24 Baby Names To Snatch Up In 2019 (Before Celebs Do)

Every year, it seems like celebrities are getting even trendier and more unique with their baby names. Last year, the world was blessed with famous babies like Stormi Webster, Kulture Kiari, and Chicago West, all of which have been given nontraditional names by their parents. It makes us wonder what sort of wild celebrity baby names we’ll be introduced to this year.

It can be tough thinking of a beautiful yet unique name for a little one. Most parents nowadays want a name that no one else is going to have in the classroom. There are way too many Avas and Lukes running around! But, at the same time, parents also want to make sure their little one’s name isn’t too out-there. No one wants their kid to grow up disliking their name or for others to constantly be criticizing it. So, it can be a tough job to figure out how to balance all of these factors when picking out a baby name.

This list includes a bunch of gorgeous yet uncommon names that are right on trend. We wouldn’t be surprised to see celebrities choosing any of these stunning monikers for their own offspring. If mom and dad are looking for names that are bold but beautiful, then keep on reading. Perhaps the perfect baby name is on this very list!

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24 Kiara

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Cardi B may have named her daughter Kulture Kiari, but so far no celebrities have snatched up the name Kiara. This feminine-sounding name is a variation of the name Ciara, from Ireland, and the name Chiara, of Italy. It has several interesting meanings, including ‘light,’ ‘clear,’ ‘dark little one,’ and ‘cockatoo’ (like the bird!). Whichever meaning you prefer, we think this is a darling name for a baby girl. It’s short and somewhat sassy, but also distinctly feminine. It’s easy to think of a variety of nicknames, including Kia and Kiki. Just be sure to pair it with an equally beautiful middle name.

23 Anson

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Anson is a handsome baby boy’s name. And if the mama’s name is Anne, then this might be the perfect name. Why? Because Anson literally translates to mean ‘son of Anne.’ So it would be a pretty awesome connection if mom’s first name was exactly that. Other sources say the name also translates to mean ‘son of God,’ which is why we’re guessing this name sounds so valiant as it rolls off the tongue. While it’s traditionally been used as a surname, Anson is climbing in popularity as a first name. It’s a great alternative to more common ‘A’ names like Andrew or Anders.

22 Azaria

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Azariah is a stunning Hebrew name that we doubt any other kid in the classroom is going to have. It has an equally beautiful meaning, as it translates to mean ‘helped by God.’ We have a feeling that means any little one with this moniker is going to be pretty blessed in life. And who doesn’t want that for their tyke? Azaria was historically a common name for men ages ago, which is why it’s featured in the Bible as a man’s name. However, with names like Azure and Azealia becoming popular amongst little girls, Azariah has definitely become a more feminine-associated name throughout the years.

21 Lucian

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Everyone knows at least a couple of Lukes in real life. And while Luke is a handsome name, it’s definitely been overused by millennials. If you find yourself gravitating towards that moniker but want something that stands out more, then consider the dashing boy’s name Lucian. This Latin name translates to mean ‘light,’ which definitely means your boy will be the light of your light. It can be pronounced as either LU-shun or LU-see-un. It’s also a sleeker alternative to names like Lucius or Luca. Underworld fans may recognize it as the name of one of the main werewolves from the series.

20 Celyn

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Granted, Celyn has traditionally been used as a male’s name. But more and more parents are choosing this option for their baby girl. Pronounced as either KELL-in or SEE-lyn, this name comes from Wales and translates to mean ‘holly.’ While it’s actually a very popular name in Wales, it’s largely unused outside of the city. It’s got a strong, commanding sound that will make sure all eyes and ears are on your little girl. Nicknames like Kelly or Cela would be pretty shorthand options for a baby girl. Could you imagine having a Celyn in your family?

19 Thaddeus

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Every baby is a gift, which is why you might want to consider the name Thaddeus for your little boy! This name translates to mean “gift from God,” which is definitely how a mom and dad feel about their little one. The name originates from Aramaic and some sources have said it’s a variation of Theodore. It also has a biblical connotation; Thaddeus was named as one of the original twelve disciples. This moniker is both distinguished and sophisticated and has an intellectual feel. It may be slightly antiquated, but we think that’s what gives it so much charm and character. Thad would make a cute nickname!

18 Apolline

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Apolline is a sweet-sounding French name that would be perfect for any bubbly baby girl. The name is a variation of the moniker Apollonia, from Greece, which is the feminized version of Apollo, the sun God. While Apolline is popular in France, it isn’t as well known in the States. But it’s a fresher alternative to popular names with a similar sound, like Alice and Alexandra. It’s also got a very chic sound, so we wouldn’t be surprised if your baby grows up to be a fashionista with a name this sophisticated. We definitely see this name gaining popularity in the coming years, so snatch it up while you can.

