23 Celeb Moms Who Completely Changed Their Hairstyle After Having A Baby

There’s probably nothing that changes a woman’s life more than becoming a mom. Not only do their entire lives change to accommodate the presence of a new tiny person, but their bodies can change, too. And if a mama is feeling totally out of control during or after her pregnancy, sometimes she wants to reestablish control over her bod and her life—including her hair.

There’s also the fact that most doctors don’t recommend dying hair during pregnancy, no matter how “safe” or “nontoxic” the hair dye is. So for many mamas, their first opportunity to do something fun with color is after their little one is born. And though cutting hair isn’t as big of a deal, many pregnant mamas pass on that and wait until their babies are out before going ahead with the change. After all, sometimes pregnancy hormones can have mamas thinking crazy things—like going for a pixie when they know they’ve never thought it was a good look for them before.

Pregnancy impulses aside, some moms just want something easy to style that’s fresh and ready to go as soon as the baby is born. Because as all moms know, there’s not much time for “me time” when a mama has a new baby—which explains a lot about why these 23 celeb mamas switched up their hairstyles postpartum.

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23 Cardi B

Bplanet Radio

Perhaps the most-watched celeb mom of the season (we can’t say year, because Kylie Jenner probably takes the cake there), Cardi B took a while to debut her new baby, Kulture. But even before she let a snap of the adorable baby slip, Cardi had already announced her new hairstyle to the world.

It was her first big appearance post-baby, presenting at the MTV VMAs, and Cardi rocked a super-short pixie cut that totally flatters her face. And while we’ve seen Cardi in plenty of different looks, this one has got to be the most surprising if not unexpected. After all, she usually dons a wig—she doesn’t lob off her long locks!

22 Katie Holmes


Admittedly, this one is a complete throwback—and things have changed a lot since. But back when Katie Holmes was known more for her acting roles than her relationship with uber-famous Tom Cruise, she wore a longer cut that she usually kept straight or just in a ponytail. Not that it wasn’t flattering—but for character purposes on Dawson’s Creek, it seems like Katie fell into a rut. So when she cut her hair post-baby, it was a welcome change—and it also made her matchy-matchy with then-toddler Suri!

Of course, Katie also rocked her bob in a more mature way, but we loved it regardless.

21 Khloe Kardashian

Wet Paint

Sure, she’s been blonde for longer than we can remember, but Khloe Kardashian decided to change things up after the arrival of her daughter. Baby True Thompson was born in April of 2018. It did take her a few months to make the change, but Khloe ultimately opted for a platinum blonde look—a few shades lighter than we normally see her wear. And although she debuted a lob back when she attended Kim’s baby shower, this time around, Khloe went the opposite way with her “cut.”

Her hair is super long now, and Khloe said on IG that she feels amazing with it.

20 Hilary Duff

Page Six

Hilary Duff is another new mama (for the second time!) who recently changed up her locks in a lighter color. Hilary has always rocked a blonde hue, but she went icy this time with a barely-there color that’s hardly even blonde at all! It’s almost white it’s so colorless, which is apparently just how the star wants it.

Marie Claire likens the color to something Kylie Jenner has sported in the past, but Hilary totally made this look her own. She also called it a “winter white out,” suggesting she changed her hair to match the season—not necessarily as a big change after welcoming her new baby!

19 Kylie Jenner

via:zig.comKylie Jenner/Instagram

Sure, Kylie’s been a style chameleon since she came on the scene, but many mamas choose one dramatic style change and stick with it post-baby. Kylie, however, does not seem to have plans to stick with any one style. From wigs to actual dye jobs, she’s done it all-including a bubblegum pink look she rolled out for her birthday this year. Of course, maybe she just chose the pink dye job to match her dress, but regardless, it was a drastic and visually stunning change that most fans wholeheartedly approved of.

Then again, it wasn’t long until she was on to something new for fans to go gaga over.

18 Lauren Conrad

Shape Magazine

Lauren Conrad has had long, flowing, blonde locks for… well, just about forever. But it was the birth of her son Liam, that seems to have inspired the longtime TV star to chop it all off. She even captured the cut for IG, showing the ponytail at the nape of her neck where her stylist snipped her tresses off.

In the past, Lauren had claimed she’d never go so short again—but as a new mom, she found that a lighter look was less work, too. We don’t blame her—maintaining that luxurious mane must have taken hours every day! Mama ain’t got time for that.

