25 Amazing Baby Names That Will Make Mom Want A Girl

Every daughter needs a name as special and unique as her sparkling smile, her mischievous laugh and her twinkling eyes. Today there is an evident rush to pick names that are from foreign languages, and are unheard of completely. Similarly some names that have been around for a long time, but were forgotten, are making a comeback.

When celebrities choose a name for their kids, however crazy it sounds, it starts climbing up the popularity charts. Mason was nowhere to be seen on the list of popular names till Kourtney Kardashian chose the name for her son in 2009. Mason ranked among the top 10 baby names of 2010. Before long, Tom, Dick and Harry were nowhere to be seen with all the Masons running around.

When I was choosing a name for my darling daughter, I stayed away from celeb-promoted names for this very reason. Such names don't stay unique for long. Here are some names from my short list for my adorable baby daughter. They are quite a handy list of names for my future daughters too. I plan to have at least two more children, daughters I hope.

While picking a name, the only three things to consider are: how unique a name is, how easy a name is and what does the name mean? The return of classic names is proof that parents today want to pick a name that is timelessly elegant. The following list has some names with similar ethereal qualities, and must definitely be considered for daughters:

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25 Elina

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The name Elina comes from Spain and in Spanish it means a shining light, or a bright light. It can be considered to be a Spanish version of the name Helen, and is very common all over Europe. It is also however, a rare Indian name, with its roots in a Sanskrit word meaning ‘intelligence and purity’.

A few nicknames for people named Elina are Lin, Lina, El, Elle, Ellie etc. People named Elina usually value their family and community, and are exceptionally loyal. Strong, determined and hard-working, people with this name also tend to be warm, energetic, adventurous and intelligent.

They tend to be private and value their independence tremendously, and are the most satisfied in creative careers. Several popular women named Elina have achieved notable success in the fields of music, acting, journalism and sports. Girls with the name Elina are likely to cherish their easily pronounced, yet deeply layered, name.

24 Celestia

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Celestia is a beautiful and unique Latin-French name which translates to ‘heavenly’. Although its popularity has ebbed away as compared to the last century, the name still exudes power, mystery and warmth. Individuals named Celestia are generally very calm, peaceful and harmonious in nature.

They usually end up in creative professions and are highly spiritual. They have an unwavering optimism, and manage to see the best in every situation. Girls named Celestia are generally very helpful and sympathetic towards those around them, and jump to the rescue of others very frequently.

The name, although seemingly difficult to say, comes naturally to native English speakers. There are not many well-known people by the name of Celestia, and neither has it been featured in a popular work of fiction. But, rest assured, any baby named Celestia is bound to leave a lasting impression. Common nicknames for girls named Celestia could be Cel, Celest, Lestia, Lessie etc.

23 Eliza


Eliza, which originates from the Hebrew word Elisheba (meaning the oath of God) or the more common Elizabeth, is a timeless and elegant name for girls. While the name has an obvious religious significance for Christians, it is a popular choice for many parents all over the world.

In French, the name Eliza means ‘consecrated to God’. Also considered to be a derivative of Bethia, the name Eliza has slowly, but surely, been climbing the popularity charts with new parents. The name has also been prominent in works of fiction and popular culture, which might be the reason for its rising popularity.

Usually people names Eliza are supremely successful and achieve great heights in life. They are loyal, yet mostly private, and trust only those closest to them. They cherish deep and profound relationships, and put great value on the importance of family and friends in their lives. Common nicknames for Eliza could be Liz, El, Eli, Liza, Ellie etc.

22 Moana

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Moana, the lovable Disney Princess, has catapulted her way to countless parents’ hearts who have named their daughters after her. The name which has its origins in Maori and Hawaiian, and other Polynesian languages, means ‘deep sea’.

Girls named Moana tend to love nature, and are innately proficient leaders. Agile, resourceful and competent are a few words that can be used to describe people with this name. Popular nicknames for a person named Moana can be Mo, Ana, Mon, Mun etc.

