23 Most Expensive (And Useless) Baby Products Celebs Have Purchased

Most celebs have money to burn and they love spending their cold, hard cash on their babies. They often overspend on dubious baby products for their kids, which cost a bundle but aren't sensible or necessary. We might even call some of their costly purchases useless.

While most parents would find it fun to buy some of this stuff for their babies or little kids, it's safe to say that it's possible to take good care of infants and little ones without going to these lengths. Affordable baby products often work just as well as the more expensive versions.

Moms who read this list definitely shouldn't feel bad if they can't afford some of this stuff. Most of these baby products are made with status in mind. They are priced very high to attract the elite. For example, a really expensive pair of baby sneakers might be made from the same material as a cheaper pair. The super-expensive sneakers might even be made in the same factory as the pricey sneakers.

Sure, there are celeb parents who go to Target, just for fun or because they are frugal. Kristin Bell is known to be a frugal person, as is Halle Berry. Those frugal moms probably never invested in seriously expensive baby strollers or bought diamond Barbies for their children.

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23 Designer Sneakers - They Get Outgrown So Fast


Kylie Jenner buys really expensive sneakers for Stormi. Baby Stormi has amassed quite a collection of trendy and costly footwear, which Kylie has shown off on social media. You might have called the shoes useless since the baby wasn't able to walk around in them.

Right now, Stormi is 11 months old, so she'll be walking soon. If she's already outgrown the pairs of pricey sneakers in her closet, you can be sure that Mom will get her more that do fit perfectly. Some of Stormi's expensive sneakers were gifts. The baby's shoe collection is valued at 22 grand.

22 Hypebeast Clothes - Do Babies Really Need Them?


Sneakers like Stormi's can be hypebeast and so can other types of baby clothes. A hypebeast is a type of person who follows trends to be in style or just to be cool. A hypebeast wants to wear what's being hyped up the most. Obviously, a little baby like DJ Khaled's son, Asahd, cannot be a true hypebeast. Asahd is growing fast, but he's been wearing hypebeast attire since birth, even though the baby has no clue about personal style.

Asahd gets spoiled by his adoring parents, as well as his Dad's friends and business connections. Maybe Asahd will rebel as a teen by becoming a total preppie.

21 Blue Ivy Got A Diamond Barbie


If you were loaded like Beyoncé, would you spend eighty thousand dollars on a diamond-encrusted Barbie for your daughter? That's a lot of money to spend on a toy. It's not really about the money when you're so rich. It's about the sense of entitlement that giving such expensive gifts to a child might breed. There are rich parents who won't spoil their kids so much, because they want them to grow up with the right values.

Blue Ivy received the very fancy Barbie. Her parents are incredibly wealthy. It's safe to say that Blue Ivy will always be rich, but will she appreciate what she has?

20 Baby Earrings - Are They A Smart Purchase?


North West has some fine jewelry and she's been flaunting stunning jewelry designs, such as diamond earrings, since she was a baby. Of course, when she was a baby, she had no idea what she had on. That's what's so hilarious about celebs buying the very best jewelry and clothes for their babies. Babies might not even like the way the earrings feel. The babies would be just as happy in anything soft and comfy that fit well.

Kim was given a pair of big diamond stud earrings for North West to wear. North West has also worn Daddy's thick gold chain, which is encrusted with diamonds.

19 Blue Ivy Got A Crystal-Encrusted Bathtub


Ok, Jay-Z and Beyoncé didn't actually buy the bathtub. This glitzy, ultra-feminine tub was a gift from Kelly Rowland. While it's not totally impractical (it's quite possible to enjoy a bath in it), it is so far over the top. Studded with tons of glittering Swarovski crystals, this tub might be considered a bit gaudy. It's a fine line between glam and tacky sometimes. Anyway, it was a thoughtful baby gift from Kelly, for Blue Ivy.

Gifts should always be accepted with gratitude. Let's hope Blue Ivy is grateful for all that she's given.

18 J. Lo's Twins Had Burberry Swimsuits When They Were Babies


Jennifer Lopez calls her twins, Max and Emme, her coconuts. Her twins are adorable and they are really growing up. When they were much younger, they were photographed wearing Burberry swimsuits. Now, Burberry is quite an expensive British brand. It's a high-end brand, best known for chic raincoats and its signature check pattern.

Some famous celeb offspring have modeled for Burberry, including the daughter of rock star, Gavin Rossdale. Maybe someday J. Lo's coconuts will end up modeling for Burberry, too. It might be nice if celebrity kids chose different career paths sometimes, like becoming doctors or lawyers, but most are comfortable in the showbiz world.

