24 Posh Names That Sound Like Last Names

There are many beautiful names available for parents to choose for their little bundles of joy when they are welcomed into the world. From long, free-flowing names to short modern names with a twist, who can forget posh names that were originally last names. With its class and charisma, many last names have been popular choices for parents looking for a name that is sophisticated and majestic.

Indicative of the upper class and sounding extremely posh, anyone should be allowed to give their child a name that encompasses these traits. Not only babies produced for royalty or those with high society status, these names are simply stunning for any parent to use.

Many last names that represent elegance have been associated with English origin. Although there are names from other origins that also sound posh, the English have been renowned for the upper class status and regal choices. With names originating back centuries ago due to their status as last names, there has been a growing trend that shows their popularity as a first name choice. Below are 25 posh names that sound like surnames that will be fitting for a boy or girl or both. Some names on the list may not be a surprise and some may be more unique, but they all have elegant vibes and classy tones.

24 Harper

Originating from the English language meaning ‘harp player’, Harper is a unisex name that is chic and sophisticated. Although it is a beautiful name choice for boys and girls, it has had a growing popularity for girls. According to baby name website Nameberry, Harper entered the top 10 girls names in 2010. This Scottish family name has been a common English and American surname prior to its rise in popularity as a first name choice for boys and girls. David and Victoria Beckham chose to name their first daughter Harper in 2011. When celebrity royalty are choosing this name for their child, you know that it is a ‘posh’ choice!

23 Kingston

This elegant and regal surname has all the right tones to be used as a boys first name especially if you are looking for something extremely posh. Deriving from English origin meaning ‘kings town’ this name choice is fitting for any little prince. Music great, Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale chose Kingston as the name for their first born son. Since this ritzy name hit the streets of Hollywood, Kingston has been a lover for many families around the world. The regal tone provides a stunning platform for a little boy who will soon grow to be the 'king' of his own life story.

22 Bardot

Oozing grace and sophistication, you cannot get a posh name like this one. Known as a French name, it has been owned by the multi talented Brigitte Bardot. Actress, singer, dancer and fashion model this widely renowned woman has an impressive resume to share with the world. With this name pronounced Bar-dough, making the ‘t’ silent, it is seen as exclusively and chic. Anything that derives from French is instantly posh and classed as chic. This girl’s name has everything going for it as it is fashionable, sassy and charismatic. Your daughter will definitely be turning heads with a posh name like this!

21 Lennox

Pronounced LENN-ux, this upscale name is a unique first name choice. Dating back to Scottish origin meaning ‘elm grove’, Lennox is a statement name that will turn heads for all the right reasons. With it’s posh demeanour and unusual spelling, it has been an aristocratic and powerful surname that is definitely a great first name choice. Also with a great nick name Lenny, this name oozes strength and class in only two syllables. If you are looking for something different that also brings a lot of sophistication with the name, Lennox is the right choice for your baby boy.

20 Finley

Fuelled with Scottish and Irish origin, the name represents a ‘fair haired hero’. Throughout the years it has made the list of unisex names perfect any little boy or girl. Rising the wave of ‘Finn’ names, this is a classy choice that represents a posh name of the upper class. Known to be a name on the rise, this posh choice will be an adorable name that will be unique and welcoming choice for any parent looking a fancy name that will be making a statement in years to come. Variants of the name include Finlay and Findly. Take your pick, but Finley, in my opinion, sounds very posh!

19 Reed

A very common surname, this name is a unique choice for first names. There are many notables with this surname, however we cannot forget the name choice used within the comic book world. Used in the Marvel comic, Fantastic Four, Reed was used as one of the main protagonists. Reed Richards was a scientist turned to Mr Fantastic, and became a very well known and favourable character to young and old. Given to a leader in the famous comics, Reed is a stand out for those looking for a name that represents a leader and still has class to its name without being lengthy.

18 Smith

Known as the number one surname in the United States, Smith brings class and oozes a posh tone as a surname and first name. Known to be the surname of American actor Will Smith and English musician Sam Smith, it undeniably has a big presence around the world. Although it has been a surname for centuries, it has simultaneously been used as a first name for just as long. With English origin meaning ‘black smith’, it has been a distinctive and sophisticated first name choice of our modern time. This boys name is classy and posh, hence it is important that you do not underestimate what this name upholds.

