25 Amazing Mom And Baby Selfie Fails

The selfie generation is a real thing. This is the generation of teenagers and young adults who have practically grown up with smart phones and mobile devices that take photos. Most of them probably don't have a clue what a digital camera is, or they've never used one.

Why would anyone need one when it's super convenient to snap a selfie with a phone, something most of us carry around 24/7? And, the selfie generation takes up about 26% of the United States population, so it's no wonder selfies are so prevalent.

But, it's not just the younger generation taking selfies. You may be surprised how many moms are taking part - those in their 20s, 30s, and beyond. And, they're taking selfies with their babies!

And, why not? A mom and baby selfie can be the perfect way to capture a candid moment when baby is doing something adorable, like taking a nap on mom's chest. But, often, a posed selfie with a baby has a less-than-desired result.

That's because baby expressions and movements are rather unpredictable. So, if mom tries to get an adorable smile together with her baby, it's likely she'll get a hand to the face or some drool instead. Or, in some cases, a huge pile of puke. It happens, as these selfies prove.

Still, moms continue to take selfies with their babies in the hope of catching that one, perfect moment that is social-media worthy. Until then, have fun with these more accurate mom and baby selfie fails.

25 Just Need A Snack, Mom

24 The Bashful Baby Selfie

23 Um, Where Did Baby Go?

22 Rough Hair Day For Baby

21 Baby Doesn't Like Her Bonnet

20 Dissed For A Kiss By Jessica Simpson

19 The Unexpected Hair-Pull Selfie

18 Mom, You Might Want To Tend To The Children

17 There Appears To Be Something On Your Faces

16 The Totally Stressed-Out Selfie

15 Mommy Mimics Baby

14 Kim K's North Isn't Impressed

13 Giraffe Photobomb

12  This Boy Does Not Want A Mustache

11 Everyone Gets A Nap But Mom

10 This Doesn't Look Very Cozy

9 Mmm, Tasty Feet

8 The Creepy Geisha Photobomb

7 Can't I Just Sleep, Mom?

6 The True Life Of Mom

5 Mom Hasn't Discovered The Selfie Feature

4 Mom, You're Stealing The Show

3 Unwanted Smooch

2 Well, That's Probably Not Safe

1 Projectile Puking Selfie

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