24 Names From Turkey That Are Perfectly Exotic

Turkey is a nation with a rich cultural heritage and many centuries' worth of history that has shaped it into what it is today. It’s no surprise that, during its deep history, Turkish culture has created a wide variety of beautiful names that are still popular in and out of Turkey to this day.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 of the best Turkish girl names and 12 of the best Turkish guy names. Whether mom and dad want to honour a Turkish heritage with the baby name choice, or simply fell in love with the uniqueness of one of their eloquent names, these would all make fitting names for millennial babies.

One thing to note about Turkish names is that they have a lot of unisex monikers, where the name has been used equally for both girls and boys throughout history. So, even if we’ve classified a name as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ on this list, parents can totally consider using it for the other gender if they like the sound of it. And, if the sound of the name isn’t enough to convince mom, then read on to find out about the beautiful meaning behind the name. Most Turkish names are known for their specific meanings within the language, and most of them are absolutely breathtaking.

24 Lunara

If you love elegant, feminine sounding names, then this Turkish variation of Luna is probably the baby name for you.

Lunara means ‘flower,’ ‘rose,’ and ‘pomegranate’ in Turkish, giving it a distinct floral, feminine air. The name elegantly glides off the tongue. We can only imagine it belonging to a total girly girl with a big personality to match her unique name.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter is named Luna. So maybe you should hop on the trend, too!

23 Kaan

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You’ve probably heard of Kahn used as a last name before, but it turns out that Kaan (spelt distinctly with two ‘As’) is a popular boy’s name in Turkish. Thus, this is one name that doesn’t sound too out-of-the ordinary, but has a unique spelling that makes it different and memorable.

To top it off, Kaan has a very royal meaning behind it that makes it perfect for your little Prince. In Turkish, the name translates to mean ‘King of Kings’ or ‘ruler,’ so you can be your boy will grow up to be a leader in some sense of the world. Now who doesn’t want such a strong name for their son?

22 Azra

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Attractive feminine names that incorporate the letter ‘z’ can be difficult to find- that is, until you’ve heard this 5-letter Turkish name.

Azra sounds like a feminized version of the popular boy’s name Ezra or a variant of the unpopular girl’s name Azure. In Turkish, this short but sweet name translates to ‘the one who is a virgin.’ While that may not be the most attractive baby name meaning, we still can’t get over how easily this name rolls off the tongue and the edgy flare it has to it.

Could you see your little girl with this stunning, unique name?

21 Neval

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You may have seen the name Neville spelt with an ‘ille’ in the end- but what about ‘al’? If you like sort ‘N’ names, like Noah or Nate, for your potential baby boy name, then we suggest you start considering Neval.

Neval in Turkish has a different spelling than the way the name is usually used in North America, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to give your son a name that stands apart from the crowd (without being too over-the-top). Neval has a cute meaning behind it, too, translating to mean ‘the new city’ or ‘the original place.’

20 Roxelana

You’ve probably heard of the trendy girl’s name Roxy before. Well it turns out there’s a Turkish equivalent! Roxelana is a stunning Turkish name that can also have Roxy as a nickname, if you so desire.

While the name doesn’t have a breathtaking meaning behind it (it simply translates to mean ‘one who comes from the Ruthenia region’) it still has an edgy, hip flare to it. Plus, the name Roxy, which originated in Persian (so not too far removed from Turkish culture), means ‘dawn.’ So that makes up for Roxelana’s lacklustre translation!

19 Zeki

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‘Z’ names are few and far between. So, if you’re giving your baby boy a name that starts with this uncommon letter, you can bet his name is going to be memorable.

Zeki sounds like the Turkish version of Zach. This unique name has an edgy sound to it and even more exclusive spelling, considering it ends with an ‘i.’ This moniker translates to mean ‘one who is clever’ or ‘intelligent,’ so you can rest assured your baby boy will be blessed with brains if he has this charming name.

On another note- doesn’t Zeki sound like the frontman of some hit rock band? We wouldn’t doubt that your little man will have a future in the music industry if you go with this cool-sounding baby name.

18 Esma

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Esme is already a pretty popular name (thank you Twilight saga), but after hearing this beautiful Turkish name, we’re convinced that the variation Esma is even prettier.

