23 Pics Of Kylie Jenner That Have Us Wondering If She Was Really Ready To Be A Mom

When it comes to Kylie Jenner, plenty of people have their own opinions. And while we definitely don't support judging celebrities as if they need to always be perfect and do everything right, we also don't think there's anything wrong with having an opinion about them. Here's the thing — the majority of Kylie's fame comes from sharing her private life online with strangers, so she can't really expect those same people to not comment on her life.

And today we decided to discuss a somewhat popular opinion: that Kylie wasn't really ready to be a mom. So before we go on further with our reasons, just keep in mind that the same way we found cons, we could also always find pros. At the end of the day, there is no perfect timing when someone is completely ready to have a child, but we have to admit that when it comes to Kylie Jenner, we're not too sure that she's aware of why certain things she's doing might be wrong or bad for her daughter. But we are sure that with maturity and experience, she will get much better.

Now here they are, 23 reasons why Kylie Jenner maybe should have waited a bit for motherhood.

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23 She Always Has Claws

Via: instagram.com

Let's kick the list off with one of the most annoying things we find Kylie (and her sisters) doing as mothers: having ginormous claws they call fashionable nails. Seriously, what happened to slightly long nails being beautiful, how did the trend escalate so much in length? And while we get that fashion can often be uncomfortable, we definitely think nobody with claws like these should be handling a newborn, not to mention that nails like these must make those first few months so hard. But hey, we guess Kylie has assistants and babysitters with short nails who can take over anything the billionaire can't do herself.

22 Her Home Is Everything But Baby Proof

Via: instagram.com

Architectural Digest put Kylie and her home on the cover of their magazine in early 2019, and with that they allowed us to see exactly how amazing and gorgeous her Los Angeles villa actually is. So while we love the decor and colors used in each room, we could not help but wonder how Kylie can let little Stormi wobble around the house without fearing that she will fall and hurt herself on a harsh edge. We really do think that if there's anyone who can afford to baby-proof their home, it for sure is a rich and wealthy celebrity parent.

21 She Goes Out A Lot

Via: instagram.com

I mean, can we really blame her for this one? She is only 21 after all, and it's only natural that she's all about that party life at her age, especially since she lives in the city infamous for its parties. But the fact that she is now a mom kind of makes us think she should focus more on the child than going out every weekend. Of course, we're not saying a mom isn't allowed to have fun and take a break from her child, but we think it is important to spend as much time as possible with the newborn as they will grow so quickly!

20 She's No Stranger To Appropriation And Discrimination

Via: instagram.com

The Kardashian/Jenners are no strangers to scandals, but when Kylie got under fire for cultural appropriation as well as using disability as a fashion statement, the world did get quite angry. Media everywhere wrote how insensitive and privileged the star is, with Nylon Magazine pointing out how she finds fashion inspiration in black culture, and Huffington Post writing how disabled women need real representation in the world of the rich and famous — not a young woman who uses a wheelchair as a photo shoot prop. We're sure Kylie eventually learned from these mistakes, but Stormi will always have access to these images.

19 She Almost Always Makes Stormi Wear Her Hair Up

Via: instagram.com

Okay, we're definitely not experts, but if you've ever had your hair tied up you know what we're talking about. That uncomfortable feeling of having a tight pony or bun, and the pain that follows once you take out the hair tie. We're not saying Kylie can't put Stormi's hair up, but honestly, almost every little pic of Stormi that is out there (and there are a lot) shows the little girl with one or two buns. We get it — it looks super cute, but at the end of the day, Stormi's comfort should be Kylie's priority, and not whether Stormi is picture-ready.

18 And She Carries Her While Wearing Heels

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, at first we thought this might be just for the photo — but slowly we realized that there are too many pics of Kylie in heels carrying Stormi for this to be a one-time occurrence. We do know that Kylie is a professional when it comes to wearing high heels, she's been wearing them pretty much every day for years, but we somehow still feel uneasy seeing her wear them while carrying her daughter — especially since her heels always look so unstable. We do think that no good mom would risk her child's safety just so her legs could look a bit longer.