17 Whitney Port


Another The Hills star who made some big changes after baby is Whitney Port. For the longest time, the blonde star wore her locks in a natural color and a style that was long and flowy. But after having her baby, Sonny, Whitney told AOL that she really didn’t have time for styling an excessive head of hair after her little guy was born.

Despite the fact that Sonny is chill and easygoing, Whitney found that she had way too many other things to worry about, and then she realized that her hair really isn’t that important—hence the big snip!

16 Blac Chyna

BET Networks

She’s always been a bit of a color chameleon, but when Blac Chyna was pregnant with her second child (daughter Dream with Rob Kardashian), she kept things pretty tame. Her hair was past shoulder length and dark brown, and it stayed that way for much of her pregnancy—and when it wasn’t, she clearly used wigs to achieve the right look. But mere days after giving birth to Dream, Blac Chyna was out and about with purple-hued hair (maybe blue in the right light?), and tabloids were commenting on how great she was looking so soon post-baby. Then again, a fresh new look can make any new mama feel revived, at least for a while.

15 Elsa Pataky


She used to have long blonde locks, but even before that, Elsa Pataky sported brunette hair with waves. After having her first child (daughter India with Chris Hemsworth), though, Elsa chopped off her hair in an angled bob. It looked so amazing that she kept the look for ages—even into her second pregnancy with her twins. We can’t say we blame her—short hair must be a lot easier than a flowing mane, especially when you’re chasing around a toddler and twins!

She’s grown it out over the years, though, but who knows—another chop may be in order soon, and short hair is definitely all the rage.

14 Ashlee Simpson

Us Weekly

Back when Jessica Simpson was still a household name, I was a big fan of Ashlee, her younger sister. And while Ashlee didn’t have the reality TV following (or musical fanbase) as Jessica, at least at first, she was sufficiently famous in her own right. I remember her having brown, red, and blonde hair at various stages, but she usually kept the length along with it. Then she married Pete Wentz and had her son Bronx in 2008, and sometime after decided to not only go totally platinum blonde, but also opted for a bob.

Since then, she’s sported plenty more fascinating looks—but that was the biggest change fans had seen!

13 Jordin Sparks


From the first time Jordin Sparks appeared on American Idol, her hair was kind of iconic. She usually wore it down and wore it naturally—but in later years, as her singing resume grew, Jordin started appearing with a straighter style. But after getting married and welcoming her new baby, it seems like Jordin’s reverted to her old style a bit more often—leaving her hair curly and natural when attending events and giving interviews.

We can’t imagine it’s a quick process to straighten her luxurious mane, so it makes sense that motherhood has forced her to take a quicker styling route!

12 Beyonce

The Daily Beast

Okay, so it may not have been directly following Blue Ivy’s birth in 2012, but it wasn’t much longer until Beyonce did something innovative with her hair. Although the baby bang trend pretty much erupted in 2018, Beyonce was rocking it years ago, and apparently doing it well. Who knows—maybe she inspired today’s trend. We’ve still seen her fluctuate between a more natural style and a pin-straight look, but Bey has kept her honey color mostly the same throughout her fame.

Since the baby bangs—even after having the twins—Queen Bey hasn’t changed her look up too much.

11 Rose Byrne


I’ll be the first to admit, if I hadn’t seen the side-by-side before and after shots of Rose Byrne, I wouldn’t have recognized her with this new ‘do! In a stark departure from her regular light brown tresses, Rose went totally platinum (with her roots showing) after having her second kiddo. She’s changed up her look in the past, too, but nothing that took so many hours in the dye chair!

She’s gone auburn before, and a more golden hue, and her most recent selection was a coppery color, but this one is something we’ll have to get used to.

10 Chrissy Teigen

Time Magazine

Chrissy Teigen and her hubby John Legend are often spotted dressed to the nines and enjoying date nights sans kids, but this time, it was a super special event. John Legend was honored at the Creative Arts Emmys, and Chrissy was there to stand by her man on the red carpet. Of course, she was also debuting a new look—her first big hairstyle change since the births of her two kids, Luna and Miles. Between the two tots, she grew out a previous cut, but this time around, she went for an even shorter bob.

Of course, in true Chrissy fashion, she had to troll John and highlight how on-point her hair was—which is most important, right?

9 Giuliana Rancic

Us Weekly

Giuliana Rancic’s reality show spanned five years and enough seasons that her fans really got to know the mom of one. After her health issues, she wasn’t sure whether she and her husband could ever have a baby. But finally, in 2012, Giuliana and her husband welcomed their son Duke via gestational surrogate. The happy family of three has enjoyed life together ever since—and Giuliana has enjoyed some style changes! Pre-baby, she typically kept long tresses, in either a brown or light brown hue. But after Duke arrived, she went super short with a bob and also kept it dark, looking super elegant for all the family photos!