The last time a Disney name became this popular this quickly was when the movie Frozen came out. A few prominent names in the public domain named Moana are present, but nothing boosted its popularity rankings like the movie ‘Moana’ that came out in 2016. The name is likely to give any girl an interesting conversation starter for the rest of her life

21 Lilou

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Lilou is a very popular French name that caught the imagination of parents after the 1997 movie, ‘The Fifth Element’. Lilou is a derivative of Liliane, or Liliana, and means ‘lily’. The rhythmic name is very rare and evokes beauty, freshness and charm. It is also sometimes spelt as ‘Lylou’ and some nicknames associated with it are Lil, Lo, Lou, Lilo etc.

People named Lilou tend to be artistically talented, have an unshakable sense of moral compass, and are very compassionate to others. They tend to be perfectionists, and apply their wisdom and experience to take important decisions in a balanced and fair manner.

Girls named Lilou value independence, justice and the rule of law above all others, and make it their purpose to help those less fortunate than themselves. While there are no notable public personalities with the name Lilou, it has nonetheless, steadily attracted attention in the last few years as many parents have named their daughters the same.

20 Adelia

Adelia is a French name which means ‘noble’. It also has roots in German. Also the name of a beautiful plant, Adelia is slowly catching the fancy of new parents, but is still a very rare name.

Girls named Adelia are often reserved, shy and quiet. They pursue spirituality and seek answers by questioning the norm. They are also warm, kind and compassionate in nature, and never hesitate to help others. The exquisite name is sure to provide any girl with confidence and charm, and, despite being unique, it can be easily pronounced and spelt.

While people named close variants of Adelia might be easy to find in the public domain, hardly anyone with the name Adelia has made news in the last few decades. Adele, the popular singer, is attributed with resurrecting the interest in the name Adelia. Popular nicknames for those named Adelia could be Adi, Dee, Dilly, Lia etc.

19 Mireille

The pretty French name of Mireille, a diminutive of Mireio, means ‘to admire’. Several popular French, American and Canadian celebrities are named Mireille. Individuals named Mireille have impressive leadership qualities. They value freedom over everything else, and their creativity knows no bounds.

Girls named Mireille are inventive, spiritual and reserved. They tend to be very perceptive and compassionate, and spend a considerable amount of time and effort in understanding those around them. They are also very social, warm and friendly and happen to have a large circle of close friends.

Several women named Mireille have made notable contributions in the fields of music, movies and literature. Despite not being a part any popular culture narrative, the name Mireille has been gaining consistently in the popularity charts. The name is pronounced as ‘Meer-ay’ and thus, might be tough for some to enunciate. Common nicknames for Mireille could be Mer, Merry etc.

18 Niara

Niara, a name Swahili origin, is a very popular name in many African countries and means ‘one with a high purpose’. While the name’s foreign-sounding exquisiteness means that not many parents have dared experimenting with it, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the name has been around for decades. While its popularity has fluctuated, it still happens to be a rare, beautiful and complex name.

Girls named Niara are often very powerful and vocal leaders, with strong and assertive personalities. They cannot tolerate any wrong-doing lying down, and always strive to do the right thing. Sensitive, idealistic and harmonious in nature, individuals named Niara are extremely kind and helpful.

They tend to have a vivid imagination, and do well in creative fields and pursuits. Pronounced ‘Nee-ah-rah’, girls named Niara might have to teach those around them the correct way to say it. Common nicknames for Niara, thus, become, Nia, Aria, Nir, Nee etc.

17 Dariela

Dariela, the Spanish variant of Daria, is also considered to be the female version of Darius, an old Latin name. It can also be named as the feminine variation of the French name Darrell. The name means ‘beloved’ and has new parents slowly gravitating towards it; the name has been gaining consistent traction since the turn of the century, although it hasn’t appeared in a widely distributed movie or book.

Common nicknames that can be given to girls named Dariela are Dar, Ariel, Aria, Ela etc. The name displays an old-world charm alongside a modern day mystique. Girls named Dariela are practical, perseverant and responsible.

Their sense of self-discipline and concentration is extremely high, and as a result, they tend to do equally well in scientific and creative fields. They have a strong sense of personality, and are extremely adventurous as well. They value honesty, fairness and justice over other virtues, and strive to live by the same themselves.

16 Augustina

The name Augustina is a Latin variant of the name Augusta, or the feminine equivalent of the English name Augustine, and happens to be very popular in Germany. The name means ‘a respected woman’ and can also be used to describe something grand, dignified or holy.

