23 Of The Best Names From 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is the hot show currently streaming on Netflix. The show, taken from the book by the same name from author Jay Asher, is already made headlines as being an amazing show, but also has some people criticizing it, saying it glorifies suicide.

13 Reasons Why is about a young girl who goes though the trial and tribulations of high school. Things do not always go well her, and sometimes they are downright awful. She decides to commit suicide. But before she does, she leave behind 13 audio tapes- the 13 reasons why she killed herself.

The show (and book) follows another character who we get a firsthand look at him listening to the tapes. All the characters on the tapes get to listen. All have a story. Many did things that were very wrong. This show (and book) explore the concept of suicide in a way many viewers and readers have never seen done before.

This may be why the show has received such backlash. Let's just say, it is not for the faint of heart.

One thing that comes from this popular show is a variety of names, some that we may have forgotten about, others that may be new to us. 13 Reasons Why gives us a handful of names that we may feel inspired to use for our baby. Read on to hear about each character, as well as the name meaning, and then pick your favorite!

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23 Hannah

Hannah Baker is a beautiful high school girl, and the protagonist of 13 Reasons Why. She is the one who records the 13 tapes to send to those who have wronged her- the ones who she deems are responsible for her death. We know she committed suicide, and our hearts break for her.

She endured quite a few struggles in the show, which left many viewers wishing they could reach out and help her. Unfortunately, she could not be helped, and gave all her 13 reasons why. Her actions are what made the show so popular.

The name Hannah is quite pretty. It means grace and is of Hebrew origin. The Hannah we know from 13 Reasons Why may have had a lot of grace, but could not get past all that was haunting her. However, there is no denying it is a lovely name for a baby girl, and one that is showing back up on the charts.

22 Clay

Clay Jensen is the high school boy we follow as he listens to the tapes that Hannah made. He wonders why he received them. It is going through turmoil over Hannah's death, and why she did what she did. Clay is able to show us a variety of emotions, and we see many of his relationships with his peers, parents, and more, throughout his time listening to the tapes (which we get a front row seat to).

The name Clay is well known, but not used very often. You don't often run into someone named Clay. Yet, after the use of the name Clay in 13 Reasons Why, we bet it will be topping the charts! Clay is a diminutive of Clayton, which means, plainly, a place with good clay. While not that exciting of a name meaning, it is a different name that we may see popping up over the years!

21 Jessica

Hannah and Jessica meet in the school counselor's office, who brings them together to be friends. At first they think it is ridiculous that she would do that, but they end up becoming best friends. However, due to certain events, they drift apart. Yet, deep down, it appears they both still care for each other. However, Hannah does list Jessica as one of her 13 reasons why.

Jessica is a classic name. It was once very popular, but not so much anymore. The name is of English origin, and its meaning is unknown. It is cute name for any little girl. With Jessica, she could go by Jess or Jessie for short. We think that after the popularity of 13 Reasons Why, we may see a resurgence of the name Jessica.

20 Alex

Alex Standall starts off as one of Hannah's best friends. Although with Jessica, the three are a tight pair. They feel connected through their misfit status in their high school. But things change when Alex decides to write down certain things that anger both Hannah and Jessica. We see their relationship go from wonderful to downright terrible, and all in between.

Alex is a cool name, for either a boy or a girl! Alexander is typically the full first name for a boy, while for a girl it is often Alexandra or Alexandria. Alex, for either gender, means defending men. Kind of goes against the Alex we know for 13 Reasons Why, or does it?? Either way, it is a nice name that is beginning to trend.

19 Jeff

Jeff Atkins is an all American boy. He is friendly with Clay Jensen, as Clay tutors Jeff, and in exchange Jeff likes to give Clay dating and girl advice. They seem to have a nice kind of relationship, a friendship that goes beyond the stereotypes of jocks and misfits being friends. Jeff seems like a good guy. And he plays a pretty important role in 13 Reasons Why, so watch to find out how!

