24 Adorable Baby Names That Guarantee She Will Have A Bubbly Personality

Life, with its shades of gray, is like a work of art. Whether it’s a chatty colleague or a neighbor who loves singing in the shower, societies need people who can splash colorful moments on their plain canvas. With rose-tinted glasses, a palette of laughter, and a brush of joy, bubbly individuals can make everyone around them sing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life with laughter. A person with a bubbly personality can be loud and even a little bit annoying. However, with their perky attitude and sense of humor, bubbly people can show the whole world that kind words and sincere smiles matter the most.

So, can the new member of the family become one of those charismatic people who love to live and laugh? Of course! Believe it or not, a child’s name can influence their future. Only letters... but so much power!

Nevertheless, naming a baby is hard. In a world where friends, forums, and celebs reshape parenting choices, moms and dads-to-be may be perplexed by the wide range of baby names out there. From floral inspiration to hipster trends, picking a name for a baby girl can be even more challenging.

Choosing a name that sounds joyful, bright, and unusual is worth it, though. So, here are 25 adorable names that guarantee Mama's little mini-me will have a bubbly personality.

24 Felicity

Having a perky and lively baby is celestial. A baby’s smile is like a bright star that guides parents through the dark skies of parenthood. So, why don’t you give your little girl a happy name which can illuminate her lucky path in life?

The name Felicity is a beautiful name meaning "happiness." It comes from the Latin word "felicitas" meaning "good fortune." It’s interesting to mention that the Roman goddess of fortune was called Fortuna. With its ancient roots and mystical vibes, Felicity sounds more than exotic.

23 Sparkle

Sparkle is another interesting name which guarantees your little baby girl will have a bubbly personality. Sparkle is a beautiful American name meaning "glisten in light." It’s believed that little Sparkles are enthusiastic, charismatic, and bright. Just like a lively spark, your little girl will light your life, mama!

In addition, according to babycenter.com, Sparkle is a wonderful name for winter babies. Since its popularity keeps fluctuating over the years, Sparkle is also an unusual choice, which will make your optimistic and happy girl stand out.

22 Hilary

Bubbly people love to laugh. They enjoy seeing the bright side of life and laugh at themselves. In a world where people’s grumpiness is slowly taking prevalence over the miracle of life, being happy all the time is a form of art. Thus, the sweet name Hillary is a perfect match for your little one.

Hillary comes from the Latin word "hilarious" meaning "cheerful, merry." Another lovely variation of the name Hillary is Hilary. The beautiful actress Hilary Duff is a famous bearer of this joyful name.

21 Allegra

Allegra is another wonderful bubbly name on our list. The name Allegra (or Alegra) is of Italian origin meaning "joyous." It’s a melodic and exotic name all at the same time. With its optimistic vibes, Allegra is a popular name among millennial parents. According to nameberry.com, Allegra is often added to popular baby name lists, such as Names That Mean Happy.

Alegria is another distinctive variation of the name Allegra. It comes from Spanish, meaning "joy." And let’s be honest - babies always bring joy to people’s lives.

20 Aida

Aida is a beautiful name any bubbly girl will be proud of. The name Aida is of Arabic origin meaning "happy." Vivacious and exotic, little girls called Aida are inspiring and charismatic. As a matter of fact, Aida is a famous opera by Verdi. The story follows the lives of the Nubian princess Aida and her beloved Radames. It’s believed that the opera was based on a true love story somewhere in Ancient Egypt.

Other exotic variations of the happy name Aida include Ada, Aide, Ida, and Ajda.

19 Blythe

Bubbly people are angelic. They simply enjoy walking in the clouds where their dreams and laughter shine brightly. Positive, happy, and high-spirited, bubbly people are a blessing from above. So, why don’t you choose a unique and stylish name for your bubbly girl, mama? The name Blythe is an interesting choice. It comes from Proto-Germanic meaning "carefree" and "gentle."

Historically, Blithy was a popular surname. British cyclists Adam Blythe is a famous bearer of this interesting surname. We should note that, according to ancestry.com, Litty and Chitty are also popular variations of the name Blithy.

18 Carol

Music and happiness go hand in hand - and there’s no doubt that your bubbly girl will spread her joyful notes across the world. Therefore, Carol is one of the most wonderful names on our lively list. Carol comes from the Latin "Carolus," meaning "freeman." Carol is also short of Caroline. Other variations include Caryl and Carroll. A popular masculine name is Charles.