17 Rhett

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While many of the names on this list are a bit out-there, Rhett is a bit more on the traditional side. While it’s still not a very commonplace name, Rhett has a sleek feel to it that allows it to easily roll off the tongue. It’s got a similar sound to monikers like Brett, but with a bit more of a distinctive feel. Rhett has origins in both England and the Netherlands, and it translates to mean ‘advice.’ Any boy with this name is destined to grow up with a wise mind and a compassionate heart. In America, the name first gained popularity as a South Carolina Surname during the Civil War period. It was estimated to have been brought to North America in 1694, according to Nameberry.

16 Mireya

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Mariah is already a popular name thanks to the likes of Mariah Carey. So if you love the sound of her name, but want something that comes with less of a pop culture reference, then Mireya may be the name for you. Mireya is a name out of Spain originally derived from Latin. It’s pronounced that same way as one would say Mariah. It also has a beautiful meaning; the name translates to mean ‘admired.’ With its sophistication and style, any little girl with this stunning moniker is destined to be a social butterfly, beloved by many. And who doesn’t want that for their little girl?

15 Leeder

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Leeder is a very uncommon name. So much so, that many parents struggle to find the exact meaning for it. Leeder has historically been popular as a surname. It originated from families who worked as drovers, which were essentially the driver of carts and vehicles carrying cargo from one place to another. According to House of Names, Leeder is also derived from the word ‘leadere,’ which meant ‘leader’ in old England. It makes sense since the driver of the cart had to lead the horses pulling it. Any boy with this name is destined to grow up to be in an authoritative position.

14 Bexley

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Many of the girls’ names on this list are overtly feminine and girly. But Bexley is one name that’s more edgy than ethereal. Naming your children after places has become a huge trend in the past few years (just think of Kim Kardashian and her daughter Chicago). Bexley refers to several places. Most famously, it’s known as a section of Greater London. But it’s also an affluent suburb in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a great option for parents who love to travel or have a special connection to any of these places. Plus, we think Bex makes an adorable nickname for a baby girl. Don’t you agree?

13 Brantley

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Names like Brandon or Branson are already super popular. In fact, you probably know one or two people with this name. If you love names with this sound but want something less overused, then consider the boy’s name Brantley. This name out of England has an epic meaning, translating to ‘sword’ or ‘fiery.’ Any boy with this name is bound to grow up brave and adventurous, which means mom and dad might have a lot on their hands! Like several of the names on this list, Brantley was originally used as a surname. But it's now beginning to turn heads as a first name.

12 Sovie

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Sovie is such a unique name that it doesn’t have any direct translation of its own. This modern-day name is considered a variation of the name Sophie, although it also sounds close to the less popular moniker Sosie (which is the name of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s daughter!). Sophie originates from France and translates to mean ‘wisdom.’ Any baby girl with that name or a variant is bound to have a good head on her shoulders as she gets older. What’s nice about Sovie is that it offers a bit more edginess and uniqueness than the more commonplace name Sophie. So we definitely recommend keeping this name under consideration.

11 Atlas

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At first glance, an Atlas might remind you of a book of maps or charts. And while we bet any baby boy with this unique name is definitely going to be a smarty-pants, that’s not the reason many millennial parents are gravitating towards this moniker. Rather, many choose this name because of its connection to the god, of Greece mythology, of the same name, who said he could carry the world on his shoulders. You can be sure any boy with this name will grow up to be strong, brave, and valiant. This name also reminds us of the more popular moniker Atticus, so it’s a great option if you’ve already put Atticus down as a potential.

10 Aidy

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Although Aidy is traditionally a girls’ name, it’s considered a variation of the boy’s name Aiden and doesn’t have any direct translations itself. Aidan, on the other hand, is a name from Ireland that translates to mean ‘little’ and ‘fiery.’ We bet that means any kid with the name Aiden or one of its variations is bound to have a bold personality. We love Aidy because it’s both trendy and elegant. It reminds us of typical names live Ava, Addy, Ada, or Adeline, but it will definitely be a conversation starter. It has a distinctly retro feel, despite being a modern millennial baby name.

9 Thiago

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Thiago, which is pronounced chee-AH-go, is a variation of the name Santiago, out of Spain. It translates to mean ‘supplanter.’ On first glance, this might seem like a bit of a boring meaning. But it's actually quite cool when you learn what it means. Supplanter often refers to the governments and rulers of countries. It derives from the verb ‘supplant,’ which essentially mean ‘to trip or overthrow.’ Any boy with this strong name is destined to be competitive and ambitious. We foresee kiddos with this name going far in the world and harnessing every opportunity that comes to them. Sounds pretty good, huh?