The name Jeff is quite common, but was once more popular than it currently is. That may change after fans of the 13 Reasons Why character decide to have baby boys! Jeff is typically short for Jeffrey, and means pledge of peace. We find that fitting for our favorite character Jeff.

18 Kevin

Good 'ol Mr. Porter. Well, just how good was he? Could he have done more? The newly hired guidance counselor seems to have a full plate. A ton of students with all kinds of issues, the school lawsuit breathing down his neck, and two little kids at home, Kevin Porter sure deals with quite a bit. And he did speak with Hannah.

But she thought he did not too enough... and therefore, we find out how she decided to include him in her tapes.

Kevin is a nice name for a little boy. It is also a name that is starting to come back. It is of Irish origin, and means handsome. You will definitely have a handsome little guy with a name like Kevin. We just hope your Kevin does not have to deal with all the things the character in the show had to deal with!

17 Skye

We see Skye pop up in the episodes of the show. We learn that her and Clay were good friends awhile back, but drifted apart. Skye is the loner, the misfit, the “weird” girl. She is covered in tattoos. Whether she likes it or not, she sees many of her classmates at her job, working at the local coffee shop/hang out. Skye grows as a character throughout the show, which we see all the way to the end.

Skye is a name that is a bit different, but can give a girl a big personality! Skye from 13 Reasons Why lives up to her name, as being a person who is unique. The name Skye comes from a beautiful island off the coast of Scotland. How cool is that, right? We love the name, as well as its meaning, just as we grow to love the character Skye in the show.

16 Ryan

Ryan Shaver is the creator and editor of the school's magazine. He is proud of his accomplishments. We discover he published a certain anonymous essay penned by none other than Hannah. We do not know whether Ryan has good intentions or not, he can be a character who is difficult to read.

We do find out more as the show goes on, though. He appears to get along well with a certain 13 Reasons Why group.

The name Ryan was once hugely popular, really since the 1960's, but as made a slight decline. We may see it climb back up the charts after the success of 13 Reasons Why! The name Ryan is of Irish origin, and means little king- how fitting for your little baby boy price!

15 Zach

Zach Dempsey is another one of the jocks who have wronged Hannah. When we first meet Zach, he seems like one of the nice guys. He takes a liking to Hannah, only for her to react in a way we may have not expected. Zach then does things that mess with Hannah's heart and her soul. Things she could not forgive, things she internalized.

Zach is one of Hannah's 13 Reasons Why.

The name Zach is typically short for Zachary. Zachary is of Hebrew origin and means the lord has remembered. Zach is a cool name for any baby boy. It seems to be a name that we associate with a sports playing type of guy, just like Zach in the show. Only your Zach will be a much nicer dude!

14 Tony

Tony is a bit of mystery as we navigate our way through Netflix's hottest show, 13 Reasons Why. He seems to know more than everyone else. Did he have inside information from Hannah? Were they friends? He keeps his relationships quiet, despite Clay's constant bombardment of needing information from him.

The show has been praised, as well as criticized, for making Tony a gay, Latino, Catholic character.

The name Tony is often short for Anthony. Once considered a classic name for a boy, it now struggles to break into the top 500 baby names! However, we think that is likely to change due to the success of the show. Tony means priceless one. Clearly, in 13 Reasons Why, Tony was priceless. Tony is a great name for baby boy, as it is a name he can really grow with.

13 Olivia

Hannah's mom, Olivia Baker, is certainly dealing with so much that she should never have to deal with. We witness her grief firsthand. We see her fight to change the ways the school handles bully situations, and if they could have done anything that would have kept her daughter alive. We also see flashbacks to life when Hannah was alive, and how subtle hints were gone unnoticed.

Could she have done more? We may ever know.

The name Olivia has been popular for awhile now, and it is likely that trend will continue, especially due to the popular of 13 Reasons Why. The name means olive tree and is of Latin origin. Olivia remains in the top five baby girl names, which is no wonder, it is an adorably sweet name for a little girl!

