25 Adorable And Clever Pairs Of Names For Twin Girls

Expecting twin girls?  Congratulations, but get to work because that means there are less than nine months to find two cute and clever but unique names. One such name is tough enough to choose, but two that sound good and look good together can be tricky. That's a huge responsibility and one moms don't want to take lightly because names are so important in today's society. Just imagine, a child could be admired, favored and socially accepted or bullied and teased all based on the names chosen for them. That, unfortunately, is a fact of life. Although that scenario would be any parent's nightmare, it is something that can be avoided if planned ahead.

Remember, girls will only be babies for a short period of their lives, so mom needs to choose names that will grow gracefully with them into their teens and adulthood. Daughters may even thank mom someday for taking the time to research their names. Probably not as teenagers, but maybe as adults. Here is a list of 25 adorable and clever pairs of names for twin girls for inspiration. Some are classic, traditional and beautiful, others more modern and trendy. Take a pick!

25 Lily & Rose


Let's move away from the more traditional and inspirational names into the themed names. Lily and Rose have recently made it onto the popular list for girls names. Together they make an even stronger impact which works well if choosing names for twins. This pairing of floral names is especially significant if you happen to be a lover of flowers or nature in general. As names and flowers both Lily and Rose are symbols of beauty, purity and innocence. That makes them very feminine choices for names.

Also short and sweet, Lily and Rose are names that are both easy to pronounce and write. That's important for babies and kindergarten kids struggling to pronounce and spell their names. No nicknames are required here. Another bonus if you end up with the names Lily and Rose? These names are not too cutesy that they would be embarrassing as teens or adults either.

24 Luna & Stella


If astronomy is your passion, Luna and Stella may be the perfect names for your twin girls. Derived from the Latin words for the moon and the stars respectively, your daughters will surely realize you love them to the moon (and stars) and back. Also popular names in the ancient stories of Greek mythology, Luna and Stella are strong and powerful names, yet still very feminine.

Paul McCartney, Melanie Griffith and Tori Spelling all have daughters named Stella. Ellen Pompeo (AKA Meredith Grey), Chrissy Teigen (with John Legend) and Penelope Cruz chose the name Luna for their daughters. All of these celebrities cannot be wrong!

No nicknames or short forms are necessary with this choice of names which is an added bonus and something to take into consideration. This pair of names is also one that will be suitable and manageable for babies, as well as teens, and adults.

23 Heaven & Nevaeh


Yet another ancient and Biblical themed pairing of names you might want to consider, Heaven and Nevaeh are a bit fancier and a lot more complicated. Nevaeh, in case you haven't noticed, is Heaven spelled backwards. How cute is that? Cute and very unique.

A bit harder for babies and children to pronounce, spell and write, these names are still on the popular list of baby names today. Can't you just picture a kid explaining to a new friend or teacher that their name is backwards for heaven? Especially if their twin Heaven is standing right beside them.

Teens and adults would probably admire and appreciate the significance of the names more. As your daughters will spend a great deal more years in the teen and adult category, this pair of names might still be a consideration. The first ten years might be tricky though.

22 Meena & Leena


While we are still on the theme based portion of the list, Meena and Leena might catch your fancy. Rhyming names with lots of letters in common appear to be popular for choices of twin names, especially for girls.

Meena is a Hindu name for a semi-precious stone or a bird. Leena means soft and delicate in Islamic regions. Both are names of Hindu princesses. What girl does not want to be named after a princess? If you plan to treat your daughters like princesses, (and who doesn't?) you might as well name them after princesses.

Neither name is known to have shorter versions or nicknames associated with it. This should be considered a bonus, as the names are fairly short and easy for kids, teens and adults alike to pronounce and spell. You could try Me and Lee.

21 Summer & Autumn


Nature lovers might be interested in the increasingly popular names Summer and Autumn as a pair of names for their twin girls. If you like girls' names that are feminine as well as elegant, Summer and Autumn roll off the tongue quite nicely. Are you expecting your twins midway between summer and autumn? Or perhaps during a summer that feels like autumn or an autumn that feels more like summer? This pair of names might just be for you!

Both unique and trendy, these names would transition well from the baby stage to teenaged years and onto adulthood with ease. Neither name would require a nickname or shortened version either.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a daughter named Summer as does Christina Aguilera. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jermaine Jackson both have daughters named Autumn, just not together. Take your cue from these celebrities and consider Summer and Autumn for your twin girls.

20 London & Paris


One more themed pairing, this one might appeal best to world travellers. London and Paris are two of the most famous cities and tourist destinations in the world. Everyone knows that fact, but less well known is the fact that these names are at the top of the popularity list for girls' names.

