21-Week-Old Unborn Baby Is Already A Fan Of The University Of Texas Longhorns

A baby in Texas may be the youngest UT Longhorns fan ever recorded. In fact, he isn't even born yet, but his parents say that he's already shown a strong allegiance to the University of Texas - their rival school.

That allegiance recently came in the form of a sonogram, where the 21-week-old little boy appears to be making a gesture that resembles the "Hook 'Em Horns" hand sign (where you hold up your forefinger and pinky to resemble the head of a Texas Longhorn) used by the University of Texas.

"(The ultrasound technician) asked if we were (University of Texas) Longhorns fans," said Samantha Perkins, after their visit to the clinic. "My husband and I just looked at each other."


Perkins may only be just halfway through her pregnancy, but she's already got big dreams for her little boy. See, their family "bleeds maroon", according to Perkins. After all, three previous generations have graduated from Texas A&M University and are proud "Aggies" (a reference to the school's history, when it used to be called The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas). The baby's great-grandfather was in the class of 1938 and in the Aggie band, and his uncle graduated in 1984 and was in the Corps of Cadets like his father.

When it comes to the present day, during her time at Texas A&M, not only was Perkins herself in the Corps of Cadets along with her husband, she was also in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.

"The blood runs deep," said Perkins.

Rivalries and accidental gestures aside, Perkins admitted the only thing that truly matters is that the baby is healthy. That hasn't stopped her from introducing him early to her beloved alma mater, however. The mom-and-dad-to-be attended Texas A&M versus Clemson this past weekend, hoping that a little college football could persuade their little one to switch teams.

"Starting the brainwashing early," Perkins joked.

Little baby Perkins isn't the first baby to become famous in utero. Last year, a 22-week-old unborn baby in Utah made headlines for flashing the "rock on" sign on a very clear sonogram picture.

When parents Makelle and Jared Ahlin shared the photo on social media, they were immediately accused of Photoshopping it.

“No one believes us,” said Makelle. “I can barely run Microsoft Word. I don’t know how to Photoshop.”

Turns out, the tiny babe really did like music. According to Makelle, the moment she flipped on the radio, it started kicking like crazy.

"We're not much of a rocker family," she laughed. "[But] the baby was going crazy, just started kicking."

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