25 A-Listers Spotted Committing No-No's With Their Kids

It's almost impossible for celebrity parents to stay out of the spotlight. The paparazzi seem really dedicated to trying to catch them doing something that the rest of the world would wince or roll their eyes at. After all, it is kind of the job of the paparazzi to capture these moments for our enjoyment. So, we should have some empathy for these parents who are constantly under the spotlight and up on the chopping block. But that's really not to say that celebrities are infallible. Some of them almost certainly make mistakes that would have childcare experts making comments. However, some of these no-no's are very minor things: the type of foibles that we would make on a day-to-day basis if we weren't paying attention. In other words, we're just like them.

On the other hand, some of the no-nos included on this list are pretty bad. But again, these are just moments in the lives of these individuals. We shouldn't pass too much judgment on them. Everyone makes mistakes. But that's not to say that we all can't take a second to laugh at these hilarious instances. Without further ado, here are 25 A-Listers Spotted Committing No-Nos With Their Kid.

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25 Kim Kardashian Has A Car Seat Foible

There's no doubt that Kim Kardashian has been at the forefront of a number of mommy no-nos throughout her time as a parent. Perhaps one of the most eye-raising incidents was when she was called out for putting her 1-year-old kid in a front-facing car seat. In California, it's actually a law that a car seat faces the opposite direction for children under the age of two. Unfortunately for Kardashian, this is only one of many moments where she was seen doing parenting no-nos.

24 Kate Gosselin Likes Old School Parenting

Via: Just Jared

Kate Gosselin has had her fair share of public scrutiny. And, in a lot of cases, this is for good reason. She has put her kids through some very interesting events and continuously gets photographed handling them in a less than gentle way. It's clear she's a fan of old-school parenting, as she doesn't mind using her physical force on them when she wants them to do something that they clearly don't want to do. There have also been instances where she's been seen full-on yelling at her children in public. Then again, what parent hasn't?

23 Alec Baldwin Makes A Memorable Phone Call

Via: People

Alec Baldwin is known for his temper. He even jokes about it when he goes on talk-shows and inevitably has to answer for it. Although he seems to be a pretty darn good father in recent years, there was that time that he called his daughter Ireland some pretty mean things over the phone. He was, of course, in the middle of a very public and rough custody battle with Kim Basinger and basically took his frustrations out on his daughter. This call went public and he's had a hard time living it down. Luckily, he and his daughter have patched things up and seem to have a wonderful relationship.

22 Farrah Abraham's Daughter Grows Up Too Fast

Someone needs to tell Teen Mom Farrah Abraham that her daughter isn't seventeen. Seriously, Abraham has been seen making a host of parenting mistakes when it comes to dressing her daughter. This includes eyebrow waxing and copious make-up. She even took a pretty behind-the-scenes photo of her daughter that is a big big no-no. All of this seems fine to Abraham even though her daughter is under the age of ten. Clearly, Abraham is working out her own insecurities through her daughter; otherwise, she'd be letting her kid act her actual age.

21 Katie Holmes Loves High Heels On Suri

Katie Holmes probably did the right thing for Suri Cruise by moving her out of California and away from her father and his religious perspectives. But that doesn't mean that Holmes is incapable of making a parenting no-no. She was photographed with her very young daughter who was wearing high-heels. This is something that many child specialists believe to be bad for a person her age as her feet and soles are still developing. Additionally, it just looks sort of wrong.

20 Shakira Brings Her Babies To A Soccer Stadium

Pop-sensation Shakira was criticized for taking her two little babies to a massive soccer stadium. They were there to support their father who was on the field. But the two little babies were clearly too young to be there. It was just far too crowded and noisy for them. The poor things must have been craving some ear muffs. Babies ears are still developing and are therefore very sensitive to loud noises. Shakira should have left her babies with a nanny or babysitter while she went out to support her husband.

19 Peaches Geldof Saves Her Phone Over Her Baby

U.K. socialite Peaches Geldof found herself under the magnifying glass after photos surfaced of her letting her kid meet the ground while she protected her cellphone from the same fate. If this image doesn't sum up everything that's wrong with society today, we don't know what does. Geldof, of course, shifted the focus onto the holes on the street, saying that they were responsible for what happened. But we all know what really went down.

