21 Ways Lauren Conrad Is Doing Pregnancy #2 Differently

Ready to hear more about everyone's favorite mom?! She's pregnant again and about to make her adorable, picture-perfect family that much larger. That's right MTV's Lauren Conrad announced that she and her hubby, musician turned lawyer William Tell, are expecting their second child sometime before the end of 2019.

But if consumers of the Conrad brand know anything about her first pregnancy, they will surely not be surprised that the fashionista and reality star turned, business owner and mother, has learned a lot and is aspiring to do things a bit differently this time around for pregnancy number two.

With motherhood comes a certain kind of wisdom that derives from experience, lack of sleep, and taking everyone else's advice with a grain of salt. Lauren Conrad definitely illustrates this mom-founded wisdom. From her personal blog posts to her intuitive interviews, LC is beaming with information on the challenges and rewards of motherhood.

Though her private life has been kept pretty tightly under wraps since she became a mom, we've compiled a list of 21 things the star (and her closest friends) says she is going to do differently this time around. So sit back, relax, and take it from LC; there's no such thing as the perfect mom, but if learning a bit more about how to get it right, this is a pretty good place to take a first look.

21 Sleep Preparedness


LC mentioned that in her first six months after having Liam (her son), she didn't sleep much. But this time around, she's getting help. Her family lives about 15 minutes away which is helpful. She can also work from home mom on most days which is also helpful, but this time, avid sleep training even earlier than when she tackled it the first time around, LC hopes that she will be getting all the beauty rest she needs to remain the glowing star we all know and love. "It really helped to getting Liam sleeping through the night and on a really good schedule. That way our days feel predictable (for the most part)...We sleep trained early on and it was a great decision for our family," she said.

20 'The Hills' Reboot Isn't Happening For This Mom


No Hills remake and no more reality TV, LC said. "I'm just in a different place in my life right now." Despite Whitney Port trying really hard to convince her to be a part of the reboot, Conrad insists she wants to put family and her businesses first. After all, Conrad made her television debut when she was just 17 years old. She expressed in a number of interviews that participating in The Hills series just didn't bring her joy the way it once did, "I really struggled with leaving because I wasn't happy doing it anymore," Conrad said. "I was ready to start my real life." So this time around LC has a real life, away from reality TV.

19 New Baby? New Beach Front Property


LC changed her address for this pregnancy. According to Variety, the fashion designer and her lawyer hubby sold their other properties so they could live closer to the beach. It's no real surprise that the star loves the beach and that she feels happiest there. As her family continues to grow we hope that her little ones will love being beachside as much as she does. Only time will tell and hopefully, we'll be hearing about her home adventures quite a bit in the next chapter of LC's life as a mother of two. It's bound to be an exciting ride.

18 LC Is Posting More This Time Around


Yay! More pics from Lauren! Lauren mentioned in an interview with Redbook, how perfect she feels her social media pages are expected to look, that includes the photos of she and her family, this time around Lauren is posting more candid photos of her life and her bump to let her fans know she doesn't have it all figured out. The thing is, no one has it ALL together all of the time, and that's okay. But this time around LC is letting friends get closer to her personal life and helping them feel like they too are a part of the family. Keep a lookout for more paparazzi shots as she advances in her pregnancy.

17 Lauren's 'Asking For A Friend' Podcast Can Help New Mamas


In addition to all of her brands and businesses, LC is launching a podcast "Asking For A Friend that will talk about pretty much everything," right down to her second pregnancy. Because we can never have too much Lauren Conrad, am I right? Her podcast is bound to be a really great way for her fans and consumers to get just a bit more in the know about the star. The actual release date of the podcast hasn't been said as of yet, but fans are gearing up to have their ears full of wonderful life events from the star.

16 She's Saying Goodbye To Mom Guilt


Lauren insists that in order to be a mom—especially a mom of two—you have to eliminate mom guilt. That's something she's working on a lot more of this time around. "My advice is to remove mommy guilt from the equation. Maybe you’ll find that as much as you love your little one, you actually enjoy some time spent with other grownups while you are at work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Or maybe you’ve been an aspiring working mom your entire life, but once your baby is born you decide to quit your job to become a stay-at-home mom (if your finances allow it). That is 100 percent okay too," the star said on her blog.

