23 Celebrity Kids Who ‘Pick’ Their Own Outfits

Most parents invest in some basic clothing items for their kids, and then cross their fingers and hope that said kids don’t ruin their new threads with dirt, grass stains, sharp objects, or any other manner of troublesome stuff. But celebrity kids?

Their parents have endless funds, so it’s way more than Walmart style going on in most designer homes. But just because the parents have a lot of cash, that doesn’t mean they get to flex a whole lot of control over what their kids are wearing.

Of course, moms and dads ultimately control what clothing their kids have access too, but good luck getting them to match their patterns or wear a jacket when it’s cold outside. Some kids just want what they want, and what these celebrity kids want is fashion—but at their own discretion.

From the moment these kids began to talk, they told their famous parents just what they wanted to wear, and there was no argument going forward. After all, even celeb parents know when it’s time to face the music. Whether it’s toddlers wearing high heels or tweens rocking leggings as pants, here are 23 celebrity kids who apparently pick their own outfits.

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23 Kim K’s Mini Diva


Fans have known that miss North is a force to be reckoned with ever since she started making faces at paparazzi following her parents. But now, the days are long gone when Kim could just wriggle her pudgy little baby into whatever outfit she wanted—usually to match her own—and strut them both down the runway.

These days, North does her own thing—and her mom typically lets her. Just look at the family’s Christmas photo—North “chose” her bright red lipstick for the special occasion, Kim K noted, highlighting that the shade was one from an as-yet-unreleased collection from her beauty line.

22 Charlize Theron’s Quirky Kiddo

Conversations of a Sistah

Because she’s kept mum about her children for the most part—except to lament over their safety here in the US—we can only say that Charlize Theron’s son Jackson, has an interesting fashion sense.

Charlize adopted her kiddos—Jackson and August—and hasn’t said much since then. Clearly, she’s enjoying motherhood and getting to do regular mom stuff despite her celebrity—there are endless photos of her and her kiddos for fans to speculate on. And critics definitely have: while most parents see Jackson’s quirky fashion sense as healthy exploration, some say Charlize’s little boy should be wearing less dresses and more masculine fashion. But who’s to argue with a kid who knows their fashion?

21 Brad & Angie’s Dapper One


All eyes have been on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt since the iconic blonde was born in 2006, and mom Angelina has been outspoken about Shiloh’s bold fashion choices. She explained when Shiloh was four that the little girl preferred to dress like a boy, so her parents had to cut her hair. They also let Shiloh pick her own style, which resulted in many “boyish” looks like suits and ties. Clearly, it doesn’t bother Shiloh’s famous parents at all, especially when their kiddo is looking dapper on the red carpet, just like dad!

These days, it’s mostly mom and the kids on their own, but dad Brad hasn’t had a single negative thing to say about Shiloh’s style, either.

20 Farrah’s Model Muse

The Inquisitr

Although some sources say that Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia has her own stylist to dress her each day, Farrah has publicly said that she lets Sophia pick her own clothes. While it might be a combination of the two—maybe they enlist professional help for red-carpet events, in particular—it does seem like Sophia tends to wear the same styles frequently. And while she’s not exactly a mini-me of her mom, she has been wearing makeup since around kindergarten, and her mom is totally on board with letting Sophia make all kinds of other decisions.

19 Gwen’s Superhero…


Since Gwen Stefani has her own awesome sense of style, it’s not surprising that her boys have followed her lead. When Zuma was little, for example, he was often photographed wearing superhero costumes while out and about. When he wasn’t decked out as Robin or Batman, Zuma often wore edgy styles that matched both his mom and dad Gavin Rossdale’s rocker looks. And the fact that he had long flowing locks? Probably his own decision too—Gwen definitely doesn’t seem one to cramp her kids’ style—as we’ll soon see with her next fashion-forward kiddo, who has since grown up and developed his style even further.

18 And Her Tutu-Wearing Tot


Back when Kingston was younger, a photo of him at a birthday party made its rounds. Kingston was wearing a tutu over his clothes and was playing in the grass—in white socks, no less—but Gwen didn’t seem to take issue with it at all. And if you look closely at the photographs, you can tell the party was evidently princess-themed, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that Kingston only ever wears tutus. Besides, as he’s grown over the years, he’s rocked a variety of edgy hairstyles—including a few different colors—and managed to stand out for more than just putting on a pink tutu—no help required from mom.

17 Kourtney’s Pint-Sized Primadonna


Penelope Disick is another pint-sized diva who seems to be keen on making her own fashion choices. We know that Kourtney’s style is a bit more subdued than most of her sisters’ looks—and there’s nothing wrong with that! The low-key mama looks great in everything from a t-shirt and jeans to a midi dress, so it’s no wonder that Penelope wants to experiment with her looks!

