23 Baby Names You Never Heard Of, But Will

When we were children, many of us dreamed of the day that we would become parents ourselves. Whether it was imaginary play with baby dolls, or just our active imaginations, we knew that we were going to grow up, let our kids stay up as late as they wanted, eat chocolate cake for dinner, and allow them stay home from school for absolutely no reason at all.

One of the most important parts of our imaginary children was the choosing of the name! Whether we loved or hated our names as children, our own children were going to have the coolest names on the planet. Perhaps named after a Cabbage Patch Kid, or a character form Bugs Bunny?

So now here we are, with our bundle of joy safely tucked in our bellies, getting closer and closer to that moment of truth. Why are we suddenly panicking that we may doom our children by giving them an awful name? What if little Billy or Sally have twenty-five classmates with the same name? We cannot let that happen to our precious little babies, so what is one to do? Well, we are in luck!

These days, new parents can basically name their children anything on the planet, and nobody even bats an eyelash. Parents could name their kid Oscar the Grouch, and that would be just fine. But for our purposes here, we have some other original options to choose from.

23 America

Ah yes, the naming of the good old USA…an extraordinary time in the history of the world. As most of us had drilled into our heads throughout elementary and high school, an explorer named Amerigo Vespucci was both the Italian explorer, credited with scouting out the “new continents” in the years following after Christopher Columbus, as well as being our country’s namesake.

Although “Amerigo” never seemed to catch on as a baby name, naming your baby, “America”, after this beautiful nation of ours, may just become the newest rage in pledging your loyalty to the stars and stripes. Just think of all the delightful opportunities this will likely create for your precious bundle!

The scenarios you could create for the Fourth of July fireworks and Halloween costume photo ops are truly endless. Not to mention that none of your relatives could ever question your patriotism, regardless of which political party you may be affiliated. That in itself may be enough of a reason to use this larger than life name for your little one.

22 Bethzy

Bethzy, a name that is uncommonly used for girls, is of Hebrew origin. Bethzy is reported to mean, "God is my oath". It is actually thought to be an alternate spelling of the name Bethany, and possibly means "house of figs". Bethzy is also a derivative of the more common name, Elizabeth.

So if you are looking for an original name for your kiddo, and aren’t bothered by the fact that her name will most likely be questioned and possibly mispronounced her entire life, this name may be for you! I’m not quite sure on the “house of figs” part, but if you are a religious or spiritual person, there is certainly nothing wrong with a name that suggests one has a strong relationship with God.

In any case, sometimes having a unique name opens the door for many interesting conversations. Perhaps your little girl will enjoy the lifelong opportunities that present themselves as a result of her odd sounding name.

21 Orion

The name Orion is of Greek origin, and of course is also the most recognizable constellation in the nighttime sky. In the Greek language, the literal definition is, “rising in the sky” or “dawning.” When speaking mythologically, Orion is defined as fearless hunter, and the son of Poseidon.

So far, it seems as though using Orion as a baby name has not caught on as a worldwide trend. There is a tremendous expectation of mystical power that comes attached to this name. Perhaps it is being reserved for the likes of greatness that will only be bestowed upon your little bundle of joy? Perhaps!

People with this name are said to an have innate, inborn desire to be creative and expressive. They often end up with a career in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also have a strong desire to surround themselves with beautiful things, and this is usually reflected in their home and work environments.

Competent, practical, powerful, and wealthy are also said to be traits of those lucky enough to carry this name.

20 Serenity

Serenity is an English girl’s name, with a truly lovely sentiment behind it. The name means calm and peaceful. It came about with other virtuous names such as Hope and Charity, and is certainly a lovely name for your little sweetheart. Synonyms include tranquility and serenity, as well as clear and calm.

Sounds like a well-mannered little angel to me. She will likely make friends easily, and follow all of your rules down to a T...not only because she has to, but because she truly wants to. This little one craves the calmness that goes along with scheduling. She likes to know what to expect, and is not a big fan of surprises.

She will more than likely be the teacher’s pet as well. She will bring a sense of comfort everywhere she goes, including the chaos of a typical preschool classroom. What a treasure this one is to have in your corner!

