24 Prettiest Baby Names From Italy That Moms Will Want To Steal

When a woman becomes pregnant, she knows there are going to be plenty of changes. She is going to undergo physiological changes, with her body preparing itself for accommodating a growing baby for the next nine months. These changes will vary over the weeks. But she is also going to have plenty of stuff swirling about in her mind; thoughts of sheer bliss about the future, but also worrisome thoughts. It’s going to be a tough time during pregnancy but she's going to have something great at the end of it. It’ll be well worth it.

It’s around the halfway mark that women generally begin to think about how their baby will be, what she’ll grow up to be, her characteristics, what traits she’ll inherit and develop, etc. It’s also at this stage that many begin to think of baby names. If parents know the gender of the baby, it makes things a whole lot easier. Otherwise, they may begin compiling a list of both boy's and girl’s names. On the other hand, some don’t even think of names until their baby is born. When holding their baby in their arms, they just know... an ideal name just comes to them.

Nowadays people are choosing all sorts of exotic, sometimes outlandish names for their kids. All we've got to do is look in the celebrity world, at celebrity kids and what their parents have named them. They’re unique alright. A lot of people are following suit, wanting their baby’s name to stand out.

These names aren’t "out there," so to speak- but they are beautiful and they are full of flair. Italy is a stunning country, and the language is romantic. Why not take inspiration from this magical place, and this language? Here are 25 pretty baby names from Italy that are full of flair.

24 GIA

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Names have meanings, they have history, and names from Italy are no different. Gia – short, sweet and beautiful. This girl’s name is short for Giovanna. It’s derived from the Latin word Iohannes and it means that God is merciful, God is gracious. It’s said that Gia’s grow up to be powerful, authoritative figures. They’re tough, tenacious and high-achieving. It’s thought that Gia’s are problem solvers too, and can analyze and find details in things that would pass other people by.


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Names are always popular when they’re associated with a celebrity. There are few women more famous, more loved in the celebrity world than Jessica Alba. Jessica is half Mexican from her dad’s side. Her beautiful surname, Alba, is derived from the Latin word Albus, and it has different meanings in Spain than it would in Italy. In Italy, it means fair, white and lovely…well, I added the lovely part. But I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a beautiful name. Although the most famous bearer of the name has Alba as a surname, it’s used as a first name too.


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Any name meaning Rose in any language is generally beautiful. It’s a name that oozes love, beauty and serenity. If you’re having a girl, a name with such a meaning is always going to come into your mind. As mentioned, Rose is a beautiful name in itself. Rosa, which has the same meaning, is also stunning. But if you fancy giving your girl a name with a little bit more flair, it’s well worth considering Rosetta. Rose or Rosa could always be her nickname, although Rosetta is such a beautiful name, why shorten it?


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Massimo is a name that’s full of flair and has a nice ring to it. It’s more of a modern take on the previously commonly used name, Mario. Boys who are named Massimo are thought to grow up to be charismatic, to be charmers. This Latin charming name literally translates to “the greatest.” What better name with what better meaning could you give to your little boy? Want your little one to grow up to be the greatest he can be? Then this is an apt name for him.


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The vast majority of these names out there originate from Latin. There is probably a variant of this name in the Latin language with a different spelling, perhaps a slightly different meaning. But the name Giuseppe actually originates from Hebrew. It’s a strong, very masculine name, and used to be a very common name for a boy. It means “God raises.” In Italy, it’s a variant of Joseph. Trace this back to Hebrew and the name’s Yosef. It’s a name of important significance in the Book of Genesis.


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Alessa is a stunning name for a baby girl. It has Greek origins, and is a variant of the name Alexandra which is the feminine form of Alexander. This name and its variants were popularized by the famous figure of Alexander the Great. However, it’s commonly used in Italy too. It means “protector of humanity.” There have been many noble, royal figures throughout the course of history with the name Alessa. It’s a name that’s held in high esteem and one with plenty of flair.


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Patrick is a very common name. In fact, it’s one of the most common names in the world. That’s not to say it’s bad, not at all. If you like the sound of Patrick, but perhaps want a slightly more unusual name, one full of flair, and you’re having a girl, Patricia could be on the cards. Patricia is derived from Latin and means “noble aristocratic woman.” Another variant of this, one full of flair and even more unique, is Patrizia.


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This name is actually fairly popular in the U.S. A lot of people recognize that it’s a beautiful name, one that’s full of flair, and so give their kids this lovely name. It’s popular in Italy too. It’s a name that used to be given to royal subjects during the Roman times. In Latin, it has the meaning of “invaluable.” It also means “praiseworthy” and “beautiful.” If you’ve got a little girl and want to give her a beautiful name, one with a nice meaning to it, you can’t go wrong with Antonia.


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You want your little girl to be a golden child. The sun rises and sets with her. She’s the apple of your eye. Then consider naming your girl Oriana. Oriana means just that, “golden” and “sunrise.” It’s a name that’s commonly used in Italy. Although where it originates from is unknown. It’s thought it may be derived from Latin, Irish, or another European language. Oriana has a nice ring to it, is smooth and beautiful, but there are other variants too such as Orianne and Oriane.


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Caterina is a beautiful baby name. It’s commonly used in Italy, although it’s also used throughout Europe where it has many meanings and several variants. It’s a very popular name for a girl in Portugal. Caterina is a variant of the name Catherine. As you’re probably aware, there have been many famous women named Catherine over the years. It comes from the Greek language and it means “purity.” It also means “pure”. One thing’s for sure and that’s that it’s full of flair.


