24 Baby Names With Three Syllables Every Mom Will Be Using In 2019

Anyone reading this article is likely expecting a baby girl or boy — so, congratulations! But that, unfortunately, doesn’t mean the parents-to-be are going to have an easy next few months deciding what to name their newest addition. Choosing the perfect name for a baby may seem like one of the simple tasks of welcoming a child into the world, but it’s far from simple.

There’s a lot to take into consideration. For instance, many parents want a name that leans on the trendier side nowadays and will make their child stand apart in the classroom. But for many new parents, choosing a name with an important meaning is also important, whether that meaning is a personal one or just one that sounds cool. Likewise, many expecting parents have a tough time deciding if they want a short or long name for their wee one. Long names are attractive because they instantly sound classy and sophisticated. Likewise, it’s easier to come up with adorable nicknames from a long moniker. However, shorter names are typically easier to pronounce and spell. There’s less risk a child will be teased for a name if it runs on the shorter side.

For parents who can’t decide between a short or long name, why not go with something in the middle? We recommend looking into baby names with three syllables. Three syllable names are in the middle when it comes to length — not too short, but oh so sweet. Keep reading to discover what the trendiest baby names for 2019 are!

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24 Adabelle

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There’s a reason why names like Isabelle and Annabelle have been so popular throughout the years — it’s because they’re gorgeous! But with such names becoming too overused nowadays, many parents are looking for variations that are just as pretty yet a bit more unique. Adabelle is a great alternative. In the language of Germany, it translates to mean ‘noble’ and ‘kind,’ whereas its Hebrew meaning is ‘adornment.’ Any little girl with this stunning name will grow up to be beloved. Plus, Ada is a perfect nickname option.

23 Xavier

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Xavier is a strong-sounding name that’s perfect for any little boy. It can be pronounced as either ‘ex-ZAY-vee-er’ or as ‘ZAY-vee-er.’ This uncommon moniker is actually of Arabic and Basque origin. It translates to mean ‘new house’ or ‘bright.’ Most names that start with unpopular letters like ‘x’ have an edgy sound to them, and Xavier is no different. Variations of Xavier include X, Xazi, and Xav, all of which would be cute shorthand for the name. Xaviera and Xavia are the female variations.

22 Zariah

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Zariah is a fresher alternative to the popular girl’s name Zara. The name originated in Arabic and translates to mean ‘shining’ and ‘flower.’ Thus, it’s a great option for parents who want their daughter to have a floral name without directly naming her after a flower. The ‘z’ spelling of this name gives it a distinctly edgy feeling, although the name still has a feminine flair. This name has been increasing in popularity in recent years, so make sure you scoop it up before someone else you know uses it as their baby’s name!

21 Amari

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You’re going to love your baby boy forever. So, perhaps you should choose a baby name that’s reflective of that. Amari is traditionally a Hebrew name. It has an elegant meaning, translating to mean ‘eternal’- something your love for your son will always be. Parents love that the soft sound the name Amari has thanks to its vowel ending. At the same time, it still gives off a strong, commanding air that will serve your son well throughout his life. Could you imagine yourself with a little Amari?

20 Bellamy

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You’ve likely heard of Bellamy as a last name. For instance, Kate Hudson’s ex-fiancée and the father of her youngest son is named Matt Bellamy (yep- he’s the lead singer for Muse!). But nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common to use Bellamy as a first name, and we can see why. The name has origins in England, Ireland, and France, and means ‘fine friend.’ Any kid with this dashing name is bound to be one of the most popular kiddos on the playground. And who doesn’t want that for their child?

19 Sabrina

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Ever since Netflix's Adventures of Sabrina show debuted last year, the name Sabrina has been taking off in popularity. This name had a big moment in the ‘90s when Melissa Joan Hart portrayed Sabrina Spellman in the hit comedy Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and now Kiernan Shipka is making parents want to name their kiddos this once again in the revival. Sabrina is a Celtic and Gaelic name that translates to mean ‘river.’ It’s feminine without being too girly, and still uncommon enough that you likely don’t know anyone else with this name.