While its usage has faded over the last few decades, Augustina is witnessing a reversal of fortune of sorts, with many people beginning to name their daughters. Some nicknames for Augustina could be Aggie, Tina, Austina, Oggy etc. Girls named Augustina are courageous, adventurous and multi-talented. They abhor rules and regulations and tend to chart a path of their own making.

Oftentimes, they are very friendly and helpful individuals, and are very big-hearted. Their intellectual levels are through the roof, and they end up contributing significantly to the lives of those around them. Girls named Augustina are inquisitive, compassionate and very adventurous.

15 Meara

Meara is a sublime, yet simple, name that comes from the Irish word ‘mara’, meaning sea. The name’s popularity has faded a little in the past few years, but it still remains a prized possession among parents for being unique and easy.

Girls named Meara are very appreciative of the nature and its beauties. They lead a fulfilling life, and often find comfort and solace in helping others. Individuals with this name are extremely patient, kind and considerate, and hold themselves up to very strict morals.

While likely to do well in a public career, they are secretive, and reveal their true thoughts and emotions only to a select few. They generally excel in whatever field they choose to pick, and always strive to maintain peace and harmony around them. The name is often confused with similar-sounding names like Mira and Myra, although they have different meanings and origins.

14 Rafaella

The name Rafaella is the feminine version of Rafael, or Raphael, a word of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God has healed’. The name has its own German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian variants as well, and is a much sought-after name in Europe.

There are quite a few famous women named Rafaella in the field of sports and entertainment. Rafaella is also the name of a famous fashion brand. People who are named Rafaella are go-getters, and tend to be very inquisitive. They have a strong sense of their identity, and are not afraid to dream big, and work hard towards achieving them.

They chase peace and tranquillity, and are always patient, sympathetic and understanding with those around them. Girls with the name Rafaella derive strength from being independent and secure. They are often assertive, yet diplomatic; persistent, yet flexible; and loyal, yet unforgiving. Any girl named Rafaella is sure to be the centre of attention for her entire life.

13 Gracia

Gracia is a powerful, striking and modern Spanish version of ‘Grace’, which in itself has been derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’. Individuals named Gracia are warm and kind. They have a pleasing personality and are strong-headed.

They are naturally good at artistic expression, but can achieve great success in any field. Full of energy, enthusiasm and passion, people named Gracia always want to do more and achieve more than ordinary. The name has been around for over three centuries and is slowly witnessing a spike in interest levels by parents.

Gracia has enjoyed its spot in the limelight in the last century several times, and continues to impress, owing to its Spanish twist. A few successful women named Gracia are present in the public domain. Lovingly, people named Gracia may be called Grace or Gracie. Girls named Gracia are likely to do extremely well in life, and tend to grow into caring and compassionate adults.

12 Olympia

The female version of the Greek name Olympus, Olympia means ‘heavenly’. Olympia is the name of a sacred place, and was considered to be the sanctuary of the Greek God Zeus. The place was also the venue of ancient Olympic Games.

The Spanish, Romanian and Italian version of the name is Olimpia, whereas the French form is Olympe. Several famous influencers have named Olympia are well-known in diverse fields like politics, arts, music and entertainment. Aside from its strong Greek significance, the name Olympia has been a part of the public discourse for ages now.

The name has a regal ring to it, and is certainly apt for beautiful and goddess-like daughters. While its popularity dipped sometime at the turn of the century, the name is witnessing interest from parents again, owing to its rich meaning and history. Common nicknames for girls named Olympia could be Ollie, Polly, Pia etc.

11 Amelia

Amelia, a very popular name, continues to sway the hearts of countless parents worldwide. It is a fusion of the names Emilia and Amalia, and means ‘industrious’ in Latin. Its’ German roots however signify ‘work’ or ‘labour’. The name is very sought-after in Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

Girls named Amelia are hard-working, determined and compassionate. They tend to look at things with a humanistic perspective, and exhibit unflinching compassion. They seek adventure and excitement beyond the ordinary, and are extremely creative and imaginative. They make able leaders and are always on a lookout for opportunities for growth, learning and knowledge sharing.