18 Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Can't Use A Harness

Via: Parenting

It seems normal enough that Blake Lively would share a photo of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, holding their daughter James in a baby carrier. However, fans were quick to point out that Reynolds clearly had no idea how to properly put his daughter in the thing. In fact, it looked pretty odd. Reynolds took responsibility for the action as he didn't want his wife to be unfairly criticized. He later joked, "I’m a first-time dad and that is not the first mistake I’ve made and I can guarantee it won’t be the last.”

17 P-Diddy Gets "Involved" With His Son's Football Game

Via: Sb Nation

P. Diddy proved himself to be a helicopter parent when he got involved in his son's football goings-on. In 2015, the rapper and business mogul got very physical with his son's UCLA football coach after he took Diddy's son Justin from practice. Diddy ended up being charged and was no longer allowed to observe practices. This is an obvious no-no for some many reasons. First of all, it's illegal and morally wrong. But solving children's conflicts for them is never a productive way to help them grow.

16 Courtney Love Brings Newborn To A Red Carpet

Courtney Love has certainly made some interesting, and very public, parenting decisions that have had other parents up in arms. Luckily, she and her daughter Frances Bean seem to have a wonderful relationship. But that doesn't mean Love hasn't made some poor choices. This includes bringing her baby to a very crowded red carpet instead of leaving her with a nanny or babysitter. The image made it look like Love was treating her parenting responsibilities as a hobby and Frances like an accessory.

15 Michael Jackson On The Balcony

Via: Pinterest

Of course, Michael Jackson had to end up on this list somewhere. And, by far, his most famous parenting no-no is the time he dangled his baby over a balcony. Seriously, this was one very dumb move. He brought the baby out with a blanket over his head to shield him from the paparazzi but then persisted to wave him in front of the crowd like The Lion King and the event almost ended really, really badly. Luckily Blanket (AKA Prince) turned out fairly well, all things considering.

14 Britney Spears Almost Drops Her Baby

Via: Us Weekly

Michael Jackson wasn't the only celebrity to almost let their baby slip out of their hands. Pop sensation Britney Spears was also responsible for such a moment. Of course, she had her kids not long after her very public downward spiral. Therefore, the press was all over her as she was walking with her baby to the car. She didn't have a very good grip on her baby and almost let him meet the pavement. Luckily, it all turned out okay and both her boys grew up well.

13 Kourtney Kardashian Loves Clip-Ons

Yet another Kardashian is in the spotlight on this list. This time it's Kourtney, who has been under scrutiny for some of her parenting choices a number of times. One of the times was when she shared this photo of her 4-year-old daughter Penelope wearing clip-on earrings. She thanked Kim Kardashian for them, implying that they were a gift for her little kid. Clearly, this caused some people to get mad as her kid was way too young to be wearing earnings, even if they were clip-ons.

12 Ciara Takes Her Son Tobogganing Down The Great Wall

Via: People

Ciara, the ex of rapper Future, took her and Future's 3-month-old daughter Sienna to the Great Wall of China. It was there where she took a toboggan and slid down the stone stairs with her kid. Not only was this incredibly disrespectful to the iconic piece of architecture, but it was also very irresponsible. Her daughter was in anything but a safe location for such an activity. Additionally. Going down something that fast is not good for a child whose head and neck are still developing.

11 JWoww Takes Her Newborn Into The Deep End

It probably won't take the world back to know that Jersey Shore star JWoww has been under scrutiny for how she moms her kid. Back in 2016, she let her husband hold their 2-month-old son Greyson in the pool. The kid was not wearing any gear that was suitable for an adult pool. Not to mention that the kid was just far too young to be an actual pool. The smallest mistake and something very bad could have happened. Frankly, JWoww and her hubby were very lucky that nothing bad occurred.

10 JLO Likes Her Kids In The Limelight

JLO has taken her kids on the red carpet on a few occasions. Rarely do these kids actually look like they're having a good time. Instead, JLo seems to be thrilled that they are with them and the press gets to photograph her being a good mom. However, there was one time where her and Marc Anthony's son, Maximillian, was really unhappy on the carpet and even threw a bit of a tantrum. This was photographed and published, as were the photos of JLo kneeling and trying to comfort him.

