24 Super Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Sound Great In Any Language

There’s so much to be found in a name. Naming a child is perhaps the best feeling in the world and this feeling doubles when mom and dad know expected bundle of joy is a girl. Christening the baby girl with a meaningful yet beautiful name is the common wish of every parent. This is indeed not a hard task, as there are a plethora of “girl” names to choose from that would also match with the personality of any girl. 

Whether mom is looking for a classic or trendy name, she will always want the best for the baby girl. However, breaking the stereotype of naming the baby with the classic or modern name is probably something she should try doing now. The child’s name should ideally be one of those names that finds its prominence in various global regions.

As most parents have ventured across the different corners of the world and met individuals from different culture and backgrounds, they are progressively on the look for multicultural names. Many people attempt to discover names that are similar in different societies, cultures, and languages in terms of spelling and pronunciation. But did they ever consider naming the child with a genuinely common name that has roots in two or more languages? The following are a list of few names that have their own significance and glory in different cultures. Have a glimpse at these pretty names and then pick the best ones for the much-anticipated baby girl.

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24 Kim

Kim has not two but rather three legacies, making it really global! In Scandinavia, Kim is regularly utilized as an abbreviated type of Joachim (which means it is articulated Keem). In Vietnam, Kim gets from the word for gold and is used as a female name.

In the West, Kim is considered for both young men and young ladies, regularly as an independent name on account of young men, and as an abbreviated type of Kimberly for young ladies. Kim is in some cases found in Russia as a name used by Soviets, as it is an abbreviation of the Communist Youth Party.

23 Asha

Another name from Game of Thrones, Asha claims two distinct legacies: In India, it is a female name derived from the Sanskrit word for "wish", "desire" or "want". In Africa, Asha is a Swahili name taken from the Arabic name Aisha signifying "life".

Asha Leo, TV presenter; Asha Daniels, a designer from America; Asha Bhosle, Indian singer and Asha Parekh, Indian Bollywood actress are some of the popular bearers of the name. A beautiful name, “Asha” finds its significance in different regions of the world. The name Asha has also been found in various cultures and TV programs which make the name even more popular.

22 May

The name “May” not only represents the calendar month May but also has other significance. It is a sweet, springlike, old name that has a deeper significance in history. Initially used as a pet name for Mary and Margaret (pearl).

The name is typically connected with the name of the month May, which is taken from the Latin Maius (the period of Maia, the Greek legendary goddess of growth). May is regularly offered as a center name, or utilized as a name element that is blended with other names, for example, Anna-Mae or May-Lynn. The name was borne by the well known on-screen character Mae West (1892 - 1980).

21 Nora

The Dutch parents have used the name Nora since decades back. It is quite similar to the names like Noor or Eleonora. Above all, Nora is one of the most loved names in global regions like the Netherlands and Belgium.

In any case, Noor or Nora is additionally an Arabic name signifying "light". Nora Ephron,  film director, and producer; Nora Louise Kuzma, birth name of actress Traci Lords; Norah Jones, the singer; Eleanor "Nora" Roberts - the novelists are some of the popular bearers of the name. The name Nora has also been found in different popular cultures.

20 Lila

The name is taken from the Arabic name “Leila” which means dark beauty. The name also refers to night sky or darkness. The name finds its significance in England and began to popularize with George Byon's poem "The Giaour" (1813).

Lila is a beautiful, sophisticated, feminine, and somewhat exotic name which is popular in different languages and cultures, especially in regions like the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It is also a German name which means ‘purple’. Lila Karp, the writer, and activist; Lila McCann, the country music singer; Lila Diane Sawyer, the news reporter; Lila Lee, the actress are some of the popular personalities carrying the name Lila.

19 Esme

The name is taken from the French name esmé which intends to be revered or adored. Likewise, the past participle of the verb 'esmer' signifies 'to cherish'. Then again, some believe the name to be a variation of Aimé (venerated).

The old French significance of the name Esme is 'esteemed'. It can likewise be articulated as Esmay. Some of the mainstream actors and performing artists have named their little girls with the name Esme that adds to the popularity of the outdated name. Probably the prettiest nicknames for Esme incorporate Moo, May, Nassie, Essie, Ez, and others.

18 Lulu

As a German name for Louisa, Lulu is an adorable, cute young ladies' name that feels trendy and spunky. Lulu is likewise an Arabic name, signifying "pearl", and could be utilized by anybody who is highly fond of the names related to gemstones.

