24 Of The Prettiest Girl Names You Haven't Heard Of Before

Are you looking for an extraordinary girl name that makes your daughter distinctive by name alone? A first name is the longest and most personal accessory of a woman - and therefore you do not want to share it with tens of other people. In spite of the fact that old names are getting trendy again, not all mothers have the desire to call their daughters Emma, ​​Mia, Sophia or something similar. Understandable!

Many parents seem to be really open in the creation of rare names for girls, more frequently from their favorite film or book, as well as series and partial, as well as mythology. Flowers, jewels and favorite colors round this off. Another cool idea is to create an exceptionally beautiful baby name for your child on your own, by browsing through your family tree and modify your ancestor's first names. So your daughter not only carries a rare girl name, but one that even finds its origin in her family.

What we can highly recommend is, for the choice of the perfect name for your daughter, to search in different countries and languages for it. Even if you do not speak French, look at the wonderful first names that France has to offer. Maybe your daughter will be inspired by her name to learn the language! What we mean is: Give yourself to strange waters! Exceed the national boundaries in your thoughts and find the perfect name for your little angel!

We have selected our 25 favorites as an inspiration for all pregnant women in search of an unusual (and still stylish) girl name.

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24 Faye

The name Faye is derived from the Old English word "faie", which means "the fairy".

The name Faye can also be derived from the Irish adjective "fay”, which means "clairvoyant". Irish people always have, as you can see on the one above, kind of a saying for every name. For Faye it’s: She will see everything with the heart. Faye comes in a lot of different spellings, such as Fae, Fay, Fey, Feye.

The original Fay, Morgan le Fay, was a sorceress of the Arthurian Legends. Another famous Faye is Faye Dunaway, an American actress, director, producer and screenwriter. She was known for her role in the film "Network", which she received an Oscar for. She was also seen in "Chinatown" and "Bonnie und Clyde".

By the way, my husband and I discussed whether to call our daughter Feya. Includes the same letters as Faye, but has a completely different meaning. In Albanian, Feya means faith in the sense of religion.

23 Noella

Noella is perfect for all December babies. It's the female version of Noel. This French girl's name means "the one who was born at Christmas". Well then: Merry X-mas! It comes in an other version which would be Noelle – also very beautiful!

If you do not plan to emigrate to Spain there is nothing against to name your daughter Noella. But if you plan to emigrate to Spain, consider the following: The meaning of Noella could be misunderstood in Spain; they might think it would be composed as from the Spanish word "no" (no) and "her" (ella) - so it would mean "not feminine", which is totally something you would not want people to misunderstand, right ?!

Noella Leduc, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player would be one example oft he name.

22 Leyla

We gave our daughter this beautiful name, and we love it! Especially because of the writing. I wanted a name, with a special letter in it, one like «y», «x» or «z». This female first name is available in many variants: Leila, Lejla, Layla, Lajla, Laila. The name became famous mainly through the Arab-Persian tale of "Leila and Madschnun" from the 7th century, which is so well known among Arabs as Romeo and Juliet.

In Arabic, Layla means "the night". Through the above-mentioned tale, and the Leila features it, however, the following meanings have also been given to the name: "light in the dark distance" "beautiful, graceful woman with long dark hair" "as beautiful as the night." The name is also used in Turkey, derived from the Turkish word «laylak» which means lilac or delicate purple.

21 Elara

The name Elara is ancient Greek. In Greek mythology Elara is a nymph, a natural goddess and a lover of Zeus. Zeus hid Elara of his jealous wife Hera deep in the earth, after he had imprisoned her, which is why Tityos is also called the son of Gaia (Gaia is the personified earth in Greek mythology).

Elara died at the birth of "Tityos the giant" because of his size – yeah ouch! Therefore she is a symbol of motherly love. According to this Elara, one of the Jupiter's masters is named. So there is also a moon named Elara. I don’t know of any celebrity named Elara, but I do know that there is a four-star hotel in Las Vegas with the name «Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations», so maybe the owners name is Elara?!

20 Seraphina

Seraphina is a Hebrew name and the female counterpart to Seraphim.

Isaiah saw in a vision several seraphim hovering over God's throne, they had three pairs of wings. One, they used to cover the face with, the other they covered their feet with, and with the last couple they flew. In the Hebrew folklore, Seraphim are angels who can speak as humans do. They have as well a face, hands and feet like humans, the body is mote snake-like, like a kind of dragon.

They are, besides the cherubim, the most powerful angels of God; in the vision they sing praises to him and worship God. They also stand for the element fire. Therefore the name meaning "the inflamed" or "the fiery" makes totally sense. Ben Affleck gave his daughter this beautiful name.

