22 Celeb Pregnancies We Couldn’t Stop Staring At

For one reason or another, we absolutely love celebrity pregnancies. In fact, there have been some that have caused us to act in less than favorable ways while flipping through the magazine stand at the grocery store. In short, we just get a bit too obsessed with them.

There's nothing intelligent to it. We're just fascinated by the lives of the rich, talented, and famous, and part of us desires to live vicariously through them. That, or we just like seeing them crash from time to time, which can definitely occur when they have a bun in the oven. Of course, there are some very current examples of celebrity pregnancies, as well as deliveries, that have us all talking. But we think it would be interesting to look back at our recent histories and recall some of the most famous celebrity pregnancies that we wanted to know everything about.

This list contains a few of the biggest A-Listers around as well as a couple of lesser-known celebrities who stirred the pot by getting pregnant. Here, one will find Academy Award-winning actresses, blockbuster movie stars, models, musicians, and even the occasional comedian. So, without further ado, here are 22 celebrity pregnancies that we couldn't stop staring at.

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22 Living Life With Lively

With Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are about to be parents again, it's challenging not to begin this list with this stunning Gossip Girl star. Of course, Lively has become incredibly popular since her days on the night-time soap. One of the reasons has to do with her first two pregnancies her famous baby-daddy, Reynolds. The couple tied the knot in 2012, after filming Green Lantern together, and welcomed daughter James just two years later. Of course, during her pregnancy, Lively managed to stay in ridiculous shape and look better than any of us on our most outstanding day. Seriously, this woman is just gorgeous. She remained this way throughout her second pregnancy even though she was filming the shark thriller The Shallows which required her to be a fit surfer. No wonder we couldn't stop watching her (and will again now with #3!).

21 Britney's Golden Ticket Baby

Who doesn't remember Britney's "golden ticket" tank, which she wore to a red carpet event before things took a turn in her life? Seriously, nobody could keep their eyes off of Britney Spears between 2004  and 2008. She was everywhere in the news thanks to her two pregnancies with her now ex-beau, Kevin Federline, as well as her public head-shaving episode followed by one heck of a partying spree. Of course, when it came to pregnancy, the "golden ticket' shirt was topped by her clothing-free Harper's Bazaar photoshoot where she appeared six months pregnant with her second son, Jayden Hames. This spread also included some interesting photos taken alongside her older son, Sean.

20 Angelina Jolie Takes A Break From Adopting

There's nothing Angelina Jolie can do to remain out of the spotlight. But back when she was first adopting children, she was on nearly every page of the celebrity rags. Once she partnered up with her now ex-husband, Brad Pitt, the Girl Interrupted and Tomb Raider star had adopted three kids (Maddow, Pax, and Zahara) from different parts of the world. But she really captured the world by storm when she had her first biological daughter, Shiloh. Two years after that, she and Brad had biological twins, Knox and Vivienne. The final three kids completed their family which, unfortunately, has made some pretty big changes in recent years. But when Jolie was pregnant, everyone wanted to know more about it. Heck, the press even paid over $7 million for the first baby pictures of the twins. Especially since Angelina Jolie had made such a name for herself as the woman who adopts kids.

19 Everybody Knew The Truth About Kylie

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was one of the poorest kept mysteries in Hollywood history. Although she and her family were tight-lipped (for once) about the pregnancy, every photographer in LA had captured a picture of Kylie looking quite a bit different than normal. The murmurs about her status were something that the celebrity-obsessed were very interested in. And then, on February 4th, 2019, she posted a video of her pregnancy video with her baby-daddy, Travis Scott, labor, and the first glimpse at her little newborn, Stormi.

18 Mila Kunis Bares Children With Her T.V. Boyfriend

The fact that Mila Kunis got hitched to her That '70s Show on-screen boyfriend clearly was exciting enough for her fans. But the fact that she and Ashton Kutcher go pregnant twice definitely took the cake. The pair had been (and still are) very private about their personal lives but they did go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to tell the world news of her pregnancy. While she was pregnant, Kunis and her husband share stories about her odd cravings and some of the hilarious stories that often come with pregnancy. Nowadays, the pair have two beautiful children, Wyatt and Dimitri, and are content with not having more.

17 Amy Schumer Brings Real Life To Pregnancy

Via: Popsugar

Well, now she's a mom! Although this very recent news is definitely eclipsed by similar news from a pair of royals across the sea. But, during Amy Schumer's pregnancy, we were nothing short of obsessed. This is because we were kind of surprised to see her settle down in the first place. After all, she had made such a name for herself as the comedian who loved her solo lifestyle. More importantly, the woman knew how to take relatable and hilarious photos of herself during pregnancy. She already had a lazy demeanor as an act to start with, pregnancy just made it even funnier.