19 Jett

The name Jett is of both English and Greek origin. In English, it is said that the original meaning behind the name was, “black gem”. So I guess that’s where the term “jet black” originated. This name is also known to be of Greek origin, where the meaning is said to be, “aviation”. Jett is generally used as a boy’s name, and in the U.S, is probably best known as the name of actor/pilot John Travolta’s first born son. Of course there is also Joan Jett, the way cool rocker chick of yesteryear.

Beloved by many parents, the name Jett, is truly one of strength and character. A name that flies high above the rest, if you will. It is surely the name of a spectacular human, who is destined to be admired by many. Jett is a cool guy. Jett is different. Jett is fun. Jett is the guy that everyone wants as their best friend.

18 Patience

Patience is a name that we can all aspire to. The irony behind this baby name is not lost on me. Patience? Every time you say your child’s name, it will remind you to put your own behavior in check. It’s probably THE perfect name for parents to keep themselves on their toes.

Those with the name Patience are said to have a tremendous desire for companionship and love. They are also said to be team players, and are always craving peace and harmony among those they care about.

People with this name tend to be leaders rather than followers, usually with very strong personalities. They tend to be focused, creative, and determined. Your little Patience is likely to be quite courageous as well. Being unique and creative, however, she may be a bit stubborn when it comes to following the rules. This trait, however, will allow you to practice parental patience in your daily life.

17 Riker

Riker, from the German word, “rike”, means rich and powerful. But there is indeed some question on the origin of the name. Most likely, it was created in the United States, and was brought about by the popularity of other male names beginning with the “Ry“, such as Ryan, Ryland, etc.

So if you are looking to create a determined little tycoon, this may just be the name for you. Maybe he’ll be the first to start a newspaper route at the age of two? You never know! Or perhaps he will invest the money from his piggy bank, and retire at the ripe old age of twelve?

In any case, Riker’s got your back. He will make sure his mom and dad are financially set for life. His future wife will have it mad in the shade as well. Not a bad choice if you ask me!

16 Diamond

The meaning of the name Diamond is, “Brilliant Gem”. Of course it is! Your little princess deserves nothing less in a name. The origin of the word is English, and as we all know, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so she is sure to be one that stands out in the crowd!

The sparkling and brilliant personality of your little one is sure to shine through with this little gem of a name. Her multi-faceted personality and dazzling sense of style will no doubt carry her through many of life’s more challenging moments. Just think, no matter what, your daughter will always know that she is named after one of the strongest foundational items on this earth, and her aura will always reflect her tendency toward flawlessness.

Let us not forget that she will most certainly have a timeless flair for fashion and style. How could she not? A diamond lasts forever!

15 Dulce

Dulce is a name of Spanish origin, and means sweetened or sugary. Awww!! Perfect for your sweet little bundle of joy! The name lends itself to a girl that is compassionate, smart, sweet (of course), and romantic. People adore her! She is sure to have many friends to keep her happy and joyous.

Often open minded and generous, these little girls grow up to be women that follow their hearts. More often than not, these sugary souls make it their life’s work to make the world a better place. Sometimes, however, it is difficult for them to balance their own needs with those of everybody else.

Often nice to a fault, this little girl is certainly someone that will bring a smile to your face. If you want the world to fall in love with your little sugar pie, this may just be the name for you!

14 Draven

The word Draven (or baby name for our purposes), is of Old English origin, and it is predominantly used only in the English language. It is derived from the word draefend , which is defined as “the hunter”. Known as a surname (last name) throughout its history, the name has always been quite obscure.

Not a lot of written family history on the name, it is, however, used as the last name for the main character in the comic book series known as “The Crow”. Superhero Eric Draven is the comic’s main interest. In 1994, the late Brandon Lee (son of martial arts expert Bruce Lee) played the character in a big screen production of the popular comic book by James O'Barr.

So if you are looking for a powerful name for your little carnivorous child (this name may be out for the vegan crowd), go ahead and give this one a shot (See what I did there? Pun fully intended).

13 Ambrosia

In ancient Greek mythology, the name Ambrosia is often defined as the, "food of the Greek gods". This meant that those who consumed the precious nectar, were thought to be given eternal life. This ambrosia was said to be delivered to the gods by doves. Sure. Why not?

