25 Adorable Baby Boy Names Everyone Forgot About

There are a ton of really cute names for little boys that were once very popular, but yet now they essentially cease to exist. When it comes to naming a little boy, why don’t parents look to the ones that have been forgotten over the years, some decades, or even centuries ago? Maybe parents would like to name their sweet little baby boy a name that is not too popular, but yet one that is also not too different or difficult to pronounce.

The names that are on this list would be perfect for a change up from all the new and hard to pronounce names that are out there these days. There are many forgotten boys names that are very recognizable to most. Parents would have to sit back and think, I know this name, yet I haven't heard or known of anyone with this name recently. So, many parents can even take a look back at their family tree and see some of the names that they're long since forgotten relatives had once upon a time, to get some amazing baby boy name ideas.

Just because the name has been forgotten about doesn’t mean that it is unusual or weird in any kind of way. It just may be that time has moved on and changed, and so did the names. They sometimes have a way of being forgotten and losing their popularity. They fell off the list of desirable names, but somehow, they always come back around because parents are always trying to find that special name for their little bundle of joy. Some parents try to look for names that aren't being used right now, a special name that is just right for their little boy.

25 Noah

Noah is another really cute name to give a baby boy. The meaning of the name Noah is rest and peace, and the origin of the name is Hebrew. Believe it or not, but the nickname for this name is No or Noey. Noah is making a comeback on the name charts; it is also a name that has been around for many centuries.

Noah was best known by the gathering of the animals, two by two, and creating an arc of refuge for the great flood. This name has some famous actors; they are Noah Wiley, Noah Emmerich, and Noah Beery. Noah is rarely used as a female name, but there's one Noah Lindsey Cyrus. This name is also a common name on soap operas. And let’s not forget the Noah Calhoun in the movie The Notebook. So, mom, this is a great name to give the little boy, it is up and coming.

24 Leo

Leonardo has been around for centuries, and it’s a great older name to choose for a little boy. The baby's nickname can be Leo for short, and the meaning of Leonardo is the brave lion. The origin of this name is Italian and the Spanish variation of Leonard.

For centuries, this name was associated primarily with the towering figure of Italian Renaissance painter-scientist-inventor Leonardo da Vinci and was scarcely used outside the Latin culture. But then along came Leonardo DiCaprio, whose mother supposedly given him that name because of her first kick she had while looking at a da Vinci painting. Now, why wouldn’t mom want to name her son Leonardo? Just imagine what her son can become and do in his life.

23 Ethan

Okay, the name Ethan is one of those names that is many centuries old, it means firm, strong, and impetuous. The boy name Ethan has a Hebrew origin. Some common nicknames for this name are Eethie and Eeth. Ethan is also in the top twenty names for boys in Great Britain. Ethan would be a good strong name to give the newborn baby boy, and it's one of those names people don’t hear a lot anymore.

In American folklore, Ethan Allen, the American revolutionary, and leader of the green mountains boys was famously gruff and serious. So other famous people name at this is Ethan Hawke, Ethan Peck, and Ethan Bortnick. Let's not forget the name of Ethan Hunt from the Mission Impossible series. How perfect of a name meaning is that for the little boy.

22 Warren

Long lingering in limbo, Warren sudden seems to be on the cusp of revival. This name is one of the oldest recorded English names, that dates back centuries, it reached its peak in the 1920’s. The meaning of this name is park-keeper. There was even a General with the first name Warren is the Revolution war, sadly he was killed on Bunker Hill. There is an actor named Warren Beatty, and a president named Warren Gamaliel Harding, with this great first name.

Mommy’s little boy will definitely be good for her if he has this adorable name of Warren. We think that this name will continue to get back on the top of the charts, especially when it is used for little boys that can be anything they want to be, with this list of people who had this name for them.

21 Charles

The name Charles would be a great name for mommy’s little prince, and he will be the little prince charming of her heart. This name has been around for centuries; its meaning is a strong man. A good nickname would be Charlie, or Chase or even Chip. There are many famous real-life people named Charles, some examples are, Charles Dickens, Prince Charles of Wales, and let's not forget Charles Schulz, the famous Peanuts cartoonist. There are many, many, more famous people with this name; parents can look up for themselves.

