25 Adorable Baby Names For Girls With Hazel Eyes

Naming a baby is an exciting task for most parents. It is also a major responsibility as this is something the babies are blessed with for the rest of their lives. Choosing a suitable name for a baby girl rests on many factors, like the culture or community she is born into as well as the physical traits of the baby such as the color of her hair or eyes.

When a child is born with a particularly stunning feature such as hazel colored eyes, choosing a name that highlights this feature makes the name all the more suitable. Hazel is one of the least common of eye colors. Hazel eyes may have various shades of brown and green. The specialty of hazel eyes is that they may appear to “change color” from green to light brown to gold.

In some children, the brown dominates while in others, the green dominates. So depending on the dominating shade you can choose either green names or brown names, if not exactly hazel names. Calling a hazel eyed baby Hazel will definitely bring attention to those gorgeous eyes of her. But if Mom wants to choose a more subtle name, then here are 25 adorable baby names for girls with hazel eyes.

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25 Lila


Lila is baby girl name of Arabic origin. The name is also said to be Indian as well as Persian. But the meaning of the name is the same in all these cultures. Lila means 'night'. In the 2017 baby names popularity list of the US, the name Lila was ranked at 210 while Nameberry ranked it at 45 on their website.

According to the Hindu mythology, Lila is a conceptualism of the universe as a playground of the gods. This sultry and forceful name is trending now along with similar double 'L' names such as Lila, Lily, Layla and so on.

24 Aspen


Aspen is a baby girl name of English origin. Aspen is the name of a tree, a type of poplar with heart-shaped leaves. The tree is known to be graceful though its leaves tremble at the slightest breeze.

The name Aspen entered the popularity lists as late as 1993, but it climbed fast as parents responded positively to this stylish and unique nature name. In 2017, the name ranked in at 329 on the US baby names popularity list. The name Aspen was used for boys too, though it is becoming more exclusive for girls now.

23 Coco


Coco is a baby girl name of Spanish origin through the French also makes their claims over this. The legendary French designer Chanel has the nickname Coco, though her original name is Gabrielle. Though the name was initially ridiculed by the media, this quirky name is the kind that grows on you.

In 2004, Hollywood actress Courteney Cox chose this name for her daughter 'Coco Riley'. The name is becoming popular as a nickname as well as the first name for little baby girls. This cute name can be used for boys as well. The name kind of reminds of hot chocolate and cocoa.

22 Fawn


Fawn is a baby girl name with the meaning "a young deer". The nature name became famous along with other deer names like Tawny and Bambi. Fawn was ore used in the 1970's and was among the top 1000 names for baby girls in the US. Less common now, this name makes a unique choice for a hazel-eyed girl.

Girls names Fawn tend to be loving and caring. They are not aggressive and back away from arguments and confrontations. These delicate souls love nurturing everything around them, whether it be people or animals. Don't be surprised to find her bringing in stray cats and dogs into your home.

21 Ginger


Ginger is a baby girl name of English origin. This spicy name is a great choice for hazel eyed girls though it was originally used as a nickname for girls with red hair. Ginger was also used as a diminutive form of Virginia which has the meaning 'spring-like or flourishing'.

Gynger and Jinjer are other spelling variations of this name which makes it even more exotic. Ginny, Jinnie or simply Gin makes good pet names for naughty girls named Ginger. Don't expect a girl named Ginger to be a tame one. She is bold and courageous.

20 Hazel


What better name for a hazel-eyed girl than the name Hazel, itself. Hazel is nature name of English origin which comes from the "the hazelnut tree." A wand of hazel symbolized protection and authority.

It is not surprising that the name Hazel is among the most trending names in the US and holds a high rank of #43 on the list of most popular US baby names, according to Nameberry. In 2004, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel.  The heartrending heroine of the movie Fault in Our Stars was named Hazel.

19 Tawny

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Tawny is a baby girl name of English origin which means  "golden brown." As an Irish baby name, the meaning of the name Tawny includes 'A greenfield' and 'the warm sandy color of a lion's coat'.

The name Tawny appeared on the US baby names charts for the first time in 1956 at a rank of#1863. According to babynamescience.com, in 2008, Tawny was ranking at #5957. If you are looking for a unique name that's not too strange then Tawny makes an excellent choice for your doe-eyed beauty. Girls named Tawny tend to be quiet, considerate, and sympathetic to others.

18  Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a baby girl name of English origin which is based on the fragrant spice 'cinnamon.' According to nameplayground.com, the baby name Cinnamon appeared in the top 1,000 names for girls in the year 1969 at #700.

