Who Wore It Best: 22 Pics Of The Kar-Jenners

It seems like every time we hear that a Kardashian is expecting another baby, we are not the least bit shocked. After all, there needs to be heirs to that matriarchal empire and there is simply no stopping them. No matter who their baby daddies are, they all turn into mere baby donors if the relationship doesn't work out. Then again, who wouldn't want to ride on that gravy train?

The Kardashians (and Kylie Jenner) have been heavily observed for their choices in maternity fashion that provides much inspiration to pregnant women everywhere. Gone are the days of mommy faux-pas and dressing like a tent every time a pregnancy occurs. Back in the '80s and '90s, women would try to hide their growing baby bumps. Now, they are embracing it thanks to the Kardashians and many other celebs who rock chic maternity styles.

However, being pregnant can be a hit or miss when it comes to certain outfit choices. Sometimes, a mama-to-be has to be careful of certain colors and textures that will make her look even bigger than she really is. The Kar-Jens have taken risks when it comes to the pregnancies and some of their outfit choices have been a hit or miss.

Here is a list of 22 maternity wear choices of the Kar-Jens of who wore it best and who should have done a double-take in the mirror.

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22 Kylie Jenner Rocked A Form-Fitting, Simple Little Black Dress

kylie jenner

Black is the universal slimming colour (or lack of all colour technically). Kylie Jenner has always had that perfect hourglass figure that stuns in form-fitting clothes. Though Kylie wasn't that far along in her pregnancy in this one, that is the time when your girlie bits are a bit juicier than usual, in my opinion.

What better way to accentuate them than to wear something simple that hugs your curves like a glove.

Out of all the Kar-Jens, Kylie wanted to keep her pregnancy on the DL so unfortunately, we missed out on many of the cute maternity outfits she rocked. Though Kylie will still be a fashion icon, some pregnant women just don't like to be documented pregnant. You can't really blame them seeing as though you gain a bunch of weight during that time.

21 Black And White, This Did Not Flatter Or Cover Up Kim K's Bump

kim kardashian

This is by far one of the worst choices any of the Kar-Jens could have possibly chosen for their maternity styles. Maybe she was purposely wearing this killer whale dress just to get on the worst dressed list. Because what better way to stay relevant in the news?

No publicity is bad publicity after all, am I right?

In all seriousness, shift dresses that are two bold tones, black and white, does nothing to either hide or accentuate her figure in any flattering light. In my opinion, the white part of the dress is oddly sewn onto the dress like a drape. When she turns to the side, it just flaps over the black part like something went unzipped. It seems like Kim takes the most risk when it comes to maternity fashion out of all the Kar-Jens.

20 Kylie Jenner Looked Relaxed In Her Maternity Sports Wear Doing Yoga

kylie jenner
Daily Mail

Though Kylie's pregnancy, with daughter Stormi, was never out in the open too much, there was always speculation and obvious assumption that she was with child the entire time. She was teasing her fans by making implications via her Snapchat and her Instagram posts. Just in the clever Kar-Jen fashion, people were just waiting to come out and say, "I'm pregnant" - even though that never happened until after she gave birth. I researched images of Kylie Jenner posing with her baby bump, and we did get a glimpse of what looked like a maternity bra and her swollen girlie bits. It was clear that her body had gone through a transformation but she just wanted to string us along. This grey maternity bra looked chic AF with that little link pink line on the bottom and that butterfly-looking logo.

kylie jenner
Evening Standard

19 Khloe Was Getting Paid For Product Placement In Her Pregnancy Announcement

khloe kardashian

It is not that Khloe was wearing anything chic in her pregnancy announcement post on Instagram, it was just clear that she was branding herself a Calvin Klein girl. Calvin Klein is a simple and sporty brand that many celebrities have made popular throughout the years. However, one must question whether or not she actually got paid by Calvin Klein to wear their maternity bra, and feature it on Instagram for her big pregnancy announcement. If you had to bet, what would you guess? Instagram is a clever way of weaving product placement into your everyday life without people realizing it. That is the trick of advertising. Not to mention that her 2-inch long nails might be a little extra for a serious black and white photo.