17 Anne Hathaway Bought A Super Deluxe Stroller


Does spending a couple of grand for a stroller sound excessive to you? If so, you're probably not a Hollywood A-list celeb mom, like Anne Hathaway. A great stroller isn't going to be useless, like diamond jewelry that a baby might actually find annoying to wear, but a cheaper stroller is probably going to provide the same performance as the costly one, or close to it.

Sure, high-end strollers like Anne's, which featured gold design elements, do have all sorts of great features, but are they worth the price? There may be some element of hype with certain baby products.

16 Ashton And Mila Spent A Bundle On A Robo Crib


Ashton and Mila got dragged online when people found out that they spent a lot of money on a robotic bassinet that is supposed to soothe babies to sleep. People wondered why the couple couldn't take turns soothing the baby when it was fussy, instead of letting the baby product do the work. The bassinet has oscillating power, which apparently soothes infants. It's not a cheap purchase. It's worth over a thousand dollars. It was invented by a baby doctor, though. It creates white noise, as well as rocking movements, but maybe a baby would rather be in a parent's arms. This bassinet is called a Snoo.

15 Penelope Disick Carried A Fendi Bag


Penelope Disick was a little older when she carried a Fendi bag with elaborate beading to a special event. The little girl, who seems to take after her father, "Lord Disick", did look very cute with her little bag.

She seems like a sweet little girl. I've seen a lot of pictures of her looking after her younger brother and other little ones in her famous family, such as cousin, Dream Kardashian. She seems like a caring girl. Anyway, Penelope definitely doesn't need a status bag at her age, but look at the family that she's growing up in. This status bag is surely the first of many, unless she decided to reject Kardashian materialism.

14 Harper Beckham Wore Overpriced Outerwear


Harper Beckham has fashionable parents. David Beckham has always been a male style icon. He's worn jewelry and trendy haircuts for years. He cares about how he looks. His wife and baby-mama, Victoria Beckham, is a fashion designer whose fashion line may be having a little financial trouble. Anyway, these very rich parents had a lot of boys and then had a baby girl. Harper is cute and her parents dress her in some very stylish high fashion for kids, such as a little satin bomber jacket from Marc Jacobs.

Maybe a satin jacket isn't the most practical choice for a little kid who might make a mess, but it's high fashion.

13 How Many Toys Should Kourtney Kardashian Buy Her Little Ones?


When rich parents show off their kids' fancy playrooms and their designer outfits, it almost seems like the parents are trying to get attention. Kourtney Kardashian loves showing off her expensive home and the rooms that she's created for her kids. Why does she feel the need to share pictures of her kids' private rooms with the world? Well, it's something to post or blog about, and the Kardashians stay relevant by staying in the public eye.

Kourtney does seem like a loving mother and she's stocked her kid's playroom with giant stuffed animals that tower over the children.

12 Kardashian Babies Get Very Fancy Halloween Costumes


Kardashian kids gets fancy costumes on Halloween and they really dress up for birthdays, too. It's kind of amazing how much money all of the Kardashian moms have. Only Rob Kardashian seems to have money problems, and he blames those on his problems with Blac Chyna. He should probably assign some blame to himself, too. Anyway, the Kardashians have so much money and spend a bit of it on unicorn costumes for the kids and things like that.

Sure, kids can be just as happy in homemade costumes that don't cost much money, but these kids tend to get designer costumes.

11 Gwen Stefani's Stroller Was High Glam


Gwen had a golden stroller with a glam look. It cost just under a thousand dollars. A lot of celeb parents have picked up these expensive strollers in the United Kingdom, where they are sold at Selfridges. She used the gold stroller a lot when her first child, Kingston, was a baby boy. Maybe Gwen got more value out of this stroller by using it for her other boys later on. She has two other sons named Zuma and Apollo.

Gwen's boys are past the stroller stage now. A stroller with glam elements suits Gwen's style. She's all about pushing things to the edge with fashion. But a baby doesn't need such a flashy stroller.

10 Suri Cruise Wore Costly Designer Clothes


Katie Holmes has taken some heat for dressing her daughter, Suri, in the most expensive designer clothes. When her daughter was older, Katie also got some shade for letting the little girl wear high heels. I wasn't too judgmental of Katie over the shoe thing. I figured the little girl whined and begged to wear the shoes and Katie let her. Later on, I read that the high heels were dancing shoes for children. Katie did say that her daughter really wanted to wear the shoes out in public.

Suri has quite a sophisticated wardrobe for a child, but she's a rich child. Rich kids wear status items, whether they're practical or not.

9 Sandra's Bullock's Son Received An Art Masterpiece From Mom


I don't think art is useless. Art is important. However, a little child probably isn't going to appreciate a painting by a notable artist. A kid might appreciate a plastic action figure more. Nonetheless, Sandra Bullock bought her adorable son, Louis, a print of a work by Andy Warhol. The print is valued at around fourteen thousand dollars. When Louis is older, he'll probably love the print, if he doesn't already. Chances are it's not the only expensive piece of art in the Bullock household.

