24 Baby Names Inspired By Grey's Anatomy

While there have been a lot of different television shows about doctors, nurses, and the men and women they take care of, very few have become quite as popular as Grey’s Anatomy. Everyone seems to love it, and it’s easy to see why.

Though this show is not always the most accurate source for showing what life is like for those who work in the healthcare industry, it is still pretty amazing. According to theodysseyonline.com, this popular show has a little something for everyone.

For example, this a great television show for anyone who likes their entertainment absolutely dripping with drama. It would be an understatement to say that this show never gets boring.

Also, it is an awesome show for people who are entertained by things other than drama, since it is also extremely full of romance. Another thing that makes Grey’s Anatomy amazing is the development a lot of the main characters have experienced throughout their time on the program.

Plus, there are so many small stories in the series that add to how awesome it is. This show has been so wildly popular that of course many mothers and fathers have decided to give their babies names that were inspired by the characters on it.

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24 Lexie


Fans of the television show Grey’s Anatomy are not exactly strangers to heartbreak. One of the most distressing moments on this series was when Alexandra Caroline “Lexie” Grey experienced a very dramatic exit from the show.

But the character certainly left an impact on fans. Also, Lexie is just a really cute name in general.

According to nameberry.com, Lexie and Lexi have both been very popular for quite a long time now. This name has been around for a little while, but it actually saw an increase in popularity in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, which is partially because of Grey’s Anatomy.

23 Sloan


Sloan Riley is not exactly the nicest character on Grey’s Anatomy. After all, she did say some pretty rude things about her own dad.

But she still has an awesome name, and fans have been known to give that name to their little ones. Sloane is one of those cool names that can actually be used for babies of either gender.

Lately, though, it seems as though more parents are choosing it for their little boys than they are for girls. According to nameberry.com, the meaning of the name Sloan is “raider,” and it is also the last name of Mark Sloan, another popular character from the show.

22 Meredith


A lot of parents have given their children the same names as some of the smaller characters on Grey’s Anatomy, so of course, the main characters would share their names with a few little ones as well.

According to nameberry.com, this name has always been pretty popular. But it does seem as though the name Meredith really took off again after the show began to get extremely popular.

This name is sweet and simple, and yet there are a couple of ways to pronounce it. Also, this name has been given to little boys, but it is most popular with parents of little girls.

21 Derek


Even people who do not watch Grey’s Anatomy are familiar with who this character is. For approximately eleven seasons, Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey shared a strong bond with one another.

According to eonline.com, all of that came to a screeching halt during one episode that fans will never forget. Though Derek is not on the show anymore, he will not be forgotten anytime soon, especially since some parents have named their children after him.

To be fair though, this name has been around a while. The meaning of it is “the people’s ruler,” and it is a form of Theodoric.

20 Addison


Addison Montgomery (who used to be Addison Montgomery-Shepherd) is a character that came into the picture during the first season of Grey’s Anatomy after Derek and Meredith had become a couple. This character wasn’t the best, as she made some tough decisions, but she was still likable nonetheless, so of course, some parents named their little ones after her.

According to nameberry.com, Addison has been used for little girls, as well as for little boys. In addition, the name actually means “son of Adam.” In fact, it is one of the most popular girl names that starts with the letter 'A.'

19 Jackson


The characters on the television show Grey’s Anatomy sure have been through a lot. That is especially true when it comes to Jackson Avery.

Also, both of this character’s first and last names are very cool, so it is no surprise that some fans have actually given their children both of them. Furthermore, Jackson is a name that is really fitting for both male and female children.

Also, there are some lovely variations of it. According to nameberry.com, the name Jackson means something along the lines of “son of Jack.” One of the cool variations of this name is Jaxon.

18 Olivia


Olivia is already a very popular name for little girls, but then a character with that name was added to Grey’s Anatomy, which only made it even more of a popular name for little ladies everywhere. According to bustle.com, this character has really stirred things up on the show.

Even before it was heard on the series, the name Olivia was already pretty cool. In addition, the meaning of this cute name for little girls is “olive tree.” There are a bunch of pretty names that are similar to this one, including Amelia, Emily, Isabella, Sophie, and Charlotte.