From that early iconic photo of Penelope and North rocking tutus to this one of Penelope with a furry jacket on, it’s obvious the girl’s got style. Then again, it does run in the family.

16 Will Smith’s Not-So-Little Guy


Now that Jaden is all grown up, Will Smith can’t really take credit for his son’s fashion choices. The thing is, Will and his wife Jada never really did—they always gave both Jaden and Willow the space to make their own choices—and their own mistakes, too. Whatever your opinion on Jaden’s current looks—which usually involve skirts, tunics, and other more traditionally feminine clothing items—there’s no denying he’s been choosing his own clothes and doing a decent job of it since he first starred in The Karate Kid as a child.

Who knows, maybe one day his fashion will come full circle.

15 Victoria’s Posh-In-Training…

Evening Standard

Victoria Beckham has been a fashion icon for practically as long as I’ve been alive—and there’s no stopping her anytime soon! From her own clothing lines to posing for high-profile brands with her hubby David Beckham, the former Posh spice has also passed on her penchant for picking clothes to her kids. Especially to Harper, who is the only girl in the family!

From an early appearance at New York Fashion Week (she still attends now!) to donning butterfly wings when playing at home, Harper has one bold sense of style. Well done, mom (and dad, too—he was one of GQ’s best-dressed at one point).

14 …& Fashion-Forward Romeo


While Harper may be her mom’s mini me when it comes to fashion, her big brother Romeo also has thoughts on what he wears—and what his mom wears, too. Romeo starred in a Burberry campaign when he was only ten, and he apparently called some of the shots, too. Vogue reported that Burberry’s chief creative officer said that Romeo, “loves fashion” and that he “had a real opinion” when it came to what he was wearing.

Not surprising, then, that he’s stayed involved in fashion as he’s grown—and made some show-stopping red carpet appearances on his own, too.

13 SJP’s Opinionated Twins…


We all know that Sarah Jessica Parker has a great sense of style—both as Carrie Bradshaw and as herself—so it’s not news to us that she passed that on to her twin daughters. Marion and Tabitha, whose dad is Matthew Broderick, started choosing their own clothes around age three, Huffington Post quoted SJP as saying. The girls also wore a lot of hand-me-downs, according to their mom, who explained that she provides the clothing and the girls just pick what they want.

She also said of the girls that they “won’t listen” to her guidance, either. Obviously, it’s just in their genes!

12 …And Her Judgy Fashion Guru


You might think that because SJP and Matthew Broderick’s twin girls got their mama’s fashion sense, big brother James (now a teen) would have been passed over. But that’s not the case, Vogue reported. SJP said that her son, “has some strong feelings of what I should and shouldn’t be wearing.” But her little guy wasn’t just up on current trends—he had a more retro perspective, SJP said—and he was influenced by bellbottoms and would only wear those type of jeans, a la the Beatles.

Of course, he’s probably long ditched the bellbottoms, but we can appreciate the enthusiasm and passion for his own wardrobe!

11 Adele’s Fashion-Forward Son


Whether he’s wearing rubber boots or cowboy ones, superstar singer Adele’s son Angelo is decisive about his look. Although this celeb mama got criticized for letting her little guy wear a princess dress while on a family vacation at Disney—complete with white socks and slip-on flats—Adele had only epic clapback for the trolls. And while we’re not sure Angelo picks his hairstyles himself—at one point, he had long hair with bangs—he probably put up a fuss about buzzing his long locks as a toddler.

Now that he’s a bit older, we’re sure there are many more great Disney-inspired styles to come from this kid!

10 Pink’s Girl-Power Shadow


Pink has explained that since becoming a mom, she’s struggled even more with what society says is proper and ladylike. But she does her best to show her daughter Willow, that girls can be anything, including both tough and fashionable. From her donning a suit to match her mom and dad at a red carpet event to dyeing her hair purple, Willow is given lots of style freedom by her mom. And while she sometimes puts on sparkly dresses for big appearances, Willow is also a lot like Pink in that she likes to keep her style simple and comfortable.

9 Alicia Keys’ Kid With Connections


With such musically creative parents—his mom is Alicia Keys and his dad is Swizz Beatz—it’s not that surprising that little Egypt was literally walking the catwalk as a toddler. He starred in a Ralph Lauren show that was tot-sized—wearing a sweater with a dog on the front, for one—and also rubbed elbows with the great designer himself. We’d imagine Alicia and her hubby have a hard time corralling this one’s creative abilities—and there’s evidence of both his fashion know-how and his musical talent, as he’s already mastered the piano at age six.