Lulu portrays a strong-willed lady. She doesn't care for taking no for an answer. She is excellent and has long hair. She generally endeavors to make others feel better. She is sure and it has such a great amount of excellence in her existence. Lulu would be a perfect name for your baby which would also be used as a nickname.

17 Aimee

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The name is taken from the French name “Amee”, which means beloved. Aimee means someone who knows to love. Amy, Amee, Aime would be pretty nicknames for your baby girl. Aimee is someone who has a beautiful soul and knows the values of love and compassion.

She is a strong woman and self-confidence and self-motivation keeps her stronger during hard times. Here are some of the popular bearers of the name- Aimee Mann, the singer, songwriter; Aimee Nezhukumatathil, the poet; Aimee Semple McPherson, an evangelist; Aimee Bender, the novelist, and short story writer.

16 Laila

The name Laila finds its similarity with the name Lila. Both the names have got the same meaning. It means darkness or night. Laila is one of the most popular Arabic names used in regions like the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. George Byon's poem "The Giaour" (1813) first makes use of the name Laila/ Lila.

The Hebrew Meaning for the name ‘Laila’ stands for Dark Beauty and the Arabian Meaning stands for ‘born at night’. Amongst the popular personalities, Laila Ali is the famous bearer of the name. She is the daughter of Muhammad Ali and also a professional boxer.

15 Amber


Taken from the vocabulary word amber or golden which means a translucent fossil resin utilized in jewelry making. It is taken from the Arabic name 'Anbar’ (golden). It also denotes yellowish orange color. Amber is one of the most popular names in most of the English speaking countries.

Amber was considered to be the "spirit and soul of the tiger" in Asian societies and viewed as the stone of strength. It is said that the bits of amber were taken during the long voyages, and also used to treat jaundice. It is additionally trusted that amber means to balance the feelings. Amber also means "Drawing in good fortunes."

14 Arya

Arya is both Persian and Indian name which intends to be good and honorable. It is usually utilized as surnames in India. In Hebrew, Arya implies lion or lioness. It is likewise alluded to as a tune or song. The name Arya has additionally been found in mainstream cultures and song.

In spite of the fact that Arya is a male name in the Asian nations like India, in European countries, Arya is a female name. Right now, we can see a large portion of the English-speaking nations is making use of the name. Arya Massella, Aria Giovanni, Aria Wallace, are the well-known names in the fashion and film sectors respectively.

13 Athena

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. She is the daughter of Zeus and is also known as the Greek goddess of intelligent activity, reason, arts, and literature. Individuals with this name tend to have an amazingly powerful personality which affects every one of whose lives they touch.

They are fit, charming pioneers who frequently embrace difficult task with incredible achievement. They value truth, equity, and discipline, and might be quarrelsome with the individuals who don't match with them. However, if they are unable to build up their potential, they may end up becoming rigid and impractical.

12 Clara

Taken from the Latin clārus (splendid, clear, and popular), Clare is a typical name used all throughout the UK and Europe. The name gets its prevalence from St. Clare of Assisi (c. 1193 - 1253), the Italian nun who established the order of the Poor Clares.

Claire, Clary, Clare, Clari, Clarabella, Clarita, Cla, Clarikins, Lala, are some of the cutest nicknames for your little baby daughter. The French meaning of the name Clara means ‘bright’. The name has been used in several films and TV series and is also the namesake of several personalities including Clara Barton, Clara Bow, and others.

11 Melody

Melody is one of the prettiest and the beautiful names that we have ever come across. Melody, as we all know, signifies music- music which touches the heart and pleases the soul. Mel, Ellie, Lola, Mellie, Dee are some of the pretty nicknames for your little Melody. The name suggests someone who is energetic and always full of life.

She is compassionate and knows the values of love and peace. Melody, J-POP star; Melody Carlson, the Christian author; Melody Thornton, the Pussycat Dolls; Melody Patterson, actress are some of the real-life personalities with the same name.

10 Delilah

The name Delilah is taken from the Hebrew word Delilah which means soft or delicate. Delilah was actually the name found in the Bible and was borne by the lady love of Samson. The name Delilah has several beautiful meanings. Apart from its Hebrew meaning, the name Delilah in Arabic means the word Lilah, which means Night.

Therefore, Delilah has been said to be the ‘Queen of the Night’. A common name in different cultures and languages, Delilah can be nicknamed with Lilah, Ly, Lylee, Lily, Delee, Lala, Della, and others. Delilah Rene Luke, the radio personality; Delilah Belle, daughter of Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are some of the popular namesakes.

