23 Baby Boy Names That Make Awesome Nicknames

From the moment parents-to-be find out they are expecting a baby, they will begin to run through a list of names for their precious bundle of joy. If they are finding out the sex of their baby, they will have an easier time of narrowing down the name to the baby’s gender. If they choose to wait until delivery to find out the gender of their baby, they may still have a list of a few boy and a few girl names.

While some parents love the idea of giving their baby a nickname as their first name, others want both options: a longer, professional sounding name that can be shortened into a nickname. This not only gives parents more options for nicknames, but the name can grow along to suit the child’s age.

Giving a baby a name that can be shortened into a nickname is a wonderful idea, as nicknames have tons of personality. Nicknames can also be a form of affection when used by certain people. Today, the trend of nicknames is still going strong, so it’s great for parents to think about when choosing a name for their baby. With that being said, we’ve rounded up a list of 25 baby boy names that make the best nicknames. See below for our choices. There’s something for everyone.

23 Carmelo – Melo, Mel & Carm

Carmelo is an Italian and Spanish baby name that means “garden.” It’s a great choice for any parent looking for something not too popular, but not too unique. The name is both fun and professional, and can be shortened to the ever-so-adorable Melo. If Melo doesn’t fancy you, Carmelo can also be shortened to the nicknames Mel or Carm. When it comes to Carmelo, there’s a nickname for every personality.

It has been noted that people with the name Carmelo have a SoulUrge number of three. What does this mean? Carmelo’s are passionate about expressing themselves and can often be found in roles where they are speaking in public. They yearn to have beauty around them – both at work and at home – and are dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation.

Famous bearers of the name Carmelo include Carmelo Anthony, former basketball player for the Denver Nuggets and the New York Nicks, Carmelo Bossi, an Italian boxer and Carmelo Gómez, a Spanish actor.

22 Everett – Rhett, Evie

Everett is an English baby name with a pretty awesome meaning. In its English origin, the name means "hardy," or "brave." Now, who wouldn’t want a brave little boy? Although the name is not as common today as it was in the past, we think it’s a super-cute option for any little boy.

People with the name Everett have a SoulUrge number of five, meaning they are excited by change, adventure and spontaneity. They are also very versatile, visionary and are able to make constructive use of their time. Rebellious in nature, Everett’s tend to be overly-protective of their feelings and may have a hard time allowing others into their life.

Aside from being a delightful first name, Everett is also a common surname. And, if that’s not versatile enough, Everett comes with two pretty awesome nicknames: Rhett and Evie.

21 Joseph – Joe, Joey & Jojo

The name Joseph is of Hebrew origin meaning "to increase," or "addition." In the bible, the story of Joseph is one of great power and determination. It was said that the bible’s Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, but later rose to supreme power in Egypt.

Bearers of the name Joseph have an expression number of one. Much like the number one, Joseph’s tend to lead rather than follow. Additionally, Joseph’s are said to be focused on new ideas and have the ability to efficiently implement their vision. They are courageous, determined and sometimes aggressive.

While the name Joseph in its full version is an incredible choice for a baby boy, we think its nicknames Joe, Joey or Jojo are even better. Think about it. Who wouldn’t want a little Joey running around? With the name Joseph, parents get the best of both worlds – a professional sounding name with some of the most adorable nicknames known to date.

20 Nathaniel – Nathan, Nate

Nathaniel is a Hebrew name that means “gift of God,” or “God has given.” Nathaniel is also one of the twelve biblical apostles. For parents-to-be, Nathaniel is a perfect name to consider for their baby boy. Why? Not only does it have rich history, but we also can’t get enough of the nickname Nate.

Nathaniel’s have an expression number of three meaning they are excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts and know how to enjoy a life free of stress and transgression. Nathaniel’s are also always the center of attention; so if a parent chooses this name, get ready for a little showstopper.

Above all, we think Nathaniel is the kind of name that a child would be blessed to have. Not only is it not overused, but it’s also the kind of name that can grow with someone. From childhood to adulthood, Nathaniel is a superb choice for any male.

19 Remington – Remy, Remi & Rem

Remington is an English name that means “from the raven farm.” While the name is usually seen as a surname, we think it makes for an awesome first name. Remington is also seen as a unisex name, but in the case of this list, we are explaining it in its masculine form. Not only is Remington a strong-sounding name, but it also comes with an adorable nickname: Remy –a truly perfect choice for any little boy.

Because people with the name Remington have a SoulUrge number of two, they are said to have a deep inner desire for love and companionship. Not only do they love being around others, but they love to work with others in order to feel appreciated. Remington’s are also excellent at understanding others, which makes them extremely approachable people.