12 Courtney

Courtney Crimson is the sweet, nice, all American girl, who also happens to be very popular. Despite this, she seems friendly with everyone, including Hannah. They have their own little secret, which seems to push Courtney away from Hannah. Perhaps that was one of the reasons Hannah listed perfect (or maybe not so perfect) Courtney as one of her 13 reasons why.

The name Courtney was once very big, especially in the 1900's. We definitely think we will see a resurgence of this name now that Netflix's show has gained such popularity. Courtney is a cute name for a little girl. It is of French origin, and actually means short nose. Kind of silly, but that should not stop anyone from choosing this name for their adorable baby girl!

11 Bryce

Throughout the show, we see the different sides of Bryce. Is he a nice guy who lets his buddy sleep over when things get rough? Or is he, well, a jerk (we will try not to spoil too much of the show for anyone!). Bryce is an interesting character. Hannah definitely has her opinions about him. And once Clay hears the tapes, so does he.

Bryce is a name for baby boys that we are starting to see again. The name is Scottish, and means freckled. It has actually been used as a name for little girls, too. The original variation of the name is spelled as Brice. We know your little Bryce will have the good side of the character from 13 Reasons Why, and not any bad side at all!

10 Lainie

Lainie Jensen, mother of Clay Jensen, and also an attorney involved in the lawsuit that Hannah's parents bring against the school, plays a big role in the show. While 13 Reasons Why centers around the kids for the most part, some adults make an impact, including Lainie. While she may not appear as an intricate part of the show, she is.

Her and Clay's relationship is seen throughout the entire season, all from secrets to sharing.

Lainie is a cute name for a baby girl. It is sweet and adorable, and also a bit different. Lainie comes from the name Elaine, from which it is often a nickname (but many people have used the name Lainie in its own right!). The name Lainie means bright, shining one. It is cutsie, but as the character from the 13 Reasons Why shows us, it can be a name for a powerful woman, as well.

9 Sheri


Sheri is the cheerleader with seemingly a heart of gold. She appears to be nice to Hannah, and well, everyone really. She is the epitome of a cheerleader, great hair, fantastic outfits, and just over peppy spirit. Sheri is like everyone's friend, including Hannah, at least at first. Hannah doesn't know what to think of Sheri once a certain event occurs.

Sheri is an adorably sweet name for any baby girl. There are many ways to spell Sheri, you can spell the name Sherry or Cheri, as well. It comes from the name Cher, which is French and means beloved. The Sheri we know from 13 Reasons Why is certainly beloved, by most people anyway. Hopefully your little Sheri will be as sweet as the one from the show- with no secrets, either!

8 Marcus

Marcus, what a nice guy he was, right? Or maybe he wasn't? Marcus is the all American boy from 13 Reasons Why. He does it all. Including running the school, and maybe ruining someone's life? At least that is how Hannah feels about him. Mr. Nice Guy may not be such a nice guy after all. He is listed as one of Hannah reasons why.

Marcus is a nice name for any baby boy. It has a cool level of sophistication while feeling trendy, as well. You can call him Marc for short. The name Marcus means warlike, and is of Latin origin. We think that is kind of fitting for the Marcus we know from the Netflix show. But no matter what, your little Marcus will be your sweetie pie little warrior!

7 Justin

Ah, Justin Foley. He has many different sides to him. Starts out as the nice jock who flashes Hannah that award winning smile and asks her on a date, only to ruin everything with one simple picture that he spreads around the school. However, we also feel for Justin, in that his home life is beyond horrific. Justin is a layered character, and one that plays a major role in Hannah's 13 Reasons Why.

Justin is a somewhat common name, at least it used to be. The name Justin continues to hang around on the charts, though it has been slipping, but who knows, it may just come back with the success of this show. Of Latin origin, Justin means fair and righteous. Although it may not describe the Justin in the show completely, it can certainly describe your little guy!

