24 Popular Baby Names Based On The Baby's Birth Month

What else identifies someone as much as their birthday. The day and month they are born often tells a lot about a person, and what better...

What is in a name? Well, the truth is; EVERYTHING. Some women know what they want to name their children well before they are even thinking of conceiving. Other’s struggle a little bit. Struggling to come up with the perfect name for your baby is completely understandable, a name is a big deal. A person’s name may be the one thing they use to identify themselves with.

A name can come from many sources. It can be a family name, that is passed down through each generation. It can come from a favourite movie, TV show, or even book. Or it could be a name that comes from one of the many baby name lists this this one.

Growing up, it is quite often that you hear a child ask their mom or dad where their name came from. What inspired the idea for their name? It is always a good idea when thinking of a name, to make sure you have a strong and powerful story behind the origin of the name. We all know the ‘normal’ places to find name inspirations, but did anyone ever think to name their baby based on the actual month they are born?

What else identifies someone as much as their birthday. The day and month they are born often tells a lot about a person, and what better inspiration for a name. I have put together the ultimate list of baby names, for boys and girls, that are inspired by their month of birth! Read and share, there will be no lack of inspiration found here.

24January Baby Girl: NOVA

The month January brings a lot of new things into our lives. It rings in the new year, and with the new year a new chance to do something different or make a big change in your life. You may want to consider the name Nova if you are having a little baby girl in this month. Nova is a latin name, that literally translates to “new”.

It is very popular in Scandinavian countries, which means if you are naming your child that in Canada or the USA, it is going to be pretty uncommon. If the name Nova doesn’t quite do it for you, there are other variations that you can use. Novalee is a beautiful full name for a baby girl, who can hold on to the nickname Nova. A name that means new is definitely a name that belongs to a baby born in January.

23January Baby Boy: ORDELL

Now, don’t worry if you are looking for a name that means “new” for your little boy, then we have one for you. The name Ordell is the one for you. It is an English name, with the Latin meaning of “beginning”. January is seen as a new beginning for a lot of people, a chance to do things differently. If your baby is born in January, there is no bigger beginning for you. It is the beginning of your journey into parenthood.

Ordell is another common name used mostly in the western part of the world, so it should be one that you do not hear too often here in North America. Note, that in the western part of the world, they do use it as a unisex name. So, if you are having a girl but this name caught your eye, it can also be used as a baby girl’s name.

22February Baby Girl: FREYA

For our February names, it is safe to say that we are going to stick to names that mean love. February holds one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s day! There are no shortages of names that mean love and happiness, but I have taken a particular fondness to the name Freya. The name Freya has many places of origins, such as Norse mythology, British and German. What is interesting is the pronunciation. If you want to pronounce it as the Brits do, you say Fray-a, where the Germans pronounce if Fre-ya.

Freya directly translates to “lady”. Freya was the name of the goddess of love and beauty. No better name for a little girl born in the month of love. This name had dipped in popularity, but since the 2000’s it has become a hit once again! You better snatch this name up, before all the little girls have it.

21February Baby Boy: CARWYN

We can not have a girl’s name for the month of love without having an equally beautiful baby boy name. The name Carwyn is a name that you do not hear often, and that may be a good thing, as that is what more and more mom’s are searching for when they try to come up with a name. Carwyn is an incredibly masculine name, so if you want a strong name for your son, this is the one.

Carwyn is of Welsh origins, and means “blessed love”. If that is not the best name for a baby born in the month of February I do not know what is. A trend I am noticing with all of these names, is that they are very popular in Europe, and not so much on North America. With unique and uncommon names being the trend now, this is the list for you.

20March Baby Girl: SORCHA

Now we come to March, it is a special month for me as that is when my own daughter was born. I stuck with a more traditional name, and named her Mary. If you are having a March girl, than you may want to consider the name Sorcha. It is pronounced Sor-sha, and is a nice play on the name Sasha. March is a month where we are transitioning out of the colder weather, and of course we are celebrating St. Patrick’s day.

