25 Adorable Baby Names For Boys With Big Brown Eyes

Brown is an amazing color since it is the color of the earth. It is a natural color since many living things have this wonderful color. The majority of the population in the world has brown eyes. Most of the population living in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East has brown eyes. In the United States, about 41% of the population has brown eyes.

The amount of melanin in the eye determines the color of the human eye. The more melanin one has the browner his or her eyes are. People with blue eyes tend to have very little melanin while people with green eyes have more melanin than those with blue eyes. There are different shades of brown eyes. There are people with hazel brown eyes, others with honey brown, some with light brown, and others with dark brown. The more concentrated melanin is in one’s eye the darker the shade of brown.

Unlike other traits in the human body, eye color is not hereditary. A child can either take one of the parents color or a blend of the two parents’ eye color or have very different eye color than that of its parents. Newborn babies are born with the cutest puppy dog eyes. Part of what makes children adorable is their big iris eyes.

There are parents who wait to see what their children will look like in order to name them. They should consider some of the names listed below that suit baby boys born with brown eyes.

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25 Ian

Via: pinterest.com

This cute and simple baby boy name is the Scottish Gaelic form of the name John. It means God is gracious. Ian entered the US charts back in the 1930s and its popularity has been increasing slowly over the years. The name reached its peak popularity in the 21st century and is still enjoying some attention. Some of its spelling variants include Iann, Iaian, and Eann.

Some notable celebrities who have added to the name's popularity include British musician Ian McDonald, novelist Ian Fleming, actor Sir Ian Mckellan, and novelist Ian McEwan. Ian is such a simple and easy-going name that will be perfect for that little boy with adorable big brown eyes.

24 Keanu

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Keanu is a perfect name for a big brown-eyed little boy. It is of Hawaiian origin meaning cool breeze over the mountains. This name is not quite popular; it appeared in the top 1,000 names for the first time in over a decade in 2016. It will make a perfect unique name for a boy.

Hollywood actor, director, and musician Keanu Charles Reeves is arguably the most famous person going by this name and he has brown eyes. Other namesakes of his include football player Keanu Marsh-Brown, actor Keanu Pires, and football player Keanu Neal.

23 Calvin

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Calvin is an adorable boy name of Latin origin meaning bald or hairless. It has been popular among Protestants in honor of John Calvin. In modern times, the name’s popularity has been closely associated with the New York fashion designer Calvin Klein. Calvin has always maintained steady popularity since the mid-1920s.

This name may not be the newest name on the block, but it is still a great choice for that big brown-eyed little munchkin. Other notable Calvin’s include the 30th president of the US John Calvin Coolidge, writer Calvin Trillin, and Singaporean fashion mogul Calvin Cheng. Calvin is also quite a popular name among famous athletes.

22 Junior

Via: redbookmag.com

This gorgeous baby boy name comes from the English language and it means youth or young. Junior first debuted on American soil in the 1800s but almost disappeared from the limelight until the 1970s when many parents began choosing it for their sons. Not too many people use this name today.

Junior makes a casual and adorable choice for a big brown-eyed boy whose parents hope that he shall remain youthful at heart even as he grows older. Popular people going by this name include baseball player Otis Junior Nixon, NASCAR driver Robert Junior Johnson, and Brazilian mixed martial artist Junior dos Santos.

21 Bomani

Via: pinterest.com

Bomani is a sweet given name from Africa. It is of Swahili Origin meaning great warrior. This name has never ranked on the top 1,000 name charts in America, which makes it a unique and different choice for that cute little boy with big brown eyes. Its popular variant is Boman.

Though many people consider Bomani a unisex name, it is more popular as a boy’s name. Famous people called Bomani include boxer Bomani Parker and former wife of actor and director Danny Glover, Asake Bomani. Even though the name Bomani sounds good to the ear, its adorable nickname, Bo has an even better ring to it.

20 Asher

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This lovable Hebrew name means happy or fortunate. Asher has ancient biblical origin; it appears in the book of Genesis. People in the 1800s made use of this name sparingly and so it disappeared in the 1900s but then made a triumphant return in the 1990s. Asher quickly made its way up the charts and is still a popular choice to date. Its popular variant is Usher.

Many parents are choosing this name for their sons because of its happy meaning. Celebrities, actress Embeth Davidtz, and journalist Campbell Brown are some of the people who have chosen this trendy moniker for their sons. Asher will be a great choice for a boy with big brown eyes. Its nickname, Ash is also adorable.

19 Jaheim

Via: pinterest.com

Jaheim, which people correctly pronounce as JA-HIYM is an adorable African Swahili name meaning raised up or dignified. Its variants are Jaheim and Jahim. Jaheim is a combination of two commonly used names Jamil and Rahim. Not so many kids in America go by this name and a boy with it will definitely stand out from the crowd.

R&B singer Jaheim Hoagland could be a great inspiration for parents who are into music and are looking for a unique name with a lovely meaning to it. Jaheim will also make a great choice for sons born with big brown eyes. It also has cute nicknames; Jah and Jay.