Charles is derived from the Germanic, which is cognate the old English Ceorl, it is a royal name for a boy. Charles is also a name in many fairy tales for children. Mommy’s little Charles will hug her heart, with his sharp mind and loving spirit. The name Charles is different, yet highly recognizable. It is the perfect name for any adorable and kind baby boy.

20 Vincent

The name Vincent is full of history. Vincent has been around for centuries; its meaning is conquering. Some good nicknames for Vincent can be Vince or Vin. There is some famous actors and singer with this name such as Vince Gill and Vin Diesel. It is most notable bearer was Vincent Van Gogh, the artist who gave it a patrician edge.

Vincent was popular during the Middle Ages, especially among the French, who brought it to England. There is a number of Saint Vincent’s, most famous of who is St. Vincent de Paul, a French priest who organized societies of laymen to help the poor. Vincent has always been a favorite of the Roman Catholic family. This is all kind of interesting. Mom’s cute little Vincent, or Vinny will make things exciting in the family's life.

19 Abraham

Abraham was the first names of the old testament patriarchs; this name goes way back many centuries. This name means father of multitudes, and its origin is from the Hebrew. It is said that he was the founding father of the Jewish people. The name Abraham is said to be on the rise of baby names to use, since the early 1900’s.

Let's not forget that we also had a President Abraham Lincoln; it’s so great to have a noble name sake to go with this name. Mom can also use this nickname Abe for her son. Another name to go with the history of this name is Abraham Van Helsing is the wise Dutch doctor in Dracula who understands ways of vampires.

18 Ernest

Ernest is one of those old names that are off the chart for a long time. No one has really been named Ernest since 1926. This name has been around for centuries, the meaning is serious, resolute, and its origin from English from German. We cannot forget one of the most bearers of the name is novelist Ernest Hemingway- unless we can count Bert's best friend, Ernie.

There are some cute nicknames for Ernest such as Earnest, Erny, Ern, and of course Ernie. This name may come and go, but it has never been popular as it once was. As more and more parents are looking for these forgotten names, this name will be climbing the charts very soon again.

17 Winston

Winston is a long-forgotten name; it has been at the bottom of the name chart for centuries. This name has not seen a lot of activity since the mid-1900’s. Although a good nickname for this name can be Winnie, most of us know this with the Winnie-the-Pooh books.

Winston is long associated with the Churchill family and is common in the West Indies. The name means wine’s town and is of the old English origin. The name is greatly remembered due to Winston Churchill from the world war II period. Maybe mommy should think about naming her baby boy this; it’s a solid choice. This long-forgotten name choice with a significance historical history will be a strong name for her little man.

16 Gerald

This is another one of those old forgotten names for boys that are way down on the charts, Gerald. This is a recognizable name that is hardly ever used. The meaning of this name is a ruler with the spear, and the origin is English and Irish from German. This is kind of cool. Gerald has several nicknames Gerry, Jerry, Jerold.

This name has been around for centuries, there are some famous people with the name Gerald. Here are just a few, Geraldo Rivera was born Gerald and the former President Gerald Ford.This name was really big in the 1930-1940’s. The name is still very popular in Ireland. So Gerald should be one of those names with a big come back. It is exactly how we want little boys to grow up to be.

15 Fletcher

Fletcher is a very notable historical name; it started in the Thirteenth century. This name has long been forgotten for a little boys name, it started to become popular again in the Eighteenth Century, but they got forgotten again. Now that is a long time ago, yet don't we think it time to make a big comeback for the name, Fletcher.

Fletcher means the maker of arrows, and its origin is from English occupational name.There are some famous Fletcher’s out there; one is Fletcher Christian, a British seaman. Also, a musical name sake is Fletcher Henderson, an important man in big band jazz and swing music. Mom's little bundle of joy will be shooting tons of love arrows at her heart, so she should give him this worthy name. A cool baby nickname can be Fletch or Flecher. So it is time to bring the name Fletcher back because he will be one of a kind, cool kid!

