25 Adorable Gender-Neutral Baby Names

It seems that lately, soon-to-be parents are branching out and doing their own thing when it comes to baby names. Granted, parents of baby boys and girls have always been on the prowl for names that are unique the moment they receive news of their baby's gender. But what about those parents who have opted to keep their baby's gender a surprise to even themselves?

For parents, it's exciting wondering what little human they will be expecting. The mystery concerning what their baby's gender will actually help in calming any anxiety that may come with impending parenthood. While some soon-to-be parents will opt to have two names on standby, one for a little girl and the other for a little boy, a lot of parents today are leaning more towards selecting gender-neutral baby names for their precious little ones.

Besides gender-neutral baby names being a trendy parenting fad, it takes the stress out of trying to decide which boy or girl name is better when one name will take care of all of that. Unisex names have always been interesting, but today, their popularity has skyrocketed. And we have 25 of the most adorable gender-neutral baby names for soon-to-be parents to fawn over.

25 Avery

The name Avery is such a fresh name. It's a bit new age but very much a classic. Not often used, Avery is a name that will garner a few double takes. It's short and sweet and has a pretty unusual but cool meaning too. Avery has many listed origins, the most common are Hebrew, French, and English. It means wise. In French, Avery means ruling with elf-wisdom and in English it means counselor. This name is considered to be a transferred Hebrew surname. Traditionally a last name, Avery was derived from Alfred. Children named Avery are believed to be inventive, successful, and ambitious.

24 Riley

Riley is an easy name to fall in love with. It's bubbly and youthful making it perfect for both little boys and girls. No matter the gender, Riley is a pretty interesting name. This name has Old English origins and is derived from the old English ryge leah. Riley means wood clearing and is also recognized as an adaptation to the Irish surname Reilly. In Irish, Riley means courageous. Riley has been popping up as a go-to baby name for many parents and there isn't a wonder why. There's something very modern about the name Riley even though it has been around for centuries. Riley is very popular on the baby charts, ranked as number 50.

23 Emery

If there was ever a standout name that parents took notice of, Emery would be it. It's such a refined name without even trying. Surely, a name like this has to trickle into the personality of the person who bears it. Emery has German origins and means brave, powerful. The elements of this name exudes its meaning and many parents are flocking to it because of that. Emery is derived from the Old German Emmerich. This name peaked in popularity in 1913 and is currently moderately popular. To date, it has reached the 700s position on popular baby name charts.

22 Marley

There's nothing more adorable than a name that brings about wonderful thoughts. Because parents will be saying their little ones' names often, more times than they think, it's important to pick a name that they wouldn't mind repeating several times throughout the day. Marley is one of those names that never gets old no matter how many times it is heard or said.

The name Marley has Old English origins and means pleasant seaside meadow, boundary wood or marten wood. The perception of wood is strong, sturdy, and grounding, something that is noted in the traits of those who bear this name. Marley first appeared on baby name charts in 1982 in the 3000s position. The origins of Marley varies. Many name experts believe the name was inspired by pop culture and via the popularity of the late Reggae music artist, Bob Marley.

21 Taylor

Taylor is a vintage classic name. It's one that has been around for some time now but has not lost its shine at all. It still sparkles on paper and is well-liked by parents interested in unisex baby names. We don't see this name falling off the chart anytime soon making it timeless. Taylor has English origins and is considered to be an English occupational name for a tailor. This name was derived from the Old French tailleur. Taylor means cutter of the cloth or one who alters garments. Taylor also has biblical meaning and means clothed with salvation and in biblical terms means eternal beauty. Numerologists believe that babies with the name Taylor are destined to become leaders rather than followers with powerful personalities.

20 London

Place names will forever be popular for several reasons. One, because place names capture the essence of that location. It almost works like nostalgia, say the name and instantly a snapshot of that place and what it means to the person saying it comes to mind. London is one of those place names that are appealing. So appealing it has earned a place on this list.

London, as mentioned, is considered to be a place name for England's capital city. It has English origins, of course, and is a common British surname. London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This name is growing in popularity not only in the states but all across the world.

19 Morgan

Parents looking for a simple gender-neutral name that is sophisticated and phonetically etched with class will find Morgan to be a suitable pick. There's something very refined about this name that makes it pleasing to soon-to-be parents interested in keeping their little one's gender a surprise. Morgan has Welsh origins and is derived from Old Welsh Morcant - mor which means sea and cant circle.

Morgan is also considered to be a derivative of Morgan which means sea-born. Today, Morgan isn't a very popular name. It peaked in popularity in the late 90s but took a dip in the 2000s. It is currently growing in interest each day making it a perfect pick for parents who like being ahead of trends.