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Vitalis used to be a popular name in Italy. As the decades have rolled by, this name has given rise to the now more commonly used variant, Vitale. Vitale originates from Latin and it means “vital.” This masculine name is full of flair and has strong meaning behind it. Although it’s common in Italy, in The States, Vitale is a pretty unique name. If you want to give your little boy a name that has a strong meaning behind it, one that’s full of flair and stands out, Vitale would be perfect.


There’s something about names with Zs in them. They have a unique ring to them, are strong and a tad mysterious. Names like Lazzaro are also full of flair. This strong, masculine name is a derivative of the name Lazarus which comes from the Hebrew language. It means that “my helper is God,” and “God is all powerful.” If you’re religious, perhaps want your child to be protected by God, or just like the name because it’s full of flair, add Lazzaro to your baby name shortlist.


This is a special name for a baby boy. As I’m sure you’ll age, it also has a nice ring to it. There are many variants of this name and many different spellings. De'Angelo is a popular spelling choice, as is DeAngelo. Angelo is from Italy, however De comes from the U.S. originating from the African-American community. Angelo means “heavenly creature,” or “angel.” It also has several different meanings in different languages. If your baby’s rather angelic, and you want to give him a name that means as such, to symbolize these qualities, this name is apt as it means “from the angels.”


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There are many strong, masculine names out there that are full of flair. But, when taking into consideration the meaning of this name, none are more masculine than Arsenio. If you’ve got a strong boy on your hands, someone who looks like he’s going to conquer and achieve plenty in his life, Arsenio could be the perfect name. It’s widely used in Italy, Spain and Portugal, and comes from Greece, from the word, Arsenios, which incidentally is also full of flair. It means “virial, potent, strong and manly.”


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Raffaele is a religious name, a biblical name. It’s a name that’s widely used in many different cultures and there are many variants in different languages. The name and its meaning are commonly used around the globe but mainly throughout Europe, in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. But in Italy, Raffaele is the most common variant used. It’s also the variant that, I’m sure you’d agree, is full of the most flair. It comes from Hebrew and was the name given to the archangel. It translates into “God has healed.”


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Elisabeth is a common name in English speaking countries. It’s a beautiful name, one that’s steeped in history. If you fancy going down that route but want to take inspiration from Italy, want a name that’s slightly different with a bit more flair, Elisabetta could be the perfect name for your little girl. If you fancy adding a bit more flair, you could consider adding a Z instead of an S – we all like those Zs! It’s derived from Hebrew and means “God is plentiful.”


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This masculine name has a beautiful meaning, and I’m sure you’ll agree, is full of flair. It’s commonly used throughout Europe, mostly in regions of Southern Italy. Variants of the name, such as Salvador, are popular in Spanish speaking countries. There are a few famous bearers of the name, but it’s the meaning that’s beautiful. Salvatore originates from Latin and means “savior, rescuer, deliverer.” It’s a religious name that links to Jesus Christ. It’s in reference to him being known as the savior of mankind.


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This name is beautiful, it’s got flair and it’s also slightly different. Whilst most of the names on this list originate from Latin or Hebrew languages, this one originates from English. It’s a name given to the genus of a flowering plant. Camelia means flower and Camellia means flowering plant. Both names are full of flair and both are pretty rare too, even for female names in Italy. Both Camellia and Camelia, pronounced the same, are beautiful feminine names.


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Faustino is a pretty unique name. Even in Italy, it’s not very common. It might be unique, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s beautiful too, is full of flair. You’ll like this masculine name even more when you learn what it means. It means the one who is “fortunate.” It’s derived from the Latin word Faustus. Although it’s a name popular in Italy, it’s also used i Spain and Portugal. But as mentioned, it’s pretty rare. That’s surprising considering how beautiful it is.


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We like names with Zs in them, names that are slightly longer and have a bit of a ring to them. But just because a name is short and sweet it doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not full of flair. There are a couple of three letter names on this list. I’m sure you’ll agree, Gia is a stunning name, as is Lia. Lia is a name used throughout Europe and it has several meanings. It means “dependent.” In Greece it means the “bearer of good news.”


When a famous celebrity is the bearer of a name, that name’s popularity just skyrockets. As it becomes popularized, parents around the globe begin naming their kids after this celebrity figure. The name sticks in people’s heads. That’s especially the case if the name is full of flair to begin with. Sienna is one such name. People are also increasingly beginning to name their kids after places, countries, cities. The city of Siena is a beautiful city and a beautiful name. It’s little wonder that people are taking this name and are using it to name their little girls.


You give birth and you want your child to be blessed and fortunate. So why not give your child an apt name to symbolize this? Name your child Benedetta and it’s believed she’ll receive plenty of blessings from up above. The word originates from Latin and literally translates into “blessed.” It’s the female form of the name Benedict. The name is beautiful, full of flair, but many choose to name their daughters Benedetta, after the Roman Catholic Saint Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello.


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Margherita is a pretty common name. There’s a reason why that’s the case. It’s a beautiful name, one that’s full of flair, perfect for a little girl. There are many famous figures who’ve been given the name Margherita over the years. Of course, some people will hear the name and will think pizza. Just think about it for a sec; the name is so good they had to name the best pizza after it! The name in Latin means “pearls.” In Italy and Spain, the name Margherita translates to mean “daisy.”


Letizia is a very popular name throughout Europe. It’s a name from Italy but it’s also a very popular name in Spain, popularized even more by the current Queen Letizia of Spain. But it is mainly used in Italy. Letizia means “glad.” Ok, so the meaning may not blow you away. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful name, one that’s full of flair. It’s thought that people named Letizia tend to have powerful personalities, will grow up to be leaders. Queen Letizia of Spain certainly supports this.

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