17 Finn


When Dr. Finn Dandridge came into the show, an iconic love triangle began between him, Meredith, and Derek. In case any fans have forgotten, he came into the show during season two, when things were a little bit questionable for Meredith and Derek.

At the time, Derek was trying to see if he could make things work with his estranged wife, and Meredith and Finn had an instant attraction to one another, according to hiddenremote.com. The meaning of this name is “fair or white.” Also, part of what makes this such an awesome name is the fact that it fits both girls and boys.

16 Zola


Derek and Meredith are a couple of names that became much more popular after Grey’s Anatomy started, so it’s not really a surprise that fans would also love the name of the child the pair adopted later in the series.

Zola is a pretty unique and awesome name. Also, according to nameberry.com, it has been used for babies of both genders. Aside from this series, there is something else that has also played a part in making the name Zola a popular one. Zola is the name of actor Eddie Murphy’s fourth daughter. Another popular version of this name is Zora.

15 Preston


Preston Burke is certainly a name Grey’s Anatomy fans will not be forgetting anytime soon, since the actor that played him caused quite a big stir behind the scenes a few years ago, according to ew.com. Nevertheless, the names Preston and Burke are actually very cool and popular.

The name Preston is usually given to little boys, and the meaning of it is “priest’s son.” Also, this name has been around far longer than Grey’s Anatomy has, but the series only made it even more popular, it seems. The name Preston is also used as a surname as well, and pop star Britney Spears chose this as a middle name for one of her children.

14 Isobel


Okay, this name is pretty great, but let’s not forget the equally awesome nickname that came from it, which is Izzie. Izzie might sound more familiar to fans of the show Grey’s Anatomy than the name Isobel does, since that is what Isobel “Izzie” Katherine Stephens frequently went by on the show.

According to hellogiggles.com, the character was written out of the show back in season six, but that does not mean that fans forgot how awesome she was, and how unique her name (and her nickname) is. The meaning of the name Isobel is “pledged to God,” and it is a variation of the name Isabel.

13 Owen


One of the earliest love triangles on this series is the one between Derek, Meredith, and Finn. But there have been plenty of others as well, and one of the current ones involves three other characters, which are Owen, Amelia, and Teddy, according to bustle.com.

Owen has really added quite a lot to the show, and so, of course, that means fans are naming their babies after him. There are a couple of meanings that are connected to this name. One of the meanings that is associated with the name Owen is “young warrior,” and the other one is “well-born.”

12 Arizona


These days, some television viewers find it hard to get attached to any important characters in a tv show since a lot of them leave the show in some pretty sad and dramatic ways. This might sound like a reference to Game Of Thrones, but it’s actually a reference to Grey’s Anatomy.

One of the most memorable characters from the show is Dr. Arizona Robbins, and her exit from the series was definitely a big deal, according to digitalspy.com. She left such a big impact that fans of the series have given her name to their little ones. The name Arizona means “little springs.”

11 George


There are a lot of really awesome characters on the show Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, a character that has definitely become a fan favorite is George O’Malley. According to cnn.com, there were a lot of things that led to the character’s exit from the show a long time ago, but his name is still rather popular nonetheless.

The meaning of the name George is “farmer.” Also, George has been a very popular name for quite a long time. Some of the names that are similar to it are Edward, Charles, Frederick, Arthur, Henry, Calvin, Alfred, Francis, Margaret, Louis, and Oliver.

10 Callie


Dr. Callie Torres is certainly one of the most popular characters from the series. But despite the fact that many Grey’s Anatomy fans are in support of having her on the show again, her return seems pretty impossible, according to tvinsider.com.

Nevertheless, Grey’s Anatomy fans everywhere are still in love with the name Callie. The meaning that has been given to this name is “beautiful.”

Another version of this name is Cali. Some very beautiful names that are really similar to it are Marissa, Addie, Amber, Cassandra, Riley, and more. And hey, if you're from California, the name Cali could be a sweet nod.