18 Kim Channels Her Inner Mrs. Doubtfire

kim kardashian
Pop Sugar

Wearing floral can look ethereal and pretty if it is worn right. For some reason, when Kim tried to pull this gown off, it just didn't translate like it was intended to do.

It was too busy and the fact that it was so form-fitting didn't do anything to flatter her figure the way it should have.

To me, the shape and the cut of the dress are dead-on but that head-spinning floral pattern just puts a wrench in the whole thing. Maybe if she would have just stuck with a solid color then she would have stunned. Also, it looks like there is glove sewn onto the sleeve of the dress so that we can't even see her hand. That is just awkward and strange.

17 Khloe Was Looking Fly In A '70s Throwback Camel Suede Brown Trench

Us Magzine
Us Magazine

In my opinion, Khloe is definitely rocking the vintage '70s camel brown suede with the long trench jacked layered with a form-fitting dress. The color stuns because of its warm hue and it is simply a shade of brown that we are not used to seeing. Those chic sunglasses that she is wearing indoors gives off the signal that she doesn't feel like making any eye contact with anybody. You have to admire a pregnant woman who is late in her trimester and still not afraid to wear heels. Not to mention she makes it a point to keep everything perfect, right down to her perfectly manicured nails. In fact, many pregnant women just let themselves go and stop caring altogether. Not Miss Khloe Kardashian. Oh yeah, and we love to see that she is indulging in her cravings with a little FroYo.

16 But Kim Was Overdoing It With Too Much Of The Same Shade

kim kardashian

Even though what Khloe was wearing, in the previous entry, is very similar to what Kim is wearing here, it seems like Khloe did a better job of picking the right colour palette of brown to flatter her. For some reason, this shade of browns washes Kim out and makes her look bigger than she really is.

In my opinion, the fact that it's a lighter peach-beige on top of her dress and a darker shade of brown at the bottom makes her belly and her hips look too wide.

However, she did make a good choice when it came to her trench coat. It is the layer underneath that just needed some work. Though this isn't really the worst we've seen her in, it is certainly not the most flattering.

15 Kourtney's Denim Button-Down Was The Perfect Casual Chic For Streetwear

kourtney kardashian
Glam Radar

Since the Canadian tuxedo look (Denim button down with denim jeans) is having a moment, we can give props to Kourtney for embracing this trend. This is a perfect way to casually disguise your baby bump into a comfortable button-down. Even though she is probably doing some everyday boring routine thing, she still looks stylish in an "I don't really care" kind of way. The fitted cigarette black trousers give a nice shape to her legs and display that even though she is pregnant, she is still fit and in shape. Add some slick flats and pull your hair back in a ponytail, and you are golden. If you are going to try a light blue color, there is no better way than a button-down lightweight denim shirt.

14 Kylie's Oversized, Baggy Blue Striped Button Down Hid Her Figure

kylie jenner
Hollywood Life

Alright Kylie, but this one is just too extra. This was yet another pic posted where she was trying to tease fans into suspense, wondering if she was really pregnant even though all signs pointed to yes. However, this oversized, bagging man's shirt that she is swimming in, even though she is pregnant, really does absolutely no justice for her on any level. It just doesn't go with the rest of her look.

To me, she has perfectly blowout hair, her nails are super long, and she has a bougie bag in the background. This frumpy looking shirt just contradicts all that.

Not to mention that hand over the head pose is just saying, "I'm trying to look sultry even though I'm wearing a fat man's shirt." That just gives us a strange image in our head as to where she got that shirt in the first place.

13 Both Kim And Kourtney Gets A Hard No On This Dress

kim kourtney
Celebrity Brides and Kids

For some reason, this dress just flattered neither Kourtney nor Kim when they were preggers. It looks like they were trying to go for some Greek goddess look, accentuating their baby bumps, but they epically failed. We won't mention who looks worse in this one because they are both at fault, so we will leave you to draw your own conclusions on this one. If you are going to show off your baby bump, don't just show your chest area and drape everything else. It hides the rest of your figure in the back and in the front. Either way, at least this dress looks comfortable but in no way flattering. It looks like no matter how rich and famous you get, you are just above your sister's hand-me-downs.

