24 Charming Names From Ireland Parents Have Rarely Heard

Ireland is definitely a fan favorite for many reasons. From the beautiful scenery to the rich history and tradition it is hard to compete with everything that the country has to offer. Along with the rich history comes a longstanding language that is unique. The names that come from Ireland have a special melodious quality that is backed by an almost instant recognition of where the sound comes from. Many people have roots there that go back generations, and everyone enjoys taking part in the culture. They hold it close to their hearts and it's an integral part of who they are. So why not embrace these roots with a name that honors the Emerald Isle?

The names on this list range in meaning from things like "fiery to "descendant of the bald headed". The meanings and sounds of the names on this list are so versatile it makes them perfect to personalize and customize to fit mom and dad's desires for their new little one. Even if mom and dad don't have a past connection to Ireland, they can choose these names. They're perfect for anyone and will make the baby instantly charming.

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24 Keara

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A spelling variation on the more well-known Keira or Kiera, Keara is a beautiful Irish girl’s name. The name Keara is sweet and strong with a meaning of, “little dark one.”This name has not gained much popularity in the United States using this spelling however its cousin name Kiera is very well-known due to individuals such as Kiera Knightly bringing it into the spotlight.

The name Keara offers immense versatility in spelling from the extremely edgy Kyra to the classic Kiera or traditional Keara there is bound to be a variation to fit your style. The Keara spelling variation has made an appearance in Doctor Who and is also the name chosen by Kristi Yamaguchi for her daughter. However aside from those brief glimpses at the spotlight this name has remained relatively rare keeping it unique and making it even more precious.

23 Kassidy

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Kassidy is a unisex name which is a variation of the name Cassidy. The name Kassidy has gained far more popularity as a girl’s name than it has as a boy’s name. The name Kassidy is so popular that it has reached the number 512 spot on the girls name chart on Nameberry. The name however has not made a name for itself on the boy’s chart despite having a very gender neutral sound.

The name Kassidy has belonged for an American diver, a famous quintuplet and even Kassidy Lorraine Osborn a singer from the group SHeDaisy. It has also appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Kasidy Dainelle Yates played by Penny Johnson Jerald. Despite having more popularity as a girl’s name that name Kassidy is traditional unisex and has a gender neutral tone and feel even offering the neutral nickname Kas.

22 Grady

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Grady is a name that has become extremely popular in the United States as a boy’s name in recent years making it to number 374 on the Nameberry name chart. Despite being a unisex name that name has not enjoyed popularity as a girl’s name. Grady means, “noble or illustrious.” The name Grady has some variation available as far as spelling, Gradie, Gradi, Gradee, and Gradey are all spelling options.

The name has seen the spotlight as musicians, athletes, and actors. The name has been seen on, “Sonny with a Chance,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “The Shining,” and “Murder She Wrote.” With this steady stream of exposure and its laid back vibe it is not surprising that the name continues to grow in popularity.

21 Keeley

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A name with a very unique sound Keeley is an Irish name that can be for either boys or girls. The name Keeley has a meaning of, “Slender.” The name Keeley is the perfect alternative to the over popular Kelly, Kyle or Kylie. Keeley does offer some variation. It can be spelled Kealy, Keely, Keelie or Kealy. It has remained relatively unknown and therefore has an air of mystery about it despite being relatively simple.

The name has not gained much popularity and has remained mostly out of the spotlight however it has belonged to a few celebrities. The name Keeley has belonged to an actress, a journalist and an English model as well as Television presenters and personalities.Keeley Teslow was even a character on the television show “Phil of the Future” played by Aly Michalka.

20 Evaleen

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This absolutely gorgeous name is the Irish variation of Evelyn and it is definitely fit for a princess. Evaleen is a traditional Irish girl’s name which comes from the unisex Evelyn meaning, “wished for child.” The name Evelyn is extremely popular having reached number 9 on the Nameberry charts. Evelyn has English origins that can be traced back to the French Aveline.

Evaleen takes the classic Evelyn and transforms it into an absolutely magical fairytale of a name. While Evaleen has not seen the spotlight as a celebrity name the name belongs to Evaleen Jones an American physician who founded NGO Child Family Health Internal, definitely a legacy worth following.

19 Gallagher

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This Irish surname is traditionally used as a boy’s name and has a meaning of, “descendant of foreign helper.” While the meaning in this name is a bit cryptic the name has a strong masculine sound that is still pleasant to listen to. Gallagher has not gained significant popularity in the United States yet despite having been seen in Hollywood on multiple occasions.

The name Gallagher has most recently been featured in the popular show Shameless as the family’s last name. The name also belonged to an American comedian, the son of a football manager and British musicians. While Gallagher is a beautiful and bold name it may be a bit on the formal for where modern trends have gone.

18 Eeve

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This enchanting looking name is an Irish Gaelic variation on the classic name Eve. Eve has Hebrew origins and a meaning of, “life.” The name has become a classic and is so popular that it has made a place for itself at number 436. The name Eve has very traditional roots however when you alter the spelling to Eeve it creates a more magical and fairytale feel.