8 Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is another actress who kept the same hairstyle for years—mostly due to her recurring appearances on That ‘70s Show. But now that she’s a mom of two, Mila has a bit more freedom with her hairstyle. Following her second child’s birth—son Dimitri with hubby Ashton Kutcher—Mila sheared off about half her long hair’s length. The edgier and breezier look wasn’t exactly new to the star, though. She has also sported a faux bob, which was really just a pinned-up hairstyle, in the past. This time, however, it’s clear the cut was real—and she’s kept it around for a while, too!

7 Kelly Clarkson

Taste of Country

This mama is one crooner who isn’t afraid to do things differently—after all, being herself is what got her the success she has today. But after a difficult pregnancy, she said she felt inspired by the experience to go a little edgy with her hairstyle. After all, hair isn’t forever. Hence, the undercut—a completely buzzed section of hair, while keeping the length on the rest of her head.

After seeing her sporting curly or wavy blonde locks for so long, the buzz is both surprising and welcome—and we hope it helped Kelly heal and feel good about herself post-pregnancy.

6 Scarlett Johansson

Lainey Gossip

If you’ve been a fan of Scarlett for a long time, then you’ll know that even though she used to sport long, blonde hair, she’s actually worn her mane cropped for quite a while now. She’s also changed up the color—most recently changing it up to an auburn hue. But shortly after her daughter Rose was born in 2014, Scarlett went for something that was innovative for her look at the time.

During her pregnancy, Scarlett’s hair was still long and flowing. Post-baby paparazzi pics showed a somewhat freshly shorn bob, complete with her darker roots showing in contrast with the bright blonde.

5 Tyra Banks

Fox News

Let’s be honest with this one: Tyra herself has admitted that most of the time, her hair is a weave—just watch episodes of her talk show if you don’t believe me. But after welcoming her son York in 2016, Tyra seemed a bit more open about rocking her natural locks, even cutting off some of the length. And in one case, she actually wore her natural hair on camera—for a guest appearance on Blackish, no less.

Of course, a pixie cut looks absolutely amazing on Tyra, but we wouldn't be surprised if she still puts a weave in from time to time.

4 Snooki (AKA Nicole)

LA times

When she was a fresh face on Jersey Shore back in the day, Snooki—also known as Nicole Polizzi—had long, dark hair that she mostly wore down, save for a little pompadour on top. It was kind of her trademark style—and maybe was aimed toward making her look a little taller, as she was often teased for being short. But after she got married and had her two kids, Snooki switched up her hairstyle and went totally red. And then, she kept the look around for a while, instead of ditching it immediately.

The classy auburn color (and the lack of a pompadour) really helped remake her image as Nicole the mom rather than Snooki the partier.

3 Drew Barrymore


Another celeb who doesn’t often change up her style, Drew Barrymore took a bit of a drastic turn after welcoming her daughter Olive, in 2012. She’d been blonde for quite a while prior, but it seems as if the new mom was getting pampered and prepped for her first red-carpet event after Olive arrived: a LACMA Art and Film Gala. Clearly, any lady would want to be at her best, and apparently for Drew, that meant a quick color change. Or, maybe she was hoping a bit of a hairstyle mix-up might keep her from being hounded by paparazzi. A celeb mama can hope!

2 Jessica Chastain


In the months leading up to her baby’s birth, Jessica kept mum. And it might have been because she and her husband, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, had their daughter via surrogate. In fact, she arrived over summer, but the couple kept the news on the down-low for a time. Still, the paparazzi later snapped Jessica pushing a Bugaboo stroller with the tot inside—and the new mama was sporting a noticeably shorter cut than her previous style.

Prior to baby girl Giulietta’s arrival, Jessica was sporting cascading locks all down her back—but now, she’s style and go!

1 Britney Spears


For many millennials, this right here is a standout hairstyle change moment. For others, it may be old news. But either way, after having two sons in two years, Britney Spears was having a tough time in both her personal and professional life. Fans later found out that a string of uncomfortable events were all sort of related to whatever Brit had going on. Fortunately, after a few run-ins with paparazzi, she finally got the help she needed to feel better. These days, she’s back on stage as the powerhouse every ‘90s baby remembers her as.

Back then, she had a long journey of self-discovery to embark on, as well as a few months of growing her hair back out (or at least, wearing wigs in the meantime).

References: Marie Claire, People

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