25 Amazing Names That Will Always Be Unique

When it’s time to choose a baby name, life can get quite difficult. The name has to be perfect in the mother and father’s eyes, as well as anyone else who is involved in the baby’s life. Should a traditional name be chosen? Is there a name in the family that must continue to go on? There are so many questions and unsure thoughts that arise once trying to pick the right name. Let’s move away from those questions and thoughts, and choose a unique name! A couple can never go wrong when they choose a unique baby name. Everyone will be in awe once the name is heard and no one in school or in the neighbourhood will have any of the names on this list. If a couple wants to be different, choosing a unique and creative name is a good way to start.

Exactly like the title describes, this list is comprised of unique baby names in which will always sound unique to everyone’s ears; it does not matter in what region the baby is born and/or lives, the background of the child, and/or the traditions the family has. Happy reading and make sure to choose a name from this list!

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Let’s start off the list with a unique name which starts with the letter ‘Z’. Names that start with this letter are unique on their own. The very unique baby name Zaden has an Arabic origin and it means, ‘fiery’. Little Zaden will grow up to be a very quick thinker. He will enjoy learning about topics that interest him and he will have an answer for almost everything. He will also be a very creative child and his skills will grow as he becomes an adult. He will definitely be the child that colours all over the walls and finds music to be his happy place.


The meaning of this next unique baby name is, ‘the sea’ and ‘to rejoice’. Kaia has a Hawaiian origin and the sound of the name is very different from other names. Little Kaia will grow up to be very dependable. Individuals will admire her independence and her capability to complete everything she puts her mind to all by herself. She will be very hard-working and practical in her daily life and work life as well. Kaia will be the friend to call when hard-work and concentration is needed in any project! She will also grow up to be very studious which will help her achieve great grades.



The baby name Wren can be either a baby girl name or a baby boy name. This unique baby name has a British origin and it means, ‘a small, brown songbird’. The songbird symbolizes protection and solitude. Little Wren will constantly find objects or people in which he finds beautiful and loves, and he will cherish all of those as well as keep them close to his heart. He will value harmony and peace very much in his daily life which will bring him to calm down and succeed with the tasks he has to complete. He will also grow up to love travelling! 


The baby girl name Arya has an Indian and Persian origin and roots. In Indian it means, ‘noble goddess’. With a name like this one, it is guaranteed that little Arya will grow up to be a gorgeous girl and woman. She will constantly have a deep desire to love everyone and to show companionship for people she loves, of course. Her main goal in life will be to work with others to spread peace and harmony. She will look for individuals who need help and she will enjoy working with them. She will always be passionate in what she does and everyone will notice this trait from little Arya.


Next up we have a Scottish baby girl name which might be known from the show Gossip Girl. Blair is a very pretty and unique name which means, ‘flatland’ and ‘child of the fields’. The meaning does not sound too appealing however, Blair will grow up to have a love for nature. She will constantly surround herself with the beauty of the earth and it will be a way to calm herself as well. Little Blair is also a born leader! Everything will have to go her way and everyone will follow since her leadership traits will be very visible at all times. She will thrive with personal independence and she will mostly rely on herself to achieve the goals she would like to achieve.


The unique baby girl name Hazel has an Old English origin and it is a shade of brown, and a type of tree. Back in the day, many believed that hazelnuts gave an individual wisdom and inspiration. What those individuals believed is definitely true in little Hazel’s case! Her level of intelligence will make her a great teacher, philosopher, scholar, and mystic. Anything she would like to become in the future, she will be able to achieve due to her intelligence and great way of thinking. She will grow up to be great at analyzing, understanding, and learning about different situations and solutions.


The next baby girl name is Aviana which has a Latin origin. ‘Like a bird’ is the meaning of the name and this little girl will have a constant desire to fly away into the world and to grow her own wings. She will feel best when she is free doing what she enjoys most in life. She will be an optimistic individual which brings the light and happiness into everyone and anyone’s life! This little ray of sunshine will also grow up to be very social and communicative; she will not be afraid to spark a conversation with a stranger standing beside her that’s for sure!