The popularity of the name shows no signs of slowing down as thousands of parents have been naming their daughters Amelia, and increasingly so, since early 2000s’. The name has also been in the public eye, as countless successful women named Amelia have been in the spotlight for decades. The name Amelia has also been popularised by its usage in popular culture and entertainment. Popular nicknames for Amelia could be Ams, Mell, Mellie, Lia etc.

10 Juliette

A form of Julie or Juliet, Juliette is French name that can be traced back to the Latin work ‘Julius’. The name Juliette means ‘youthful’, and has been rapidly ascending the popularity charts in the past few years. The name perfectly blends old world charm and modern ingenuity together and is a creative spin on one of the most revered names in English literature.

Girls named Juliette have a deep sense of compassion and respect for their loved ones. They are generally very intelligent and are equally good at creative and analytical pursuits. Brimming with energy and ideas, individuals named Juliette are very curious in nature, and pay attention to the smallest detail.

Warm, social and friendly, people named Juliette hardly have any issue making friends. Honest, innovative and hard-working, girls with the name Juliette carve very successful careers in whatever their calling is. Common nicknames for Juliette can be Julie, Jules, Jo etc.

9 Trixie

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Trixie, a fun, upbeat and inventive name, can be traced back to its Latin roots, meaning someone who brings joy. In English, the word is a compressed form of Beatrix, and has been popular with new age parents who wish to give their daughters a contemporary name. The name Trixie is easy to pronounce, has a fairly pleasing meaning, and represents richness, making it irresistible.

Girls named Trixie are very accommodating and flexible in nature, and tend to value truth, justice, and compassion. They are very talented, and have a unique creative expression. Their ability to consider different viewpoints adds to their wonderful personality, and helps them establish deep relationships with those around them.

People named Trixie are always seeking a deeper meaning to interactions and work, and do not do well in monotonous or stagnant jobs. Some common nicknames for people named Trixie are Trix, Rix, Rex, Tree etc.

8 Seraphina

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Seraphina, or ‘burning fire’, a name of Hebrew origin, can also be found in German language as well. The name comes from ‘seraphim’, an order of powerful angels with six wings each. Although the name has never enjoyed sweeping popularity, it has managed to exist as a unique, powerful and striking name for centuries now.

No wonder that millennial parents, always on the lookout for culturally rich names, have recently taken a fancy to Seraphina. Its French variant is Sѐraphine, whereas the Spanish one is Serafina.

People named Seraphina have a deep rooted connection with nature and are appreciative of the natural beauty around them. They are warm, caring and exceptionally thoughtful; however, they choose to be open and honest with only those they feel the closest to. Girls named Seraphina are in touch with their spiritual self, and advocate peace and harmony. Those named Seraphina can be otherwise also called Sera, Raph, Ser, Fina etc.

7 Vivienne

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The name Vivienne is related to the French name Vivien, meaning alive, which itself can be traced back to the Latin name Vivianus. The name has seen an unparalleled rise in its popularity levels. The name is beautiful, layered and has a melodious ring to it. Common nicknames for girls named Vivienne can be: Viv, Vivi, Vie, Vee, Ivy etc.

Vivienne is the name of several women who have made a mark in the entertainment, fashion and political fields. Many celebrities have also chosen to name their daughters Vivienne, which is also a major factor that has contributed to its phenomenal popularity.

Girls named Vivienne are very strong and hard-working, and tend to be interested in arts, music and literature. They are independent, strong and assertive, and have a fairly balanced creative and analytical bent. Resourceful, loyal, and always ready to help those in need, individuals with the name Vivienne have many friends and are generally very likeable.

6 Zandra

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Zandra originates from the Greek name Alexandra, which mean ‘defender of the men’. The name became popular in the late 19th century and has since really caught on. It peaked somewhere in the 1970s but over the last few years, several parents searching for a deep, mysterious and earthy name for their daughters have zeroed in on Zandra.

Girls named Zandra are very friendly, charming and pleasing. They think and act rationally, but are also extremely emotional. Persistent and confident, they are clear about their ideals and morals, and strive to live up to them. They often are a source of inspiration to those around them, and have several creative talents.