Easy to spell, pronounce and write, this pair of names would be ideal for babies, teens and adults alike. No known nicknames or short versions are to be found, not that either London or Paris need them. Carson Daly has a daughter named London and Cathy Hilton has a daughter named Paris. Although Paris Hilton is probably more famous than her mother.

Name your twin girls London and Paris and you may give them the travelling bug and turn them into world travellers themselves. What a glamorous, unique and elegant pair of names!

19 Anna & Elsa


This exciting and unique pair of names comes from a very popular children's movie.  Anyone with young children knows that Anna and Elsa are the adorable main characters of the Disney hit movie sensation Frozen. Although they are not twins, the sisters in this movie share a very close relationship. Like their names, both sisters are strong minded, attractive and very personable.

Anna is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Hannah and Elsa is the German form of the name Elizabeth. Anna and Elsa are both short and sweet names that are easy to pronounce, spell and write, all important considerations for you. Another bonus is the fact that neither name would require a shortened version or nickname.

Disney moves are always a hit, so are the names Anna and Elsa. Your twin girls will love knowing they are named after such classic Disney characters. Who wouldn't?

18 Arya & Cersei


The last themed pair of names, Arya and Cersei come from the hit television series Game of Thrones. For those of you not familiar with the show it is best explained as a fantasy drama that takes place on fictional continents with noble families fighting for control of their kingdoms.

If you watch the show you will recognize that the women are depicted as fiercely strong, determined characters. Arya is based on the traditional Persian, Hebrew, and Italian name Aria, which also refers to a portion of an opera. Cersei is based on Circe, a sorceress and goddess from the ancient Greek Homer's Odyssey.

No need for short versions or nicknames for Arya and Cersei, which is good because there are probably not any suggested. There are no known celebrities that have named their babies Arya or Cersei either. Yet. You can beat them to it and start the trend.

17 Katherine & Elizabeth


If traditional names are your thing, you cannot possibly go wrong with these old English, very regal and ultra feminine names. Katherine and its other popular versions such as Catherine and Kathryn are all derived from one of the first Christian saints, Catherine of Alexandria. In the Greek language the name is associated with the adjective "pure." If too formal for a baby, Katherine can be shortened to nicknames Kate, Katie, Kathy, and Kat. These shorter versions are also popular with teens.

Elizabeth is the name best known as a fixture in the long line of English queens. The name Elizabeth can also be spelled with an "s" in the middle resulting in Elisabeth. It is derived from the Hebrew word for "oath of God." If you feel Elizabeth is too fancy for everyday life, especially as a baby, lots of shorter versions or nicknames are very popular too. They include Liz, Betty, Beth, Eliza or Liza.

16 Gabriella & Isabella


Also very feminine and regal sounding, Gabriella and Isabella are names that traditional parents often lean toward. Although both are of Italian descent, they are widely used around the world. From Queens and Saints in Spain, France and England to ships, places, and even hurricanes elsewhere around the globe, Gabriella and Isabella are most impressive names.

These two names may also seem a bit too long and complicated for babies or toddlers. Imagine learning to write and spell either name in kindergarten! To ease your daughters into their full names a cute nickname for each of them might be an option to consider. Gabriella can temporarily become Gaby, Gella, Gigi, Brie, Brielle or Ella. Isabella can easily be shortened to nicknames like Izzy, Ella or Bella. Either way, the short versions or the long forms, the names are gorgeous. Even teenagers will approve of these strikingly attractive and elegant names.

15 Grace & Honor


Two more definitely feminine names, Grace and Honor stand for two qualities or character traits you hope your daughters possess. Talk about trying to steer your kids in the right direction. Why not? They should end up as solid, upstanding citizens someday with these names. If not, you certainly cannot be blamed for not trying. If only parenting was that simple where names could be used to determine your children's strengths and weaknesses.

The downside of both of these names is that neither have known nicknames, but both are short enough to not need any. Although Grace and Honor are not your typical baby names, they would be perfect names for your teenaged and adult daughters. They are babies for such a short period in their lives that many people believe it is much more important to choose names that will be suitable for teens and adults.

14 Hope & Faith

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Another set of names that go hand in hand, Hope and Faith are feminine and cute, yet short and sweet. These two motivational names are perfect for parents looking for a promising future instead of seeking inspiration from the past. Not that there is anything wrong with historical names, but who does not want to have hope and faith in their children's futures?

The names Hope and Faith are so popular they are used interchangeably in many other languages too. Vera, Nadia, Nadine, Laelynn, Asha, Ashia, Violet, and Charisse are just a few of the many variations of Hope and Faith. For some reason the two names are often used for fictitious characters on soap operas too.

The bonus if you choose the names Hope and Faith for your twin daughters? You won't be needing nicknames! These names are perfectly and equally suitable for babies, teens and adults.