Did anyone scream unique? The baby girl name Danica should definitely be at the top of any parent’s list who is looking for a unique name. This baby girl name has a Hebrew origin and it means, ‘morning star’. The meaning is very relevant since little Danica will be a star in her loved ones lives that’s for sure. An individual with this name has an inner desire to inspire others at all times. They are excited by change and adventure which brings them to have a very vision-oriented and dynamic mindset. Also, don’t be surprised if little Danica has a new project she would like to complete every week since she is driven by her own achievements.


Finally a unique baby boy name! It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about boy baby names in this article but here’s the next one. The origin of the name Adamo is Italian. The meaning of the name is, ‘earth’. Now little Adamo will grow up to love the outdoors. He will also be a very hard-working individual. When it comes to something he is passionate about and loves doing, he will work his hardest to achieve that task he puts his mind to. He will also be very creative with loads of imagination. His imagination and creativity will bring him to think of many ideas.


Moving back to unique baby girl names, the name Elora is not only a very gorgeous name, but it also sounds great to the ears. The name Elora has a Hebrew origin and it means, ‘my light’. Every child is their parents’ shining light so why not name their daughter after a name which actually means, ‘my light’? Little Elora will constantly feel the need to express herself whether it’s through written or through verbal expression like singing and/or public speaking. Her creativity will also bring her to surround herself around beautiful objects that she finds most appealing. She will love her home and work environment since it will be filled with all of the objects she finds beautiful! Beware however; well actually don’t be surprised if a rock or flower collection is found in her room!


Going back to unique baby boy names, next up there’s the gorgeous name Demarcus. This baby boy name is derived from a Latin origin. With a name like Demarcus, don’t be surprised if he’s stealing all of the girls and boys hearts at school! An individual with this name will grow up to be very good with their words and this will bring them to get whatever they please. They also grow up to be go-getters which will make him very persistent to achieve the goals he sets for himself. He will surround himself with the friends and family he cares about most. Anyone who brings in negativity will be a big no no for Demarcus.


The baby girl name Freja is very uniquely written and heard when said verbally. It has a Scandinavian origin and it means, ‘lady’. This baby name has also been described as ‘the Queen of the gods’. A loving and stable family is what little Freja will always wish to have when she grows into a woman. Her childhood dream will be to find her perfect prince charming to eventually have the perfect family with. Moving her dreaming mind to the side, she will always be a leader over a follower. An individual with this name moves to their own beat and they don’t like following society’s norms.


This next baby boy name is also written very uniquely! It has an Italian origin which means, ‘to save’. Little Eliseo will constantly inspire everyone he meets. He will make a good teacher since his words will be easily understood by many and will make people think. He will also uplift everyone who crosses his path since he enjoys bringing joy everywhere he goes! What is a life without happiness and joy? Little Eliseo will be an extremely bright child and will grow into a very intelligent man in the future which will bring him to succeed in whatever he chooses to achieve.



Another unique baby name is Giana which is derived from an Italian origin. The meaning of this name is, ‘God is gracious’. Whether the parents are religious or not, the name Giana is still very beautiful and unique, which will definitely translate to the little girl named after this name. Little Giana will grow up to have strong opinions about almost everything! She will never be afraid to speak her mind which will make her both admired and sometimes might get her into trouble. An individual with this name is very excited by change and adventure; they crave dynamic atmospheres.


A unique baby boy name with a Spanish origin for a change is Francisco. The meaning of this name is, ‘free one’. Everyone wants their child to feel free and to do as they feel in their lives. Feeling trapped is not fun at all so why not call the newborn baby boy Francisco? An individual with this name enjoys their quiet time so they can properly understand and analyze concepts of the world and the universe around them. Francisco is the friend to go to when someone would like to know insights about the universe and where special parties are being hosted!


A Hawaiian derived name meaning, ‘heaven’, ‘sky’, ‘royal’, and ‘majesty’ is great traits everyone wants their name to be composed of that’s for sure. This next unique baby girl name is Kalani. An individual with this name will inspire everyone around them at all times which will make them have a large group of followers. People will constantly listen to what Kalani has to say since her words will stick to many and her views on certain topics will stand out immensely. Little Kalani will be amazing at expressing herself both verbally and written. She will also grow up to enjoy life very much and when she is not having fun, she will make sure to switch up her plans to make it fun!


