22 Baby Names Of Asian Origin

Congratulations! You are having a baby – or, you have just given birth. Perhaps you are at that point where you have some names picked out, but you aren’t quite sold on any of them. There are many great names out there. We are living in a time where unique baby names are the norm.

Many people are looking for names that are different. They want to give their child a name that won’t put them in a classroom with four other students of the same name. Essentially, they want their child to stand out.

Baby names that not only sound exceptional but have meaning behind them have become quite popular. This article will go into baby names of Asian origin that reflect diverse Asian cultures and give strong meaning.

24 For Girls

23 Asha

Asha, or Aasha, is a popular girl name in South Eastern Asia. More specifically, the name comes from India from the Sanskrit language. The name means hope or desire. Other names that are similar to Asha are Ashley and Ashton that became popular in the 80’s and 90’s in North America.

22 Kiaria

Kiaria is a Japanese girl name meaning fortunate. Within the Japanese culture and many other Asian cultures, it is believed that a child’s name held power in determining how successful their future will be. Kiaria is a popular name as it literally means fortunate. There are other versions of this name, such as Kiara, Kiana, and Kiera.

21 Varsha

Varsha is an Indian girl name meaning rain in the Hindi language. Nature inspired names have become trendy, like Rain and River. Many people like nature- inspired names, but aren’t keen on giving their child a word as a name. A name like Varsha allows parents to give their child an environmentally positive name without using a familiar word.

20 Kaya

Kaya, pronounced and sometimes spelled Kaiya, is a Japanese girl name meaning a place of rest. This name is suitable for a calm baby, or a baby you want to give this attribute to. Other variations of this name include Kailie, or Kyler for a boy.

19 Hana

You may already be familiar with this name. It is popularly spelled as Hannah. Hana comes from the Japanese word meaning flower. It’s a beautiful, simple name suitable for anyone who is looking forward to seeing their baby blossom like a flower. 

18 Lei

Lei, pronounced Lay, is a Chinese girl name meaning thunderous. Although the name is only one syllable, it does not lack personality. It is a strong name with strong meaning. Thunder can be heard from miles away and can be felt when you are close enough. Another variation of this name is Leia, like the strong, female character from the Star Wars movies.

17 Mika

Mika, pronounced mee-ka, is a Japanese girl name meaning new moon. This name would be perfect for a baby that was born on the day of an actual new moon. Even if your baby wasn’t, the new moon is a great, astronomical phenomenon to name your baby after. A variation of this name for a boy is Micah, pronounced my-ka.

16 Miya

Miya, pronounced mee-ya, is a Japanese girl name meaning temple. The word temple is synonymous with images of peace, serenity, and faith. A temple is sacred just like your baby. You don’t have to be religious to name your baby Miya as temples welcome anyone of all faiths. Temples are a great place to find your inner chi as they give you the space and calmness to do so. Metaphorically naming your child Miya will allow them to look within their own self to find inner peace. 

15 Bo

Bo is so simple and so chic. It is pronounced like Beau. The name comes from the Chinese word meaning precious. The name is perfect for minimalists who want a name that is different and minimal, yet meaningful. The great thing about this name is that it is suitable for either a girl or a boy.

14 Lian

Lian appears to be a simplified version of the name Leanne. It is pronounced the same way, and is definitely gives off a minimalist feel in its spelling. Lian comes from the Chinese word meaning lotus flower. Lotus flowers bloom to look like exploding stars. They grow in murky waters, but their beauty is in no way dim.

13 Sun

Sun is a Korean girl name. The name has dual meaning as it is spelled like the sun that shines for us every day, and means goodness in the Korean language. This name is sweet and simple just like the bright bundle of goodness that shines for you every day. 

12 For Boys

11 Kane

Kane translates to ‘putting together’ and ‘money’ in Japanese. In the Japanese culture, prosperity and wealth are tied to this name. It is a simple, yet strong name. The proper Japanese spelling is with a K, but other variations of this name are spelled Cane, or Cain.

10 Kenji

Kenji is a Japanese boy name meaning strong and vigorous. Kenji has a familiar feel to it because it sounds like the name Benji, which is short for Benjamin. Kenji is rooted in Japanese history as one of the most popular Japanese boy names. It is no wonder why. Strong and vigorous are resilient qualities for a child to grow into.

9 Rai

Rai, pronounced Ray, is a one syllable boy name that means trust, lightning, and thunder all at once. It comes from the Japanese language. Rai is uniquely spelled and isn’t at all overwhelming to say despite its many meanings. Rai is versatile as it can be used for a boy or a girl. 

8 Haider

Haider, pronounced hi-der, is a Southeast Asian boy name in Sanskrit meaning Lion. It is quite a powerful name as it stands for a very influential animal. Lions are at the top of the food chain and are known as king of the jungle. They essentially call the shots. Giving your son the name Haider would associate him with meaningful qualities such as strong, leader, and fierce.

7 Kiran

Kiran, also spelled Kirin, is an Indian name in the Sanskrit language meaning praiser or poet. You may already be familiar with this name as Kieran. It is a wonderful name as it lends towards the sensitive side that boy names do not often reflect. The name also supports the arts - a subject that makes life all the more colorful.

6 Taran

Taran, pronounced t-air-rin, is a name meaning rocky hill in the Sanskrit language. This name is very popular in southeast Asia. Why give your child a name that means rocky hill? Rocky hills have been created over time as the earth’s crust collide into each other. It is a product of thousands of years of earthly transformations. Just like a rocky hill, your child will transform into something magnificent.

5 Lee

Lee, also spelled Le, comes from the Chinese word meaning happiness. This name is a very universally accepted name as it stands for something we all want for our children. We want them to live a happy life, with or without us. Happiness is a universal concept that is synonymous with good health, good company, and good times.

4 Bae

Yes, Bae is an actual name and not just a trending acronym for ‘before all else’. Bae, pronounced Bay, is a boy’s name in Korean meaning inspiration. Giving your child a name that means inspiration may refer to you being inspired by your child, or you wishing that your child find inspiration within themselves and throughout all their endeavours.

3 Ajay

Ajay can be pronounced as ah-jay or A.J. It is a popular boy’s name in India and is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning unconquerable. The name is popular because of its very masculine meaning. To be unconquerable means to possess all the skills needed to succeed. It also implies that his skills are far above anyone else’s. 

2 Akeno

Akeno, pronounced ah-keen-no, is derived from the Japanese language meaning beautiful sunrise or dawn. Most Asian boy names tend to describe strong characteristics, such as strength, intelligence, wealth, etc. The names don’t generally reflect beauty. Asian girl names tend to mirror beauty and grace. Akeno is a great name for those who want to break away from tradition, but still want an Asian origin name that has meaning.

1 Keitaro

Keitaro is pronounced kay-tar-ro. The name comes from the Japanese word meaning blessed. A child is a blessing in one’s life. What better way to show how your child makes you feel than with a name that means exactly that? You may want to name your child Keitaro because you feel that the child himself is blessed because of his circumstances. You may feel that both those reasons are true. Either way, it is a solid name rooted in the Japanese culture. 

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