24 Prettiest Baby Girl Names Even Mom's Best Friends Will Be Jealous Of

There are several categories of girl names that only seem to fit certain kinds of girls and their parents. It's hard for expectant parents to narrow down which kind of category they want their daughters' names to fit in, but we're here to help.

Girls' names range anywhere from classic, historical, girly, tomboyish, dainty, simple, literary, and royal and that barely touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to baby girl names.

For parents creating their starter list of baby girl names that don't put their little one in a box, but rather opens an entire world of possibilities for her, we've got just the list for you.

A name that will suit just about any girl can't be put in just one of those boxes. These names have stemmed from different cultures and countries and different times in history. They have long withstood the test of time and will never be considered bizarre or obscure, but will most likely remain cool.

Here is a list of baby girl names packed with Bible names, botanical names, historical names, mythological names and so much more. This list will definitely give new parents a slew of ideas for their list!

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24 Harper

Harper is not too girly, not too tomboyish and old fashioned with a modern twist. It's no wonder this moniker has been in the top 100 since 2011. Harper is still ranked #11 today and is a top 100 name in 5 other countries.

Harper is English for "harp player." It was first introduced as a first name when Harper Lee published her first book, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Since then, Harper has been kept in the spotlight by high profile celebrities like Lisa Marie Presley, David Spade, Dave Grohl, Martie Maguire, Tiffani Thiessen, Band Neil Patrick Harris all choosing it for their daughters.

23 Ava

Ava is already one of the most popular baby girl's names of the century. Its short, sweet and simplistic beauty has made it an international success. It has been in the American top 1000 since 1880 and the top 100 since 2002.

Ava is Latin for "life." It is also considered a variation of Eve and has a relation to "flight." Ava Gardner helped beautify the name and give it a Hollywood glam appeal helping it reach the popularity it has today.

We have celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, Jack Ingram and Josh Gad to thank for boosting Ava into 3rd place on the American list.

22 Emma

Emma is a name for literally any girl. It's one of the top girl names in the entire world. Not only is it the #1 baby name in the States, it's also in the top 30 in 12 other countries!

Emma is German for "universal." While other German names stepped out of favor after World War II, this one remained in high favor.

Emma is a literary darling, loved by great authors like Shakespeare and Jane Austen and also well loved by royalty. Emma Stone, Emma Watson, and Emma Roberts are all young actresses helping to keep it in style, not that it's ever needed much help.

21 Amelia

Amelia is another classic name that would be suitable for literally any baby girl. Amelia has always been in the top 500 names in the States and made it to #8 last year. It's also a top 10 name in 4 other countries.

Amelia is German for "work." One of my favorite children's books growing up was Amelia Bedelia, but it was also used by authors like Shakespeare and Fielding.

Amelia was also the name of both King George the II and III's daughters, as well as the name of aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart.

20 Eliza


Eliza is a retro spin-off of old classic Elizabeth. Eliza's glory days were early last century before it began to plummet from the 1950s through 90s. It's been slowly, but surely coming back into style and has made its way back to #140 today.

Eliza is a diminutive of the Hebrew, Elizabeth, which means "pledged to God." Though it's not quite as old as Elizabeth, Eliza, too, has a rich history beginning in the 18th century.

Audrey Hepburn's character in the classic, My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle helped give the name an undeniable charm that parents are beginning to resurrect.

19 Mackenzie

This Scottish import didn't make it across the ocean until 1976. By 20 years later it had cracked the top 100, where it would stay to this day. As the 99th most popular baby girl name, Mackenzie has been one of the most successful Scottish names in the States.

Mackenzie is Scottish for "son of Kenneth." While it began as primarily a boy's name, especially in Scotland, since the 1970s it had definitely been converted into a girl's name.

J.K Rowling chose Mackenzie for her daughter, while Raine Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn chose the Mckenzie spelling, which is also gaining some popularity.

18 Ella

Ella had a lot of success in the late 1800s and early to mid last century. It didn't begin to decline until 1968. Ella became a trend again at the turn of the century and made it to the top 25 in 2005, where it still sits today.

Ella is German for "all, completely, fair." Ella is not only, popular in the States, but it is also a top 10 name in 5 countries, and a top 50 name in 4 others.