16 Beyonce Rules The Baby News

Via: People

Not only were people totally hooked on Beyonce's pregnancies because of who this talented woman is, but also because she found really inventive ways of telling us her status. To let us know about her first child, Blue Ivy, who she had with her husband and music producer Jay-Z, she unbuttoned her sparkly blazer during a memorable MTV Video Music Award performance to show off her baby bump. That's a showbiz move that we all appreciated. A beautiful mother-nature style shoot on social media was how she told us about her twins, Rumi and Sir. Although we wanted to know everything about her pregnancy with the twins, her first was far more exciting.

15 The Talented Woman Who Created Life With Ryan Gosling: Eva Mendes

Any woman who bagged Ryan Gosling was one that the vast majority of us were interested in. But Eva Mendes was an A-List talent far before she met the Blue Valentine, La La Land, and Drive star. She had starred in Hitch, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Training Day long before it. We became interested in her second pregnancy since the first one was so quiet. Although many had a hunch, Mendes didn't tell anyone that she was pregnant until 10 days after her first daughter, Amada, was born. The mystery almost always breeds a level of interest and excitement.

14 Transforming From Superstar To Super-Mom: Megan Fox

At one stage in the game, Transformers star Megan Fox was one of the most sought-after starlets in Hollywood. Seriously, she was basically a poster in the room of every boy in North America. And then, she dropped off the face of the earth. Until, that is, she announced that she was having a child with her man, Brian Austin Green. Then everyone was trying to figure out how she went from this salacious starlet to a super-mom. Noah was the first boy to grace her family, while Bodhi came soon after. Both pregnancies took everyone back and yet people were still surprised with her third one.

13 Mindy Kaling Hid It For A Long Time

Via: people

To this day, we still don't know the identity of Mindy Kaling's baby-daddy, although we do know that it's definitely not Office co-star B.J. Novak. But before the identity of this man came into question, we didn't even know she was pregnant. In fact, she kept it under wraps (figuratively and literally) for a long time. That is until she stepped out of the house in LA and the paparazzi photographed her with an undeniable baby bump. Soon after, Oprah Winfrey accidentally let the truth come free and everyone wanted to know more.

12 The Iconic Moments Of A Pregnant Natalie Portman

Via: People

Natalie Portman is admirable for many reasons. First of all, she is one of the only stars in Hollywood who has been able to have maintained a very successful filmography from her earliest moments until this very day. All the while, she's stayed out of negative stories... aside from the Star Wars prequels, that is. But perhaps it's the fact that she's remained so authentic throughout her life in the limelight. This included when she was pregnant with her first child, Aleph (which means "One" in her original tongue, Hebrew). During the final stages of her pregnancy, Portman collected both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award in two absolutely iconic Hollywood moments that celebrated her skills as a performer and her dedication as a mom-to-be.

11 Khloe Kardashian Plays Ball Pregnant

How many physicians would encourage their patients to play softball while pregnant? Clearly not many. But that didn't stop Khloe Kardashian, who is part of a family that are no strangers to creating negative pregnancy buzz (look no further than Kim Kardashian's high-heels at 6 months for proof of that). Nonetheless, fans of the family were totally into everything surrounding Khloe's pregnancy with her daughter, True. However, most of the interest surrounded her baby-daddy's antics at the time. Whatever the reasons were, Khloe Kardashian did not leave the press when she was pregnant.

10 Behati Prinsloo Won't Go Home Without Her Kids

Belly to belly was the way we found out about Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo's pregnancy. Fans were weirded out enough when woman's man and Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, settled down. But when they saw that social media image of him and his wife pressing their bellies up against one another, they were even more fascinated. Of course, the loving couple now has two children together. But nothing beats the press that surrounded baby number one, even though Ellen DeGeneres did help Adam tell the world about their seconded daughter.

9 Fans Of Lip Weren't Thrilled With Actor Addison Timlin

Via: People

Fans of the Showtime show Shameless always had a thing for Lip, played by Jeremy Allen White. They especially enjoyed that he was dating one of his co-stars. However, one day fans woke up to find out that he was with a new girl, Addison Timlin; an incredibly talented and beautiful actor who became popular due to her role on Californication.  Not long after the pair announced that they were together romantically, it came to light that Timlin was actually pregnant. This sudden change took their fans back and got them hooked on her pregnancy, especially since Timlin's dry and honest wit on social media was totally relatable for every woman who has been pregnant.