18 Evan

Originally from Celtic and Welsh languages, Evan means God is gracious or young. It is the Welsh form of John. Evan reached its peak popularity in 2009 after being in use for centuries and has since dropped lower in the charts. Nowadays, it is still in use sporadically. Evan is a cute name and has a charming feel to it.

Evan is an adorable name for boys with big brown eyes. It is also a great choice for parents interested in capturing that youthful Welsh spirit. A few notable bearers include the son of actress Jennifer Ann McCarthy, football player Evan Baylis, musician Evan Chambers, novelist and actor Evan Handler.

17 Alec

Via: parentsmagazine

Alec is a fantastic name for a little brown-eyed boy, which means the defender of men. It is an English and Scottish short form of Alexander. Arguably, the most known bearer of the name is actor and writer Alec Baldwin. Other Alecs include TV writer Alec Berg, basketball player Alec Burks, and German musician Alec Empire.

The name has been in use mildly in America for over a century. Its popularity soared in the 1990s. Currently, it is not a popular name choice but it is a great name option for parents looking for a much fresher sounding name and alternative for the name Alex.

16 Oliver

Oliver is a cute name and very popular in England with three possible origins. In German, it means army, in Latin, it means olive tree and in Old Scandinavian, it means ancestral relic. The name has been moderately in use for centuries in America but fell out of favor in the 1960s. It made its comeback in the 21st century.

Oliver is a classic and charming name that will be great to give a baby boy who may be born with big brown eyes. Famous people going by this name include director and producer Oliver Stone, comic actor Oliver Hardy and Australian footballer Oliver Bozanic.

15 Sudi

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Sudi is a perfect name for any big brown-eyed boy. It is of African, Swahili origin and means one who brings good luck. Sudi is more popular as a boy’s name but a few girls go by it. It has a lot of spelling variants like Sudey, Sudee, Sudy, Sudie, and Saidee.

Sudi is a two-syllable name that any boy would find easy to pronounce and therefore love going by. It is short, cool, and elegant. There are not very many people named Sudi, making it a perfect option for parents who are not afraid to explore and try out a different style of names.

14 Ralph

Via: inst4gram.com

Ralph is such an adorable name for a little guy with big bubbly brown eyes. It has many origins, all translating to counsel of the wolf. Ralph is the Italian and Spanish form of Raul and French form of Raoul. Ralph usage in the US began in the 1900s with its popularity increasing steadily until the 2000s. Ralph is not so popular now but could possibly make a comeback.

Matthew Macfadyen chose this name for his son. Other notable namesakes include football player Ralph DeLoach, basketball player Ralph Drollinger, and actor Ralph Fiennes. Parents who are expecting a brown-eyed baby boy should consider this moniker for him.

13 Tahir

Via: pinterest.com

This cute masculine name is originally from Russian, Persian and Arabic languages meaning pure or clean. Despite its lovely meaning Tahir is not a commonly used name and has never appeared in American charts. Tahir has been in use both as a surname and as a given first name. It is ideal for a big brown-eyed boy who is not afraid to stand out.

Tahir has several variations like Taher, Taahir, and Taheer. A few famous people who have shed some spotlight on the name include Tahir Akyurek, Tahir Yahya, Tahir Khan and former NHL hockey player Tahir Tie Domi.

12 Cameron

Via: pinterest.com

Cameron is a lovely modern boys name from Scotland meaning bent nose. This literal meaning should not put you off; it is probably a nickname for a clan member who had a bent nose. Cameron’s usage began in the 1990s. The name rose on the charts slowly and is now enjoying moderate popularity. Cameron was a boy’s only name but is now also a girl's name, thanks to actress Cameron Diaz.

Cameron has a lot of spelling variants like Camron, Camren, and Kamron. It feels like a name that will be perfectly fit a brown-eyed little boy. Famous people who bear this name include Australian basketball player Cameron Bairstow, football player Cameron Hunt and actors Cameron Boyce, Cameron Douglas, and Cameron Dye.

11 Maxim

Via: picdeer.com

Maxim is a fantastic name for a little boy. It has two origins, in Latin, it means The Greatest and in Hebrew, it translates to God Miracle Maker. Both are lovely meanings. Maxim has been in use as a nickname for Maximus and Maximilian but it is now a rare standalone name. Its variant is Maksim.

Maxim is a chic and powerful name for a brown-eyed little boy. A few famous stars go by this name, like Russian writer Maxim Gorky and musician Maxim “Max” Bemis. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova also chose Maxim for his son. Max is a cool short version of this name.

10 Naji

Via: privzgram.com

This name is a cool name for a boy. It is of Arabic origin meaning safe or survivor. Naji is a variant form of the Arabic, English and Iranian Naaji. Naji is not on any popularity charts in the United States so parents can rest assured that their son will have a one of a kind name. Naji has variations like Naaji and Najee.

The name has been in use both as a given name and as a surname. Prominent rapper LL Cool J chose the variant Najee for his son years ago. Other bearers of the name include Saudi footballer Naji Majrashi, French organist and composer Naji Hakim, Australian Muslim leader Fehmil Naji and Libyan footballer Naji Shushan.