Kudos to his mom and dad for teaching him the sky’s the limit.

8 Salma Hayek’s Mini Billionaire


Salma Hayek’s daughter makes the most headlines for being the daughter of billionaires—her dad is Francois-Henri Pinault, a businessman originally from France—but she should be getting cred for her fashion sense, too. We’ve gotten to see some epic style from the deceptively tiny tot.

She’s growing up to look just like her mama, which means there are even more epic style moments to come. But it’s obvious that her mom doesn’t call the shots with this girl’s wardrobe, even if she does buy it from high-end boutiques.

7 Madge’s Up-And-Coming Stylist

CTV News

Madonna is not the type of mom to raise kids who just wear jeans and t-shirts, but she’s also not the kind of mom to ignore her kid’s fashion advice. Vogue wrote that for the Grammy Awards one year, the star’s son David Banda—then eight—suggested that mom and son both wear Ralph Lauren suits. Madge said she “followed his lead” and that “He dressed me tonight. He wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed him.”

Way to let your kiddo flex their fashion muscles, Madge! And now that he’s older, we can’t wait to see what David does next.

6 Bey’s Fashionable Progeny


Just like the daughter of another powerhouse celeb mom, Blue Ivy has impressed fans with her fashion expertise and her attitude. Not only has she made headlines for holding her own with her parents—once for “shushing” Queen Bey herself—but she’s also attended more fashion shows than most other kids her age, celeb or otherwise. And given the amount of sass you can see on her face in every image of this pint-sized celeb, we seriously doubt Bey chooses this kid’s clothes for her.

Of course, she’s probably got an entire designer closet to choose from, but from there, it’s all Blue!

5 Alexander’s Near-Iconic Niece

Harpers Bazaar

You may never have heard of Aila Wang, but you’ve definitely heard of Alexander Wang, and this miniature fashion mogul is his niece. Clearly, there are benefits to being related to one of the biggest names in fashion, and that’s having outfits custom-made for you (like Aila’s bomber jacket) and having access to newly released items before shoppers across the globe can clamor to buy them. And while Aila also wears miniature versions of some of Alexander’s runway items, they haven’t yet popped up in kids’ stores, making Aila’s fashion super-exclusive.

Now that Aila is older, we’re curious to see if she keeps repping the family fashion line!

4 Jessica’s Decisive Daughters


Whether it’s tank tops and floral-print pants in chilly weather or rubber boots in the sun, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s two daughters definitely go their own way when it comes to fashion. Honor and Haven now have a little brother who’s making headlines, but back in the day, these two precocious tots were photographed so often you had to wonder if Jessica was pre-planning their ‘fits for the paparazzi. But knowing Jessica, that’s just not the case. Then again, she did take the girls to the 2013 Ralph Lauren children’s fashion show, and their matching dresses and white pumps were pretty iconic.

3 J. Lo’s Gucci Spokestots

Closer Weekly

As Jennifer Lopez once said, she agreed to put her then-infant twins in one of Gucci’s campaigns because it was for charity, Vogue reported, but that doesn’t mean it was her kids’ only venture into the fashion world. J. Lo also said of her daughter Emme, “Emme picks out her own outfits and likes to sleep in her princess dress.” Basically, despite her mom’s fame and access to nearly any fashionable item on the planet, Emme was just like any other preschooler and favored her princess dresses over anything else.

She might be embarrassed by it now, but Emme has always held her own when it comes to picking her own outfits.

2 House Of Madden Fashion


With Nicole Richie as a mom, what can you expect from these two, right? Nicole has long been a staple on fashion-forward celeb lists, but her two kids, Harper and Sparrow, started their own. While Nicole has started a handful of fashion lines herself—including two named for her daughter, Winter Kate and House of Harlow—good luck getting her kids to conform.

Not only has Harper shown a penchant for donning princess dresses just like all other little girls, but Sparrow started taking after dad Joel Madden, early on with his rocker ‘do, edgy style, and plenty of black.

1 Katie’s Mini-Me All Grown Up


Back when Suri was just a mite, Katie seemed to dote on her so much that the two even had a matching haircut. And although she’s been close by her mom’s side through her parents’ split, Suri can hold her own when it comes to fashion, too.

It seems like she’s inspired by her mom’s looks—plenty of flowy dresses and florals—but she also has her own unique approach to clothing. From headbands and high heels to glittery Mary-Janes and frilly dresses, Suri has always made her clothing preferences known. These days, you can even catch her onstage showing off her fashion-forwardness with her mom.

References: Huffington Post, Vogue

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