9 Madonna Over-Shares Her Family Life

Via: Allure

TMZ and other celebrity news publications were all over Madonna's split from Guy Richie, as well as all of the public comments that their kids made about wanting to live with their mom over their dad. One of the reasons had to do with how ready Madonna was to share personal photos and videos of her kids. In the fall of 2015, Madonna even shared a pic of her son wearing pigtails. He was very unhappy about this. But she didn't stop. She continued doing this sort of thing with all of her kids.

8 Coco Austin Beautifies Her Newborn

Not unlike Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, actor Coco Austin has been under fire for beautifying her kid in ways that no children should be. But Austin really doesn't seem to care how the world views how she dresses her child. She continues to flaunt this in front of the cameras. Austin even posted about getting her then 2-month-old daughter’s ears pierced back in 2016. This, of course, it very silly and probably very harmful to her daughter who will grow up with some pretty iffy beauty standards.

7 Jessica Alba Doesn't Cover Her Kid From The Sun

There are a ton of photos of Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba out on the town with her little ones. She's usually seen pushing one of her many strollers down the road and is pretty consistent about making sure her kids are wearing hats or are covered so that the California sun (or muggy Manhattan sun) doesn't affect them. However, there have been a couple of instances where Alba has slipped up and been photographed letting her kids be under the very warm sun without some sort of protection.

6 Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Forget The Helmets

The star of the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel, The Long Night, was spotted walking her kids around her LA neighborhood. This would have been fairly un-noteworthy if she hadn't let her son ride his scooter without a helmet on. Nowadays, moms are very aware of the risks of children not wearing helmets. It seems that Naomi Watt's son is used to not wearing a helmet. Years earlier, he was seen riding a scooter down a metal ramp with nothing but a cap on. This was under Watt's ex-husband Liev Schreiber's watch. In the photos, the child was actually seen falling off the scooter. Luckily, his dad was around to catch him.

5 Pink Has Trouble With Car Seats

Via: She Knows

Okay, not every celebrity has an easy time with car seats. This certainly goes for Pink who took a selfie with her daughter Willow. Fans were quick to point out that Willow was improperly buckled into the seat and Pink wasn't following proper safety recommendations. In fact, the buckle was so poorly put on that something bad could have happened if they made contact with another car or even stopped short. Hopefully Pink has learned how to use car seats.

4 Chrissy Teigen Has An Odd Way Of Holding Her Baby

Via: Cosmo

There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by that Chrissy Teigen isn't in the news for something she's said, tweeted, or done. In this case, she was criticized for a pretty typical mommy no-no. it had to do with the odd way she was holding her kid, baby Luna. It seemed like she was manhandling her infant in a way that said that she had no clue how to hold a baby at all. Luckily, Teigen didn't drop her kid and everyone was fine at the end of the day.

3 Martin Fuentes Waterskis With A Three-Year-Old

The center of the U.S. is a Nascar and Formula 1 kind of place, so it only makes sense that we would include a racer. Martin Fuentes, a Formula 1 superstar, causes a bit of a stir when he was photographed waterskiing while holding on to his 3-year-old daughter, Carolina. The kid had armbands on in case she met the water, but that clearly isn't enough for someone that age. Waterskiing is something that should be attempted when a kid is a little older. The consensus was that 3 was way too young.

2 David Hasselhoff's Famous Cheeseburger Video

Via: People

We all remember David Hasselhoff's cheeseburger video, don't we? Seriously, it was one of the most notable moments in the actor's long history. But, unfortunately, this inebriated videotape was actually tapped by his children who used it to get their dad to get the help he needed. Being three sheets to the wind like this in front of your kids is clearly bad parenting and a big no-no. However, it did help him out in the long run and he actually thanked his daughters for releasing the tape.

1 Matthew McConaughey Puts Style Before Safety

Via: people

We think that we can all agree that Matthew McConaughey is just one very cool dude. And there's nothing cooler than the image of him riding down the street on a bike with his son in the front seat. Unfortunately, in the photo, McConaughey doesn't have a helmet on his son and even has an open-top drink that could spill all over his son. Sure, the image is one cool thing, but it's kinda a parenting no-no on so many levels. Luckily, most of the other photos of the actor with his kids show him in a pretty good light.

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