Several high profile celebrities have helped to keep Ella in the spotlight including John Travolta, Warren Beatty, Ben Stiller, Eric Clapton, Jeff Gordon, Ioan Gruffudd, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Wahlberg.

17 Madison

In 1985, Madison was brought into the baby name scene via the movie Splash, which was about a mermaid who was named Madison, which was taken from Madison Avenue in New York.

Madison is an old English surname that means "Son of Maud." Madison was once used for boys but is far more popular for girls.

Since then, Madison has become one of the top names in the country. It entered the top 100 in 1993 and the top 10 in 1997. Madison stayed in the top 10 until last year when it dropped to #17.

16 Grace

From 1880 until 1938 Grace reigned in the top 100 baby names. In Grace's life on the charts, it has never left the top 400. It spent about 30 years outside of the top 100 but reentered by 1995. Today, Grace is ranked #21.

Grace is an old English virtue name. Grace was a favorite of the Puritans in the 16th century, who loved Christian virtue names like Faith, Hope, and Charity.

While we have beauty and Princess, Grace Kelly, to thank for making this name as classy and chic as it is today, we also have Mark Wahlberg, Ed Burns, and Christy Turlington to thank for keeping it in the top 25.

15 Piper

Piper's life in the top 1000 didn't begin quite as early as others on our list. Piper didn't enter the American top 1000 until 1999, it did, however, make it into the top 100 by 2012. It remains there still.

Piper is an English occupational name for a "pipe or flute player." It originated as a boy's name. The Pied Piper of Hamelin is an old legend based on a true story that occurred in Germany. Today, it's considered a classic fairytale.

Piper's boost in use for girl's coincided with the use of it on the tv show, Charmed. Since then, it is primarily used for girls in the States.

14 Aubree

This moniker is outshining the original spelling, Aubrey, these days. Aubree entered the top 1000 in 1991 and ten years later broke into the top 100. Today, Aubree is still ranked #86.

If my husband new that Aubree means "elf ruler" he would definitely be adding it to the baby girl name list. Both Aubree and Aubrey have the same meaning, but by dropping the "y" it feels slightly more mature.

This spelling variation received an even bigger boost in popularity when Teen Mom 2 stars, Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind, chose it for their daughter.

13 Lila

Lila was a pretty big hit with parents early to mid last century but fell out of favor in the 1960s through 90s. It wasn't until 2004 that Lila broke back into the top 500 again. It sits at #210 today.

Lila is Arabic for "night." It evolved from the word Leila, which means "dark-haired beauty." In Hinduism, Lila is the playful effortless relation between the absolute and the contingent world.

Lila can also be spelled, Lyla, which is the spelling used on Friday Night Lights. Lila, however, was used on shows like Dexter and Deadwood.

12 Alaina

Some think that Sara is a modern version of Sarah, but it's actually been a top 200 name since 1880 and a top 100 name from 1973 until 1989. Today, Sara has only dropped to #158 and is a top 100 name in 9 other countries.

Sara is a variation of the Hebrew Sarah, which means "princess." Some view this moniker as the original spelling of the name given to Isaac's 90-year-old mother in the Old Testament.

Sara and Sarah have been used in innumerable television, movies, and novels. In some countries, Sara is pronounced Sah-rah, but not usually in the States.

11 Lucy

This retro chic name is completely back in style and has reached #52 on the charts. Lucy has always been a huge success in the top 1000 and only dropped below the top 500 a few times.

Lucy is the English variation of the name Lucia, which means "light." Lucy is a favorite of songwriters and authors. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was one of The Beatles most famous songs.

Lucille Ball is also a great name bearer who only adds the this moniker's vintage charm, while Lucy Liu adds a bit of feminine fierceness to the name.

10  Julia

This beauty has been in the top 150 baby names since 1880 and has been in the top 100 since 1981. Julia is not only ranked #93 in the States, but it is also a top 100 name in 9 other countries around the world.

Julia is Latin for "youthful." Julia has a deep-rooted history that began when it was used for women who were in the house of Julius Caesar. It has since been used by Shakespeare and Dickens, as well as for saints.

Julia Roberts is still keeping the name fashionable, as is celebrity chef Julia Childs. This moniker has so much history we'll be hearing it for a while.