The unique baby boy name Hendrix is an incredibly cute name to give to a newborn baby boy. This name stems from the name Henry which has German roots. The meaning of Hendrix is, ‘ruler’ and ‘power’. Little Hendrix will be very different from all of the other boys on the block which will make him a leader over a follower. He will definitely have a lot of power in everything he accomplishes. His independence will get acknowledged by many individuals who cross Hendrix’s path; and he will get admired for his ambition and strong-willed mind. All of these great traits will bring Hendrix to success!


The baby girl name Luella is a variant of the name Louise which has a French origin and it means, ‘famed warrior’. An individual with this name has a burning desire to serve to humanity and to help everyone who crosses their path who needs help. They are incredibly selfless and will put someone’s health before their own which can be somewhat destructive at times. Luella will grow up to be very compassionate and passionate in her field of work and family life. She will also have a very romantic side to her which will attract many men and women into her life.


Another unique baby girl name to add to the list has an American origin and it means, ‘one who is ambitious’. If parents want their daughter to reach for the stars, this name is definitely one to choose. Little Hensley will be very easy-going with everyone she meets and with every situation she is put into. She will always be the center of attention and she will enjoy it since she will try reaching for success in everything she does. Her mindset will definitely make her reach success and make her achieve all of the factors she would like to gain. The sky's the limit for little Hensley!


Going back to unique baby boy names, Miller has a German origin which means, ‘to grind’. The meaning does not sound too appealing however little Miller will grow up to be a very family-oriented boy and man. He will love everyone he cares about and he will definitely make sure to constantly show them. He will also be very affectionate towards his soulmate and compassionate towards everyone he cares about. His loving manner will draw many individuals towards him! Miller will definitely succeed in every and any task he puts his mind to. Besides his loving side, he is also very ambitious and will never take no for an answer.


Another unique baby boy name! This name is derived from a Spanish origin and it means, ‘help of God’. The name Lazaro is a very beautiful name and it is also very unique since it is not heard often. Little Lazaro will have a great desire to be a leader. He will also greatly enjoy organization, supervision, and of course to achieve a status of success and power. His way of being a leader will bring him and whoever is apart of his life to wealth. He will be able to focus on the goals he would like to achieve due to his determination and efficiency.


Sena is a baby girl name with an Arabic origin. This cute name means, ‘the world’s beauty and grace’ and ‘goddess of the moon’. Little Sena will grow up to want a very stable and loving family. She will make sure to find her prince charming who will give her all of the love she wants! An individual with this name is also excellent at expressing themselves both verbally and written. They enjoy life to the fullest and if they are not having loads of fun, they change up what they are doing to have the most fun as possible!


Quinto is a unique baby boy name which has a Latin origin and it means, ‘fifth’. Little Quinto will grow up to be very intelligent. His amount of wisdom will influence many individuals and will also open many doors for him. He will always be ready to give a helping hand to those in need, which will make many of this followers look up to him. He will grow up to be a handsome boy and man and he will have to work very hard to become wealthy since his mind will mostly be on learning and helping others instead of one making the most money possible.


A Russian unique baby girl name for a change; Ulyana means, ‘youthful’. This beautiful child will grow up to be very analytical. She will have a very scientific approach to life and she will be amazed by what science has to offer. An individual with this name is very patient. They are patient with themselves and with others which will serve everyone well. A relaxed approach to things is how Ulyana will approach them. Why stress on a matter when there is always tomorrow? She will enjoy her life and to live, and she will also encourage others to enjoy life by enjoying the moment.


Let’s finish up the article with a unique baby boy name. The German originated name Von means, ‘hope’. This little boy will grow up to be very athletic. His large enjoyment of sports will make him succeed in all of the sports he enjoys and he will definitely go far. Besides his athletic side, he will enjoy a loving and stable family and he will also look for a soulmate which will be able to supply him with one. He will want attention and appreciation for his accomplished work and will also give it back to those who give it to him.

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