12 Kim Calls Her Inner James And The Giant Peach

Jumpsuits are a thing now and depending on how you wear them, they can flatter you or just make it look like you are simply being lazy. For some reason, this shade of peach just isn't flattering on Kim Kardashian. Perhaps it is just too bright or too orangey for her bronzed complexion. It could also be the way it is cut or the way that her body shape fits into this particular type of jumpsuit.

The chiffon fabric looks lightweight and comfortable, but something about this outfit just isn't cutting it.

She looks like she is a giant peach instead of rocking the peach colour itself. Nevertheless, Kim really doesn't look like she cares about anyone's opinion in this snapshot, so she is going to wear what she wants.

11 Kourtney Stuns In Peach

It looks like Kourtney has the right idea for how to wear peach without looking like a giant piece of fruit that has come to life. When you are pregnant and sporting a jumpsuit, sometimes it is better to stick with darker, muted colors rather than in-your-face bright colors. Kourtney has a lighter, more faded shade of peach as a button-down shirtdress, that doesn't make her look all bloaty. She looks comfy and elegant all at the same time, without a care in the world, as the wind blows through her hair. It looks like she is just out on a laid-back day, about to get lunch to satisfy one of her pregnancy cravings. Easy breezy outfits like these are fun to wear in general but are a must-have when you are pregnant.

10 Khloe Is A Little Too Grungy In Military Camo

If you are going to pull off the military chic look, there are definite do's and don'ts when it comes to rocking it. It can make you look edgy or it can make you look too grungy. Though Khloe is at an airport and everyone just wants to be comfortable rather than fashionable, the camo print on this baggy jacket is just too much.

At this point, Khloe probably was just trying to cover up her baby bump as much as possible, without anyone harassing her, so this was intended on purpose.

Still, it looks like she could have chosen something that didn't look like she just got pulled out of the trenches. Even original military uniforms wear camo more fitted and less hanging off of your body.

9 Kim Blows Us Away In Her Take On Military Chic

Exclusive... 51824920 Pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian takes her daughter North to a birthday party in Beverly Hills, California on August 15, 2015. Kim continues her pregnant fashion of a trench coat and a tight dress every time she leaves the house. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

We can't get enough of Kim's solid olive green colors on this layered look. She absolutely stuns in this color and proves that you don't have to wear bold, bright colors in order to attract attention. The snug grayish-green dress hugs the silhouette of her pregnant figure and gives the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. The light trench coat blows in the wind, making it look like she is walking down a runway, even though she is just walking down the street pretending not to notice the paparazzi. Add the slick square-shaped sunglasses to that outfit, and that is the cherry on top of a street-chic sundae. This is definitely a top choice to copy for a maternity wear style for pregnant women.

8 Kourtney's Navy Blue Dress Had Busy Ruffles

kourtney kardashian
In Style

We are guessing that this pregnancy was with Mason, back in 2008 when ruffles were a thing. Though they were having a moment at that point in time, they just didn't look flattering in this ensemble for some reason. It looks like the ruffles are cascading down her armpits and it draws more attention to that area of the body as opposed to more attractive parts of her figure.

The sapphire colour is striking here but the design of the dress is totally off and just doesn't compliment the female figure, much less, a pregnant female figure.

Though Kourtney generally has her maternity style down, this is one time where she is just way off. Not to mention that the bottom of the skirt is frayed and makes it the whole dress look cheap.

7 Khloe Nailed Her Form-Fitting Navy Blue Dress

Khloe took the same sapphire color and made it look red carpet ready with this dress. It looks perfect with her blonde hair and red lips, so she just pops. Not to mention that she has that pregnancy glow going on, that you can only take advantage for a limited time during gestation. The satin finish on the dress just gives it a regal vibe like Khloe is just too important to have this be such a casual snapshot. This is definitely something that was created by some high caliber designer before she was getting ready for a well-to-do Kar-Jen event. Either that or she was just getting dressed up for the heck of it (just kidding, no she probably wasn't). Throw in those Hollywood retro curls in and she is golden.