8 Janet Jackson Finally Gets Pregnant... At 50!

Well, of course, people couldn't stop looking at all images of Janet Jackson's pregnancy in 2016/2017... the woman was 50 after all! Yep, Janet Jackson decided to have a baby with her now ex-husband, Qatari businessman, Wissam Al Mana. Many wonder how she could have possibly done this. In all likelihood, she was artificially inseminated as it would have been very challenging for her to become naturally pregnant at her age. Additionally, fans knew that having a baby at that age was a pretty big risk. Nonetheless, Jackson had Eissa Al Mana in January 2017 and all is well.

7 Kate Hudson Went All Out On Her Third Pregnancy

Via: E!

Okay, so we were interested in Kate Hudson's first two pregnancies, but they were nothing like her third one. Her most recent child, who was created with her current boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, got all the pomp and circumstance. At least, in comparison to Ryder and Bingham who she had with Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy respectively. After telling the world that her third was on the way, Hudson continued to post tons of images of her pregnancy including a very extravagant gender reveal party. All of her fans couldn't stop watching her and all of the very luxurious things she got to do while pregnant.

6 Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Can't Stay Away From The Cameras

Most fans didn't have a choice to keep their eyes off of model Chrissy Teigen whenever she was pregnant. After all, Teigen just loved to step in front of the paparazzi cameras and show off her baby bump. Not to mention, she was a fan of recording her pregnancy stories, memories, and woes on all of her socials. When she even had her daughter, Luna, who she had with musician John Legend, announced that she was going to have a sibling. As Tiegen snuggled up to her daughter and her husband, she hilariously stated that her next baby was, indeed, also John's.

5 Olivia And Her Son Are Pregnant

Talented actor and director Olivia Wilde has always been one of those celebrities who has managed to stay out of the spotlight. But fans of hers, as well as her husband, Jason Sudeikis, managed to stay aware of both of the pregnancies, even when she tried to hide the first one. For her second one, Wilde pulled a Chrissy Teigen and had her son, Otis, help her announce the news that he was getting a sibling. In a photo on social media, the two of them sat side-by-side with two matching baby bumps... only hers was real.

4 Madonna Times Her Pregnancy Properly

Via: The Cut

There's nothing like a perfectly timed pregnancy, right? Well, whether it was coincidence or not, this is precisely what Madonna had when she was pregnant with her first and only daughter, Lourdes Leon, whose father was fitness trainer Carlos Leon. While the mega-famous superstar was being photographed with her baby bump, she was also marketing her film, Evita. The film, which she eventually won a Golden Globe for, helped usher in an era where Madonna started acting less like a popstar diva and more like a tough businesswoman who pushed strollers in tracksuits. So, of course, we couldn't take our eyes off of her during this time.

3 Jennifer Lopez's Bump Rocks The Red Carpet

Via: The Cut 

Back in February 2008, Jenny From The Block announced that she got pregnant with twins, fathered by her then-husband, musical talent, Marc Anthony. Most fans thought that Jennifer Lopex would lay low while baking her children, but she actually continued to tour her album until she was six months along. This caused fans to take incredible interest in her development, especially as she danced on stage with a baby bump. Of course, Jennifer Lopez quickly got back into incredible shape after giving birth to Emme and Max.

2 Gwyneth Paltrow's Pregnancy Honesty

Back when in 2003-2004, you couldn't find a bigger celebrity than Gwyneth Paltrow. Therefore, it totally makes sense that all of us were glued to our magazines and T.V. screens to learn more about her pregnancy. We wanted to know everything about the bundle of joy that would soon arrive in her arms and in those of her then-husband, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. Although Paltrow posed pregnant in an iconic photo shoot for W Magazine, she has since admitted that pregnancy was challenging for her. She went through all sorts of emotional ups and downs and had a hard time with the logistics of it. This is something every pregnant woman can relate to.

1 All Eyes On Her: Kim Kardashian

Via: Bloomberg

Fans of the Kardashians were, of course, going to be obsessed with all of Kim Kardashian's pregnancies, even the one she had via a surrogate. That's why the press plastered images of her all across the internet, social media, on T.V., and in magazines. This was especially true when she was pregnant with her first child. Now, of course, Kim is almost ready to pop her fourth. One thing that fans and critics of Kim Kardashian do tend to raise their eyebrows at is her pregnancy fashion, which always seems to put her looks above her health and baby's comfort. But hey, we couldn't stop staring anyway.

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