17 Not To Mention That She Dresses Stormi In The Most Uncomfortable Clothes

Via: instagram.com

Don't even get us started on this one, we have whole lists dedicated to this topic! We know Kylie is a celebrity and her child is also growing up under the spotlight, but does that really mean that she needs to make her one-year-old wear glittery dresses and uncomfortable bodysuits? By now poor Stormi must be used to spending days in clothing that is most likely not cotton or breathable, we just hope that Kylie does this only for the pictures. Not to mention that a look like this where the clothing is covered in glitter beads can be very unsafe, as parts of it could be swallowed by the child.

16 Who Cares About Comfort When It's Halloween, Right?

Via: instagram.com

Seriously, who puts huge wings on their one-year-old baby? We get that it was for a Halloween costume, but why is Kylie so obsessed with her child being fashionable and looking cool in all her social media posts? We definitely think the star was too young when she had her daughter, and things like this prove it. Sure she is super rich and able to take care of her daughter financially, but we wonder if she truly prioritizes the child's wellbeing. Pics like these surely don't convince us. We just hope little Stormi will grow up quickly and start telling her mom that she wants to wear cozy and comfy stuff.

15 She Also Often Carries Her Daughter In One Arm

Via: instagram.com

Another thing we noticed is that Kylie usually has Stormi in one arm. And yes, that is making us extremely uncomfortable, we just want the child to be safe and held with both arms. Not to mention that this photo is seriously making us wonder what on earth she was thinking by sharing an image of her holding her daughter in one arm while wearing platform heels and walking down a set of stairs! Did she not know that moms on her social media profiles would go crazy in the comments? Because you can bet they did — and we can see why!

14 She Travels A Lot

Via: instagram.com

Now, this isn't necessarily her fault per se, but we do think that traveling parents usually aren't that good — just because they are not as present in their child's life. This is another reason why we believe Kylie wasn't ready to be a mom as we think that being a mom (or a dad) often means having to sacrifice certain things. Again, we're not saying parents need to give up their jobs and dreams, but sometimes, especially if the child is very young, they may have to slow down a bit and focus on what's really important. And in Kylie's case traveling a lot doesn't seem like a necessity.

13 And Often Brings Stormi Along 

Via: instagram.com

As we said, Kylie travels quite a bit, and often she will bring little Stormi along. Don't get us wrong we don't have anything against a child traveling if it's necessary, but with Kylie, we feel as if it really shouldn't be. It's no secret that traveling ruins your routine, and even makes you jet lagged — and the pure fact that adults so often deal very badly with that makes us wonder how little Stormi is managing when she sleeps in different rooms so often. Maybe Kylie should cut down on the traveling a bit and wait for her daughter to grow a bit older — then the two can see the world together!

12 She Takes A Bunch Of Selfies Everyday — Instead Of Spending Time With Stormi

Via: instagram.com

Kylie — together with the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan — is definitely the queen of taking selfies. And while we all know by now that selfies don't really contribute to anyone's wellbeing, we don't necessarily judge the star for taking them. However, we can't help but wonder whether that time she spent taking 50 selfies in the bathroom with a towel on her head could have been spent better. Like reading something to her daughter or listening to music together or even just cuddling her. But yeah, we forgot — who can actually cuddle with nails like that, they would probably break.

11 She Spoils Her Daughter With So Many Toys

Via: instagram.com

This photo of Stormi going through some of her toy bins honestly just makes us furious. No one-year-old needs this many toys, and while we get that a lot of them are probably gifts and not toys Kylie bought herself — we do truly think that she should teach her daughter to be happy with having maybe only one bin of toys. We're also pretty sure little Stormi has plenty more toys, and we hope her mom gets to her senses and starts donating a lot of them. Teaching kids to not fall into the trap of consumerism early on is beneficial for everyone on this planet!

10 She Teaches Stormi To Become Vain

Via: instagram.com

We already mentioned Kylie is all about dressing little Stormi up and having her pose for photos, but unfortunately, we don't think all of that will have a good impact on the little girl. We're kind of worried that she will grow up and put too much value on the wrong things, just because that's what she knows. Kylie really should make sure to also show Stormi the importance of nature, of family, of laughter, of everything else but fashion, possessions, and fame. And yes, Stormi might still love to pose and look fab, but hopefully, she will also know what the really important things in life are.

9 She Is Pretty Young And Inexperienced

Via: instagram.com

We already mentioned this a bit, but we do think that Kylie might be too young to be a mom at this stage in her life. Especially with her fame being at its highest, and her having to take care of a makeup empire. We're not saying someone of her age can't have kids and be a good parent, but we do really believe that judging from what Kylie shares of herself online — and that's quite a lot — it may have been better if she had waited a few more years before dabbling into motherhood. But hey, life has no rules, and no one is ever a perfect mother.