18 Evander

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Names like Eve and Everly have been extremely popular for little girls in recent years. So, if you like the sound of such names but are expecting a little boy, we suggest the dashing name Evander. With a similar sound to the classic boy name Xander, Evander is unique but not over-the-top. It has a mysterious air to it that makes it so appealing. Evander has roots in both Scotland and Greece. It translates to mean ‘bow warrior’ and ‘strong man,’ so your son will definitely grow up to be courageous with a name this important.

17 Aniyah

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‘A’ names are always perfect for parents who want a feminine name for their little girl, and Aniyah is no exception. This is a great alternative to the more popular name Anya, which translates to mean ‘grace.’ Aniyah, however, is a modern name that has no direct translation. While some parents may see this as a downside, we think it’s just one more piece of evidence that shows how unique this name is. Ana or Ani would be adorable nicknames for a little girl with this moniker.

16 Killian

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‘K’ names have always been popular for baby boys, with names like Keegan and Kaleb being some of the top few. Killian is a nice option for parents who are looking for a ‘k’ name. Although it can be used for both genders, Killian is often associated with boys. It’s a name with roots in Ireland that means ‘war,’ ‘strife,’ and ‘church.’ We recommend the name because of its strong, commandeering sound. Any boy with this name will grow up to do something important with his life.

15 Kennedy

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Granted, many people associate the name Kennedy with politics for obvious reasons. And while, yes, the name is a well-known last name, it’s also become a popular first name for baby girls. The name originates from Celtic and Gaelic and translates to mean ‘armored head’ or ‘helmeted.’ We bet that means any girl with this name will have a wise head on her shoulder and a sharp mind. The name’s political connotations give it a sophisticated air without being too in-your-face. Kenny is a cute, boyish nickname that can be used as shorthand.

14 Apollo

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The name Apollo is best known as the name of one of the most important Gods in the mythology of Ancient Greece and Rome. Apollo was the son of Zeus and the God of medicine, music, and poetry, which means any boy with this name might have a path in the arts. Apollo also reminds people of NASA’s Apollo program that was successful in bringing the first people to the moon. Regardless of the reason you choose this baby boy name, it’s got a fun sound to it and an important background. Fun Fact: Gwen Stefani gave one of her sons this first name!

13 Dayana


The name Dayana might look uncommon thanks to its unique spelling, but it's actually just a variation of the popular name Diana. Regardless of if you spell it as Diana or Dayana, the name translates to mean ‘divine’ in Latin. It makes it a great option for any parents looking for a heavenly-inspired name. Dayan is both feminine and slightly ethereal, which makes it such an attractive option for a baby girl. Plus, the moniker Daya would be a gorgeous nickname to use.

12 Dakota

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Dakota is probably one of the more popular names on this list and for good reason. Though the name is known to be used with both gender, it’s most commonly known as a baby boy’s name. Dakota has multiple important meanings. For one, Dakota is a place-name, which is a huge trend right now (just think of Kimye’s daughter Chicago). Dakota is also the name of a group of Native people local to the Mississippi valley in America. It translates to mean ‘allies’ or ‘friendly one,’ so we’re betting any child with this name is bound to be a social butterfly if that meaning has anything to do with it.

11 Rosalie

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Rosalie is one of the most romantic names on this list. Any variations of the name Rose have always been extremely popular, as they’re always feminine whilst also being classic-sounding. Rosalie is the French variation of the Latin name Rosalia, which is equally beautiful. Both names translate to simply mean ‘rose,’ so they’re beautiful options for any parents looking for a floral or nature-inspired name. On another note, Rosalie was the name of one of the main vampires from Twilight, so it’s also a great option for parents who happen to be fans of the franchise.

10 Salvador

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If you’re looking for a strong yet mysterious boy’s name, then look no further than the charming moniker Salvador. This name sounds similar to the name Salvatore, which has been used as a first name though it’s more commonly used as a last name. Salvador is a less used variation. It’s actually the word for ‘savior’ as spoken in Spain, so any boy with this name is bound to grow up to be a hero in some sense. This name sounds edgy and bold without losing its style or sophistication.