Cinn, Cinna, Cinny, Monnie make great nicknames for girls with this name. Cinnamon is also said to be a girl's name is of Greek origin, derived from the Greek word 'kinnamomon'. Girls named Cinnamon are good with words. They tend to be very talkative and love being the center of attention.

17 Autumn


Don't you think the warm tones of autumn make this season name the perfect choice to call a hazel-eyed beauty? This weather name is in high demand in the US and Autumn ranks in at #75 on the most popular name for baby girls, according to Nameberry.

This crisp and colorful name has captured the hearts of thousands of parents including American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who named her daughter Autumn James. Girls named Autumn tend to be warm-hearted and cheerful. They make very reliable and trustworthy companions.

16 Kiera


Kiera is a baby girl name of Irish origin and it has the meaning "little dark one". The original Irish spelling is of Kiera is actually Ciara which was the name of an Irish saint who is believed to have put out fires by just the power of prayer. A couple of decades ago, Ciara was the most popular name in Ireland.

Kiera is less popular than its alternate spelling Keira, considering the popularity of actress Keira Knightley. But Kiera is more authentic if you are looking for an Irish name for your hazel-eyed baby girl. Kieran is the male version of this name. The name ranked in at #766 on the Nameberry popularity charts for baby girl names.

15 Aurelia


Aurelia is a Latin baby girl name which has the meaning "the golden one" This one is an old classic that ranked in at #677 on the baby name popularity lists on Nameberry. It is derived from the ancient Roman name Aurelius.

In fact, the name Aurelius has re-entered the US top 1000 baby names list in 2012 after disappearing from the list over 60 years ago. Aurelia, Aurora, and Oriana are names with a mystic feel that is trending in the US now, but the names are still exotic enough to make your child stand out in any crowd. Aurelia is the perfect name for your hazel-eyed princess.

14 Celine


Celine is a baby girl name of French origin and it has the meaning "heavenly". It is said to be a variation of the name Celeste which has the same meaning. The name Celine ranked in at #536 on the baby name popularity charts.

Celine was on the list from 1994 to 2005 after which it reappeared on the list in 2012. More of a saint name in olden days, the French-Canadian singer Celine Dion is the one who made this name popular in the US. You can also consider the spelling variation Seline which comes from a different derivation and has the meaning "the moon".

13 Georgia


Georgia is a baby girl name of English origin which is derived from the male name George. The meaning of the name is rather earthy, it means - "of the land; farmer". Georgia is a rising star on the baby names popularity lists and ranks in high at #242.

Ever heard of the Ray Charles song "Georgia On My Mind" or maybe "Sweet Georgia Brown". This rich and lush sounding name is becoming a favorite among American moms. Painter Georgia O'Keeffe and British jazz singer Georgia Brown are well-known personalities with this name.

12 Heather


Heather is a baby girl name of English origin. This nature/flower name was quite popular in the seventies and eighties after which there was a decline. According to Nameberry, the name Heather ranked at a stunning #3 in 1975, with a record of 25,000 girls being named the same.

This pretty name, which is evocative of the Scottish moors, is now making a strong comeback. Don't worry; naming your daughter Heather is a great choice now as the name is rather unique now. Girls named Heather tend to be bold and confident. They have a good sense of class and fashion and tend to be trendsetters.

11 Rayne


Rayne is a baby girl name, which is derived from the Hebrew name Rayna, and has the meaning "song of the Lord". According to Nameberry, the name ranked in at #725 in 2017. Rayne is a spelling variation of similar sounding names from the Slavic and Scandinavian cultures.

Reina and Reyna are other alternatives of this name. The television show Nashville has a popular character called Rayna Jaymes, who is played by actress Connie Britton. Girls named Rayne tend to adventurous and love to explore the unknown. They are full of curiosity and wonder. They love sports and action.

10 Lena


Lena is a bay girl name claimed by many cultures including the English, Scottish, Dutch, German, and the Scandinavians. Lena is also considered a Greek girls name based on the name Elena which means `alluring, temptress, light'.

Whatever be its origin, the name Lena is trending in the Us and had a rank of #304 in the year 2017. From 1880 to 1920, Lena ranked in the top 100 names. Lena is also used as a pet name for longer names like Helena, Selena, and other 'ena'-ending names. Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey and singer Lena Horne are celebs with this graceful name.