Of course, there’s a link between the name Carol and the word carol (meaning "a joyous song"). Singing carols at Christmas can fill our hearts with joy.

17 Farrah

Farrah is one of the most interesting bubbly names on our colorful list. It’s a Middle Eastern name meaning "gleefulness" and "merriment." We should admit that Arabic names are melodic and mysterious all at the same time. Other exotic variations of the name Farrah include Ferrah and Fareeha.

Farrah Abraham and Farrah Fawcett are among the famous bearers of this name. Your little Farrah will also show the world that her sunshine personality and bright smiles can help her achieve happiness and success in life.

16 Hana

Hana is another unique name, which will help non-bubblies discover the bright side of life. Interestingly, there are various meanings behind the name Hana. Just like bubbly people, the name Hana emits colorful vibes across the globe.

In Kurdish, for instance, Hana means "hope" – hope that smiles will conquer the world. According to nameberry.com, in Japanese, Hana or Hanae means "flower." Hana has also Slavic origins, a short form of the name Johana. In the US, Hana is a sweet alternative to the Biblical name Hannah.

15 Joie

Joie is a fantastic name for a little bubbly girl. As we can guess, Joie means "joy" in French. Joie is also a sweet derivative of Josephine. It’s interesting to mention that according to babynamewizard.com, Joie is a virtue name – just like Hope, Faith and Charity. After all, our world does need more happiness, love, and laughter.

According to the numerological meaning of the name, little girls called Joie are bright, optimistic, and playful. They’ll become charismatic individuals who’ll make the world a more cheerful place.

14 Keiko

One of the most beautiful choices on our list is the exotic name Keiko. Keiko is a perfect match for your little bubbly mini-me, mama! It is a Japanese name, meaning "happy child." It’s interesting to mention that "child" in Japanese is "ko." Kiko, for instance, means "Chrysanthemums child." With its melodic sounding, Keiko is simply sublime.

In fact, it’s our responsibility as parents to create a happy and safe environment, which will help children thrive and laugh. After all, our children are our future.

13 Aeillin

Do you want to help your little one develop a bubbly personality? Well, Aileen is another wonderful name that guarantees your little girl will have a positive personality. Aileen is of Irish origin, it means "bright light." Just like a playful ray of sunshine, your little Aileen will shine, laugh, and chatter.

We should mention that according to pronouncenames.com, Aileen can be pronounced in different ways. So, from the Irish Aileen (EYE-LEAN) and the Scottish Eileen (I-LEAN or A-LEAN), Aileen sounds simply divine!

12 Merry

Bubbly people are merry and optimistic. So, don’t you think that the sweet name Merry is simply a wonderful choice? Merry is of English origin meaning "lighthearted." Little girls called Merry will be happy, bright, and kind. Other variations are Mery, Meryt, Meri, and Merit.

Mary is also a special name, one of the most popular names in the Christian world. Mary is the English form of the name Maria. According to babynamewizard.com, Maria is the Latin form of the Greek Mariam and the Hebrew Miryam.

11 Maeve

Still looking for a beautiful name for a bubbly girl? Then choose Maeve! Maeve is of Irish origin meaning "the cause of great joy." And let’s be honest – kids are an innocent source of joy and excitement. Cute nicknames are May, Mia, Maevey, Eve, and Vee. According to nameberry.com, Maeve is ranked #360 on their popularity charts.

Interestingly, Maeve is one of the main characters in the fantastic Westworld series. With a little Maeve, though, your life will be more exciting than a TV show, mama!

10 Luana

Luana is another amazing choice for a bubbly girl. Luana is a German name, meaning "graceful warrior." We should note that Luana is also an Albanian name meaning "lioness."

Just like a warrior, your little Luana will spread joy and happiness all over the globe. Although positive people are often criticized for being smiley and optimistic all the time, your bubbly girl and her sunshine personality will make our world a better place. Because, as people say, there’s always sunshine after the rain. Simply enjoy the rainbow!

