24 Baby Names That Will Sound Ridiculous In 10 Years

Choosing a baby's name is a big deal! This is the name that they will be stuck with for the rest of their life! Baby names come in and out of favor all of the time and we often hear of some pretty crazy choices that some parents have made.

Names have changed extremely drastically throughout the years. One hundred years ago names like Gertrude and Bertha thrived, today, parents would never consider naming their babies these names!

Who knows what will be the most popular names twenty years from now. Fast forward into the future when little baby is ten and they are beginning to get some repercussions from their parents name choice. No one wants their kid to be the target of an easy joke or be sought out by bullies, especially not because of their name!

Have no worries, we have put together a list of some of the most regrettable names that will sound completely ridiculous in ten years. These names may sound really cool and trendy now, but that's just it, some trends don't stick. That's why they're called trends. Let this list help eliminate some names that won't stand the test of time!


24 Khaleesi

This name, invented by George R.R. Martin, is used for his character the Khaleesi, which is Dothraki for "Queen". It entered the top 1000 baby names in 2014, landing at #756. It has basically maintained its position, ending 2016 at #2016.

Khaleesi might be cool now, mainly because of the tv show's extreme popularity, but by next decade it will be out of date and most likely seem strange. If you're just a fan of the show, maybe go for something a little less obscure, like Arya.

23 Blue


This color name isn't going to take off like its sisters Scarlett and Crimson. This one is probably not going to make it out of this decade, despite several celebrities choosing it for their little ones.

Celebrities have been using this name since 1989, when 'The Edge' Evans chose it for his daughter, Blue Angel. It was chosen more recently by Beyonce for her daughter, Blue Ivy, and as a middle name by John Travolta and Kelly Preston and by Alicia Silverstone's for her son, Bear Blu.

Blue might sound cool and different right now, but in a decade, you will definitely have regrets. Trendy names like this don't travel well into the future. This one is better left to celebrities. In the real world, you might be setting your baby up for a little bit of teasing.

22 Zayden

Zayden is another modern invention that has been getting a great deal of love from parents, both celebrity and non-celebrity. Zayden is a fast climber, but doesn't have much of a leg to stand on, it's not a name that will last past this decade.

This made up name of that began in the mid-2000s has gone from non-existence to #185 in just a decade, but can it really stand the test of time? Zayden isn't like, Jaden, which derives from Jadon, which is actually a Bible name. Zayden doesn't even have a meaning. Can a name with no meaning last?

Zayden is a trend that will probably not live long through the next ten years. Unlike its brother, Aiden, this one probably won't be one of the longest running and most popular international sensations.

21 Dulce


Dulce, pronounced Doolce, somehow became a thing these last few years. The only thing this name should be used for is a cinnamon dolce latte. No matter how you spell it, this one will sound ridiculous by next decade.

This name does have Biblical roots as it is Spanish for "dulce nombre de Maria", or the sweet name of the Virgin Mary. This moniker has somehow broken into the top 1000 and is currently sitting at #746 on baby name charts.

Though it may be cool and trendy now, Dulce is probably better off heard in the coffee shops referring to the milk in coffee beverages rather than the barista making them. We probably won't be seeing this one get to #500, and most likely will sound extremely obscure in a decade.

20 Nevaeh

In case you haven't guessed it, Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards. It's both hard to pronounce and to spell, making it doubly unlikable. I'm not sure if whoever made this one up is a genius or an idiot, but somehow this has become a name, and one that people like. Though it does have a pretty ring to it, in ten years it will be a thing of the past.

This is another modern invention that singer Sonny Sandoval suggested as a legitimate baby name, and people responded. It is currently #75 on baby name charts, but I'm not sure people are thinking very far into the future when choosing it.

This one might go over well with religious parents or parents seeking some kind of baby name that has a spiritual or even emotional connection for them. However, when Nevaeh gets to be around ten, she might just be an easy target.

19 North


North used to be considered a male name until Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose it for their baby girl, giving it a nudge toward the baby girl column. It might even be more rare for a boy today.

North may serve as a decent name for someone who lives in Canada, but is a little random otherwise. It's not a solid name choice for parents looking for something strong and steadfast. This directional name doesn't have the same appeal as others in its class like West, Weston or Easton.

This moniker is a little too unusual to stand the test of time. Though we use it and hear it often and it is undoubtedly familiar, it's definitely a more bizarre choice that will sound even more so ten years from now.

18 Destiny

Destiny was in the top 50 baby names from 1997 until 2009. It's finally beginning to lose favor with parents, but it's still ranked #203. It was the Destiny of 1,500 baby girls last year! This name is actually on Wattenberg's list of most hated baby names. It's typically considered too virtuous or too stripperish. There's no winning with this one!

Destiny is overused and for no good reason. This moniker is very 1990s and early 2000s and just reminds me of Destiny's Child, which is given credit for some of its popularity. I guess some people believe in destiny so much that you chose it for their child.

The worst part about this word name are all the variant spellings like Destinee and Destini. This is a word name, let's spell it correctly. Destiny, though completely overused the last couple of decades, will sound ridiculous by the next.