14 Sylvester

Okay, the name Sylvester is definitely a name that rarely is heard of. That is except for Sylvester Stallone, mainly because of the movie Rocky. The name Sylvester was at its height in the 1920’s, and it was one of the top two hundred names. The meaning of this name is wood or forest. We all know this name very well, and can be pronounced easily. Sylvester is a great name for a baby boy, and it has been forgotten for awhile now. This name has been around for centuries and is that one of a kind name no one will forget.

Some of us can also remember this name from the cocky cartoon cat that we would watch as children on Saturday mornings. Mom, in all likelihood, the son will certainly be a wild one some of the time. This name does have a cool ring to it, and it would be a great name to consider.

13 Augustus

Parents are beginning to look at the market for a strong first name for their little boy, then Augustus is the name that will definitely make a strong statement. The meaning of Augustus is great, magnificent, and its origin is Latin. The nicknames that mom can call her son is Gus or Augie, and those are very cute. He can also continue using them into adulthood if he likes them.

Augustus also dates back many centuries; it once was widely used. This name dates back to the Roman times and emperors. Two stars have recently used Augustus as their baby’s middle name; soon it will be used as first names in TV stars children. Mom’s little man should have this absolutely cute name of Augustus because he’s mommy's, little strong man.

12 Hugh

Okay, mom here is a great name that really hasn’t been around since 1903 when it was at the top of baby boy’s names, Hugh! The name has been around for centuries, it was origin from English from German, and the meaning is mind, intellect. Some cute nickname can be Hew, Hughie, or Huey; the little man will be hugging the heart strings of his mommy always.

There are also two famous actors Hugh Jackman and Hugh Grant. The name Hugh is almost completely forgotten about. It has a great ring to it, don’t mom think so? Mama’s Hugh would be a total gentleman with that great fun side to him. Not to forget little Hugh will have a sharp mind and incredible intellect.

11 Percy

Percy is one of those quite interesting names; it had all but been forgotten over the years, many decades, or even centuries. But this name has been around a very long time. It can be a very sweet and cute name for a little boy, yet it kind of has the very intelligent way to the sound of it.

The name Percy originated from the French, but it actually was derived from a village in Normandy. It was a wealthy and noble English family use of the name until it garnered more use and eventually became more widespread, Percy is a name that has a lot of history to its name. The meaning of this name is piercing the valley. Mommy’s little Percy will be a well at fighting justice and winning all the legal battles.

10 Franklin

Here, moms, this name is a great one! Everyone knows this name, Franklin. It is highly recognizable and very easy to pronounce, so why not use this name! The meaning of this name is a free landholder, and its origin is from Old English. It also has two presidents with this first name, Franklin Roosevelt and Franklin Pierce, which gives this name a great boost. Not to forget it's the last name, but a lot of people also think of Franklin when they hear Benjamin Franklin. This name has been around for many centuries.

Great nickname for the little boy is Frank or Frankie, what else could a mom ask for in a boys name. This is an oldie but goodie. This is definitely a great name Franklin; it is a great choice for any sweet little boy. It s time to bring this name back!

9 Benedict

Okay, parents that like the names Ben or Benjamin but find those forms too popular sometimes consider the name of Benedict as a more distinctive choice. Benedict is the name of the saint and fifteen popes, including a recent one. There is also a rising British actor name Benedict Cumberbatch. The only bad thing about this name is that it is linked to an infamous traitor Benedict Arnold. But the good turn around to this is the meaning of this name which is blessed, and its origin is Latin.So don’t worry about this name Benedict, mom’s son will most definitely be blessed in all ways!

In all likelihood, at least some of the time, mommy's little boy will certainly be blessed. Also that Benedict is very easy to pronounce, it is a nice name for baby boys that have been forgotten for some time now, and now is the time for a comeback.

8 Baxter

An x makes any name cooler so that Baxter has a bit more pizzazz than the meaning which is a baker. Baxter had some currency as a first name a century ago-it was on the popularity lists sporadically from 1880 till the 1920’s. Which means it's just about due for a comeback. There's even a signer Ian Dury who’s now grown son is name Baxter. Baxter is the origin of the English occupational name.

Can mommy see her little Baxter alongside her in the kitchen whipping up some yummy cupcakes, or cookies? He will be living up to the meaning for his name. Bet she can even see her adorable Baxter going from being really serious to funny in just a second.