18 Quinn

Quinn is a cool name. It has the rarely used beginning Q letter and it is super easy to learn how to spell. But even in its simplicity it's elegant and has stood the test of time. Quinn has Irish and Gaelic origins and means counsel, a descendant of Conn. This name was one of the first Irish unisex surnames so not only is it a great pick for a baby name, it's a cultural pioneer of gender-neutral baby names.

The popularity and inevitable inclusion of Quinn on baby name charts, according to name experts, was influenced by pop culture and the popularity of the show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Quinn isn't very popular on baby name charts today making it perfect for parents who want a beautiful unisex baby name that isn't in high demand.

17 Cameron

Cameron is a very youthful baby name. Because it is gender-neutral, this name sparkles whether it is given to a boy or a girl. Many things have contributed to the popularity of this name of course including pop culture, with celebrities either bearing the name as given or surnames.

Either way, it is clear that Cameron is a gender-neutral baby name that is hot and here to stay. Cameron has Scottish origins. The surname Cameron is the name of a "highland clan." Originally a very popular transferred surname for little boys, the rise in popularity of actress Cameron Diaz popularized this now gender-neutral name for girls. Cameron has risen in popularity amongst parents, with this name sitting in the top 100 position on baby name charts.

16 Jordan

The name Jordan is a sophisticated name pick for soon-to-be parents. It's definitely perfect for baby girls and boys but this is a name that is great for a kid to grow in to and that will grow with them throughout their lives. Jordan has Hebrew origins. The name Jordan is the name of the river that flows between Jordan and Israel.

In the Bible, the River Jordan was the place where Jesus was baptized at the beginning of his ministry. The meaning of Jordan, according to name experts, is descending or flowing down. Children given the name Jordan are said to be creative, happy, and optimistic.

15 Phoenix

Phoenix is a name that is growing in popularity because of its uniqueness. It isn't like any of the names on this list which makes it an amazing option for parents looking for something different. But not only different, a name that holds such significant meaning. Phoenix has Greek origins and means dark red.

The Phoenix was a beautiful bird that was reborn from the ashes after building its own pyre. The name Phoenix is also considered to be a place name as it shares its name with a city in Arizona. Parents in search of mystical names flock to Phoenix despite its modest popularity.

14 Charlie 

Charlie is one of those adorable names that stick with you when you hear it. It's so versatile and because it's considered a nickname of sorts Charlie's cuteness can't help but ooze out of it. Charlie is a name that will stay youthful forever. It wouldn't surprise us if Charlie's all across the world both boy and girl are the most likable out of their peers. Charlie has Old German origins and means free man. It's an English diminutive of Charles. Currently, this name is ranked in the top 200s on baby name charts. Baby experts describe this name as friendly and a fresh take on a classic.

13 Hayden

Hayden is a name that has been around for many years but it has a new age feel to it. It's so adorably neutral. You literally can't decide if it's a little girl's name or a little boy's name, making this name perfect for parents who want a one-name-fits-all for their bundle of surprise. Hayden has English origins and is believed to be a variant of the name Haydn.

The name Hayden is considered to be a distinguished British surname that means hedged valley. Hayden is also the name of a famous planetarium in New York City. Children with the name Hayden are believed to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves.

12 Aubrey

Aubrey is a name that is a favorite amongst parents. It's simple but still stylish despite its unusual meaning. But because this name is so cute, all that matters to many parents is how wonderfully this name rolls off the tongue. Aubrey has English origins and means noble. Name experts believe that Aubrey was derived from the German given name Alberic. In German mythology, Alberic was a kind of elf.

Interesting meaning for an equally interesting name. Aubrey first appeared on popular baby name charts in 1973 and reached its peak in 2006.

11 Bailey

If there was ever a name that showed what pizzazz and sophistication would look like if those traits had a baby, the name Bailey would be it. Besides it has the beautiful B beginning, Bailey is just an all and all adorable name. The name Bailey has French origins.

Although the most popular meaning of the name Bailey is able, other meanings of this name include bailiff or Berry wood clearing. Currently, Bailey is not a popular baby name but it is slowly rising in popularity. It is in the top 200s position on popular baby name charts. Little ones given the name Bailey are believed to be wise, philosophical, and intuitive.

10 Blair

Searching for a name that's familiar and a bit classic in sound, this name may be what baby name dreams are made of. Blair is vintage beautiful. It's a name that despite making it on many parents' radars has been around for some time and has stood the test of time. It's authentic with energetic flair and it stands out on any page it is printed on. Blair has Scottish and Gaelic origins. It means plain, field, or dweller on the plain. Blair is becoming increasingly popular amongst soon-to-be parents, currently in the 511 position on popular baby name charts.