The name Eeve has not gained significant popularity and it has not yet made a place for itself adding to its mystical appeal. Eeve is a short and simple name that is perfect for parents who want something uncomplicated but still unique and striking. The name can hold its own and draw attention without being difficult to say or spell and without being overly long, formal or complex.

17 Flannery

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Flannery is a very unique Irish name that is actually the diminutive form of the Irish name Flann and Gal. Flannery means, “red-haired,” while the names it stems from mean, “ruddy and valor.” This name has a very traditional Irish feel to it especially having been an Irish surname originally. Having such a traditional feel the name has not yet gained significant main stream popularity in the United States as wither a boy’s or girl’s name.

The name Flannery did gain some initial attention for girl’s through American novelist Mary Flannery O’Connor. It has also belonged to characters in “The Basic Eight,” “The Secret Language of Girls,” “Pages for You,” and the Pokémon video games. Mostly used in literature that name has yet to reach mainstream popularity despite a bold and traditional feel.

16 Carra

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Carra is an Irish variation on the name Cara which has roots that are Latin, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The name Cara and therefore Carra can mean, “dear; friend; face.” The more well-known spelling of Cara has gained itself a spot of number 856 on the Nameberry name charts. Carra however has not yet made a place for itself on the name charts allowing it to keep its rarity.

Carra has a strong and sassy appeal to it that many feminine sounding names lack. This name is the perfect balance of feminity, strength and edge. With the Irish spelling of Carra the name has a uniqueness about it that the more common Cara lacks. The name also has a sass that similar names like Clara and Cora lack.

15 Finnigan

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Traditionally an Irish boys name this strong and formal name is one that has a traditional feel without being too stuffy or overly formal. The name Finnigan is a name that fits squarely into the context of the now popular trend of taking names that belonged to boys and making them unisex.

Finnegan is an alternate spelling option for the name Finnigan while cousin names include Finnian or Finley. Finn is the perfect nickname for this gorgeous name or makes a fantastic stand along name option as well. The name is commonly seen as a surname and was even featured as such in the Harry Potter series through the character Seamus Finnigan played by Devon Murray.

14 Caside

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A beautiful take on the name Cassidy, Caiside is a spelling variation on the Irish name. Cassidy is a unisex name however Caiside is used as a girl’s name. The name Cassidy means, “curly-haired”

Strong and sassy the name Cassidy is sure to grab the attention of anyone within ear shot. The name is melodious and playful making it a delight for anyone to hear. The name Caiside is one with countless variations; Casidi, Kassodey, Cassity, Cassadee, Kassadey, Cassidee, Kassidy, Cassadie, Cassidie, Casidee, Casadee, Casseday, Casadi, Cassadi, Casidy, Cassiddy, Cassadey. There are also nicknames like Cass, Cassy or Sadie associated with this name. The name can ever be made longer and more formal becoming the name Casaundra.

13 Beacan

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With a meaning of, “tiny one,” what could be more perfect for your new little one? Even though they will not always be tiny they will also be your little boy and that makes it perfect not matter what age. Beacan is an Irish boy’s name that has a strong sound and sweet in meaning. The name has not yet gained much popularity in the United States however the rarity only adds to this unique commanding name.

Beacan does offer options for spelling variations. Options such as Beccan, Becan and even Beagan are common. There are also the nicknames Bec and Beag that are often used for this name.

12 Artur

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An Irish variation on a traditional name that gives it a more modern feel Artur is a variation on the name Arthur. Arthur is traditionally a Celtic name which means, “bear.” This name has enough of a following to be at number 244 in popularity on the Nameberry charts currently.

Despite not having Arthur’s popularity Artur has much more to offer. The name Artur keeps the strong bold meaning of “bear,” but loses the over use and over popularity of its cousin name. Artur also has a look that is less formal and has a more modern edge to it.

11 Aiden

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This is an Irish name that can be unisex but has seen significantly more popularity as a boy’s name. Aiden is a sweet and melodious name which means, “little and fiery.” The name Aiden has gained quite a bit of attention making it to number 17 on the name popularity charts for boys, while the name has not experienced the same popularity for girls.

This name has a huge amount of pop culture references. The name Aiden has shown up in television shows such as Ghost Whisperer, Stargate Atlantis, Revenge, The Originals and CSI: NY. The name has also belonged to countless celebrities and athletes and been a popular choice for celebrity parents in the last decade.

10 Shea

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A traditional Irish name that can be used for either girls or boys Shea is sweet and soft in sound, in meaning however the name Shea is all about impact. Shea means, “the stately or dauntless one.” Shea is pronounced shay and can also be spelled that way as well. The name is also a popular surname in Ireland as well as a first name.

The name Shea may be short and straightforward but it does offer a few variation opportunities. Shea can be spelled Shai, Shay, Shey or Shaye. The name has belonged to many athletes from various sports and it is also the name both John Grisham and Kevin James chose for their daughters.

9 Toireasa

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Another example of the beautiful ways the Irish culture transforms names, this gorgeous name is a variation of Theresa. Theresa is an English name that comes from the Spanish name Teresa. The names in this group all mean, “to harvest.” Once popular Theresa has not been on the name charts since 2011 however in the 1960s it was a top 100 name.