13 Kendall & Kylie


If you are at all familiar with reality television and social media you will know who Kendall and Kylie Jenner are. Related by marriage to the Kardashian clan, (they all share the same mother) these two beautiful young ladies have taken the world by storm in the modelling and makeup world respectively. These sisters are not twins, but obviously very close to each other in age, ambition and even appearance.

If you are impressed by the Jenner sisters' success, popularity, talent and beauty, Kendall and Kylie might be the names you are seeking for your twin girls. Even if you are not  impressed much by the Kardashian and Jenner clans, you have to agree Kendall and Kylie are cute names!

12 Abbie & Emma


Moving away from the themed names, Abbie and Emma are the first pair of cute and old fashioned names popular today for the way they sound. Although Abbie is short for Abigail, the pairing of Abbie and Emma has a much nicer ring to it. That's because two syllables rather than three create a softer sounding combination, especially when one syllable consists of vowels.

Abigail (and Abbie) is derived from the Hebrew meaning "father's joy." Emma, on the other hand has German roots and means "universal." Abbie could also be spelled with a "y" instead of "ie" transforming it to Abby. Emma could be short for Emmaline, Emmalee, or Emmalyn, much more formal sounding names.

Although the longer versions are pretty, Emma still sounds better with Abbie. They are modern with an old fashioned twist. These names, whichever version you choose, are cute and adorable for babies, yet still appropriate for teens and adults.

11 Erin & Ellen

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Another cute pairing, also with two syllables in each name, Erin and Ellen are both on the popular list of girls names. For some reason, many adorable pairings are of names starting with a vowel. Possibly because this imparts a softer, feminine sound to the names.

The name Erin has Irish roots and actually means "Ireland" but is also popular elsewhere around the world. Although Ellen used to be just a short form of Eleanor and Helen, the short version has taken over in popularity. Ellen has Greek roots and means "torch or bright light."

Whatever the reason, these two names go hand in hand, perfect for a set of twin girls. Erin and Ellen could also be modified a bit to Eryn and Ellyn for a different or unique twist on classic names. Although your girls might be saying Erin or Ellen with a y for the rest of their lives.

10 Ava & Ella

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There is definitely something about girls names starting and or ending with vowels, and this adorable pair is no exception. For twins the vowels should be the same as they are here. This pairing of Ava and Ella works because the names just sound so smooth together.

Derived from the much older names of Eve or Eva and Eleanor, the modern versions are more popular today. Heather Locklear, Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman and Martina McBride all agree. They all named their daughters Ava. Ben Stiller, Alex Rodriguez and John Travolta all have daughters named Ella.

This duo is a modern twist on classical tradition. The names are cute and simple enough for babies, yet modern and sophisticated enough for teens and adults too. You won't have to worry about people shortening your girls' names with nicknames either. These names are perfect that way they are!

9 Olivia & Sophia


This classically beautiful Italian set of names is popular too for girls names. Once again the vowels soften the names, this time at the end of the name instead of the beginning. These names are a bit more sophisticated and feminine than the shorter, cute names. They do sound and look great together, perfect for a pair of twins.

Sophia is Greek for "wisdom" and Olivia is Latin for "olive tree." Very different meanings and origins, but great sounding together. Too bad you couldn't put off naming your daughters until you could tell which name suited which personality.

If necessary, maybe not even intentionally, the names might be shortened to nicknames such as Liv and Soph, Sofia or Sophie. Sophie is a completely different name though, more of a French version instead of Italian. Be careful there, Olivia and Sophie does not have the same glamorous ring as Olivia and Sophia.

8 Arianna & Brianna


Arianna and Brianna are elegant and beautiful, although a mouthful when paired together. Another popular variation is created by switching the "i" for "y" in both names resulting in Aryanna and Bryanna.

The name Arianna has Greek roots meaning "holy or chaste" while Brianna is Irish and means "strong." Obviously Brianna is derived from the masculine version of Brian. If Dad's name or your maiden name is Bryan or Brian, the feminine namesake might just be the touching tribute you are looking for.

Arianna and Brianna might be a bit too rhyming for some tastes, although could be shortened to Ari and Bri. If you are a fan of nicknames, especially for babies, this adorable combination might work for you. As teens and adults, your girls could revert back to the long forms for extra sophistication they would appreciate at that stage.

7 Alice & Freya


Alice and Freya are breaking the cute and matching rules for names of twins. They obviously do not rhyme or even look alike, but they do have similar meanings to their names. Believe it or not, not everyone looks for cute and matching names for their twins. Sometimes unique trumps cute.

Alice comes from Germany where it means "sweet" as well as France where it means "nobility." Other versions include Adelaide, Alicia, and Alison. Although a common name in ancient mythology, Freya is of Scandinavian descent meaning "noble lady." Other versions include Frea, Freyja, and Fraya.