A famous bearer of the name Remington is of course, Remington Steele, a female TV detective character. With this in mind, the name can be seen as one that is both dashing and mysterious. If that’s not convincing enough, we don’t know what is.

18 Jayden – Jay, Jayde & Jayce

Jayden, a variation of Jadon or Jaden is a beautiful name of Hebrew origin. In its Hebrew derivation, the name means “thankful.” While Jayden used to be an uncommon given name, it has recently been used more frequently. In fact, in the late 1990s, Jayden was the only non-traditional name to have broken into the boys’ top five.

Jayden’s have an expression number of seven, meaning they are excellent analyzers and thrive in environments where learning is priority. They tend to be mystics, philosophers and teachers, so get ready for a little scholar! If you ask us, we think Jayden is a perfect choice for any parent looking for a name with multiple (and cute) nickname options.

Jayden's popular relatives include many rhyming cousins such as Brayden, Caden, Aiden and Hayden. And while these name are also amazing options for a little boy, Jayden still tops our list because of the awesome nicknames that accompany it.

17 Leonardo – Lee, Leo

The name Leonardo is a Tetonic name that means “lion.” Fierce in sound and in meaning, a parent can’t go wrong with this one. Not only do we love Leonardo in its longer, more traditional version, but it comes with one of the cutest nicknames we’ve ever heard: Leo.

Bearers of the name Leonardo have a SoulUrge number of nine, meaning they are passionate about serving humanity. They are also known to be very creative individuals who are usually drawn to the arts. While many people don’t believe in name meanings and SoulUrge numbers, we think this one is pretty spot on. Think about it: Leonardo DiCaprio is not only a creative (and very talented) artist, but he is too a humanitarian, passionate and dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all earth’s inhabitants.

Other famous Leonardo’s include artist Leonardo DaVinci, athlete Leonardo Bonucci and actor Leonardo Nam.

16 Declan – Dex, Dec

Declan is a striking name of Irish origin. A famous bearer of the name is the 6th century Irish St. Declan. In its original Gaelic spelling, Declan is shown as Deaglan, Deag, or Dag, which means "good," or "full." Therefore, the Gaelic translation of Declan is more accurately known as "full of goodness."

Declan’s have an expression number of three, which means they are creative individuals who know how to enjoy life. They are always involved in many different activities, but can sometimes be reckless with their energy. Because they are often the center of attention, Declan’s enjoy careers that put them in charge.

Aside from the swanky vibes the name Declan gets, its nickname Dex is even better. What guy wouldn’t’ want to be called Dex? This nickname is not only one of our favourites, but its also one that will make a lasting impression on anyone.

15 James – Jay, Jamie, Jim & Jimmy

James is a Hebrew name that is not only sophisticated in sound, but super adorable. It’s also one of the most versatile names that can easily grow from child to adult. Whether someone is five or fifty-five, James will always sound great. In the Hebrew the meaning of the name, James is: “he grasps the heel,” or “supplanter.”

Not only is James one of the most popular boy names of all time, it also has royal ties, as it’s a commonly known name in many royal families across Europe. James is also an incredibly timeless name that will never go out of style.

For parents still undecided on a boy name, James is always a great choice. And, even though the name is perfectly awesome on its own, it comes with some pretty amazing nicknames. Our favourite? We can’t get enough of the super-adorable: Jimmy.

14 Clayton – Clay

Clayton is a beautiful male name of English origin. The name is derived from a surname based on the Old English “claeg,” which means “settlement” or “a place with good clay.”

Not only is Clayton a strong name in its entirety, but the nickname Clay is also a perfect choice. There’s no going wrong with this name. In fact, some parents will even skip the longer version altogether and choose Clay as their baby’s full name. We think both are lovely options.

Bearers of the name Clayton are known to have a deep inner desire to understand and analyze the world they live in. They are great at seeking deeper truths and can get along with just about anyone. They are also compassionate, broadminded and generous, and tend to excel in roles where they can serve humanity. If you ask us, Clayton is an all-around perfect pick.

13 Cameron – Cam, Cammy

The name Cameron is a male name of Celtic origin. In the Celtic meaning of the name, Cameron means “crooked nose.” The meaning of the name draws inspiration from a Celtic highland chieftain with a crooked nose.

Most people with the name Cameron are given the nickname Cam, which is also another great option for any little boy. We think that Cameron is not only a strong name for a strong man, but it’s also perfect for any adorable little boy.

Bearers of the name Cameron are known to be very detail oriented people who have exceptional organizational skills. They are frequently seen in roles of leadership and excel in environments where they can express themselves – often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. Cameron’s also yearn to have beauty around them in both their home and work environment. So, if Cameron is your name of choice, be ready for an all-around fantastic son.