8 Who Needs A Safe Family Car When You Can Have These Monsters

Via: instagram.com

Again, judging from Kylie's social media posts, the reality star and makeup mogul loves fast and sleek cars — like the ones you can see in the two photos above. And while there's nothing wrong with that, we doubt these could fit a baby seat in the back, and we're not too sure they are an appropriate way to get your family around. Now we're sure these are not the only cars Kylie owns, and hopefully one or two in her collection are slightly more child-appropriate. We're guessing that with time Kylie will realize that she needs to consider her family when buying things like cars.

7 She Drags Stormi To Do Photoshoots With Her 

Via: instagram.com

Sure, doing a photo shoot with your newborn is not a bad thing. But if you bring your child to a set a lot, and the child is used to always having a camera shoved in their face — now that isn't really nice, is it? Having memories in form of photos is undeniably important, but does little Stormi really have to go through photo shoots like the one above? We don't think it's natural for a baby to constantly have their picture taken, whether its photographers at a professional photo shoot, paparazzi out on the street or her own mom at home that's doing it.

6 She Often Wears A Lot Of Makeup And It Must Rub Off On Her Daughter While Cuddling

Via: instagram.com

Sure, every now and then we see Kylie with minimal makeup, but we can definitely say that in most photos that she has posted of her and Stormi she's pretty much wearing a full face of makeup. And we get it, she's into makeup, she owns one of the most popular makeup brands in the world and testing out products is part of her job — but we do believe that she should be more careful when she's cuddling Stormi. No baby should be exposed to having makeup on their skin, or even licking and kissing a surface that has makeup on it — even if their mom is a makeup mogul.

5 She Even Lets Her Play With Makeup

Via: instagram.com

And to make things worse, Kylie has on a couple of occasions shown her followers on social media that she lets her daughter Stormi play with her makeup. And while we're not sure what age is really appropriate to let your child play with makeup — we are pretty sure that it's not when they're one year old. Of course, Kylie never actually let her daughter put the eyeshadows on her face, but even letting the little one out of your eye for a second could result in her potentially swallowing some of the makeup. And why risk that for just for some social media likes?

4 She Hangs Out With Friends Who Seem To Have Low Standards

Via: instagram.com

Well, let's not go too deep into this one since everyone is sick of it. If you're not familiar with the Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods drama, you must have been living under a rock for the past few months. Let's just say that now there's team Khloe and there's team Jordyn, and no matter what side you're on you have to admit that messing with your best friend's sister's relationship is pretty bad. Which makes us wonder if Kylie is good at judging people's characters, and if she's not, maybe she should have waited a bit longer before becoming a mom.

3 She Lets Stormi Play With Her Phone

Via: instagram.com

It's no secret that exposing your child to a bunch of screens can have plenty of negative effects on them — especially if the exposure starts early on. And as we all know, little Stormi is constantly staring at Kylie's phone while the mom tries to take cute selfies of them. It's not a problem when this happens occasionally, but in her case, we sort of feel like we see a new social media video with cute filters almost every day, and we can't help but wonder how this will impact little Stormi's perception of reality. Let's just say that someone should warn Kylie about how too much screen time affects children.

2 She Always Has A Phone In Her Hand

Via: instagram.com

But hey, how does a phone-addicted mom stop her daughter from becoming just as obsessed with technology? Obviously, the problem starts with the fact that Kylie is on her phone way too much, updating everyone on her life. We get it — she's part of a generation that just refuses to leave their phones at home, but that sort of tells us that perhaps she wasn't ready for motherhood yet. She should try a bit harder to live in the moment, and not necessarily look at everything through a phone camera lens. With that, she'd also be a better role model for her daughter.

1 She Shares So Much Of Her Daughter Online

Via: instagram.com

Lastly, she shares so much of her private life online. And with that, she pretty much daily shares a glimpse into her daughter's life as well. We get it a — she's a celebrity and part of her fame comes from sharing her life with her fans — but we just don't think it's healthy or good for little Stormi to have all these photos of her posted online without even being aware of what's going on. And what makes it worse is that they are not all paparazzi pics, most of them are shared by her mom — the person who's supposed to always protect her.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com, huffpost.comnylon.com

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