17 Kiley


Names ending in "ey" are so cute and adorable for a baby girl, but what about when she is older and not wanting to be so cutesie? Parents are warned against using girl names that end in "ey" like Finley and Gracie. They aren't names that sound mature enough when baby girl is all grown up.

These names are so adorable and parents love them for their itty bitty babies, but when she goes to apply for her first job, will she be taken seriously? I will admit that some of these cute names may be worth the risk.

Ridiculous might be a little harsh. In ten years, Bailey might still be cute, but once she hits womanhood, will her name suit her? I guess we will just have to wait to see.

16 Benji

Benji was a movie about a dog made in 1974. This movie about a stray dog who saves two kidnapped children doesn't give us any ground to name our children after it. Yes, Benji may be cutesy for your little baby boy, but what about when he is a man?

Parents would definitely serve their baby buy better by choosing the full name Benjamin, rather than a diminutive. Choosing Benjamin would give their son a name that he can grow into as a man.

Using the nickname Benji when he's a kid would be a much better option than using it to stand alone. Benji will then probably turned into Ben, which is far more mature. When he goes in for his first job interview as Benjamin, he'll be taken way more seriously.

15 Elsa


This name may be a little obvious, but haven't we heard "let it go. Let it goooo" too many times already? If you name your baby girl Elsa, you will be hearing it for the rest of your life.

Obviously Frozen was a huge success, which just makes the name even worse. You won't find many people who won't automatically associate the name with the movie, and thus sing the song that we are all so tired of hearing.

Elsa is a sweet German name that would otherwise have been perfectly suitable in a time when "El" names are trendier than ever. This one would have been an option that hasn't been overdone, but thanks to our favorite ice queen, we don't even have to wait a decade for it to be ridiculous.

14 Tucker

The poor kid who's parents choose the name Tucker! It's actually a pretty cool name if kids weren't so mean, but let's face it, they are! Bullying seems to be at its all time worst and making your kid a target is just cruel.

This name is one that has is guaranteed to get your kid made fun of. It is far too teasable. In ten years when kids really begin to bully and learn profanity, your kid will be a prime target.

Tucker is English for "fabric pleater", as in, to tuck something in. This name has been doing pretty well for itself on baby name charts, and has gotten somewhat of a preppy reputation. Once a child has grown up maybe this name would be quite attractive, but a guy has to get out of the middle and high school stages alive first!

13 Fox


This name is so simple and suave. It's considered one of the new "cool" names, which only makes me think that it's too much of a trend to be taken seriously. Cool names don't last long and usually will end up sounding ridiculous within a short amount of time.

Animal names are also an easy target for bullies. This one may have a smoother sound, but it still might make your son a prime candidate for the mean kids in his class. Fox was one of the fastest rising baby boy names last year. Most of the credit for its success is given to the revival of the X-Files and its lead character Fox Mulder.

Fox is another name that won't grow well with your little boy. Foxes are sly and cunning. Do you think the head of HR at your son's dream job will be turned off when they read his name on his resume that he worked so hard to fill?

12 Creed

Rocky fans will love this name, but this new addition to the franchise might not live up to the others before it. This moniker entered the top 1000 baby names in 2016, but is it one that can stand the test of time?

Creed is an English word name that has too many other references to make it a solid first name. People associate this name with too many other things like the Catholic prayer the Apostles Creed, the 1990s band, or the character, Creed Bratton from The Office.

Creed has a harsh and almost dark sound image that will keep it from being any more successful than it already is. This moniker is a trend that won't live long into the future and probably will just seem strange ten years from now.

11 Achilles


Though Brad Pitt's film, Troy, may have given Achilles a chance at being a cool name stolen from Greek mythology, it didn't actually end well for him.

Achilles may have been a hero in the Trojan War, but his demise is what gave us the negative impression of the name that we have today. Achilles mother dipped him in the mythical river known as Styx, which is supposed to give immortality. She wasn't able to dip the heel by which she held Achilles and therefore his heel was weak and led to his ultimate demise. This is where the saying "Achille's heel" came from.

An Achille's heel is definitely not something you want your son to be. No boy wants to be named something that is considered weak! This one won't make it into the next decade!

10 Alaska

Some place names are strong and long lived, but Alaska isn't one of them. Parents are better off choosing a place name that has stood the test of time like Cheyenne or London.

This moniker is gaining some popularity as a first name. Alaska is a little too out there to last as a first name for a baby girl. Parents looking for something wild and whimsical should probably stick with something that has stood the test of time like Charlotte or Jordan.

Baby names for the jet setter parents aren't hard to come by. Cool place names are getting more and more popular. Alaska is just too obscure to make it as one of them. In ten years this name will just be odd. Unless there is some sentimental value in it, I'd find another one!

9 Rocket


Celebrities are loving this baby boy name, but we should probably just leave it to the stars. This moniker won't serve your baby boy well in the next ten years.

Rocket is a word name that came out of nowhere. Rocket was chosen by Pharrell Williams and by Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan. It may seem like a pretty awesome name and let's face it, kids will love it! However, in the real world, when little Rocket wants to get into college or get a job, he might not be taken very seriously.