9 Justice

One of the most original names on this list, Justice is a mainstay for parents searching for names that are gender-neutral. The name Justice has been steadily growing in popularity. It has a solid meaning and is a beautiful pick for little boys and girls. Justice has English origins and means just; upright; righteous.

The name Justice is considered to be a word name. According to name experts, Justice has been dubbed a virtue name but minus the religious association like Faith or Grace.

8 Kennedy

If classic is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Kennedy you are not alone. This name brings with it an elegant element that is undeniable and is kind of hard to ignore. We love how simple yet strong it is. For a baby name, it's perfect and will lend itself in shaping little boys and girls personalities allowing more than enough room for them to grow into this name. Kennedy has Irish Gaelic origins and means helmeted chief.

Most notably, Kennedy was the surname of President John F. Kennedy who held office from 1961 to 1963. Children given the name Kennedy often are described as problem-solvers, tenacious, and powerful.

7 Parker

What is there not to love about Parker? It's chic a bit posh but still a humble that has immense staying power. Parker has Old English origins and means park keeper. This name is considered to have been an occupational surname. Transferred surnames make great given names because they are stylish and different from the norm.

The popularity of Parker has been rising since the 1970s. Parker peaked on baby name charts in 2013. Since then, the name Parker has become a rising start amongst parents looking for unique unisex names.

6 Robin

Regardless of if parents are having little boys or girls, Robin is a name that is versatile and ideal for both. What is great about Robin is that it is so Modern. It's simple yet vibrant with a touch of vintage appeal. Robin has English and Teutonic origins and means famed; bright; shining.

Other meanings for Robin include a small, tamed bird. The name Robin is currently growing in popularity. Names that are around in one decade but fall off the charts only to reappear are real hits with parents looking for names that are beautiful but not in high demand. Currently, Robin is in the number 915 position on popular baby name charts.

5 Skyler

Skyler is such a beautiful name that has the potential to take on more than one form. As a little girl's name, it's light and a bit airy. For little boys, it's a bit edgy and hip. To whatever gender, Skyler is assigned to, one thing is for sure, this name sparkles all by itself. Skyler has Scottish, Danish, and English origins. In English, Skyler means sky. Skyler, as mentioned above, has several meanings depending on where in the world it is interpreted.

Without knowing the meaning, however, it is undeniable how lovely sounding the name Skyler is. According to numerologists, children given the name Skyler will have magnetic personalities and are destined to have an inner desire for travel and adventure.

4 Angel

Angel is a pretty popular name. Chances are, many people know at least one Angel in their lives. Despite how present this name has been in the name game, it still embodies that fresh appeal, one that many names fail to do. Angel has Greek origins and means messenger. For parents who have strong faiths, Angel may be a name that moves to the top of the list for unisex baby names to closely consider. In the Bible, Angel means messenger from God. Angel peaked in popularity from 2005 to 2007.

3 Blake

There's something a little rebel chic about the name Blake. It's so simple but still a standout. With one syllable in its name, this name is hard to forget when you hear it. It's so unisex. Its gender-neutral qualities shine bright and makes this name attractive to many soon-to-be parents and for good reason. There's something very mysterious about Blake and its meaning adds a nice touch to an already beautiful name. Blake has English origins and means dark, fair of fair-haired, dark.

Currently, Blake is in the top 200s on popular baby name charts. Name experts believe that Blake is a sophisticated choice for soon-to-be parents. Blake has a prestigious ring to it, so parent interest in this name is to be expected. Blake was originally popularized by the 1980s prime-time soap opera Dynasty by way of the show's character Blake Carrington.

2 Clarke

Simplistic but gorgeous all the same. Clarke is a charming gender-neutral name that will liven up any baby name chart. It sparkles with modern flair and is proving to be a baby name charts mainstay despite its new to-date inclusion on charts. Like many of the names on this list, Clarke is a transferred surname which adds to its magic. Clarke has Old English origins. The name Clarke originated as an occupational name for a clergyman cleric, a man in a religious order. If it isn't obvious yet, Clarke is a very rare baby name. But that has not stopped its growth in popularity on baby name charts.

1 Reese

Reese is a sweet baby name that happens to also be modest. It's a name that is very common as a surname and is making its way on parents-to-be baby name lists. Reese is an easy name to remember and is showing no signs of going extinct. It's just way too cute and appealing for that. Reese has Welsh origins.

This name peaked in popularity in 2007 and we'd like to think pop culture played a role in this with actress Reese Witherspoon sharing the same name. the meaning of Reese is ardor. This name ranked in the top 200s on popular baby name charts. Reese appeared on baby name charts for the first time in 1913 and in the 1000s position.

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