It is only natural that we would find two names for this month that are of Irish origins. Sorcha is an Irish name that translates directly to “radiant”. If that is not a name that we want to describe our baby girls, than I do not know what is. Now, you could go with the more obvious choices for a February baby and name them Bailey or Guinness, but I think Sorcha has a bit more of an elegant touch to it.

19March Baby Boy: TIERNEY

Now, don’t be fooled, this may sound like a name that is inspired by Game of Thrones, but it is definitely not. The name Tierney may be the perfect Irish name for your little lad if he is born in February. The name Tierney means “lord”. Simple, yet incredibly strong. The good thing about this name is that it is incredibly rare.

It is derived from a last name, and was made popular in Ireland and England as a first name. Even there it is not commonly used, but it is sure to turn heads when people find out the name of your little baby. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, than this name is bonus for you as it does have elements that remind us of many of the popular characters on that show. If you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to pronounce it, the answer is tear-knee.

18April Baby Girl: AMAYA

April sometimes gets a bad rap for months as far as a lot of people are concerned. It is a month that is usually plagued by a lot of rain. April showers bring may flowers, is probably a quote that immediately came to mind. Well, we need to stop looking at this month with so much negativity. If we did not have a little rain how would we appreciate the sun? Also, we need the rain to bring all the beautiful spring flowers.

The perfect name for your April baby girl may just be Amaya. Amaya is a meaning that comes from Arabic, and it means “night rain”. Sometimes, the most beautiful time is a rainfall at night, when you are all cozy with a good book. It sounds like a perfect name for a little girl, that directly relates to the month in which she was born.

17April Baby Boy: TIVON

We haven’t forgotten about all those little boys that are being born in April either. Since April usually marks the end of a long and cold winter, and the very beginning of spring, what better name for a little boy than one that means “nature lover.” The name Tivon is of Hebrew origin and is pronounced Tee-von.

If this name has stolen your heart, but you are expecting a little girl in April, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. There is a feminine version of this name and it is Tivana. Both names are beautiful and are a perfect name for a little baby that is born when it seems like the sun is finally coming out from behind the clouds. At the end of the day, you may want a name that really speaks to nature, and the beauty that is spring and summer.

16May Baby Girl: KEILANI

We come to the month May, and you could go very simple for your baby girl born in this month and name her May, but we thought we would be a little more original than that. If you live in Canada, there is a pretty big holiday here that we celebrate; Victoria Day. Most know it as May 2-4, and see it as a week to head up to the cottage after a long weekend, and drink some beer. For this, we will stick to the more regal meaning of the holiday.

If the name Victoria is not for you, there is another royal name that may have you swooning. That name is Keilani, pronounced key-lawn-e. Keilani is a Hawaiian name, and means “royalty”. It is the best of both worlds, it has a royal and strong meaning, and it sounds incredibly elegant.

15May Baby Boy: ELROY

If your little May bundle of joy is a boy, then don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Elroy may not be the most popular name, but it is one of the strongest names you could give your son. If you are looking for a name that defines strength and masculinity, you can not go wrong. The name Elroy is of French origin and it means “the king”. You can not get more royal than that.

Many may worry about the name Elroy and its popularity in today’s modern world, there may be fear that it may incite some bullying. However, when a child is reminded of the strong heritage of their name, then it should instill in them power and confidence. Also, the stage of bullying only lasts a little while, and a grown man with a strong name will go a long way in this world.

14June Baby Girl: ZELIA

Who doesn’t love the month of June? The cold winter is long gone and forgotten, and spring is in full swing. June has always been known as the wedding month, and weddings that happen in June can be twice as expensive as any other time. One of the best names for a baby born in June (other than the name June) is Zelia. We are going to look right to nature for our inspiration on this one.

June contains the summer solstice, which means that our days get longer bringing up even more hours of sunshine. The name Zelia is a Spanish name that means “sunshine.” You may not find a better name for a baby girl born in the same month that is one of the sunniest! Babies themselves bring a lot of sunshine into our life, and think of how special it will be to sing ‘you are my sunshine’ to your little one.

