24 Gemstone Baby Names That Shine Bright

Naming a baby girl after a gemstone is such a fun and charming idea. Gemstones are precious and gorgeous, just like adorable baby girls. For centuries, gemstones have captured the imaginations of human beings, because they are natural treasures. They come straight from Mother Earth.

Some people believe that gemstones have magical properties. Moms-to-be don't need to believe in magic to choose gemstone names for their newborn girls. Gemstone names have timeless appeal and pair well with so many middle and last names.

Some gemstone baby names on the list are fairly common. Others are unusual. There are a limited number of gemstones and most of them are on this list. It's possible to select something popular, such as Ruby, or choose a less-common baby name, such as Coral or Citrine. With twenty-five names to choose from, expecting ladies will be spoiled for choice. A few names on the list fit the gender-neutral category.

A new daughter brings so much joy, sparkle, shine and light to a Mom's life. When a newborn girl is named after a gemstone, she'll be inspired to let her light shine for a lifetime. Another charming aspect of selecting a gemstone baby name is that a Mom will be able to give her daughter namesake gemstones as special gifts.

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24 Ruby

This name has an old-fashioned quality that's really appealing. It is a name with vintage charm. If you love retro style and enjoy learning about bygone eras, you may find that naming your baby girl Ruby is the right choice. A Ruby is a precious gem with a rich, red color. It's a gemstone that has always been prized by royalty. The name, Ruby, means, "red", according to Babycenter.com.

This name comes up a lot online because one of MAC's most famous lipsticks is called Ruby Woo. It's a vibrant red lip color that women adore.

Ruby is the birthstone of July babies. This precious gem is believed to bring excellent luck to its wearer.

23 Sapphire

Sapphires are stunning, but subtle. They have a quiet elegance that many brighter gemstones lack. Their deep blue color is mysterious and intriguing. Sapphires are elegant and precious gemstones. They are rare. The late Princess Diana wore a large Sapphire engagement ring, which was offered to her by Prince Charles. Today, The Duchess of Cambridge (often referred to as Kate Middleton) wears the same ring.

If you love the color blue, you may want to name your baby girl Sapphire. This name has Hebrew origins and it means, "blue jewel". according to Huggies.com.au. This dark blue gemstone is the birthstone of September babies. Sapphires are believed to soothe depression and clear away unpleasant thoughts.

22 Emerald

A baby's permanent eye color isn't usually apparent right after birth, but it's possible that you'll give birth to a green-eyed baby girl. Calling her Emerald will be a great way to honor the beauty of her emerald eyes. Of course, your baby doesn't have to have green eyes to bear this pretty name. It's perfect for any baby girl. Feminine and interesting, the name, Emerald, means, "the gemstone emerald", according to Sheknows.com. This name has English origins. The Spanish version, Esmerelda, is also a pretty option.

Emerald is the birthstone of May babies and wearing an emerald is believed to guarantee domestic happiness, friendship and loyalty.

21 Topaz

This pretty gemstone baby name has a New Age vibe. A classic Topaz will have a gorgeous golden hue, as well as plenty of sparkle and shine. While the yellow Topaz is the most famous, Topaz stones come in many different colors. This baby girl name has Latin origins, according to Sheknows.com, and it means "jewel".

If you're the type of woman who dreams of exploring Sedona, Arizona's healing vortexes, and you love all things crunchy, you'll probably adore the name, Topaz. It's a dreamy name with a lot of hippie charm. Topaz is the November birthstone. Wearing this semi-precious gemstone is believed to promote forgiveness and truth.

20 Diamond

There's something so captivating about the icy purity of a good diamond. Diamonds shimmer and sparkle when they capture the light. They seem to have inner fire, because a prism of colors are visible when they are touched by the sun. If you want to name your baby girl after the most precious gem of them all, call her Diamond. This is a baby name with bling.

The name, Diamond, means, "untamed, invincible", according to Behindthename.com, and it has Latin origins. Diamonds are symbols of purity which are believed to bring clarity and love into the closest relationships. These precious gems are April birthstones.

19 Amethyst

If you're attracted to the rich color of violets, why not call your newborn baby girl, "Amethyst"? Amethysts comes in a range of purple hues and they are truly beautiful semi-precious gemstones. Known as February's birthstone, Amethysts are believed to promote good health. They may also help wearers to enjoy deep and healing rest.

The name, Amethyst, means, "jewel" and it's got Greek origins, according to Sheknows.com. The ancient Greeks believed that these gemstones helped their wearers to resist intoxication from strong drink.

If you love the beauty of Amethysts and purple or lavender is your favorite color, this name may be ideal choice for your beautiful baby girl.

18 Amber

Amber is a name that sounds so warm and inviting. Amber gemstones have deep yellow-orange tones that evoke the heat of the sun's golden rays. This is one of the more popular gemstone names. Plenty of girls are called Amber nowadays. It's a name that's lovely, but not too different. It's made it into the mainstream.