Individuals named Zandra cherish their independence and freedom more than anything else, and are always looking for opportunities that allow them to nurture their skill and talent. Never the one to back off from a challenge, they often walk the extra mile to help those around them. Common nicknames for people named Zandra are Zandi, Andra, Dre, Zee etc.

5 Ophelia

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The name Ophelia, immortalized by Shakespeare in his classic Hamlet, can be traced back to Greek and roughly means ‘helper’. Despite the tragic ending that Ophelia met in Hamlet, parents have started using this beautiful name for their daughters recently. Ophélie and Ofilia are the French versions of this name, whereas Ofelia and Filia are Spanish ones.

Girls named Ophelia are creative and talented and lead a fulfilling life. They value peace of mind and happiness over everything else, and have a penchant for adventures, thrills and spontaneity. Their creative expression is very refined and controlled, and oftentimes, they carve a career in the same. Emotional, sensitive and very caring, individuals named Ophelia go out of the way to assist others.

More than real-life examples, the name Ophelia has enjoyed a wide representation in the field of literature, entertainment and art. Ophelia is also the name of a moon of the planet Uranus. Common nicknames for people named Ophelia are Lia, Phelia, Eli, Ophie, Lily etc.

4 Laia

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A derivative of the Catalan name Eulalia, the name Laia means ‘fair speech’. Since Saint Eulalia is the patron saint of Barcelona, Laia is fairly common in Spain and Catalonia. The name also has Greek history. Its usage has seen an unmistakable increase in the last few years, due to its easy pronunciation, deep meaning and rich historical association. The name Laia has an almost musical enunciation, and will undoubtedly become a much sought-after name in the near future.

Individuals named Laia are experimentative and inventive in nature, and seek new experiences, lessons and knowledge throughout their lives. Their lively personality is spruced by bursts of creativity and spontaneity. People named Laia are very thoughtful and compassionate, and are always willing to be flexible and accommodating. They are confident, poised and completely at peace with their sense of self and identity. Women named Laia have gone onto achieve acclaim and success in sports and entertainment.

3 Zora

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Zora is a magnificent name with Slavic origins, and means ‘dawn’. The name has been in use for nearly two hundred years and was fairly popular until the 1940s. The male equivalent for Zora is Zoran. Common nicknames for girls named Zora are Zo, Zee, Zo-zo, Zor etc.

Girls named Zora are responsible and elegant individuals with a high chance of success in any endeavor they take on. Equally good at being artistic and scientific, they are deeply engrossed in academics. People named Zora have the gift of feeling emotions deeply and are very compassionate. They often find themselves at ease when alone, and often need to escape from the regular routine in order to be at their best.

Several American and Czech actresses are named Zora, and they have also made a name in the field of literature and music. The name is tipped to become the next big baby girl name in the future.

2 Ysabel

The name Ysabel has a French origin and means ‘devoted to God’. A name is a form of Isabel, which is a Spanish variant of Elizabeth. The name has made a comeback of sorts in the mainstream culture and has been getting attention in the last decade. Common nicknames for those with the name Ysabel are Belle, Ysa, Ysah etc.

Girls named Ysabel are kind, loving and understanding. They have a magnetic personality, and are tremendously creative. While they tend to value their autonomy over anything else, they can be very efficient workers and leaders. Practical, rational and responsible, people with the name Ysabel are very driven and dedicated towards their goals. They might worry too much about trivial things, owing to their responsible nature, but that makes them cautious and sensitive to the needs of others as well.

1 Octavia

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Octavia, a dynamic and powerful name with origins in Latin, has found countless takers in the last few years. The literal meaning of the name is ‘born eighth’, and in the Roman Empire, Octavia was the sister of Octavian who was married to Mark Antony. The name is also popular in Europe, especially the United Kingdom. The resurrection of interest in this name can be attributed to several prominent figures in the public glare. The name also has a musical reference.

Girls with the name Octavia are born leaders and have nerves of steel. They are practical, proficient and extremely hard-working, and are adept at implementing strategies. Individuals with this name have a hunger to succeed and tend to set ambitious goals for themselves. Despite having strong personalities, they value fairness and justice and always stand up for what is right. Common nicknames for those named Octavia are Ava, Avia, Tavia etc.

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