13June Baby Boy: DAYTON

Baby boys that are born in June are just as sunny and bright, so they deserve an equally sunny name. The name Dayton is an English name that means “bright and sunny town”. Now, I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t love a stroll in a bright and sunny town? Especially pushing your brand new baby in the carriage.

Dayton is a unisex name, so it will work with both boys and girls. The name is also very special, it is not as common as some of the other names, but it is not so unique that people have a hard time saying it. Those are the best kind of names. You don’t want your child in class with about 12 other Dayton’s but you also do not want them to not be able to spell their name! It really is a win-win for everyone involved!

12July Baby Girl: SAFIA

Is anyone else kind of sick of the name Sophia? It’s OK, you can admit it. Well, if you like the name but do not want to give yet another baby the name Sophia, we have an alternate name for you. If you are about to be a mom to a July baby girl, try the name Safia. July is all about hot weather, it is when we all head to the cottages and the beach to catch some rays.

The name Safia is a Swahili name and it means “pure and clean”. Much like how a lot of us feel in the beginning month of summer. The only problem I could foresee with this name, is that because it is so similar to the popular name, people may end up calling your daughter Sophia. Which means you may be in for a lifetime of correcting people. It is still beautiful!

11July Baby Boy: RODEN

July does not only bring hot weather and fun in the sun, it also means that Canada and the USA both have very patriotic days. July 1st being Canada day and July 4th being Independence Day, we both sure have a lot to celebrate. If you are a mom expecting a baby boy in July, you have just one more reason to celebrate! The name Roden is from Gaelic origin and means “hearty and lively”.

What a great name to symbolize the birth of a baby in a month where we celebrate our two countries. We celebrate how much heart out countries have, the passion we have and the love we have for our homes. No one needs to remind anyone either of how lively they are too. Full of fun and adventures just waiting to be explored. No one better to explore them with than your own little boy Roden.

10August Baby Girl: ALANIA

Now, we come to August. It may still be hot out, but there is a certain heaviness in the air as we all know that summer is coming to an end. Having a baby due in August not only means that you are about to be a parent, it also means that you are experiencing the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy in one of the hottest months.

The name Alania, is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘like calm waters”. This is a great reminder, that when you feel like you are going to burst, and are so uncomfortable, the baby will come just like a calm water. OK, maybe childbirth will not be like a calm water, but that moment when your little August baby finally comes and is in your arms. You will feel nothing but calm, and like everything is finally at peace, just like calm waters.

9August Baby Boy: NOA

Staying within the same theme, we come to our name for our little boys that are born in August. Noa is a name that is of French origins and means “restful.” There is a certain calmness in August, as people relax and celebrate the last remaining days of summer. They feel restful, and like they can truly relax. It is also a time where a lot of people go on vacation to enjoy the last remaining days of summer.

It is also a good idea to give your August baby a name that has a meaning that exactly mirrors what you want your baby to be, and that is restful. Babies are babies, and we know that they can cry and fuss, and that is OK. However, wouldn’t we love it if they were just restful and calm? It may seem like just a dream, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a name that means restful and hope that it sinks in.

8September Baby Girl: EMELIA

Now, there are those that love the summer, and those that are just counting down the days until fall is here. I am one of these people. There is something in the beauty of fall, as well as all the pumpkin spice latte’s. If you are a fall lover, than you are probably very happy to be having a baby in the month of September.

Well, if your little bundle of joy is a girl, do we have the right name for you. Emelia is a beautiful name, and may be your more creative alternative to the name Emily. Emilia is of many origins; Latin, Greek, Germanic and English. It also means many things, the common themes are friendly, soft and emulating. September is a month of friendship, as all the kids go back to school. Nothing is more soft than a warm sweater on a chilly fall night.

7September Baby Boy: KAZI

We have not left the baby boys behind in September. If your little one is a boy, than you may want to consider the name Kazi. Kazi is an extremely unique name, that would be perfect for a little baby boy born in September. Unlike most names on our list, Kazi is an African name and it means “hard worker”.