6 Kourtney Stunned In Her NYE Black Sequined Gown

kourtney kardashian
In Style

New Year's Eve is such an exciting time for fashionistas everywhere because it is that one time where you get to wear sequins. Seriously, when else can you pull off that many sparkles than between the months of January-December? No, we didn't think so either. Kourtney Kardashian keeps it classy with black sequins that are not too showy and have a classy Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress look to die for. This has to be one of our favorite pregnancy looks on her because this says, "just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean that I can't party in Vegas." If that doesn't scream modern-day millennial mom, then we don't know what does really. Her baby bump is so tiny, that we can't even tell that she's pregnant.

5 Khloe Stole The Show In This Sparkly Stunning Holiday Jumpsuit

Ok, so Kourtney's black sequinned dress was definitely banging, but Khloe's sparkly holiday white jumpsuit is just an absolute show-stopper. The fine-tethered tassels are what makes this outfit something to kill for.

It gives off a Vegas showgirl meets '20s flapper girl, and we are just digging it.

This is definitely one of the more striking numbers on this entire list and it almost makes us wish we were pregnant just so we could pull this off. Heck, this probably isn't even meant to be a maternity wear type of jumpsuit, since Khloe just has a small baby bump in this pic. In any case, she is slaying it with this holiday 2017 outfit that makes us all want to copy a cheaper version of that style.

4 White Was Not Kim's Color During Her Divorce Proceedings

kim kardashian
Forever Kardashian

Apparently, Kim Kardashian was pregnant with her firstborn, North West, at the time she was working on a divorce from her ex-husband, Kris Humphries. Though she was pregnant with her at the time new man's baby, Kanye West. It seems like these Kar-Jens have no problem replacing men if things just don't work out with the original and we have to give them props for that. As if needing a police escort to the courthouse to tend to your divorce isn't enough pressure, you don't need a worst-dressed list outfit on top of that. It is clear that Kim was trying to go for that oriental, China doll style but failed miserably. The silver and white is a flattering shade for her complexion, but the shape of the outfit is just too boxy.

3 Khloe Stunned In White Throughout Her Pregnancy

You know what they say: if it's white, wear it tight in the fashion world. Khloe is a living, breathing example of that rule, because she has chosen white for much of her pregnancy, and it never seems to fail. In fact, the form-fitting white gives a beautiful silhouette and the tied button-down around it adds a touch of layering. The stark white pops with her blonde hair. It seems like for the most part, Khloe has managed to ace most of her maternity styles, making us want to do a case study on her and find out what her secret is. It's not that Khloe can do no wrong when it comes to maternity fashion, but that she doesn't seem to make any mistakes like some of the other Kar-Jens do.

2 Khloe And Kourtney Utilized Black As A Slimming (Lack Of) Color

khloe kardashian
Us Magazine

Basically, you can't go wrong with black when you are pregnant. Especially if you wear it form-fitting, it will give you a nice silhouette and it is simple so you don't have to put that much thought into it.

Khloe is slaying the '70s throwback again with the black velvet trench coat and thigh-high boots, that are so sultry that it's a sin to look that good when you are pregnant.

Kourtney is going back to basics with just a black T-shirt dress with a matching cardigan. Just so that look doesn't get too boring, she threw in a hat to accessorize and match while she was at it. These Kar-Jens are just being basic AF with black that adds a little hint of mystery.

kourtney kardashian
In Style

1 But Kim's Black Lace Numbers Stole The Show

kim kardashian
Hollywood Life

They say that everything feels better through lace and that couldn't be more true for Kim Kardashian. Although she has appeared on this list as having the not-so-flattering picks, this one makes up for all of them. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean that you can't be in touch with your more sultry, sensual side. That "look at me" feminine lace has men turning heads no matter how late you are in your pregnancy, you just have to wear it right. She isn't even afraid to show off that baby bump while keeping other areas of her body discreet and to the imagination. Add a layered choker necklace that looks like a rosary and that just pulls the whole look together. Kim Kardashian finishes this list with this as the best look. This time when it was hit or miss, she hit and knocked it out of the park.

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