9 Gabriella

Both Gabriella, and male form, Gabriel, are top trending names right now. Though Gabriella had a slow start on the charts and dropped on and off again until about 1989, it has held a spot in the top 100 for 19 years.

Gabriella is the Italian feminine form of the name Gabriel, which means "God is my strength." Gabriela is the Spanish variation, but Americans seem to prefer the double "l."

High School Musical may have helped put this moniker on the map thanks to lead character Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hudgens.

8 Blakeley

This English surname has, surprisingly, never been seen in the American top 1000. It's considered a unisex name, though he added "ley" makes it slightly more feminine in the States.

Blakely is an old English surname that means "dark wood or clearing." The Blakeley family name was first used in the States and Canada around 1840. Twenty-one families with the name were found living in New York City.

For parents who love the name Blake, but want more of a feminine twist on the 1980s classic, Blakeley is the perfect substitute.

7 Katherine

Sitting just outside the top 100 names for the first time in almost a century, Katherine remains one of the most beautiful and classic games of all time. This moniker and its many alternative spellings have always found favor with parents.

Katherine is Greek for "pure." While this original spelling remains the most popular, there is a slew of others to choose from including Catherine and Kathryn.

Katherine Hepburn is an old Hollywood name bearer, while more contemporary name bearer, the Duchess of Cambridge, spells her name, Catherine.

6 Caroline

Caroline is headed full force into a comeback that it hasn't seen in years. This moniker has always been in the top 300 and wavered inside the top 100 many times. Today, Caroline is ranked #55, its highest ranking ever.

Caroline is the feminine form of the French name, Charles, which means "free man." Caroline began being used in the English speaking world via King George II, whose first and second wives were German princesses named Caroline.

Since then there have been several lovable name-bearers like Caroline Kennedy, the Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Caroline from Little House on the Prairie. 

5 Sierra

Sierra is another moniker that came late to the popularity list. It didn't enter the American top 1000 until 1978 and it wasn't until 1993 that it joined the top 100 for the first time. Sierra started slipping after the 90s and dropped to #452 today.

Sierra is Spanish for "saw." Sierra is also considered a place name thanks to Sierra, Nevada, which gives it a western feel as well.

Sierra Burgess is the main character in the Netflix original, Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Sierra has also been used on Dollhouse and Total Drama. 

4 Sasha

Sasha has been steadily moving up and down the top 1000 since 1972. It has stayed within the top 700 baby names but has never managed to hold a spot in the top 100. Today, Sasha is ranked #561.

Sasha is the Russian diminutive of the Greek name Alexander, which means "defending men." Sasha is considered a unisex name, however, 90% of the Sashas in the States are girls.

Sasha Cohen is a female Olympic gold medalist, while Sasha Baron Cohen is a male actor. Sasha Fierce is the name Beyonce chose for her girl power alter ego.

3 Cassandra

Cassandra has more history and appeal going for it than you might have thought. Cassandra has been a top 1000 name since 1880 and was in the top 100 for most of the 1960s through 1990s. Cassandra has dropped to #606 today.

This moniker is Greek for "prophetess." In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the princess whom Apollo gave the gift of prophecy.

Cassandra was also a favorite of early British and American literature. It has been used by great authors like Jane Austen and John Dos Passos. Woody Allen also used Cassandra in one of his films and Cassandra Wilson is a famous jazz singer.

2 Bailey

Once solely masculine, Bailey, is now just outside the top 100 for girls. Bailey entered the top 1000 in 1983 and was in the top 100 from 1995 until 2012.

Bailey is English for "law enforcer, bailiff." It was originally used as a surname for someone who was a police officer. It wasn't until 1978 when it was used for a girl in the show WKRP Cincinnati, that it became popular to use for girls.

Bailey was chosen by celebrities like Scott Baio, Melissa Ethridge, and Stella McCartney, which helped to keep it in the spotlight.

1 Gemma

This dainty moniker is the new and cool Jenna. This jewel name has only been in the top 1000 since 2008, has made it to #225 today, and is expected to keep climbing.

Gemma is Italian for "precious stone." It began as a nickname for a precious gem but was began use as a first name in the via a saint in the 19th century.

Gemma can also be spelled Jemma, which hasn't reached the popularity of the original. Both Catherine Bell and Kristin Davis chose Gemma for their daughters. It has also been used on television shows Neighbors, Sons of Anarchy and Reign.

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