9 Angel

Another common global name, Angel founds its significance since decades from now. The name is taken from the vocabulary word ‘angel’ which means the divine messenger of God, or simply the messenger of God. The name Angel has its root in the Greek Angelos and is similar to the names like Angela, Angella, Angele, Angie, and others.

Angel has remained a popular name in the television and film industry. We are accustomed to different Angel characters. So, why don’t you go for the name “Angel” for your little angel, who is indeed a messenger of God and an answer to your prayers?

8 Celine

The name Celine is derived from the Latin word Caelīna, which is again taken from the name Caelius, an old Roman family name. The name means paradise. On the other hand, Celine is the short version of Marcelline, a feminine name for Marcel, which is a subsidiary of Marcus. We have a very famous singer named Celine Dion based on whom you can name your pretty daughter.

Go for naming your daughters with the nicknames like Cissy, Cece (CC), Lili, Ce, Linnie. In the popular story, song, & screenplay, the name Celine can be seen in the films in the films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset where Celine is the name of Julie Delpy's character.

7 Dawn

The name Dawn has a very strong meaning which means daybreak. It is an Anglo Saxon name which also means a new awakening. Individuals with this name have a profound inward desire to utilize their capacities in leadership and administration and wish to have their own individual freedom.

They would preferably concentrate on large, critical issues, and delegate the subtle elements of those issues. They positively respond to the things of beauty and love being in peace and harmony. Dawn Wells, Dawn Lyn, Dawn French are some of the popular personalities with the same name.

6 Anita

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The name Anita may sound to be an Indian name but it is also popular in other global regions like Italy and the Americas. The name has got different meanings in different cultures and languages. The Hebrew meaning of the name Anita is ‘grace’ or ‘graceful’.

However, the Spanish meaning stands for being graceful and merciful. They are generally helpful, progressive and liberal, and endeavors to follow their aims. They have a knack of serving mankind. Since they are so friendly and giving, they might be forced on by others sometimes. They are sentimental and carry passionate feelings with them.

5 Eden

The meaning of the name Eden is a delight. The famous reference of the name is the “Biblical Garden of Eden”. Individuals with this name will, in general, be involved in various events. They are supposed to be pioneers rather than becoming followers, with ground-breaking identities.

They will, in general, be centered around specific objectives, encounter an abundance of innovative new thoughts, and can execute these thoughts with productivity and assurance. They will be gutsy and now and again forceful. As one of a kind, imaginative people, they will, in general, resent authoritative people and maybe often proud, stubborn and impatient.

4 Helen

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A great historical and beautiful, the name Helen has dependably remained a piece of the pop culture and legend. Related of the Greek ruler Helenē, which is taken from the root ēlē (light, awesome), the name is borne in Greek legend by the wife of the leader of Sparta. Her abduction by the Trojan ruler Paris began off the Trojan War.

Obviously, Helen has remained a famous name since the old ages and at present, we have a few identities with the name Helen. As a parent, you ought to be glad to name your infant as Helen.

3 Holly

Holly is an English name with the meaning ‘shrub’. It is often spelled as Holy which means auspicious or pure. Individuals with this name have a profound inner desire for a steady, adoring family or network. They feel the need to work with others harmoniously and to be valued for that work.

The name is taken from the name of the holly tree, an evergreen tree whose firm, gleaming, sharp-pointed leaves and groups of red berries are used in Christmas designs. The name is taken from the Old English word 'holegn' which means to prick. Holly Marie Combs, Holly Robinson Peete, Holly Hunter are some of the popular actresses with the same name.

2 Poppy

Poppy is the name of a flower in both English and Latin. A common name in almost every global regions of the world, Poppy not only sounds meaningful but also beautiful and pleasant to the ears. Individuals with this name are great at examining, understanding, and learning.

They will, in general, be spiritualists, logicians, researchers, and educators. They are generally calm and contemplative and are often introverts. Their solitary attitude and their way of analyzing the individuals may make them more detached from the world, thus making them more lonely and melancholy.

1 Naomi

The name Naomi is the Anglicized version of the Hebrew name Naami, which is a variant of Naamah which means to be beautiful, pleasant, and delightful. Girls with this name have a deeper sense of understanding the world. The Biblical meaning of the name Naomi means beautiful and agreeable. We have a plethora of namesakes for Naomi.

For example, Naomi Campbell, the Supermodel; Naomi Judd, the singer; Naomi (Nay) Wolf, the writer, and Naomi Sims, the model, are some of the popular namesakes of Naomi. Won't it be great to name your daughter with such a pretty name?

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