15 Light On The Milkshakes This Time Around


During her first pregnancy, LC was advised by her doctor to consume some milkshakes, this time she's going light on the milkshakes and light on the hiking (one of her favorite activities). But she is committed to eating healthy and transforming her body into a temple so that she brings another happy and healthy baby into the world. Though the fashion mogul knows that every mom's pregnancy is different, she offers a bunch of advice on how to do freezer meals for the week to save mom with one on-the-way and one in the house a bunch of time and create healthy meals.

14 She's Embracing The Burn


Being pregnant the first time had a lot of unexpected heartburn (even from water). “You’re so big and overheated and uncomfortable. I had heartburn for six months straight. Literally, water gave me heartburn," she said. So this time around she's anticipating it and trying her best to work through it. WebMD advises that pregnant moms try to eat smaller, more frequent meals and avoid drinking too much while eating to avoid heartburn. Just a head's up LC, maybe that will help. For some moms though, heartburn is kind of unavoidable, no matter how hard they try, just like morning sickness, so for little joy number two LC will be paying closer attention to her heartburn triggers.

13 She Started Dressing Down As A Busy Mom


LC says that the first time around she didn't appreciate stretch denim as much as she does now that she's become a mom, she likes it so much in fact that she revamped her entire Kohl's fashion line to reflect the new comfortable, mom-friendly fabric. Being a mom can mean a lot of days looking, well, a mess. Not in LC's case. Fortunately for consumers of her brand and fans that like to keep a watchful eye. Mom's don't have to compromise fashion, stretch denim is a good happy medium, mom can still slide on a pair of jeans even a few weeks after delivering without feeling so outside of herself.

12 Instead Of Offering, She's Following Advice


Instead of being the one to offer up a lot of advice as she has before in her 'Ask Lauren' section of her lifestyle blog, her second time around pregnancy, Lauren is taking some advice from her fellow friends and best friend, with whom she started her company – Little Market, who have more than one child. This is quite the change for LC since her life usually looks so put together; it's only natural that many fans ask for advice. But as she says, "Everyone’s pregnancy is so different so I can only speak to my own, but also, all [pregnant women] get is advice, so sometimes you just wanna be handed some ice chips and left alone,” Conrad said.

11 She Can't Plan Anything With Two Babies


As LC mentioned in her People magazine interview, "the first thing I learned about parenting is that you can't plan everything." That being said, the former Laguna Beach star is planning even less this time around. For her first pregnancy Lauren got a book to help her devise her birth plan, this time, she plans to go with the flow, less planning and more in the moment intuitive actions. As she said before, "I feel like women have been doing this forever." They sure have, Lauren. So the moral of this story is, maybe plan at first, but be prepared to be lighthearted if things don't go exactly that way, and open to some change.

10 She Has Some Serious Goals As A Working Mom


Before LC was quoted talking about her end goals at her company: to put in place a team that could carry on while she was away recuperating since she wanted to be a mom, this time, she is planning to not slip away as much. LC is juggling a lot, a clothing business, a fair trade boutique (soon to be opening a flagship store in LA), a book, and of course motherhood. But through it all, she has sought balance, and working from home with her little one has said to have helped her a lot. So for baby number two, she hopes to keep the juggling, just adding one more person to the mix.

9 Staying Fit Vs. Staying Healthy


With baby number one, LC was committed not only to staying fit but also to staying healthy, she wanted to have a pretty easy bounce back, with baby number two it's all about taking it easy and eating what she can so she can put on the necessary pounds. The first pregnancy left Lauren looking for ways to bulk up. This time she is maintaining her fitness trends to stay healthy, but sticking to doctors orders when it comes to the healthy pregnancy checklist. Eating, exercising, prenatals, etc... If we can learn anything from Lauren's first pregnancy it's that that woman can bounce back, no rubberband required.