Esma simple translates to mean ‘emerald,’ so you can be sure your little girl will shine as bright as a gemstone with a name this beautiful. It also has roots in Christianity. Esma sounds very feminine and delicate, making it perfect if you want a name that leans on the girlier side.

17 Okan

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Following the recent trend of royalty-inspired names, Okan has a very aristocratic meaning behind it. The Turkish name translates to mean ‘a person of noble descent,’ so you can be sure this name will honour the little prince that your baby is.

Okan sounds like the name of a fierce warrior in a fantasy series or in a mystical legend. It has a very authoritative air to it, without coming across as pompous or too over-the-top. Likewise, it’s got a very edgy flare to it, which will make it memorable to whoever meets a person with this bold moniker.

16 Ada

Ava has been one of the top baby girl names in North America for decades, so it should be no shock that Ada is an equally popular girl’s name in Turkish. This is a great option for anyone who loves the simplicity of names like Ava or Eva, but wants something that will stand out a bit better.

To top it off, this three-letter name has a gorgeous meaning, as it translates to mean ‘prosperous’ and ‘happy.’ You can be sure you’ll have a bubbly baby if you give her such a stunning name.

15 Aslan

You might recognize the name Aslan from C.S. Lewis’ critically acclaimed Narnia series, in which Aslan referred to the mystical, God-like lion who ruled over Narnia. But, it turns out that Aslan is also a pretty popular boy’s name in Turkish!

It actually should come as no surprise that Lewis chose this name for the Lion in his books, considering that Aslan translates to mean lion in Turkish- who knew it was so obvious!With a name as powerful as this one, you can be sure your baby boy would grow up to have a commanding personality and strong leadership skills.

14 Ela

Elle or Ella are commonplace names nowadays. But if you feel it reminds you to much of Reese Witherspoon’s iconic character from Legally Blonde, then perhaps this Turkish variant is the baby girl name choice for you.

This simple, three-letter name, which has roots in both Turkish and Hebrew, has a beautiful meaning that will acknowledge any parents’ love for nature, as it translates to ‘they who are representative of Mother Earth.’ We bet any little girl with this name is going to grow up to love all things outdoorsy and to do with nature.

13 Candon

If you love traditional boy names like Cameron or Landon, then you’re going to love the sound of this Turkish name- Candon!

If the modern sound of this name hasn’t already sold you on it, then perhaps the beautiful meaning behind it will. In Turkish, this name translates to mean ‘a sincere and honest man,’ which is something every mama hopes their boy grows up to be.

We can only imagine how cute it would be explaining to your son the meaning behind his name, and helping him to grow up to be exactly like that. We’re sold!

12 Zehra

The name Zahara has become popular in the last two decades thanks to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s eldest daughter of the same name. If you love the sound of this Z-name but want something a little less Brangelina, then this Turkish name with a similar sound might be the name for you.

Zehra is like a shortened version of Zahara and has a beautiful meaning- ‘bright’ and ‘luminous.’ Any baby girl with this stylish name is bound to have an energetic personality that draws people in.

Plus, since this name isn’t common or too out-there, it will make the perfect impression on people that will make sure your baby girl’s name is memorable.

11 Adlee

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We’ve heard of the name Atlee for a baby girl or boy, but what about the name Adlee? This attractive name hails from Turkey and is typically used as a boy’s name.

In biblical terms, Adlee means ‘the one who is judged by God.’ Yet, in Turkish, it means ‘just’ and ‘fair.’ We’re sure anyone with this name is going to have a compassionate attitude and a strong passion for justice. Maybe they’ll even be a future lawyer!

Could you imagine naming your boy this cute moniker?

10 Sila

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If you want a name for your baby girl that is commanding and strong, then look no further than the popular Turkish name Sila.

This moniker has a gorgeous meaning, as it translates to mean ‘a girl who is full of strength and power.’ This makes it the perfect choice for your budding feminism and girl boss. Seriously, Sila is an awesome name for anyone who wants their little girl to have a big dreams and a bright future.

Plus, given that it’s only four-letters, this is one Turkish name that’s pretty hard to not pronounce correctly.

9 Edric

We all know someone with the name Eric. And, although it’s an attractive and charming name, you likely want something a bit fresher for your baby boy. So, maybe the Turkish equivalent of Eric will float your boat instead!