This star baby name is better off in Hollywood. It's best to leave this moniker to the celebrities who have already chosen it. In the real world, this one will be laughable ten years from now.

8 Arrow

Arrow is a unisex word name that has gone up in percentile for both boys and girls. Though Arrow is considered by some as one of 2017's elite baby names, it's not a name that can be considered timeless.

An arrow is sharp and edged and is used to kill living things. This isn't exactly something that you want to name a little baby. It may sound cool and trendy at first, like all of the arrow tattoos we see today, but in ten years it will sound ridiculous.

There are positive ways you can look at an arrow, like the Bible story about your children being arrows that are shot out into the world. Unless you feel like explaining that to everyone who asks about the name, I'd steer clear from it.

7 Noah


Okay, this name is obviously a solid and somewhat overused name for a baby boy, but this is just not a viable choice for a baby girl! Despite what Billy Ray Cyrus might have thought, this is just not transferable to girls!

Noah was the #1, yes, the very top baby name for boys last year. For girls, it wasn't even on the charts, though it was actually chosen! In Israel the feminine form Noa is used for a baby girl, but in the U.S. it's just not used for girls.

In the Old Testament, Noah was the only righteous man of his time, making it a solid choice for parents who love Bible names. For a boy this name won't be ridiculous in ten years, but there will definitely be some other Noah's in your kids class. For a girl, yes, it will just be ridiculous.

6 Siobhan

When little Siobhan gets to school her poor teachers and classmates are going to have absolutely no idea how to pronounce her name. They won't be able to read it and say it correctly and she'll have to repeat it over and over.

Siobhan, pronounced sheh-vahn, means "the Lord is gracious." It is the Irish form of the name Joane. This is definitely a beautiful Gaelic name that is probably best left in Ireland. In the U.S. it will be terribly difficult to get right.

Siobhan has been the name of several Irish Queens and literary figures. It was brought to America by actress, Siobhan McKenna. Maybe if you have a deeprooted Irish ancestry this name will go over well. If not, it will be difficult for your baby girl in ten years.

5 Isla


Every time I look at this name I say it wrong! This name is beautiful when said correctly, but why the odd spelling? The phonetic spelling of this name is just too perplexing. It's another name that teachers and classmates will just always pronounce incorrectly.

Isla is pronounced eye-la, not is-la, which is what I say everytime I read it. It's a Scottish place name meaning "island." This moniker has jumped to #123 on baby name charts. Isla has been seeing huge domestic and international success, which only makes it less appealing.

The Isla trend may have begun by Sasha Baron Cohen's wife, actress Isla Fisher, or Queen Elizabeth's great granddaughter, or even the Harry Potter character. For what ever reason, it has been getting far too much love. It's one of the most confusing names!

4 Mhavryk

Mhavryk was listed as one of the most regretted baby names, and we can see why! It's true spelling Maverick, which is was easier to read and pronounce, is seeing huge success in recent years and has made it all the way to the top 150 baby names.

Maverick was first used on a James Garner Western tv show in the 1950s. It's most familiar name bearer was one of the lead characters on the classic Tom Cruise film Top Gun. His character definitely represented the meaning of the name as a free spirit.

Maverick is an American name that means "independent, nonconformist", just as the character was in the movie. However, the alternative spelling Mhavryk, is never going to be as cool as the original. In ten years this spelling will just look obsurd.

3 Danger


Danger is another made up baby boy word name that isn't quite following others of its kind like Cannon and Maverick. Danger is just too odd and way too militant and macho. We don't expect this one to live long past this year.

Danger was also one of the top most regretted and worst modern baby names. In a time when made up modern name inventions are becoming a trend, ones like Danger just aren't going to make the cut. Danger will undoubtedly sound ridiculous in less than ten years!

Danger is far too aggressive and almost angry. It's confusing as to whether the baby is dangerous or will cause danger. It just really doesn't make sense as a baby name. In ten years this one will just be laughable.

2 Koda

Koda is a Japanese surname that has been seen being used as an American first name. It was seen twice in the top 1000, once in 2014 and in 2016. Koda might sound cute and quaint as a given name now, but this trend won't make it long into the future.

Koda might have gotten some popularity from Koda Glover of the Washington Nationals, who has traced his heritage to the Cherokee and Sioux nations and says the name means "bear." Koda can also be a diminutive for Dakota, or it can be spelled with a C to appeal to musical parents. The point is, there are just too many different meanings and variations of the name.

Koda isn't a strong solid name that will be able to make it long into the future, at least not in America.

1 Anniston


For all those 90s kids out there who loved Friends and still watch marathons of it today, Anniston might sound like a good choice. This name, adopted by Jennifer Aniston, was first used by celebrities Chyler Neigh and Nathan West.

This won't stand the test of time as we age and kids won't understand any Friends references that they hear. Naming your baby after a 90s television actress might not be such a great idea, no matter how awesome it may have been.

Anniston reached the top 1000 baby names last year. This English surname is also an Alabama place name. It does give a refreshing twist to the names Addison and even Madison, however, probably won't take the place of these popular and more traditional names.

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