8 She Understands Little Boys Better


For her first child, LC's husband William really just wanted the couple to welcome a healthy baby, but it was no surprise that Lauren Conrad really wanted a boy, and a boy she got. She was quoted explaining why she wanted a boy in her People magazine interview, "I was a wild little tomboy, so I think I understand boys. My mom always told me that nobody loves you like a son does, especially when he’s young.” Now for baby number two, the star already has what she wants... now she too can be just overjoyed no matter the outcome. The star has yet to reveal the gender publicly, which will be a great surprise for fans.

7 Extinguishing The Fire


Many couples talk about how to keep the spark alive in a relationship, well in Lauren's house, it's more about putting out the fire. For LC, this time around, she is going to try to keep things low tempered in the home. “It was like our house was on fire,” Conrad joked. “We were like, ‘Have you seen the book? Where’s the book? Where’d you put it? Where’s the book?!’ So I feel like daily you just have something that happens where you’re like, ‘All right, we’re doing this," she said in a People magazine interview about the daily shenanigans that happen in the Tell household.

6 She Wants To Continue Dating Her Hubby


Both Lauren and Willam were reported to have done remarkably well going back to work after having their first baby, and the couple seem to still have a strong bond, but one thing friends of the beach-loving blonde have said is that Lauren wants to take just a bit more time to date her husband before baby number two makes his or her entrance. What couple doesn't want to form an even stronger bond before adding another human into the equation? It's super important to remain united as a team when having children. Parents.com advises couples to "childproof their relationship" before having kids, things are likely to be happier and last longer.

5 Trade Fair & Clean Everything


Although the designer, mother, and reality star built her brand around fair trade products and has publicly expressed their importance, now that baby number two is coming, keeping things clean around the house and using natural products is even more important she said in an E! interview. "It's not just about the things you're consuming," she said, "it's about the impact it has on the environment and the workers who create the products, so I think it's just being thoughtful in purchases..." while also taking care of the kids and making sure they are in a safe environment. Lauren has devoted an entire business to the practice, now we get to see how she amps up that practice at home.

4 No More Mom Bobs For LC


LC likes to keep things tidy when it comes to baby, and for this pregnancy, she decided to go much shorter than she did last time around, with a neat, yet trendy bob. No mom bob here. "My overall style hasn't changed much since becoming a mom," she told People last month. "That said, I definitely find myself avoiding dry-clean only items and looking for pieces that aren't too restrictive. I work from home most days so I like to be able to take breaks to play with my son. I do my best to look put together, but still, dress comfortably." The same goes for the fashionista's hair.

3 Raising A Big Brother


This time around, Lauren isn't just planning to welcome her new bundle of joy but she's also prepping soon to be big brother Liam for how to welcome a new little brother or sister to the family. Prepping a little one to be an older brother or sister can be a lot of work. According to the Bump, it is important to be honest about how much time mom and dad will have for baby number one once the new baby arrives, not to mention teaching them how to do independent activities like getting themselves dressed or undressed. For the Tells, baby number two is a gift, and we have no doubt Lauren has Liam just as excited as she is.

2 She's Bi-Coastal


This time around, LC has been photographed showing off her baby bump in NYC and in LA. Sure, she wants to be near the beach but this seasoned mom travels and knows she can still get done what she needs to even while sporting the cutest baby bump. LC designed a maternity line that really shines and is practical yet comfortable. This bi-coastal mom knows that one needs comfort and a bit of pizazz in order to stay up to date in this day and age. Luckily LC hasn't disappointed. As her businesses are taking off and expanding to both coasts so is her presence, baby included.

1 Self Improvement


Conrad has really made strides since her first pregnancy, but perhaps one of the most impressive ways the mother of two to be is doing things differently is by focusing on herself and understanding even more who she is and how she can grow as a person and a mother. Self-reflection is really important in life, but often mothers forget to take care of themselves or even look at themselves when taking care of their households and new babies. I think we can all learn from LC and try our best to do well by ourselves and our families.

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