12 Beckett – Beck, Bex & Bo

We can’t think of many more names that are cuter and more meaningful than Beckett. Commonly seen as a surname, Beckett has recently been used as a first name – and for good reason! The name itself has a unique twist of ancient and contemporary. It’s just one of those names that have an attractively brisk sound, but is also rare enough for parents looking for something a little different.

Derived from the diminutive of Beck, Beckett is an English name that means “bee cottage.” For parents who choose this name, they can easily shorten it to Beck. The nickname Beck is not only a perfect shortened version, but it can also stands alone pretty well. So, whether parents choose its long or shortened version, it’s safe to say they’ve picked a winner.

Other notable nicknames for the name Beckett are Bex, Becks, Beckster, and of course, the super adorable Bo.

11 Oliver – Olive, Ollie

Derived from the Norse heritage, Oliver is a male name that means "affectionate." From its English roots, Oliver can also be translated into "the olive tree." In the English meaning of the name, the olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty and dignity – much like a tree that extends its branch.

Popularity-wise, Oliver is currently ranked as the twelfth most popular boy name in the United States. Moreover, in medieval times, Oliver was also a popular given name for males. It did see a drop however after the 17th century because of its association with military commander Oliver Cromwell, an English military and political leader. The name eventually revived in the 19th century, perhaps in large part part due to the protagonist in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist" (1838).

Above all, we think Oliver is an incredible option for any little boy not only because of its super-cute nicknames, but also because it has such a lovable ring to it.

10 Alexander – Al, Ale, Alex & Xander

A striking classic, Alexander is one of the best boy names for accompanying nicknames. Not only is the name beautiful and traditional, it's also one that will never go out of style. And, there are so many amazing nicknames that can be given to a little boy named Alexander.

Derived from ancient Greece, Alexander means “defender of men.” Talk about strong, powerful and masculine. The name itself is a perfect choice for any parent looking for something impactful and traditional. Plus, the nickname Alex is a perfect fit for any little boy.

People with the name Alexander are said to be very creative. They often excel in environments that put them in the limelight, as they are excellent at expressing themselves. Alexander’s are truly the life of the party and any boy would be lucky to hold this name.

9 Quinlan – Quin, Quinny

Quinlan is one of those versatile names that represents a different meaning depending on it origin. It is primarily seen as a masculine option, however in recent days, Quinlan can also be seen as a unisex name. We love the name for not only its soft, gentle sound, but also for its super adorable nickname Quin.

In the English and Celtic translations of the name, Quinlin means "descendant of Caoinlean," or "slender." The name itself saw a spike in the late 90’s and mid 2000’s. It has recently dropped off and is currently ranked 4,567 in the United States.

Bearers of the name Quinlan are said to be excellent at analyzing their surroundings. They are usually seen as scholars, teachers or philosophers. Because they focus so much on the mind and seeking deeper truths, they can sometimes be quiet, isolated and introverted. Don’t worry though, Quinlan’s are some of the best people out there and any parent would be lucky to have one.

8 Zachary – Zach, Zac, Zack, Zacks & Zak

Zachary is a lovely male name of Hebrew origin. In the Hebrew meaning of the name, Zachary means “remembered by God.” Zachary makes a cool baby name not only because of its strong three-syllable sound, but also because of the awesome nicknames that go along with it.

When it comes to name Zack, we immediately think of Zack Morris, the charming schemer and protagonist of the 90’s television sitcom Saved By The Bell. Parents-to-be who grew up watching this show would be familiar with this name and we think it’s a great option for them. The name resonates well in our memory and we are sure it will for you, too.

Moreover, bearers of the name Zachary tend to be leaders rather than followers. They usually have powerful personalities and are excellent at focussing on specific goals. They are also courageous individuals and can often resent authority. So, for all you parents-to-be considering this name, get ready for a little boss.

7 Addison – Addy, Addie

Often seen today as a name given to both boys and girls, Addison is originally a male name of English decent. In its English origin, Addison means “son of Adam.” Not only is the name an absolutely adorable option for any little boy, but its nickname Addy is also a great choice.

With an expression number of three, bearers of the name Addison are creative people who are usually drawn to the arts. They are often the center of attention and the life of the party. They love to be involved in various activities and can sometimes take on more than what they can handle.

Popularity-wise, Addison currently ranks 1,044 for boy names in the United States – up 152 on the charts compared to 2016. Related male names to Addison include Parker, Mason, Carter, Aiden, Landon, Ethan, Liam, and Gavin. While these names are also incredible choices, Addison continues to hold a special place in our baby name favourites list.

6 Clinton – Clint

Clinton is an effortlessly cool male name of English decent. In its English origin, Clinton means “settlement on a hill,” or “from the headland estate.” In its Old English origin, Clinton was usually seen as a surname, but we can’t get enough of it as a first name.