9 Ronia

Ronia is a popular Scandinavian name. It’s believed that Ronia is a Hebrew name, meaning "God’s joyful song." Little girls called Ronia will become joyful, graceful, and vibrant individuals. With songs of joy and trembling laughter, little Ronias will be able to hypnotize even the grumpy people they meet. Interestingly, the name Ronia became popular thanks to the talented author Astrid Lindgren and her fantastic book "Ronia, the robber’s daughter."

A popular boy’s name is Ron, a short form of Ronald. In Scandinavian, the name Ron means "rules with counsel."

8 Amica

Bubbly people with their sparkling ideas make wonderful friends. Therefore, the name Amica is a perfect match for your lovely girl, mama. It’s of Latin origin meaning "female friend." After all, mothers and daughters can be true friends. Although the relationship between mothers and daughters is complicated, little Amicas are simply wonderful.

Interestingly, another cool variation of the name Amica is Amy. In French, Amy or Aimee means "beloved." Amy is also a diminutive form of Amanda ("loved very much by everyone") or Amita ("boundless").

7 Trixie

If you are looking for an unusual, trendy, and bubbly name, Trixie is just perfect, mama! Trixie is of Latin origin meaning "she who brings happiness." With a playful and sparkling personality, little girls called Trixie will make even the most ill-tempered person smile. Reality star Trixie Mattel, TV actress Trixie Hyde, and blogger Trixie Khong are famous bearers of this sweet name.

We should mention that Trixie is a short of Beatrix, Beatrice or Patricia. Beatrice is one of the main characters in Dante’s Divine Comedy, a source of beatific self-realization.

6 Affra

With a beautiful smile and positive ideas, a girl with a bubbly personality will always stand out. Affra is one of the perky names on our shiny list that guarantees your little girl will have a sparkling attitude, mama.

Affra is of Arabic origin meaning "color of earth." Although bubbly people are joyful daydreamers, they never cut their roots with reality – where they color days with smiles and nights with starlight. According to babynamespedia.com, Affra is pronounced as AH-FRAH. Other variations are Afrah, Abrah, and Afreeca.

5 Winifred

Winifred is another wonderful match for a bubbly baby girl. This beautiful name is of Welsh origin, meaning "holy" and "peace." Although bubbly people love chatting and laughing, there’s no doubt they can help people find peace with themselves and see the world through rose-tinted glasses.

Though Winifred is usually perceived as an old-fashioned name, there's a quirky feel to it. It’s no surprise that Winifred is becoming a trendy vintage name any hipster mom will love. Cute nicknames are Win, Freda, and Winnie.

4 Abigail

The name Abigail is another wonderful name growing in popularity. It’s of Hebrew origin meaning "my father’s joy." After all, the bond between fathers and daughters is miraculous.

According to babycenter.com, Abigail is a popular Biblical name all over the world. In fact, Abigail was the wife of King David; she was described as a kind and intelligent woman. Other interesting variations include Abagale, Avigail, and Abbigail. Abbi, Abs, and Gayle are some of the happy nicknames which will suit your joyful baby Abigail.

3 Radostina

Radostina is another unusual name which can help your little girl become a charismatic and positive person. Radostina is a Slavic name meaning "joy" and "happiness." Cute variations are Radost, Radi, Rada, and Radka. Little girls called Radostina are lively, funny, and bubbly. The numerological meaning behind the name Radostina is also significant: little Radostinas are talented individuals who can become charismatic leaders.

Interesting male given names from Slavonic origins are Radomir, Radan, Radek, and Rado. An original name will make your bubbly person stand out.

2 Tate

A child’s name can influence their future. So, choose a unique and joyful name, mama! Clearly, Tate is a wonderful unisex name which will help your little mini-me develop a positive personality. Tate is of Norse origin meaning "cheerful." Although Tate is used mainly for boys, girls called Tate will simply love their name. A famous bearer of this original name is the American actor, Tate Donovan.

Just like the expositions at Tate Modern, London, bubbly children remind us that being joyful is a work of art.

1 Bubble

It’s hard to be a bubbly person. Many people think that joyful and chatty people are simple and foolish. The truth, though, is that people with bubbly personalities can make our world a happier place. We all need someone who's loud, humorous, cheerful, and happy to show us the bright side of life.

Therefore, the unusual name Bubble is a great match for your little princess. Playful and social, your little baby Bubble can simply pop the bubble of gray colors and worrisome thoughts called everyday life.

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