9 Denny


Anyone who knows who Izzie was on this show also must know who Denny Duquette was. After all, Denny’s untimely passing was one of the most heartbreaking moments on the show so far.

There are a lot of things about this character that some fans don’t know. For example, according to women.com, he was originally supposed to fall in love with Cristina instead of Izzie.

This name is just another form of the name Dennis. Furthermore, it was pretty popular throughout the early 1900s.

As unique as this name is, there are some that are similar to it. A great example is Camron.

8 Brooks


Grey’s Anatomy is famous for a lot of things, including getting rid of characters we all know and love. But at the same time, another thing this series is known to do is get rid of characters nobody really knows, and that is where Heather Brooks comes in, according to vulture.com.

The name Brooks actually means “of the brook.” This name is not one that is heard every day, but that does not mean it isn’t very popular. It has been used for a while now, but apparently, it became even more popular after this show began. This name is usually given to little boys.

7 Andrew


A lot of the show’s most popular characters have been those that were featured on some of the earlier seasons. However, some of the characters that were added a bit more recently are also popular as well, and that is where Andrew DeLuca comes in.

DeLuca has led a pretty dramatic life, and he’s certainly very interesting. In fact, some moms and dads have even decided to name their children after him.

But, on the other hand, this name was already popular before the show got started. According to nameberry.com, the meaning of the name Andrew is “strong and manly.”

6 Bailey


Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular shows on television. So, of course, there are some people naming their children after a few of the show’s most exciting and likable characters, including Miranda Bailey.

This is a name that works for both male and female babies. There are a couple of meanings that are connected to this name. One of them is “bailiff,” and another one is “law enforcer.”

According to nameberry.com, there are a lot of names that are a lot like Bailey. A few of them are Blake, Brooklyn, Jordan, Bella, Emerson, Blair, Taylor, April, and Briley.

5 Warren


There are a lot of couples who have had to deal with some very tough issues on this show, and perhaps that is why some people love it so much. This is where Ben Warren comes in, since he has had a rocky relationship with Miranda Bailey, according to bustle.com.

The meaning of this name is “park-keeper.” One fun fact about this name is that it is also an extremely old surname. Warren is a very unique name, but there are some that are a little bit similar to it as well. A few of the names that are like Warren are Corin, Walter, and Walker.

4 Amelia


This is a really pretty name that any little girl would be happy to have. Amelia was already popular before it was the name of a character on Grey’s Anatomy, but being on the show only made it even more common.

According to nameberry.com, the meaning of the name Amelia is “work.” It seems that this name is as old as time, since it has been used for many years.

There are some really interesting facts about this name. One of the many fun facts about it is that Amelia is actually the real first name of actress Minnie Driver, who was born as Amelia Fiona Driver.

3 Nathan


There are a lot of characters that have popped in and out of this show, and some of them have been much more loved than others. One of those characters is Dr. Nathan Riggs, who had a very brief relationship with Meredith Grey, according to bustle.com.

Grey’s Anatomy is not the only reason why this name is so popular. It was already a great name in general, but being on this show certainly hasn’t hurt it.

The meaning of this name is “given.” Also, there are some famous people that have this name, including actor Nathan Fillion. A nickname that came from it is Nate.

2 Cristina


There have been a lot of wonderful characters on this show, and Cristina Yang is one of them. According to thewrap.com, the only thing that made fans feel a little bit better when she left the show was the fact that nothing bad happened to her. She simply moved on to another job.

Though the character may not be on the show anymore, her name has not been forgotten. Christina is a very popular name, but some people like Cristina better, since it is a much more unique version of the name. Other names like this one are Catalin and Rebeca.

1 Burke


Some fictional characters have awesome first and last names, and that is the case for Preston Burke from Grey’s Anatomy. This character caused some fans to feel a bit upset when he left Cristina at the altar in the show.

Nevertheless, some parents are very big fans of the name Preston, and it seems that the same is true for the name Burke. The name Burke means “from the fortress,” according to nameberry.com.

Burke does make a pretty good first name. Also, along with this fictional character, there are some people in real life who use it as a last name as well.

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