9 Trevor

Via: picgra.com

The name Trevor is both a given name and surname of Welsh and Irish origin meaning large settlement or farmstead. Its popularity began in the 1950s making impressive jumps up the charts. The name reached its popularity peak in the 1990s. Although its popularity has greatly declined since then, we think Trevor is still a cool name.

Trevor will likely make a comeback in the near future thanks to celebrities like South African comedian Trevor Noah, basketball player Trevor Ariza, rapper Trevor Tahiem Smith aka Busta Rhymes and football player, Trevor Daniel. Trevor is a bold name and it is an exemplary option for a boy with big brown eyes.

8 Ethan

Via: picdeer.com

Ethan is a remarkable biblical name that has been in use since the turn of the century. It has enjoyed moderate popularity over the years slowly climbing up the charts. In America, Ethan was the 10th most popular boy's name in 2016. It is of Hebrew origin meaning long-lived and firm.

Ethan is classic and fashionable; it will make an ideal choice for parents looking for an adorable name for their cute brown-eyed son. Famous Ethans include football player Ethan Albright, actor Ethan Hawke and director and screenwriter Ethan Coen. The luxury furniture store Ethan Allen has also done justice to its popularity.

7 Aiden

Aiden will make a perfect name for a brown-eyed little boy. It is a popular version of the Irish name Aidan that means little fire. Aiden is the most picked choice among it variants Aidan, Aidyn, and Ayden. Its usage began recently in 1995 and it quickly rose up the charts. The name is relatively modern and is still a stylish choice to date.

Aiden’s popularity is also a result of many parents choosing the ‘–den’ suffix names. actress Tracey Gold and British rock singer Rod Stewart named their sons Aiden. Other famous bearers include actor Aiden John Turner and actor Aiden Quinn. Its nickname Denny is just another reason to love this cool name.

6 Kevin

Via: thestar.com

Kevin is an adorable Irish name meaning handsome with a cute nickname, Kev. The name has had an impressive fifty years of popularity since the 1950s but its popularity is slowly decreasing as the years go by. Kevin might not be the hottest name choice now but it is still cool and fresh. It will be an ideal choice for a handsome little man with brown eyes.

Famous bearers of the name include actor and comedian Kevin Hart, director and producer Kevin Smith, soccer player Kevin Richardson, and footballer Kevin Keen. Saint Kevin was also the most famous Kevin of the 17th century.

5 Dylan

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Dylan is a stunning name option for a boy. It is of Welsh origin and means the sea. Though this is a popular boy’s name, Dylan is also a girl’s name. It has been in the top 50 baby boy names for many years and its popularity has failed to decline.

The name rose to prominence thanks to a Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. Thereafter Musician Bob Dylan adopted the name as a tribute to Thomas, greatly influencing its success in the 1960s. Other popular Dylans include actors Dylan O’Brien, Dylan Saunders, Dylan Clark Marshall, and Charles Dylan Walsh. Dylan is also very popular as a name for many celebrity babies.

4 Rowan


Rowan is an appealing baby boy name. It is an Irish Scottish name meaning the little red one. This name has become increasingly popular for little boys in America with parents going with other variations like Rowen. However, Rowan with an ‘A’ is the most popular choice today. Nickname, Roy is still adorable.

Rowan, originally used for boys with red hair, is still a great choice for brown-eyed boys. A few people that carry this name include Scottish footballer Rowan Alexander, actor Rowan Atkinson, Australian swimmer Rowan Crothers, and footballer Rowan Vine. Rowan is also popular in the fictional world.

3 Luca

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Luca is the Italian form of Luke. Its usage in America began in the year 2000. The name climbed up the charts and is still in use moderately. Luca was arguably derived from the commonly used names Luke and Lucas. Luca is a short and simple name that will definitely suit any little boy with big brown eyes.

A few celebrities who go by this name are; ice hockey player Luca Caputi, football player Luca Badr, singer Luca Napolitano, and football player Luca Zidane. Celebrity actor Colin Firth and actress Hilary Duff sons’ also go by this name.

2 Avi

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Avi is a cute and simple name of Hebrew origin meaning my father. It has always been used as an adorable nickname but is now a standalone first name. Avi's use began in the mid-20th century; it is more popular in Israel and a rare choice for children in the US. It only entered the top 1,000 names for the first time in 2015.

Avi will be a perfect choice for parents looking for a unique name that will still be a hit in the future. It will also make an adorable name for any boy born with big brown eyes. Notable bearers of the name include CEO of Marvel Studios Avi Arad, singer Avriel “Avi” Kaplan, and Avi Dichter.

1 Trey

Via: babycenter

Trey is just a super cute baby boy name. It is of English origin meaning three. This name has also been used as a common nickname for people born third in the family. Trey first appeared on the US charts in the 1960s and has been climbing up slowly until it reached its peak in 1999. Thereafter, its use started to decline, but many people still love this name and it will be perfect for boys with brown eyes.

A couple of famous Treys include singer and producer Trey Songz, who uses it as a stage name, basketball player Trey Burke, decathlete Trey Hardee, football player Trey Hendrickson, and comedian Trey Anthony.

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