19 Diamond

Use of the English word diamond as an unisex first name. The word diamond has Latin and Greek roots.

Behind the name is also the meaning "the unconscious one" as Diamonds are known for their indestructible material.

There are so many different variations of spelling: Diamona, Diamante, Diamata, Diamontine, Diamanda, Diamonique, Diamund, Diamonte, Diamunde, Dyamond, Diamonda or Diamonde.

Followers of the British royal family may know that the name was given in honor of Queen Victoria's sixtieth anniversary on the throne - her DiamondJubilee. It's said that the queen asked that her granddaughter, born in 1897 during the jubilee year, be named Diamond. But Victoria's son, the future George V, chose Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary instead. Ha! What a rebel!

Did you know 50Cent's son is called Marquise Diamond Jackson? Fun fact: His stage name is 25Cent. Haha!

18 Ondine

Ondines or undines are female elementaries of the water, from the folk beliefs to mermaids. The name comes from the Latin unda, Italian onda, which is called wave; therefore the meaning of the name "wave girl".

In Portugal also in the spelling Ondina possible.

Do you know the movie "Ondine" with Colin Farrell? If not, I recommend it to you, it’s a very sweet movie! So if you want to watch it, don’t read any further, because the next paragraph is going to be a spoiler (this is one of the few films where I didn’t see this end coming).

In the film, Ondine is a young woman who is pulled out of the sea by a fisherman (Colin Farrell). He and his daughter believe that Ondine is a watery nymph, but in reality she is a Romanian drug smuggler named Joana.

17 Elva

In Sweden Elva means "The Elves", also the number 11 in Swedish means elva. Elva also has its origin of Ireland and the Scottish-Gaelic language, where the meaning of Elva is "white". Anglicization of Ailbhe. Also used as a nickname for Elvira, which means "truly foreign". Also form of Alfreda. Also form of Elfrida.

You can see, often the origin of a Name is disputed. Some people say the name is an abbreviation, some others say that the name stands for itself. So exploring the backgrounds of a name is not always as easy as it seems. Interesting is, that Elva is also used for boys which is really rare for a name with an -a ending.

A celebrity example is Elva Dryer an American Olympic runner. An example for a Male Elva would be Elva Roscoe Kendall, the U.S. Congressman from Kentucky.

16 Adora

Adora means the desired one, in English derived from the verb "adore", in the Spanish from "adorar" and in the French from "adorer" each with the meaning "love, covet, adore something or someone". There is the modification of the name in Adore. Adore as a Name is available both as boys as well as girls. The name Adore is very beautiful, especially if it’s spoken with a French accent.

Adora is a princess name-as in Princess Adora of She-Ra: Princess of Power. Princess Adora is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe franchise. She is the slightly tomboyish yet very beautiful twin sister of Prince Adam and the alter ego of She-Ra. She-Ra was an action figure series, which was sold by Mattel from 1985 to 1987. The series was also implemented as a drawing series and radio play.

15 Indigo

Color names are the most appealing and evocative oft he new generation. They have joined flower and jewel names. Indigo is a deep blue-purple dye from plants native to India. The name Indigo is striking for both girls and boys.

I mean we all know a Violet, a Hazel, an Olive, maybe even a Lavender, so why not Indigo? I think it’s a cool and modern name, which fits to the present time, in which we no longer have to adhere to certain rules by giving our children their name. We can be free-spirits, and Indigo sounds for me definitely like someone who is a free-spirit.

Indigo is the name of a character in the Ntozake Shange novel Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo, and was used for his daughter by Lou DiamondPhillips (we will come back to this name on the next point!).

14 Nalani

Some names just drip with divinity and are too good to pass up! Nalani, pronounced nah-LAH-nee, is such a sweet baby name choice filled with great power. The origin oft he name is Hawaiian language and it means "the heavens». Nalani also means "chief," proving girls can in fact run the world.

Back to the meaning «the heavens» - OMG how beautiful it that?! I feel like it’s kind of the name Angel, but more modest, as it doesn’t jump on you right away, only if you google the meaning, you will see what a beautiful meaning it has.

It’s also possible to spell the Name in other variations: Nalanie or Nalany.

I haven’t found a celebrity with the name Nalani, which makes it a really rare name. I think so far this name is really only use in Hawaii or Hawaiians.

13 Fleur

The name Fleur is used by the French word for flower. Fleur is the French variant of the girl's name Flora. Flora is the name of the ancient Roman goddess of spring and comes from the Latin. By the way, Flora is also a very nice name. In Albania, where my husband originally comes from, the name Vlora (spoken Flora) is widespread.