The perfect way to honor a Theresa in your life without resurrecting the old name Toireasa is definitely unique and has a one of a kind feel. Unlike anything else popular in the United States currently this name is sure to be unique to your little bundle of joy.

8 Antaine

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This gorgeous name is actually the Irish Gaelic variation of a name known quite well in the United States, Anthony. Anthony has a Latin origin and means, “priceless one,” and it is a lovely name however it has gained so much popularity that it is currently ranked at number 32 on Nameberry’s charts. This level of popularity means that it is not likely that your Anthony would be the only one. Anatine however is a unique and bold way to portray the same meaning without having to worry about the over popularity.

Antaine is the perfect way to honor someone named Anthony or Tony without having to use the same name. This name does still offer the nickname Ant if that is something you wanted to keep. Aside from the common nickname and history the name Antaine is definitely a name that holds its own, unique and exotic with a commanding presence perfect for your little one.

7 Saorise

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A beautiful looking name Saoirse may seem intimidating at first. This beautiful Irish name is pronounced SEER-sha. The name Saoirse is a traditional Irish girl’s name that has gained just enough popularity to gain it a spot on Nameberry’s top 1000 girls names chart, even if its popularity ranking is currently at number 962.

It may have a low place on the charts now but with its beautiful sound and unique look this name is bound to gain traction once more people find out about it. The name has belonged to actresses such as Saoirse Scott, known for her role in One Life to Live. The name also belongs to Saoirse Roisin Hill the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy.

6 Reilly

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A unisex name that comes from an Irish origin Reilly is definitely a modern sounding name with traditional roots. The name Reilly means, “courageous.” With a strong meaning and a sound that is in line with the current naming trend of unisex names with a mild and relaxed sound Reilly is no doubt a name soon to rise in popularity. Despite being in line with current trends the name has not experienced much in the way of popularity recently.

The name Reilly is alternately spelled Riley and that variation has experienced significantly more popularity resting at number 25 for girls and 253 for boys on Nameberry’s name charts. Other spelling options include Ryleigh, Ryley, Rylie, or Rylee. The name has belonged to athletes, actors, and was the choice of designer Stella McCartney for her daughter, Reiley Dilys Stella Willis.

5 Maeve

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This is a name that has made a place for itself on the name charts. Maeve currently sits at number 360 on the Nameberry name charts. The name Maeve is an Irish girl’s name and it means, “she who intoxicates.” This beautiful and unique looking name is pronounced mayv.

The name Maeve has many variations available to make it your own. Spelling variations include, Maevy, Meave, Maive, Maevi, Mave, Mab or Mayve. While international variations on the name can include, Maeva, Maebh, Medbh, Madhbh, Meadhbh, and Meibh. A unique and beautiful name that has variations all over the world and has been featured in pop culture and mythology. The name has also belonged to actresses, painters, diplomats, and novelists.

4 Malachy

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A variation on the Hebrew name Malachi, Malachy means, “my messenger.” The name is a traditional boy’s name and it is a strong masculine name that incorporates a religious feel with an almost gothic sound. The name Malachy has not yet made a place for itself on the name charts, while Malachi sits at number 153 on the Nameberry name charts.

Malachy has a long history of use, mostly in Europe which is to be expected from a traditionally Irish name. The name Malachy has belonged to actors, politicians, writers, archbishops, and even comics. Despite all this it remains relatively unknown and exotic and is a unique choice for those looking for a name with an Irish or religious background or both.

3 Maire

An Irish variation on an old time favorite, Maire is the Irish version of Mary. Sharing its root with Mary both names mean, “bitter.” This is a beautiful name that is the perfect alternative to the all too common Mary, especially for those looking to incorporate an Irish ancestry. The name Maire has not made a place for itself on the name charts where Mary is currently sitting at number 126.

Maire is modern and sweet. The spelling is interesting and unique with a sound that is familiar and comforting. This name takes the best of both worlds and combines it. There is the chance however that the name will cause some confusion with the name Marie in pronunciation.

2 Mulligan

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A traditional Irish boy’s name Mulligan is a name that has a traditional feel and a strong bold sound. The name Mulligan has a meaning relating to lineage and it is, “descendent of the bald-headed.” The name Mulligan has not yet gained popularity in the United States and it is remains unique and mysterious.

The name Mulligan is traditionally a surname but has become a first name however it is less well known as a first name. The name has seen the spotlight as a last name through individuals such as Gerald Joseph Mulligan an American Jazz saxophonist and Carey Mulligan an English actress.

1 Tierney

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Tierney is a traditional Irish name that is unisex and can be used for either girls or boys. The name Tierney means, “descendant of a lord,” and has a classic sound that is lyrical and poetic. Despite its classic sound and strong feel the name Tierney has yet to make it onto the charts as either a boys or girls name.

The name Tierney is a classic that provides for customization and the freedom to individualize the name to fit your preferences. The name can be spelled Tierneigh, or Tiernie. There is also the alternative name Tiernan that is an option if you are looking for something with a more formal feel. The name has belonged American actresses, photographers, biologist and explorers and jazz singers.

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