9 Johanna

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Johanna is one of the least out-there names on this list. Its classic beauty is the reason parents-to-be have kept gravitating towards it each generation. Johanna is originally a Hebrew name. It has a beautiful meaning, as it translates to mean ‘God is gracious.’ Johanna is considered a feminized version of the classic name John. So it’s a nice option for anyone who wants to name their daughter after someone special in their life name John. Plus, another advantage of this name is the endless nicknames that can be derived from it. Some options include Jo or Anna.

8 Davian

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Dave, David, and Davis have all always been popular names for little boys. They’re handsome, strapping names that will remain stylish no matter what. But, the downside is that you probably know a couple of people with a name similar to them. So, if you find yourself gravitating towards such names but want something with more personality, then consider Davian as an option. This is a modern invented name, so it has no direct translation. But that just means you’ll likely never run into anyone who gave their son this name.

7 Sofia

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It’s more common to see Sofia spelled as Sophia, but spelling it with an ‘f’ makes the classic name stand-out a bit more. Names like Sophia and Sophie have been popular for years, but we wouldn’t let that discourage parents-to-be from keeping it as an option. Sofia is soft-sounding and feminine whilst also being easy to pronounce. This name actually has origins in Greece. Sofia translates to mean ‘wisdom,’ so any little girl with this name will definitely grow up to have a good head on her shoulders.

6 Finnegan

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Many classic boy’s names are strong and masculine. But there’s been an increasing trend of parents-to-be choosing softer names for their baby boys. If you find yourself leaning towards names that are smoother as they roll off the tongue, then keep Finnegan in your mind. This name with roots in Ireland translates to mean ‘fair.’ It’s a cute variation of the equally attractive names Finneas and Finn. And who’s to say you can’t use Finn as a nickname if you choose this for your baby boy?

5 Emerald

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Parents have been naming their children after jewelry and gemstones for years, with names like Pearl, Ruby, and Opal all being well-known baby girl names. If you love the trend of naming children after precious jewels, then consider Emerald as an option. This name is less popular than other gemstone names but just as beautiful and memorable. Emerald originates in Persian and translates to mean ‘green,’ which is likely why the green gem was given this name in the first place. Emma, Em, or Emie would make adorable nickname options.

4 Joziah

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It’s likely that you’ve heard the name Josiah before. This classic Hebrew name has a strong meaning, translating to mean ‘God supports and ‘God heals.’ If you find yourself loving the name Josiah, then we suggest giving it a bit of a makeover and opting for its variation Joziah. Both names mean the same thing but spelling it with a ‘z’ rather than an ‘s’ gives it a unique spin. It also helps the name feel a bit edgier and mysterious.

3 Kamila

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Similar to Joziah, Kamila is another name that’s popular when spelled a different way. You’ve likely seen it written as Camila. But we suggest opting for the ‘k’ spelling if you fall in love with this name as it makes it appear a bit more original. Kamila originated as a Latin name. It translates to mean ‘attendant’ or ‘altar server.’ One benefit of this name is the number of cute nicknames that can be derived from it. Some attractive options include Kam or Kamie.

2 Callahan

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By now, you’ve probably noticed there’s a trend of last names suddenly becoming popular as first name options- and Callahan is another example of this. Callahan has traditionally been used as a surname. But many parents are choosing it as a first name for their baby boy due to its similarity to more popular names, like Callum or Caleb. Callahan has its roots in Ireland and translates to ‘bright-headed.’ We feel like that means your son will be both outgoing and intelligent with such a dapper name.

1 Nalina

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We bet you’ve heard of the name Nala. Not only was it one of the main characters in Disney’s Lion King, but Halle Berry also chose the feminine name for her own daughter. Nalina is a variation of Nala that’s growing in popularity. This sweet name is definitely not common. It is said to be Hindu in origin and translates to mean ‘lotus.’ This pretty meaning is great for parents who love the idea of a floral name but don’t want it to be too obvious. Girls with the name Nalina can be called Nala for short.

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