6 Gary

iZombie -- "Grumpy Old Liv" -- Image Number: ZMB201b_0318.jpg -- Pictured: Steven Webber as Vaughn -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The principal at Liberty High School, where Hannah and her friends/enemies attend is none other than Gary Bolen. He handles issues as any other school principal likely would, with what many would argue, as with no heart. While we may feel for his students, and in particular, Hannah, we do not know much about him as a person, and how much he does truly care for the many students who attend his school.

Back in the 1950's, Gary was the name to give your baby boy. Now it can barely get into the top 500 names. Yet, it is a name we all know and recognize. Gary means spearman, and is of English origin. It may make a comeback, you never know! No need to worry though, your little Gary will have a heart full of love, unlike what we seem to witness from the Gary we know in the show.

5 Pam

Mrs. Bradley, the communications teacher who unknowingly has a ton of high school shenanigans going on in her class while she teaches. Pam Bradley appears to want her students to communicate and to share their feelings and thoughts. She even does an exercise where students can express their concerns anonymously.

It isn't until later on that she wonders (or maybe realizes) a certain sad note may have been from a certain someone trying to reach out for help.

Pam is usually short for Pamela. It is not a name we see too often. It means all honey, and is of English origin. Your little girl will certainly be full of honey and sweetness with a name like Pam! Like the character in the show, we know your little girl will have a lovely and kind heart.

4 Jane

Jane Childs is the vice principal of Liberty High School. We do not see her too often, yet her demeanor and attitude can give us insight into the way the school is run. She is similar to Gary Bolen, the principal, in that she seems to not have much of a heart towards her students, at least from what we see. Her goal is to protect the schools image, at least it can appear that way.

Jane is a cute name for a little girl, and one she can grow with (Janie is an adorable nickname!) We know your Jane will have a heart of gold, unlike the character from 13 Reasons Why. The name is of English origin, and means God's gracious gift. How fitting for your sweetie pie bundle of joy.

3 Matt

Matt Jensen is none other than Clay's dad. Matt plays the role of more mild mannered father when Clay's mom is looking to punish or seek information in a not so delicate manner. However, he begins to agree with his wife, that something may be amiss with Clay as the show goes on.

He, nor his wife, had any idea about how close Clay was to Hannah, nor do they know about the tapes initially.

Matt is a classic kind of boy's name. It is usually short for Matthew. Matt means gift of God, and is of Hebrew origin. It is quite popular, typically earning a spot in the top 20 baby names each year. We think Matt is a cool and cute name for any baby boy!

2 Tyler

We meet Tyler as one of Hannah's classmates. He may be the most socially awkward of all teens who attend Liberty High School. He does his photography, but comes off as a bit of a creepy dude, especially in one particular scene involving Hannah and Courtney. Tyler is a bit mysterious, as well, we never quite know what he is thinking, or planning. He is one of Hannah's 13 reasons why.

The name Tyler is adorable for a baby boy, and is a nice name for a boy to grow with. It means maker of tiles, and is a name that was given to those who had that occupation in old England. Tyler seems to be slowly climbing back up the charts. We know your Tyler will be a sweetie pie!

1 Jamie

Jamie Garrison is another one of the jocks that Hannah knew and refers to in her tapes. While Jamie does not play a big role in the show, we do see him. Even more important, is that Jamie represents the pack mentality. All the jocks at Liberty High stick together. They run the school. What they say goes, even if it is at the expense of someone else (such as Hannah).

Hannah blames all the jocks for her misfortune.

The name Jamie is nice, because it is interchangeable with both boys and girls. It is a good name because while it is not used or seen too often, it is recognizable. Jamie is a diminutive of James, and means supplanter (to trip up or overthrow), kind of a perfect name meaning for the show, 13 Reasons Why, right?!

Sources: Netflix

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