While Ambrosia Salad is delicious at a family picnic, I do not know if I would want my baby to grow up thinking that they were named after a fruity marshmallow. In any case, there is certainly a lot of history that goes along with this name, and it will always be a conversation starter.

So if you intend for your little goddess to bless those she encounters with eternal life (no pressure) this may be the name for you. If you want something a little less food-like, you may want to rethink using this little slice of fruit.

12 Precious

The name Precious means highly valued and loved. Of course all of our babies are precious, but this name kind of says it all. The only thing is, it may be a bit embarrassing if you bring your kiddo with you to a vetrinarian appointment for your puppy, they call the name “Precious”, and your little sweetheart goes trotting back to the doggy examination room.

On a serious note, I do think that this is a lovely name for a little girl. However, it may be a tough name for a full grown woman to pull off. I would imagine that coworkers and even bosses may get irritated by the constant reminder of how “precious” your little darling has become.

Maybe you could consider using it as a middle name? Then she can claim her fabulousness at any time, just by stating that, “Precious", is indeed her middle name.

11 Hamza

Hamza originated as a Muslim baby name that means, “Lion”. Ironically, it is said that people with this name crave love, peace, and companionship. Doesn’t sound like the roar of a lion to me, but to each their own. The name also is said to bring out a desire to work with others to achieve harmony and peace

On the flip side, and more “lion-like”, they tend to be quite a powerful force in the world. They are known to be determined go-getters, who will stop at nothing to achieve great success. That could be a great attribute as an adult, but that type of persistence as a little guy may be tough to take.

These lions also value discipline, truth, and justice; however, they can have a quick temper when others do not share similar traits. So it sounds like a mixed bag of emotions with this little guy. I suppose he will keep you on your toes.

10 Araceli

The name Araceli is an American baby name with Spanish roots. In the United States, it is said to mean “Treasure”, whereas the Spanish definition translates to “altar of heaven”. In any case, it may very well be a treasured name for your little heavenly angel.

Araceli is a name associated with being a complex and outgoing member of society. This beautiful name is sometimes used to describe someone as being so beautiful, it hurts. She is absolutely angelic in her appearance, but does not realize it herself. She is a loving soul that cares deeply for everyone in her life. She is sweet, kind, and generous. A lovely girl.

So if you are looking for an original name that will leave others in awe of your perfect little bundle of joy, look no further than this heavenly gift. This little angel is as close to perfect as one can get.

9 Bluebell

Bluebell is a one of a group of baby girl names that are taken from beautiful English flowers. A bluebell is a delicate and pretty little flower that can be found in the wild British countryside. It is probably for this reason, that the name is mostly used on the other side of the pond. The bluebell is also given as a sign of gratitude, and who isn't grateful for their sweet little wild flower?

Baby Bluebell has a wonderful “ring” to it doesn’t it (get the bell reference? Haha). What can be more pure and perfect than a beautiful little wild flower that is given in gratitude? Perfection!

Perhaps you have waited for your precious little girl forever, and want to reflect your gratitude for her sweet little soul in her name? Well, my friends look no further. This one’s a winner.

8 Talon

The name Talon doesn’t exactly conjure up a warm and fuzzy baby image. Although it flows off the tongue well enough, I can’t help but visualize a baby clawing at its mother when he or she is ready for their next feeding. Not a very pretty picture.

You see, a talon is the name of the sharp claw of a bird of prey. Eagles, hawks, and buzzards are good examples of these tough cookies. Have you ever seen a large bird swoop in to pick up road kill? The talons (claws) are also used to capture and kill their next meal. Talons are four times stronger than a human hand. That might make for some interesting scenarios when sharing becomes an issue on a play date.

If however, you would like a strong name for your baby, and one that may suit them well as an adult (particularly if they become somewhat of a cut throat), this may be the name for you!

7 Uhura

I was excited to find this name in my travels! A strong woman who could absolutely hold her own on a starship full of men! That’s right! Uhura was one of the main characters on the original Star Trek series.

Although it was the character’s last name, it was always the way she was addressed. Actually, she was referred to by her Starfleet rank, which was Lt. Uhura. The origin of the name is African-Swahili. It means freedom, which at the time Star Trek was being filmed in the 1960’s, was even more unusual for a woman, particularly in the workplace.