Edric provides an edgy twist to the commonplace name Eric- and has an even better meaning behind it. The name translates to mean ‘vigorous’ or ‘robust man,’ meaning your boy will probably grow up to be a strong, manly man when he’s older.

Plus, think of all the cute nicknames you can create from Edric, like Ed or Eddie!

8 Emine

Names like Emma, Emeline, and even Emilia have been popular in North America for decades. So, if you gravitate to names with a similar sound, you likely want something that’s going to stand out more from the crowd. And if so, then you should definitely consider the name Emine for your baby girl.

This name has a bit more of a masculine sound than other baby girl names, especially since it doesn’t end with an ‘a’ or ‘in’ sound, whereas the ‘ine’ is harsh. That’s what gives this unique moniker an edgy element. Plus, it has a pretty bad a$$ meaning, as it translates to ‘one who is fearless and courageous.’ Who doesn’t want that for their baby girl?

7 Murat

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Murat is one of those names that we can’t think of any comparisons to in English. It has a distinctive sound that will easily make it stand apart from the crowd. The ‘mu’ sound at the beginning of the name isn’t commonplace in the English language, which gives the entire moniker an edgy spin.

But, probably the best thing about this name is the gorgeous meaning behind it. Murat translates to mean ‘wish come true,’ which is the best way a mother can describe welcoming a child. If you want to symbolize how important the birth of your son was, then we totally recommend a name like this with such a special meaning behind it.

6 Meryem

Meryem is the Turkish version of the popular names Mariam or Maryann. This unique spelling offers a breathe of fresh air to the otherwise commonplace name. Spelling it this way will make sure your little girl’s name is memorable without being too out-there for most people’s tastes.

It’s also is a great way to incorporate one’s Turkish heritage into their child’s moniker. While the exact meaning of Meryem is unknown, both Maryann and Mariam translate to mean ‘grace.’ Thus, your baby girl is bound to grow up with sophistication and class with such a unique name.

5 Nouis

We all know that Louis (either pronounced Lewis or Louie) is a popular name by North American standards. So, if you’re looking for something with a similar sound but a different twist, then consider the Turkish boy name Nouis.

Nouis translates to mean ‘bright’ and ‘shining.’ Considering that your newborn boy has or will become the light of your life when he arrives, that’s a fitting meaning behind his name.

Plus, with such a gorgeous meaning behind the moniker, we’re sure any little Nouis is going to grow up to have a bright personality and even brighter mind!

4 Aylin

You might be surprised that the popular girl’s name Aylin is actually Turkish in origin! In recent years, Aylin has become an increasingly popular baby girl’s name in North America, and so has its variants, like Ayla and Aydin.

This moniker has a stunning meaning, translating to mean ‘Halo of the Moon’ and ‘light.’ You’ll love telling people the unique meaning behind your kiddo’s name, and they’ll love doing the same thing when they’re older. Plus, just think of all the adorable nicknames you can create from Aylin!

3 Baris

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If you’re a fan of classic ‘B’-starting boy names, like Barry or Boris, then this Turkish name might be the right one for you.

Baris is different-sounding enough that you’ll always get questions on your little man’s name. But it’s not so out-there that people will have a tough time pronouncing it, or will dislike it. Plus, everyone will love the gorgeous meaning behind the name; Baris translates to mean ‘peaceful,’ ‘calm,’ and ‘quiet.’

Now, if that only meant you’d have a newborn who never cries, wouldn’t you be totally sold on the name?

2 Deniz

All parents who love unisex names listen up!

In North America, the name Denis has traditionally been used as a boy’s name. But the Turkish female moniker Deniz sounds exactly the same, except it’s traditionally used as a girl’s name.

This name is perfect for anyone who wants to give their little girl a more masculine-sounding name. It has a beautiful meaning, translating to mean ‘sea of happiness,’ so your mini-me will definitely be the coolest kid around with such a unique and edgy first name.

1 Tarkan

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Every time we look at this baby boy name, we can’t help but think of Tarzan. Tarkan has a similar sound as the iconic Disney character, but with an edgier vibe to it.

This Turkish name translates to mean ‘he who is bold and strong.’ So don’t be surprised if your baby boy grows up to have the strength and cunningness of Tarzan himself! As different as the name is, it’s not too out-there to make people dislike it or have trouble with pronunciation.

And we’re pretty sure your little boy will love sharing a name so close to Tarzan’s!

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