The name, Amber, means, "jewel", or "Amber stone". It has Muslim origins, according to Sheknows.com. Amber is made from tree resin that's fossilized and it's been prized for its color and its beauty for thousands of years.

Amber is linked with the star sign, Taurus. It's believed to relieve pain and enhance self-confidence.

17 Opal


Opals have a milky, opaque beauty. The creamy-white appearance of these gemstones is accented by tons of tiny and colorful sparkles. The sparkles shimmer within their depths. If you love the look of opals, why not call your baby daughter, Opal? This name is easy to say and spell and will pair beautifully with a longer last name.

The name, Opal, means, "jewel" and it has Indo-European origins, according to En.wikipedia.org. During the Victorian age, the name Opal became a popular choice for girls. This gemstone is a birthstone for October, which is linked with the astrological sign, Libra. Opals are believed to bestow their wearers with creativity and optimism.

16 Onyx


If you prefer the edgy to the typical, and you're looking for an offbeat baby name for your beautiful infant daughter, you may want to call her Onyx. This gemstone comes in white and black, but the jet-black version is more famous by far. If you're into vintage jewelry, you should know that Onyx was often used to make traditional cameo pendants. This name has Greek origins and means, "claw", according to Babynamewizard.com.

People who believe in the mystical healing powers of gemstone believe that wearing Onyx will boost personal energy and convert negative energy to good energy. This gemstone is also believed to improve emotional stability and stamina.

15 Beryl


Beryl is a class of gemstones, rather than just one gemstone. Aquamarines and Emeralds are both types of Beryl gemstones. Beryl is a beloved form of gem mineral which comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, including blue-green and bright green. Beryl crystals grow in hexagon shapes, according to En.wikipedia.org.

The girl's name, Beryl, has English origins. It name means, "derived from the gemstone, Beryl". Varieties of Beryl are believes to improve the function and health of the pulmonary, circulatory and eliminatory body system. Beryl is also supposed to protect its wearer from toxins and pollution.

14 Coral


The red and pink forms of Coral are the most prized for jewelry. Coral comes from under the sea and it's considered a natural gemstone. If you dream of scuba diving near coral reefs, while a fascinating array of marine life swim past, then this name may evoke your soul. Coral is pretty, without being too popular. It's interesting because it's a name that you don't hear every day.

Wearing coral is believed to boost visualization, tact, imagination and intuition, according to Birthstones.me. Unlike most gems, Coral isn't a mineral. What makes it different makes it exciting as a baby girl name option. Coral is a name that means, small stone.

13 Citrine


Citrine is a lovely gemstone that comes in orange, yellow and brown hues. It's linked with the month of November. If you love warm, golden tones, you may be a fan of Citrine gemstones.

While Citrine is an unusual name for a baby girl, it's a beautiful name. Its rarity makes it a very interesting choice. If you choose Citrine, you'll be naming your daughter after a gorgeous, honey-toned gemstone that is a popular jewel in modern jewelry design. Citrine means, "Citrine jewel" and it's charming because it has that chic French sound, according to Nameberry.com. Wearing Citrine is believed to promote creativity and refresh the mind.

12 Peridot


Peridot is unique because it comes in just one color, while many gemstones on our list come in a range of hues. This gemstone is always olive green, although the intensity of the color will vary from gem to gem, according to En.wikipedia.org.

Some people pronounce Peridot, with "dot" at the end, while others pronounce it per-a-doe, which sounds more French. If you choose this unique gemstone name for baby girls, expect to hear both versions as people attempt to say your daughter's pretty name perfectly! The name means, gemstone of green color.

This name has Arabic origins and it's linked with the birth month, August. People who wear Peridot are believed to have an easier time putting their pasts behind them.

11 Turquoise

Turquoise is dazzling to look at and fun to wear. It's a gemstone with a stunning blue color, which looks amazing raw or polished. It's also a charming baby name for little girls. Turquoise will always be linked with native tribes. Many Native Americans believe that wearing turquoise brings good luck, helps with healing and makes it easier to communicate with the spirit world, according to Tskies.com.

If you've ever admired gorgeous antique Native American jewelry, or love Turquoise for any other reason, you may want to choose this name for your baby girl. Turquoise is linked with the astrological sign, Sagittarius and the birth month, December. The name, Turquoise, comes from France and means, stone from Turkey.

10 Pearl

Pearl is another baby girl name with vintage appeal. It's definitely an old-fashioned choice, which is really timeless in terms of its beauty. Pearls are lustrous, gorgeous and precious...just like a new baby daughter.