7 Stanley

This is a name that we all know and has heard; it’s a classic name of Stanley. The meaning is, near the stony clearing, and its origin is English. This is a name that came from many centuries ago, by an explorer of Sir Henry Morton Stanley. A cute nickname for mommy’s little one could be Stan.

The little boy Stanley could be serious and then in no time at all can be silly. Even though this name has not been in the know for a while, we think that it is time for a comeback, the sky can be the limit. Stanley can be a real down to earth, super scientific, or crazy creative kind of kid.

6 Ronald

This forgotten name is an old-time classic. Ronald is well-known, but so rarely used we may think oh, we know this name. The name Ronald is well known from one of the presidents of the United States, Ronald Reagan. Some people may even think of the McDonald franchise mascot.

The names origin is from Norse, but it was the Vikings who brought the name to England and Scotland. This name first appeared on the charts in 1883 and then came around again in 1930 into the 1950’s. The meaning of Ronald is ruler’s counselor.

This name Ronald gives off a classy, yet down to earth feel. It is an appropriate name for a president, to a farmer, and anyone in between. Although it's been off the charts for some time, the name Ronald could be resurrected soon. And some great nicknames can be Ron or Ronnie, just perfect for mama's little boy!

5 Guy

Guy is a great name for a baby boy. It’s a great name that is easy to pronounce. This name has been around since the early 1800’s. The meaning of this name is guide or leader, and it comes from the French. Baby boy Guy wouldn’t need a nickname because it’s short already. Mama can feel blessed to have a sweet baby boy with this name; he could be the leader of the pack in the neighborhood that he lives in.

This name of the patron saint of comedians and dancers, mom will definitely be laughing and twirling with her little one. Guy is pronounced many different ways all across this world. Guy is definitely a one of a kind name for a one of a kind Guy!

4 Marvin

The name Marvin has been neglected for so long that it's hard to believe that it has Welsh roots for the origin of its name. The name itself is many centuries old, and the meaning is sea hill. Some nicknames mom can call the baby is Marv, Mervin, Marve, all through with this strong name it’s best just to call him Marvin. A name meaning like that is kind of unique.

Marvin also has some strong namesakes going for it, singer Marvin Gaye, composer Marvin Hamlisch and boxer Marvin Hagler. It’s also the real first name for singer Meatloaf. This neglected name may be the perfect choice for the little one if mom wants something a bit different.

3 Oswald

The name Oswald is a strong choice for any baby boy, and the baby’s nickname can be Oz, Ozzie, and Ozzy. This name came from the old English German, the meaning of the name is god, power, and ruler. This name can date all the way back to the mid-century when in England a Saint Oswald of Worcester, who was of Danish ancestry. This name had died out by the end of the Middle Ages and was revived in the nineteenth century.

This name has been forgotten an at the bottom of the charts for a long time; I think it’s time that we start using this name again. Who knows, it could ever be the next popular name once again? This name has strength and greatness; it is the perfect choice if mom is looking for a name that is different.

2 Arnold

I bet that a lot of people don't know that the name Arnold has been around since the beginning of time. Even though this name has been around a long time, in recent years, it has almost been forgotten about. Arnold origin is English from German, and the meaning is a ruler, or strong as an eagle. We think that Arnold is still a genuine classic who will make a comeback.

There are such reputable namesakes as composer Arnold Schoenberg, a novelist Arnold Bennett and the historian Arnold Toynbee, and the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with many others. No wonder, it was once so popular. With a name meaning and all those important people like that, the bouncing baby boy is destined for a great life, and there is no doubt about it.

1 Irving

It might be surprising to know that this name Irving originated as a Scottish place, in Scotland a long time ago. The meaning of this name is a green river, or sea friend, which may seem strange, but there is a story behind this meaning. The name Irving was derived from this place, hence the meaning of green river. This is a really cute story, about this name. Irving was one of the top names during World War I, and though we don’t envision it reaching those heights again, we can see some hipster parents having their own little Irving.

Some cool nicknames can be Irvin, Irv, and maybe Ving, or Irvin. The name Irving has that long ago feeling to it but at the same time a bit of a modern twist. So this is the name for some real hipster parents to start naming their little bundle of joy, better get a move on it, before it's everywhere.

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