So, if you are looking for an old fashioned, yet increasingly popular pair of names that do not rhyme or have a lot of letters in common, this pairing may be for you. Definitely unique, but not so cute, Alice and Freya are as popular now as they were years ago.

6 Chloe & Zoe


Another rhyming pair of names, Chloe and Zoe are also cute with that soft vowel sound at the end.  Another popular version of Chloe is spelled with a "K" as in Khloe, that other Kardashian reality TV and social media celebrity.

Donald Trump Junior and Olivia Newton John have daughters named Chloe. Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet named their daughter Zoe, as did Samuel L. Jackson and Randy Jackson. The last two are not the same Zoe though, although both Zoe Jacksons.

Chloe (or Khloe) comes from the Greek goddess of fertility.  In the Bible it means "young green shoot."  Zoe means "life" in Greek with a Biblical connection to the Hebrew name Eve.

Chloe and Zoe are popular, short and sweet names for babies. They are also simple and easy names for parents of twin girls. Don't worry about unsolicited nicknames, they don't need any. An added benefit is that they are also dramatic enough for teens, and plenty sophisticated for adults.

5 Haylee & Kaylee


There is something about rhyming names that is popular for naming twins. There appears to be a growing trend for matching and rhyming names with a pair of vowels at the beginning or end. Haylee and Kaylee checks off all of those features. This pair could be switched up to Hailey and Kailey, or even Haley and Kaley.

The name Hailey comes from the name of an English village and means "mown hay"  Eminem named his daughter Hailie as did Stephen (Alec's brother) Baldwin. Kaylee or Kailey comes from the Anglicized version of the Irish name Caol, meaning "slender."

The downside of these names is the shortened names or nicknames that might pop up.  Hay and Kay, Hail and Kail, Hale and Kale, you get the picture. Not sure you want your daughter named after a green vegetable, even though it claims to be a superfood.

4 Mia & Mya


Mia and Mya make an adorable couple of names for a few reasons.  Short names, with the same vowel at the end and the same letter at the beginning, these names do look and sound awesome together.

Mia appears to have lots of meanings and origins. In Scandinavia it is a short form of Maria. In Latin and Italian it means "rebellion." In Israel and America Mia is a female version of Michael. Mya comes from the Greek name Maya which translates to "great."

Since the name Mia is currently often mispronounced as Mya (with a long i sound) it may be a confusing combination. On the other hand, the pair of them together may sort out the problem. Either way, the names are suitable and elegant for babies, teens and adults alike. Another bonus is no nicknames to deal with.

3 Hannah & Haley


These two names are not much alike in their meaning, but sound great together. They are yet another break from the cute and obvious pairings of names popular today. Like the other popular female names, the vowels at the end of each add a certain "je ne sais quoi" or flare.

Hannah is of Hebrew descent, meaning "grace." Haley on the other hand, is of Irish descent, meaning "ingenious." Like many mixed families today, these two names represent different qualities that blend well together.

Mel Gibson named his daughter Hannah and so did Kate Gosselin, at least one of her eight kids. As mentioned above, Eminem and Stephen Baldwin preferred versions of Haley for their daughters.

For those of you that do not like the matchiness of the other choices, this one might be for you. A mating of old fashioned and modern, Hannah and Haley would be adorable for babies, but still attractive for teens and adults.

2 Eden & Eve


This pair of names is perfect for parents wishing to focus on a Biblical theme. Everyone knows the Bible story of Adam and Eve as the first two people in the Barden of Eden. Both Eden and Eve or Eva are very popular girls names today.

The fact that the names Eden and Eve are strong and feminine is the reason they are so popular. That and the fact that for some reason many celebrities (and non celebrities too) are opting for a connection to nature when selecting names for their offspring. Perhaps that is an attempt at channeling their "green" side in our fight against climate change.

Short names that are easy to pronounce, spell and write are great for babies and children. They also transition well into teenaged and adult years. Paired together for twins, Eden and Eve is a fantastic choice of names, sure to be admired by all.

1 Makayla & Makenzie


At the top of the list, this unique pair of names is adorable, modern and very popular. Makayla and Makenzie both look and sound awesome together. They don't rhyme and are not really cute, but what they lack in cuteness, they make up for in style.

Makayla is of English and German origin coming from the version spelled Michaela. Makenzie has a Scottish background with the original version spelled Mackenzie. The use of "Mak" at the beginning of both names makes this more modern version of Makayla and Makenzie work.

The names are strong, historical yet modern, and best of all, unique. As babies the names could be shortened to cuteness of Kayla and Kenzie to differentiate between your twins. If so, teens and adults will most likely revert back to the longer, less cute, more unique, trendier versions.

Source: sheknows.com

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