It very feminine name as I think. Of course you could also name your daughter after a certain flower, like Rose, Daisy, Iris, Jasmin or Viola, but to give her just the name Fleur is equally beautiful. When I hear Fleur, I automatically think of Fleur Delacour, from Harry Potter, who later becomes Bill's wife. There is also Fleur de Force, which is a Youtube-personality and makeup artist from England.

12 Amali

Whats special about the Name Amali is that in most countries all over the world the name is a unisex name, used as a boy name and a girl name. The name Amali is of Hebrew, Swahili origins, which means it has more than one root, and is used in more than one country and different languages of the world, especially African countries, Hebrew speaking countries, Swahili speaking countries amog others.

The Swahili meaning for Amali is "Occupation, activity; hope". The Hebrew meaning is "My work". Also Amali comes in a few different variations, as of Amalie, Amalia, Amal. Amalia is a name often found in royal houses: Amalia Maria Frederica of Oldenburg, Queen consort of Otto of Greece, Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria, Princess of Orange, Princess of the Netherlands, and lastly, Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa, Princess of Luxembourg.

One famous example of the name Amal would be British-Lebanese lawyer and wife of George Clooney, Amal Ramzi Alamuddin Clooney. Amalia Ulman, is another example, she is a Instagram celebrity.

11 Felia

The name Felia is the short form of the name Ophelia, derived from the ancient Greek word "ophelus". Ophelus means "the helping one" but there is also a Latin meaning, which is "the happy one". So both meanings, are very different from each other but still very beautiful.

What is also very beautiful about Felia, is that you can change the pronunciation depending on the spelling. With the spelling Felia, you would pronunce it with a a long drawn e. But you could also write Feliah, which would make the a long drawn. Say it out lound once, sounds beautiful! There was a Russian ballet dancer, Felia Doubrovska. After completing her studies at the Imperial Ballet School in St. Petersburg, Felia Doubrovska performed with the legendary "Ballets Russes" which made her famous.

10 Shirin

Shirin is the Persian form of the girl-name Schirin. Also possible in different variations as of Schirin, Shireen or Shirina. The name Shirin means "the sweetness", "the beauty", "the pleasant one" and "the charming one". Which I think are so beautiful meanings, right? Fun fact: in Turkey the Smurfs are called Shirinler. So if you life in Turkey you may want to think twice about naming your girl Shirin..

One famous name carrier is Shirin Ebadi. She is an Iranian lawyer, first Iranian judge and human rights activist. Shirin Ebadi was the first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 and has been living in exile in Great Britain since the end of 2009. If you don’t know her, you really should go read about her, I was super impressed by how strong she is if you know how her life is going.

9 Soraya

Soraya is an Arabic name of Persian origin. In the Persian language of the land (Sorara) Soraya is called "the seven-pointed", which we call the little Bear. In Arab countries people call the Little Bear a diadem of heaven. It is brightest at dawn, and people believe it can affect the weather. The name also has other meanings such as "good princess", "little precious" and "jewel".

Also possible in other spellings: Souraya, Soraja, Soraija. A Persian empress was called Soraya, she made the name famous to the rest of the world. There is also the American singer, songwriter and musician named Soraya. She was given her name, as her mother's family were Christian emigrants from Lebanon who emigrated first to Colombia and then settled in the USA. She won the Latin Grammy in 2004.

8 Quila

Quila means "The ruling from the gods' ground" -wow how beautiful, isn't it? This name also exists in tens of spellings: Quilah, Quyla, Quylla, Quella (English), Quellah, Quilla, Quillah. In my research, I found out that there is a mountain in a wooded region of the Mexican state of Jalisco, which bears the name "Sierra de Quila".

An old mexican lady told me, that Quila is a very special name, not a lot of babies where given, because those who given the name grow to be strong, reliable, and unique. She told me, that the parents feel if the baby can meet this name and often reject the idea with this name because of that. That was so interesting that I had to put that one on the list! Do you know somebody named Quila, if yes does she justice with those characteristics?

7 Zita

The first name Zita can be explained as a short form of Felicitas (Latin felicitas = "fertility, happiness, success"); but there are also other derivations, either from the Latin Cita (citatus = "fast, rapid"), or from the Italian zita "girl," "celella" "virgin."