8 Winnie

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Sure, Winnie the Pooh may have made this name popular (and make everyone think of a yellow bear when they hear it). But many millennials mamas are beginning to reclaim it as the perfect name for their little girl. Winnie sounds both sweet and ethereal. We can’t imagine a little girl with this name being anything other than perfectly behaved. It also has an equally lovely meaning, as it translates to mean ‘holy peacemaking’ and ‘gentle friend.’ It’s considered shorthand for the classic name Winnifred, which means ‘blessed’ as well as ‘peacemaking.’ Both names originated in Wales.

7 Zayden

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Kayden is an ultra-popular name that you’ve likely already heard in real-life. And while many millennials are still choosing it for their little boys, we think the moniker Zayden is a fresh (and slightly edgier) alternative that you should consider. Zayden is a modern invented name, so it doesn’t have any direct translations. The same goes for Kayden, too. Both names are said to be most popular in England, Wales, and Scotland, although we’re predicting a rise in popularity in North America soon. This name is both trendy and creative, but it’s not so out-there that people will have trouble pronouncing it.

6 Ellerie

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Ellerie, which can also be spelled as Ellery, is a play on common names like Ellen, Ella, and Hillary. It’s a name out of England that translates to mean ‘island with elder trees.’ Thus, it’s a great choice for parents who want to celebrate their love of nature. Ellerie has a distinct ethereal feel, and it both feminine and enchanting. For some reason, it reminds us of a name that a fairy might have, which sounds perfect for your little princess. Interestingly, this name was historically used as a man’s name during the Middle Ages. But nowadays you’ll only hear the moniker used on girls.

5 Aurelian

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Aurelian is a sophisticated boys name of French origin. However, the name has a much longer history. One of the first recorded people with the name happened to be a Roman emperor from the 3rd century AD. The Latin form for Aurelian, which is ‘Aureus,’ roughly translates to mean ‘golden’ and ‘gilded.’ It’s been a trend to give babies royalty-inspired names (for instance, Blac Chyna’s son is named King Cairo). So this name would be right on point without being too obvious or in your face. Aurelia and Aurea and the female version of this name, which are both equally beautiful.

4 Yael

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Unlike other names on this list, Yael isn’t overly feminine or girly. Pronounced as yah-ehl, this is a Hebrew name that means to ‘ascend.’ The name is mentioned plenty of times in the New Testament, though it’s often spelled with an apostrophe as Ya’el. It’s got a sharp, wise sound to it that is bound to ensure any girl with this name is a smarty-pants. Despite only being four-letters, it’s also regal and sophisticated. Some people might be confused about the pronunciation, but that just makes the name a good conversation started. A similar name to Yael is Gale, which is more commonly heard.

3 Makai

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Makai is a handsome name for any baby boy and an excellent option for parents drawn to the very popular moniker Michael, as it's considered a variant of the classic name. Makai is actually a Hawaiian name. It also has a beautiful meaning, as it translates to mean ‘toward the sea.’ Thus, it’s a great option for parents who want to honor a special connection to the beach. According to Oh Baby Names, Makai also roughly means ‘handsome,’ ‘good looking’ and ‘good health,’ so it sounds like any boy with this name will grow up to be quite the charmer. Mom and dad might have their hands full once he begins dating!

2 Amabel

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Annabelle is a name that’s been popular for decades, but that’s a downside nowadays when the trend in baby names is to be unique. So give this moniker a fresh twist by choosing its variation Amabel. We can’t say we’ve heard any celebrity kids with this beautiful name, though it’s gorgeous meaning might make some famous mamas put it on their baby lists. Amabel is Latin for ‘lovable,’ so you can be sure your little girl will be a social butterfly with such a pretty name. Plus, there are tons of nicknames to be derived from it, including Amy, Mabel, and Belle.

1 Zaire


Finally, the last name on our list is this handsome boy’s name: Zaire. Like several other names on this list, Zaire happens to be a place name, which is very on trend. Zaire was an African state from 1971 to 1997 and comes from the Kongo word that translates to mean ‘the river that swallows all rivers.’ It’s a great way to honor a parent’s love of history or a special connection to Central Africa. Likewise, this bold name is full of personality and edginess that is sure to make your little guy stand out from the crowd. Scoop up this name before it gets too popular!

Sources: Nameberry, House of Names, Oh Baby Names.

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