9 Chloe


Chloe is a baby girl name of Greek origin. The name Chloe means "young green shoot". This pretty springtime name which symbolizes new growth is a great choice for a hazel-eyed baby girl. Chloe is so popular in America that it ranked in at #22 on the baby names popularity list in 2017. It was ranked as high as #9 in 2009.

The name is popular in the UK, Canada, and Austrailia as well. Khloe is another spelling variation of Chloe, which is gaining fame thanks to the Kardashian clan. Actress Chloe Sevigny and the rising young star Chloe Grace Moretz are celebs with this cute name.

8 Chloris


Chloris is a baby girl name of Greek origin which has the meaning  "pale". It is a mythological name related to the Greek Goddess of Spring.  Chloris is a popular name in English speaking countries such as the US, Canada, Austrailia, and the UK.

Young girls name Chloris tend to be introverts, quite shy and they don't like being in the limelight. But they have strong personalities hidden inside that help them overcome all odds and become successful in life. They are often the brains behind successful business ventures. Their depth of passion often surprises even their partners.

7 Giada


Giada is an Italian baby name which has the meaning 'jade'. It is pronounced JAH-duh. Jade is a popular Gemstone name for baby girls names, but it's stylish twist Giada is becoming even more popular these days.

Popular cook Giada De Laurentiis made this name trending in the US. In 2007, within a few years of DeLaurentiis's Food Network show, the name Giada made it into the US baby names popularity lists. It remained on the lists till 2013 after which it dropped down. Did you know that Giada De Laurentiis named her daughter Jade.

6 Irvina


Irvina is a baby girl name of Scottish origin. It is the female variant of the baby boy name Irvin which has the meaning "handsome, fair of face".  So Irvina basically means 'a beautiful girl'. Irvina is also said to be a variation of the name Irvette.

Irvena, Irvinna, Erwina, and Urbanah are other similar sounding options you can consider. This name has never been on trending or popular baby names lists, making it a great choice if you are looking for a unique name. You don't have to worry about 3 other kids in her class with the same name.

5 Midori


Midori is a baby girl name of Japanese origin. Midori means 'green.' So if green is more dominant in your hazel eyed baby, then Midori makes a perfect name choice for her. There is also Japanese melon liqueur called Midori.

In Japan, color names are associated with human qualities. In that context, Midori is associated with fame. Girls named Midori tend to be bold and adventurous. They have leadership qualities that make them shine in a crowd. They make friends easily and are popular while in school as well as in their workplaces.

4 Orin


Orin is a unisex baby name that was more commonly used for boys. But now, it's catching on as an option for girls too. The origin of the name is claimed by both the Hebrews and the Irish. Orin has many meanings such as "light, pale, pine tree, fair".

Orin is the anglicized spelling of the Irish boy name "Odran", which was traditionally spelled "Odhran". Oran and Oran are other spelling variations with the same Irish roots. In its Irish origin, the meaning of the name Orin is opposite that of its Hebrew meaning. Odran comes from the Old Irish word 'otteran' meaning "dark-haired." Orin sounds like the perfectly unique name for a dark-haired beauty with fair skin and hazel eyes.

3 Olive


The baby girl name Olive is obviously derived from the 'olive tree.' This name is said to be of English origin and it symbolizes peace. Olivia is a more popular variation of this name though many parents prefer the subtle appeal of the name Olive.

Olive ranked at #256 in the baby names popularity lists in 2017. This nature name is a great choice for a hazel eyed baby as girls named Olive tend to be easy going, peaceful and charming. Olive, after all, is a symbol of peace as well as prosperity.  The ancient olive wreath that celebrated success.

2 Sage


Sage is a Latin baby girl name which has the meaning "wise". Sage is a herb used to make medicine digestive problems, depression, and memory loss. Burning the herb sage is said to remove negative aura or energy from people as well as places.

As a baby name, Sage is unexpectedly very popular in the US and ranked in at #309 on the baby name charts, in 2017 and Alzheimer's disease. This evocatively fragrant herbal name is also associated with wisdom. Girls named Sage tend to be very positive personalities, bright and cheerful.

1 Willow


Willow is a baby girl name of English origin. The name Willow comes from 'the Willow tree'. This name is extremely popular in the US and had a high rank of #81 in the baby name popularity charts. Willow is considered to be a tree with magical properties and it figures in literature from Shakespeare to Harry Potter.

Willow along with its derivatives Will and Willa are all gaining popularity and are expected to be among the most trending names of 2019. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Monaghan and Pink have all chosen this elegant nature name for their daughters.

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