17 Campbell

With Gaelic origins, it was originally a nickname meaning ‘crooked mouth’, which later became a very popular surname. Many may associate this last name with celebrities including Canadian actress Neve Campbell and British supermodel Naomi Campbell. With its strong tones, it is a posh choice for those looking for a name that is classy and fitting for little boys and girls to adults. Known as a female character choice with famous authors Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult,it has been common throughout the decades. If this does not make you love the name even more, its posh tones will make you consider this name for your bundle of joy.

16 Harrison

Another English name with a simple meaning ‘son of Harry’ has made the list of posh names to name your child. As a popular surname, it is a more formal first name choice rather than Harry. With its style and antique grace, it has all the attributes a posh name should encompass. American actor Harrison Ford is one well known celebrity sporting this high end name choice. If you are looking at giving this name a more casual approach, there are many nicknames that derive from this including Harris and Harry. Thanks to the British monarch, Harry has become a household name that is instantly associated with royalty providing that real tone many parents are looking for in a name.

15 Miller

Many English surnames have a classy tone, and Miller is no exception. An occupational name meaning ‘grinder of grain’, Miller is an up and coming stylish choice for many little girls. Notable people with this surname include Hollywood actress Siena Miller and writer Arthur Miller. Thanks to the attention it has received as a surname it is a stylish choice to use as a first name. As a unisex name, it has been welcomed as a favourite for little girls. Whether you choose this name for a boy or girl, it truly represents class fit for a little prince of princess. It is a baby name to be considered as it is rising in the charts of popularity.

14 Spencer

Who can forget the beautiful Princess Diana. With her maiden name Spencer, their family came from nobility and royal ancestry. Although a maiden name to one of the most loved women in the world, Spencer is a well known first name for boys and girls. It’s vintage sounds and soft tones makes this name undeniably beautiful. Of English origin meaning ‘house steward’, any name deriving from the English language is instantaneously posh and sophisticated. Although this has been a common name choice for boys rather than girls, Kelsey Grammar chose this name for his daughter in the 1980’s. Whether you are choosing this name for a boy or girl, Spencer is a beautiful name with many wonderful attributes.

13 Hudson

As a prominent surname ,many of us will be familiar with this beautiful name. Surname of the critically acclaimed actress Kate Hudson, Kingston has hit the charts as a first name. This unisex name choice has been very popular with boys and a popular choice for parents looking for a name that oozes class and sophistication, yet cool and modern. Originating from English origin, in the last decade it has quickly gained popularity thanks to its fancy tone that all posh names encompass. Being an extremely popular choice for little boys, you will not go wrong when choosing this for your little bundle of joy.

12 Maddison

With another name originating from English origin, the meaning behind the name ‘son of Maud’ may not seem posh, but the name definitely is! This trendy surname has an upscale feel, being a great choice for little girls. Maddison Avenue is a well known street of upperclass Manhattan, New York, hence you cannot get any posher than that! If you do not choose the name thanks to the chic area of NYC, you will surely be choosing this name thanks to its charm. Also accompanied with a great nick name, Maddy will sure be an ideal choice for many parents looking for a posh choice for a little girl.

11 Mason

A favourite choice for many moms and dads, this trend setting name has been a top 10 name, hitting as high as number 2 in 2011 according to baby name website Nameberrry. English in origin meaning ‘worker in stone’, Mason has been a longstanding last name being a posh choice for a baby boy's first name. It has received reality television attention thanks to Kourtney Kardashian naming her son Mason back in 2009. It has also been a trending choice in other celebrity circles with the likes of Cuba Good Jr and Melissa Joan Hart also naming their sons this posh choice.

10 Hendrix

Associated with talented musician Jimi Hendrix, this has been a well known surname with German and Dutch origin. With its style and charisma, this name has hit the charts as a first name. This trendy name ending with an ‘x’ is definitely fashionable and exclusive; just what a posh name should entail. Meaning ‘estate ruler’ through its origins, Hendrix has been a slow but steady name gaining in popularity. Whether you choose this name thanks to the famous musician or thanks to its posh tone and trendy style, any little boy will be strutting their stuff with this beautiful boys name.

9 Cooper

Another English occupation name added to the list. Meaning ‘barrel maker’, Cooper is widely renowned around the world and has had great popularity as a last name and first name. With growing attention as great first name choice, this name is not only upscale but preppy. When choosing a name, parents will also look at certain attributes including the tone it represents and whether it is an easy name to pronounce. Encompassing all these traits, Cooper is a great name choice for little boys. In Hollywood it has made an appearance as a surname and first name. Surname to actor Bradley Cooper it has been a first name choice for many boys including the son of Melissa Rivers.