Pearl is a name with Latin origins, according to Sheknows.com, and its meaning is, "precious". Pearl is linked with the birth month, June. People who wear pearls are believed to access healing properties, because these gorgeous, spherical gemstones promote calmness and boost integrity. Pearls come from the sea, so this name is also linked with the ocean and its mysteries.

9 Aquamarine


Are you daring enough to name your precious little daughter, Aquamarine? If you are, you're choosing one of the mermaid names, which is also the name of a semi-precious gemstone. This blue-green gemstone evokes the beauty of the sea and it's the birthstone for March. It's associated with the astrological sign, Pisces, according to Energymuse.com. People who wear Aquamarine gemstones are believed to access protection from drowning. This name has English origins and it means, gemstone of the Beryl type.

8 Jade

Jade is a wonderful name for a baby girl and it's one of the more common gemstone names on the list. Lots of girls bear this beautiful name. Jade is a mineral gemstone that is ornamental, according to En.wikipedia.org, and its green forms are the most famous types of Jade. Jade is a feature in plenty of ancient art from Asia.

This name means, "Jade ornamental stone", which is used in jewelry-making, as well as art. Jade is believed to stop colic pain in infants. If this was really true, it's safe to say that plenty of stressed-out parents would be keeping Jade close to their baby's cribs.

7 Garnet

If you adore the color red, and don't want to call your baby girl, Ruby, then Garnet may be a great alternative. It's certainly different, and this baby name is the name of a gorgeous, dark-red gemstone of the semi-precious variety.

According to Glitteringstones.com, Garnet is a word that is a version of another word, Gernet. Gernet is a Latin word with medieval origins and it means, "dark red".  Garnet means the very same thing. This gemstone is the birthstone for January. Wearing garnet is believed to purify the blood, heart and lungs and boost immune system function. A garnet is a symbol of love.

6 Carnelian

Now, we're really getting into the more offbeat gemstone baby names. Carnelian sounds a bit like Carmella or Carnie. It's more exotic than either of those names, because it's a rare choice. When you choose Carnelian, you'll be naming your baby daughter after a gemstone mineral with a reddish-brown hue. Carnelian is semi-precious.

The name means, "red gem", according to Babycenter.com. This gemstone is believed to boost vitality, improve motivation and enhance creativity. If you call your baby Carnelian, everyone will probably call her Carnie, so be sure that you like the shortened version, too.

5 Jasper

Jasper is gender-neutral, which is very cool. It's the name of a gemstone that's composed of micro-granular quartz, according to En.wikipedia.org. This gemstone was prized in many ancient cultures and it comes in an assortment of hues, such as green, red, yellow and brown. Red is the most popular form of Jasper.

This name has Hebrew origins. It's derived from the Latin word, Gaspar. The name, Jasper, means, "treasurer". Jasper is believed to give its wearer more wisdom and courage. It's a gemstone that promote strength and stability.

4 Jet

Jet is another gender-neutral choice. While most people associate the name, Jet, with airplanes, Jet is actually a gemstone...and it's a beautiful gemstone! It's deep black and extremely reflective, so it's a natural choice for jewelry. This name's meaning depends. If you're naming your daughter after the gemstone, the name means, "Jet gemstone". Some people who love aviation choose the name Jet because it embodies the spirit of flying. This stone is believed to purify vibrations and energy and to protect the wearer from evil. Source: Shimmerlings.com

3 Moonstone


Moonstone is another one of the "hippie" names on the list. It's got the same crunchy vibe as "Topaz". If you love the look of romantically-named Moonstone gemstones, which are bestowed with pearly luster, this name may be right for your baby girl.

Moonstones are gorgeous, thanks to their shine. White moonstones are probably the most popular, but they do come in other colors, such as purple, grey and pink, according to En.wikipedia.org.

This name means, moonstone gemstone. When your baby girl is older, you may give her a moonstone to wear. Wearing moonstones is believed to spark personal grown and boost strength.

2 Tanzanite


Tanzanite is a blue gem that's precious. The name, Tanzanite, was trademarked by high-end jewelry company, Tiffany and Co., as a name for zoisite mineral gemstones. When you choose this name for your little girl, you're choosing a name that Tiffany's creatives selected for one of the gemstones used in the company's jewelry designs, according to Geology.com. The name means, "zoisite mineral', and the name was chosen because the gemstone was found in part of Tanzania, Africa.

This pretty gemstone is believed to balance energy and improve communication and intuition. It's supposed to be good for throat health, too.

1 Agate

This vibrant gemstone is a popular choice for beads. It's cut or tumbled and then utilized in a variety of craft and jewelry projects. It comes in a wide variety of colors. Its renowned for its interesting bands of colors, which create a ripple effect that is beautiful. According to Nameberry.com, this unique baby name means, "good woman" and it's of Greek origins. Agate is similar to the name, Agatha. When a person wears or hold agate, it's believed that the gemstone will get rid of negative energy and boost cognitive function.

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