorseful

But at what point does a habit turn into an addiction? Although she does the harder drug on the weekend, there is still the matter of her smoking every single night. It probably won’t be much longer until her habit snowballs into an all-day kind of thing and simply feeling “bad for it at times” isn’t enough to solve the problem. With her being married, another major question is whether her husband is aware of her addictions, if he has tried to help her or whether they smoke and have their week-end fun together.

Doing it together, especially on the week-end definitely poses a danger to the kids’ well-being, especially if the substances are inadvertently left on the counter. All it takes is one moment of inattention to have regrets forever.

4 Common Problem

When asked why she hates him, she replied: "Lack of respect, no attention, he doesn't listen to me and when things get messed up, he gets depressed."

That laundry list of reasons just about sums up the common complains of most wives and girlfriends out there. It's clear that everything stems from the very first reason that she listed: a lack of respect. The reality is that having kids has for effect to change everything and one partner almost inevitably get resentful. The online parenting community is filled with posts about moms complaining that not only do they work, but they also cook and clean everything, just to have their husbands come home and relax or take a nap. At some point, something definitely needs to give as it’s a partnership after all.

3 Trouble In Paradise

Having in-laws isn’t always an ideal situation, but it’s certainly tough for this mom since she likely feels that she can’t be honest with her husband for fear of creating a divide. With one playing mommy and the other showing jealousy, one can only hope that their attitudes would change once they have kids of their own.

In the meantime, this Whisper author could probably use the situation to her advantage by asking either one of them to babysit every once in a while and go on a much-needed date night with the hubby. It’s definitely one secret that this mom isn’t about to tell anyone anytime soon, especially not her husband, but it might be worth it to confide her feelings to a friend who would have no contact with the sisters. Sometimes just talking about it in person can help.

2 Time To Get Tested

At just five years old, her daughter still wouldn’t understand. While there is still time to find out, this mom should 100% come clean ASAP. Not only is keeping this secret unfair to her own daughter, but it’s also completely unfair to the father (or not) in question. As Megan pointed out: "You should find out for medical history at least."

If the mom doesn’t want to come clean to the dad in question, then she could at least agree to get a DNA test with the other guy. That way if it comes out that she isn’t his, then no harm, no foul. But chances are that deep down, she knows that the chance is high that he might indeed be the father… Either way, they are going to need to find out sooner or later.

1 Is It Really Because Of That?

Unhappiness because of a husband traveling for work is usually the prime set-up for an affair story. Is she unhappy because she is jealous that he gets to go to bed when he wants or is she jealous that he is possibly seeing other women? The real reason might even be a combination of these two explanations.

If the jealousy is simply as a result of him getting to sleep when she is absolutely sleep-deprived, then the solution is semi-simple. They definitely can’t go on this way and not only does the mom need to find ways to get out of the house, but he should most likely be getting up with the kids on his days off. But if the jealousy runs as a result of potential unfaithfulness, then that’s a completely different kettle of fish.

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