Sandra is making a big impact these days with Bird Box. She chose that role because of its depiction of motherhood.

8 Reign Disick Wore A $3,000 Jacket


I don't know how I feel about little children wearing clothes that cost thousands of dollars. It seems pretty excessive. However, I know that celeb moms get gifted with a ton of expensive swag. If something pricey gets sent to you, for your kid, there's not much point in not using it. Kourtney is into clothes, so she wants her kids to dress fashionably, too. Kourtney's style used to be very modest, compared to her sisters. I've noticed she's wearing more revealing things lately. I actually preferred Kourtney's modest outfits, because they made her stand out. When Reign is older, he can figure out his own sense of style.

7 Farrah Abraham's Daughter Gets Extravagant Gifts From Mom


Farrah Abraham's daughter gets some press. Some people worry about how she's parented. Others are just curious about the little girl's life and how she will turn out. Farrah rose to fame on Teen Mom. She eventually got fired from the show. Producers said she was really difficult to work with, but she said that her other career ventures were the reason why she was let go. Anyway, Farrah does spoil her daughter, in addition to letting the little girl wear makeup sometimes. I'm not a fan of makeup on kids, except for make-believe play, but every mom is different.

Farrah gave Sophia a high-end laptop and a pink golf cart in 2016.

6 Kim Kardashian Bought An Expensive Stroller, Too


I'm sure no one is very surprised that Kim Kardashian chose a costly stroller. What would be surprising is if she chose a budget-conscious stroller. Kim doesn't need to economize and she's also a bit of a shopaholic. If the expensive stroller wasn't a gift, she probably enjoyed going out and buying it. Kim is a big fan of retail therapy. Plus, buying stuff for babies and kids is often more fulfilling than buying stuff for yourself.

Kim's Orbit Baby stroller is popular with celebs. It's functional, to be sure, but expensive. Kim also owns the Orbit Baby car seat.

5 Did Penelope Disick Need A Nursery This Fancy?


I think the nursery that Kourtney designed for her daughter is a work of art. I love the colors, and the feel of the room and all of the little details. However, no baby needs this level of luxury. It's a room that's fit for royalty. It's obvious that Kourtney adores her daughter, so she probably loved putting this room together. The thing is, the baby could really only use the crib at first. A lot of what can be see on the shelf isn't really appropriate for young babies. Now that Penelope's older, she can enjoy everything in the room. Also, Kourtney might have another baby one day.

4 Mariah Carey Also Splurged On A Fancy Nursery


Mariah Carey has twins. When they were babies, they lounged in style in very fancy designer cribs. They may not have gotten much use out of the giant toys in the room, or the tufted ottoman. If you had this much money to play with, how would you decorate your baby's nursery? Would you keep it low-key and practical, or would you bring some fantasy to life by buying huge stuffed animals and furniture fit for royalty?

Sometimes, celebs hire interior decorators, who probably encourage celebs to go for the fanciest nursery items. Nurseries that are overdone look a little too Las Vegas sometimes.

3 J. Lo Liked Buying Chanel For Her Tot


Jennifer Lopez would look amazing in a burlap sack, but she does like to wear glam clothes from the best designers. She wants her daughter to have special outfits, too. Her daughter's name is Emme and Emme has been photographed wearing Chanel. Now, Chanel is really, really expensive. It is exclusive. While we regular people can drum up the cash for some Chanel cosmetics or perfume, we can't usually buy the clothes. They are for the wealthy.

Emme is learning young that high fashion is well within reach.

2 Beyoncé Has Always Bought Blue Ivy High-End Clothes


Kids and fancy designer clothes don't always mix too well. These clothes are well-made, but they can be delicate. Beyoncê has bought her daughter, Blue Ivy, very fancy clothes that look just like her own. Then, they've posed in the matching outfits. This is fun and sweet, even though the clothes are the most practical. Blue Ivy probably enjoys putting on comfy sweats after wearing these expensive frocks for a few hours. Every mom buys some special outfits for her son or daughter. Beyoncé is just able to buy more special outfits.

1 Serena Williams Chose A Rose Gold Crib


A rose-gold crib sounds so fancy, doesn't it? Rose gold is a glam finish for sure. Tennis ace Serena Williams chose a rose-gold crib for her daughter, Alexis Olympia. Sure, a more basic crib would have worked just as well, but it wouldn't suit Serena's sense of style. Serena had a very rough pregnancy, so it's nice that she could splurge on some costly baby items, even if they were a bit over the top. Serena has earned her money through talent, incredible determination and powerful drive.

She can spend that cash however she wants to. But babies don't need such fancy cribs.

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