22Sabrina’s Melissa Joan Hart


First, we must of course start with a little Nickelodeon show called Clarissa Explains It All.

I personally suspect that the major networks out there knew at the time that we (the viewers) were growing up and might just be interested in watching the girl we had followed as young kids

as she ventured into the teenage years.

And so, in a series inspired by the earlier comic and series of the same name, Sabrina the Teenage Witch came to our TV sets every Friday night, along with her aunts, her gal pals, and of course her very special black kitty-cat.

To even further glory in that exciting and magical time known as the 1990s, how about a shot of not only Melissa Joan Hart from those days but also Britney Fricking Spears?

You have to love it. At least if you were bopping along to Britney’s earlier hits and taking in the TGIF programming back in the day.

For a show that considers things such as high school being hard, crushes being crazy, and magic being real, maybe you, too, turned to Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

After all, it’s what was on!

Blonde, bubbly, and decked out in a witchy flavor of the day’s popular fashions, she had young viewers – wait for it – spellbound…

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