Nyota Uhura was the full name of the character on Star Trek, and was played by Nichelle Nichols throughout all of Star Treks small and large screen events alike. You would be hard pressed to find a stronger female character to name your baby girl after. This lady fought off dangers that are not even of this world, and always came out on top.

6 Yandel

Yandel is a boy’s name that apparently has no history at all!! There is no known origin for this name, and it seems as though somebody just made it up! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making up a baby name, but it seems to me, if you’re going to bother, it might as well be something a bit more interesting.

Since I don’t know what the name means, or have any history at all, let’s just play around with it a little, shall we? Yandel:

Rhymes with Randall.. Has a handle... Lights a candle

Hmm…Kind of has a ring to it, I guess. It may just be one of those names that people find boring. Perhaps they will assume it is a name passed down for generations, and leave it at that. However, if you are into making up a cool story about your kid’s name, and starting with a clean slate, this may just be the name for you!

5 Genesis

The name Genesis is a name that came directly from the Bible. In Biblical terms, the meaning of the name is "beginning". People with this name often have an innate desire to lead others. They crave independence, but want to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

It seems as though these little tots grow up to seek out harmony and balance in their lives. They respond with positivity and beauty wherever they may go.

It may go without saying, but if you are not a particularly religious person, you should probably avoid this name. It may also be a challenging for a family that IS very religious as well. You wouldn’t want your precious little kiddo to think everyone was talking about them in church when they are actually quoting the bible. That could be kind of awkward.

4 Picard

Ok…obviously if you are reading this name with excitement, you know that Captain Jean-Luc Picard was the captain from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although I am definitely a Kirk girl, Picard was certainly a powerful force to be reckoned with (on both the small and big screens). He was always wise, intelligent, and level headed. The Enterprise was certainly in capable hands with him on the bridge.

That being said, the name Picard holds a high expectation for excellence from your little one. A no nonsense attitude, with a heart of gold. This is absolutely a name and personality to aspire to. Your little one will likely grow up to be a guy that at any girl would be proud to introduce to her parents.

So, if you are a fan of Captain Picard, or perhaps you would just like to go where few parents have boldly gone before, this may be a fantastic choice for your bouncing baby boy.

3 Sincere

Sincere may be the perfect name for any little baby. Being sincere (sincerity of course), should always remain at the top of the priority train. Even at the end of our very interesting list, that is all that really matters.

While we all like to think of ourselves as open minded, some things are just too important to mess around with. One of those very important things, happens to be the name that you choose for your baby.

Please give this process the thought and attention it deserves. Nobody wants to be responsible for screwing up their kid from day one. That is a process that should take a lifetime.

Anyway, enjoy the privilege of naming your little angel, and definitely remember to choose wisely.

2 Sargon

Sargon is a name with an Akkadian heritage. Defined as being the "true king", this little nugget of a name is sure to encourage strength and power in your little prince. Maybe a little diamond studded throne would be nice for his first potty chair? Or a high chair made from the finest jewels?

Sargon is a very masculine name, however, it is said that underneath the tough appearance, lies a little teddy bear. This mini king is likely to be gentle, generous, and very big hearted. He won’t however, go out of his way to advertise that fact. Although he may not be particularly outgoing, he will have a need to be admired and respected.

Perhaps he will be the titan of Tiny town with this royal name. Just get ready to cozy up with your baby royalty, because he is also all about the snuggles. How could you resist that little face?

1 Messiah

Obviously Messiah is not a name for just anybody. You definitely need to be a certain type of personality to pull off a name like this. This is probably one of the most surprising names that I stumbled across while researching this article. Regal names, royal names, even rock star names are not entirely uncommon, but Messiah? That kind of makes those other names look a bit whimpy.

The name only seems to be used in the United States. One reason for this may be that parents in other countries do not think that bestowing this name upon their baby boy is the best idea. I can’t imagine why! Nothing to live up to there! It may be a bit confusing for the other kids at the church picnic. Anointing one’s baby may seem a little too presumptuous for the average family, but if it something that appeals to you and yours, more power to you!

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