The name Clinton is not only crafty in sound, but its nickname Clint is one that gives other nicknames a run for their money. Seriously, though! Clint is one of the most awesome-sounding nicknames we’ve ever heard. And, if that’s not convincing enough, Clinton makes for both an amazing child and adult name. There’s really no going wrong here.

Bearers of the name Clinton are said to be extremely compassionate and yearn to be a part of a stable, loving community. They are very family-oriented and need to work with others in order to feel content. They also strive for peace and harmony, and are some of the best listeners out there. Above all, it’s pretty safe to say choosing this name would be a good decision.

5 Jackson – Jack, Jackie, Jax & Jaxie

Jackson is both a charming and irresistible boy name of English origin. In its English origin, Jackson means “son of Jack.” Currently, Jackson is the twelfth most popular boy name in the United States and we’re not the slightest bit surprised. Jackson is not only one of the most striking boys’ names there is, but it also comes with some pretty awesome nicknames.

For any parent-to-be, Jackson would be a perfect choice for a little boy. Think about it: there are so many nicknames to give including Jack, Jackie, Jax or Jaxie.

It has been said that bearers of the name Jackson are excellent at understanding deeper truths. They tend to be leaders rather than followers and are known to have very powerful personalities. Jackson’s are also known to be courageous and aggressive. Because they lead by example, they often resent authority and are sometimes loud, stubborn and impatient.

4 Madden – Mads, Maddie

Madden is an Irish given name for males. In its Irish origin, the name means “smalldog milos.” Orginally recorded as Madain, Madden (also spelled Maddin) was a famous Irish surname. Today, Madden has made its way onto the name charts as a male given name.

Considering Madden for a little boy? There’s really no going wrong. The name is not only strong in sound, but its nicknames are also pretty awesome. Both Mads and Maddie are excellent nicknames and any boy would be lucky to have them.

People with the name Madden have an expression number of five, which means they are very family-oriented. In fact, Madden’s yearn for a life where they can be a part of a stable, loving community. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, and thrive in settings of change.

3 Grayson – Gray, Grayse & Graysie

Grayson is a male name of English origin. In the English meaning of the name, Grayson is “son of the reeve or gray-haired,” “son of the Gray family; son of Gregory.”

While Grayson originated as a common surname, it has recently spiked in popularity as a common first name. In fact, within the last ten years, Grayson has continuously sat at the top of the name charts for given boys' names. Currently, Grayson sits as the twenty-sixth most popular boy's name in the United States – up five spots from 2016.

Not only is Grayson in its full form a striking and delightful name, but its nicknames Gray, Grayse and Graysie are also great options. Popularity-wise, we expect Grayson to top the boys’ name chart within the next ten years. We think it's just one of the best-sounding names out there.

2 Sebastian – Bash, Sab & Seb, Sebby

Professional, yet cute, Sebastian is a male name of Greek origin. In its Greek origin, Sebastian means “revered,” or “venerable.” Sebastian is one of those traditional names that has remained at the top of the boy name charts – and we’re not surprised. Sebastian is not only endearing, but it’s also super professional in sound. It’s perfect for any little boy, but also for any handsome, hard-working man.

Currently, Sebastian sits as the tenth most popular boy name in the United States – up ten spots from 2016. The name is not only popular, but its nicknames are too. Bash, Sab, Seb or Sebby are common shortened names given to those named Sebastian, and we love them all!

It has been said that people who hold that name Sebastian are quiet observers and have a deep inner desire to understand and analyze the world they live in. They are passionate, compassionate and romantic, and nobody can resist their magnetic personalities. Sebastian’s have the ability to draw people in and can swoon just about anyone. Look out mamas; if you decide on the name Sebastian, you may have a little Casanova on your hands!

1 Benjamin – Ben, Benny & Benji

Classic, adorable and absolutely perfect, there’s no doubt that Benjamin is number one on this list. Derived from Hebrew origin, Benjamin means “son of the south,” or “son of the right hand.” Not only is Benjamin one of the best boy names known to date, it also comes with some of the most adorable nicknames: Ben, Benny and Benji.

For parents looking for a traditional classic, Benjamin is a perfect choice. The three galloping syllables are impressive in its full version and (as mentioned) the nickname “Ben” is great choice that can easily grow from childhood into adulthood. While traditional, Benjamin is also a bit quirky and intellectual. And, it goes exceptionally well with a wide range of surnames. Above all, Benjamin is a lovely name to grow into and enjoy.

Moreover, bearers of the name Benjamin are known to be very versatile individuals. They can easily become excited by change and adventure, and are constantly looking for fun. They are also very optimistic and tend to make friends easily. Benjamin’s are truly loveable people and any parent would be lucky to have a little Ben in his/her life.

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