Now, a name meaning hard worker fits in very well with the month of September. Not only is it the month where all the school age kids get back into the swing of things, and get back to work. It is also the month where you will find labour day. The day where we honour the contributions of all the hard workers in Canada and the USA.

6October Baby Girl: DARENA

October has got to be one of the prettiest months. The leaves are all the colours of the rainbow, and are falling all around us. It is the time where families go and pick out a pumpkin, and it is the month that holds Halloween. If you are expecting a little girl in this ghoulish month, we have the best name for you. Darena is not only unique, but it has a dark and serious feel about it.

The name Darena is one of the few names that was completely invented by Americans, and it means “great”. What other name would be more strong and independent for your little girl. It is all about allowing your little one to stand out without giving them a name like North or Apple. It is a more subtle approach that is extremely classy, and well, great!

5October Baby Boy: HOPKIN

Our boys being born in October have their own strong name awaiting them; Hopkin. Hopkin is an English name and means “famous.” There is another reason why this name will fit so well into any boy born in October. It could be a nod to one of the greatest actors of all time; Sir. Anthony Hopkins. If anyone is familiar with this actor, they will know that he is known for his horror movies. Horror movies are very popular in the month of October.

The name Hopkin can be dated as far back as medieval English, where the name started as a shorter version of Hob. With a name meaning famous, and reminiscing of a strong actor as well as being medieval in nature, how can you go wrong. It is sure to be the perfect name for the little knight in your life.

4November Baby Girl: HALIA

November is a special month for both Canadians and Americans. It is a month that holds Remembrance Day as well as Veteran’s day. These are days to remember the men and women who have served our countries. To ensure that we are all free, and living the best life we can, all at the sacrifice to them. It may make sense that you would want a name for your baby that falls along the same lines.

The name Halia is a beautiful Hawaiian name that means “remembrance of a loved one”. This may not directly relate to veterans, but it is always important to honour our loved ones who are gone. This name may be a wonderful option, if you do not want to name your baby girl directly after a passed love one. This name is beautiful, unique and strong, and I don’t know if we could ask for me.

3November Baby Boy: GUNNAR

Staying with the theme of remembrance, as is what defines the month of November, we come to our name for baby boys. Now, the name Gunnar may seem like we are naming our suns after deadly and dangerous weapons, but we really are not. The name Gunnar is of Scandinavian descent and means “brave soldier.” Is there a stronger name for a November baby?

Soldiers are indeed brave, as they put themselves in dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations for their country and all the people residing in it. A lot of mom’s call their son’s their little soldier, so why not name him exactly what he means to you. The name is not incredibly common, and it is also a wonderful meaning to explain when someone asks where you thought that name up!

2December Baby Girl: HOLLY

December is one of the best months in the year, there I said it. I have always loved December, whether it be because I love winter, or that I love Christmas, I am not sure, but it does seem to bring joy to a lot of people. There are no shortages of great names for baby girls born in December, and I found the inspiration for our next name right from one of the biggest holidays of the year. Holly is the perfect name for your little December girl!

The name Holly, is a name that has English origins, and it means “a plant with red berries.” Now, you may be thinking that the meaning is not very powerful or meaningful, it really is. Have you seen a plant of Holly? It is one of the most beautiful plants, and when people are around it they feel the joy of the Christmas season. If that is how your little girl will grow to be, who can complain!

1December Baby Boy: NICHOLAS

Now, for our December baby boys, we have a name that is none other than Nicholas. St. Nick, or Santa, as we all know him, is that jolly ole elf who comes on Christmas eve and brings us lots of goodies. I can not think of a better person to be named after! Nicholas is probably the one name on our list that is timeless, and has never gone out of style. It has always remained a popular name for a little boy. If your baby boy is joining us in December it may just be the name you have been searching for.

The name Nicholas is of Greek descent, and means “victory of the people”. What a wonderful and strong meaning. There are, of course, tons of nicknames that you can pull from this name, such as Nic. If you love good ole St. Nick, but are having a girl, don’t fret as you can always name her the female version; Nicky.


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