8 Rose

Who can go passed the beautiful yet simple name Rose. Deriving from the Latin version Rosa, this surname has English, Scottish, French and German roots. Typically a name given to someone who lived in a place where wild roses grew, it has gained popularity as a posh first name. Part of the botanical family, this is a vintage name that is timeless. It has a great regal tone that will undeniably stand the test of time. It has had remarkable revival throughout the ages and due to its posh and sweet tones, it will definitely be a great choice that will continue to trend. There is a lot of charm behind the name as it is a sweet yet classy choice for a little girl.

7 Ellis

This unique name is known as a variation of Elizabeth. Deriving from English and Welsh origin meaning ‘crusader’, Ellis is a unique choice that is exclusive and classy. Also known as a westernized version of the Hebrew name ‘Elias’ and ‘Elijah’, Ellis can be seen as majestic thanks to its uniqueness. As it is a very unique name, many may be unaware whether it is a name for boys or girls. This name can be used for both genders, however, it has been a more popular choice with little boys. This distinctive name will definitely turn heads and its tone will definitely set a posh setting for your little bundle of joy.

6 Jackson

With its English origins, there is no guessing what the meaning behind this name is. Meaning the ‘Son of Jack’, this has been in the top 25 boy’s name since 2010, according to baby name website Nameberry. Many opt for this name instead of John and Jack as it brings new life to simple names. Adding ‘son’ gives it a whole new dynamic with sophisticated tones fitting for any little boy. You could say this is one of the most popular posh names that originally was a surname. It is a cute choice that will stick around the top 25 boys names for many years to come.

5 Mackenzie

From Scottish origin meaning ‘son of Kenneth’ it has provided a great name choice with regal sophisticated tones. Once only a boy’s name as we can tell in it’s meaning, it has sparked popularity with girls in the eighties thanks to television actress Mackenzie Phillips. Now widely adopted for girls as well as boys, this name provides a posh tone which was obviously once primarily a surname. Mac names are making a statement like Makayla, however, its tone is simply classy and posh just what many parents are looking for when choosing a name for their newborn. This unique option is perfect for any little boy or girl wanting to make a statement.

4 Anderson

Deriving for Scandinavian origin meaning ‘son of Anders’, this name provides elegance. For parents looking at choosing a longer name rather than a short modern choice for their son, Anderson ticks all the right boxes. It’s classy tone will provide a great first name choice for any little boy. With the variation spelling ‘Andersen’, this spelling has been favourable in Scandinavian countries including Norway and Denmark. Which ever spelling you use, both countries are notable for their regal name choices and tones that will be loved throughout the world. However don’t be fooled, there are many other variations of the name that also provide a posh tone including, Andison, Andersonne, Andersoun, Andirsoone, Andresoun, Androson, Andirston, Andresson, Andrewson, and Andresen. The list is endless and I will leave it up for you to decide which one you like best.

3 Dawson

Coming from Welsh origin meaning 'son of David', this posh like boys name has only been a common first name choice in recent times. Scarcely heard within the early parts of the 20th century, it became a hit since the well known television series 'Dawson's Creek'. It leaped to huge success the same year the television show went to air, however it is more than just a name of a television character. With its classy tones, it is an elegant choice for any little boy. This widely popular surname has made its mark as a posh first name which will continue to be loved for decades to come.

2 Lucas

Originating from the Latin language meaning ‘man from Lucania’, an ancient area of Southern Italy, we have seen Lucas in the modern era with the likes of director George Lucas sporting this surname. A common choice for royalty throughout the ages, this is a popular choice similar to Luke with a tone a little more regal. It has had a great amount of international success and was named number 11 of the popularity charts according to nameberry.com. With its vast popularity, this regal name is a posh choice that has made a statement in the Netherlands and in Sweden. When Scandinavian are opting for a name like this, you know it is a posh choice!!!

1 George

Can we get anymore regal than George? Member of the British royal family, George is the third in line of succession to the British throne. As members of the royal family commonly choose names that are traditional, this name has become a very posh name choice since it has been used within the royal family within the last several years. It never was common, but thanks to the popularity of the young British Monarch, George has become a much more popular within the last decade. George has been a surname to many noble people along with Hollywood celebrities such as Melissa George. Any little boy that is given this name will truly be a prince in his own right!

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