Patronin of the name is a Zita, which was sanctified three hundred years ago. She was born around 1219 as a child of a low-income family in Monsagrati (today Pescaglia-Monsagrati near Lucca), and had to live with the rich Lucches family Fatinelli as a maid. She served there for 48 years until her blessed end. When she died at the age of sixty, in broad daylight, a star rised above Lucca, and since then she has been revered as a saint. In the chapel, which was built from the stones of her birthplace at Monte Sagrati, numerous "judicially confirmed" miracles occurred through their invocation.

6 Calypso

Comes also in the written version Kalypso and means "the hiding one".

In Greek mythology, Kalypso is a nymph, her father is the Titan Atlas. She is also a demi-goddess of exceptional beauty who lived on the hidden island of Ogygia, and kept Odysseus as her prisoner and lover for seven years. Odysseus has always wanted to leave her to return to Ithaca to his wife Penelope. After seven years, finally, Zeus orders the Kalypso to release Odysseus. In obedience, she provided him with tools to build a raft, later also with travel expenses. In addition, she gives him valuable information for the trip and sends him a favorable west wind.

The Saturn moon Calypso was named after this Greek nymph Calypso. Also the name of the famous research boat of the French underwater researcher Jacques Costeau, was called "Calypso".

5 Haukea

The baby girl name Haukea is a real princess, fairytale name, as the name is oft he meaning «Snow white». The origin of Haukea is Hawaiian language. The Names Haukeah, Haukia, Haukiah, Haukiya and Haukiyah are derivates of Haukea.

Have you ever heard of this Name Haukea before? I haven’t, but hey, the Hawaiian names are totally trendy right now, as of Moana or Vaiana (thanks to Disney, right?!), so it’s totally possible, that Haukea is going tob e the name to have in a few years.

At least it’s meaning is so very cool, right? I mean I would love tob e called Snow White, no matter in which language of this world! By the way, if you like the meaning, you should google it, Snow White is actually a very popular name in all different languages.

4 Philin

Philin is a female first name of Greek origin and is derived from the Greek words « philein, philéo », which is meaning "the friendly one» or «the lovable one". Everybody would love to have a name with a meaning this flattering. It is also means "love », « caress" and "kisses".

Philine, Philina, or Philia, are some different varieties you can write Philin. The male counterpart would be Philipp (which also comes in like 100 different writting versions). One of the most prominent names bearers is a figure in Goethe's novel "Wilhelm Meister's apprenticeship". WHAT you have never read this??? Yeah, me neither! But hey, a little useless knowledge never hurts. After all, you now can indicate if you should see a Philin, like: "Oh exactly, your name features in this piece of writing from Goethe, right?"

3 Feline

The origin of Feline is quite controversial. Some people say the name probably has a link to the Latin word "felix", which means "happy". Others deny this, because Felicitas is already traceable to this Latin word. Therefore it is more likely that Feline is the feminine form of the Latin word "felinus", which means "catlike".

But I think it’s very cool if your name is Feline, so you can just take the meaning you like more, and if people ask you what it means, you can tell them your most favourite. Rarely also in the spelling Feeline spread. So if you are a Catlady, this may be the perfect name for your daughter.

After the number of celebrities, Feline is a really rare name. The daughter of the Dutch actors Bastiaan Ragas and Tooske Breugem is called Feline Hanneke Grietje Ragas but other than her I haven't found any celebrity with this name.

2 Anjuli

Means "divine gift". In India, the name Anjuli is widespread and endowed with additional meaning, for example "white", "purely", "knowing", "beautiful", "auspicious" and "the happy one" and also "flower of the South". Also possible in the spelling Anjulie or Anjouli.

Indian names are getting more and more popular, as many people love the deep meanings and sayings, fallen around the names. Anjuli is a beautiful example, as this is a name which can be pronounced by people in all countries, but nevertheless is a special name. The Indian gesture (Mudra) with the folded hands is also called Anjuli.

There is a novel called 'Palace of the Winds' by M. M. Kaye, in which the principal person is also called Anjuli. Do you know Miami’s Anjuli Stars? I didn’t, but maybe you do. She is a singer and songwriter.

1 Oona

Let's end the list with my own name: Oona.

Oona is a variation of the Irish name Una, which in Ireland also the spelling Oonagh is been used.

Did you know, that Charlie Chaplin's wife was named Oona? One of her granddaughters was named after her, and is now an actress famous in her own right for playing Talisa of Volantis in "Game of Thrones."In Irish legend, Una/Oona was a daughter of a king of Lochlainn. The name was very popular in Ireland in the Middle Ages, and is currently seeing a comeback.

As fort he meaning, you will find a lot of different ones online. One meaning is «lamb». Another one is «the unique one». An old Irish women once told me, if you are named Oona you will be blessed with happiness and prosperity you whole life.

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