25 Antique Names That Are So Vintage

Picking a name, whether it be the first name or middle name, of a child, is hardly considered to be one of the more important aspects of having children. But the truth is, names are very important, and this is true for a number of reasons. Over time, there have been many names that have come and gone. Just like fashion, names come into style and go out of style just the same. For instance, there are a lot of first names for little boys and girls that were once very well loved and popular, and now they are hardly ever used.

Furthermore, there are new names that are coming into existence every day, as mothers and fathers like to choose names that are as unique as possible. However, using the older names that some may consider classics is something that parents seem to be doing a lot of as well. Additionally, the good thing about picking a name like that is that there is no shortage of great choices to pick from. There are many vintage names that, upon being heard, can take one’s mind back to a certain time or place, as a lot of older names have nostalgia with them.

Here are some of the most vintage names that have been around a while.

25 Adelia

This is a very vintage name that has quite the unique sound to it. Adelia means “noble kind.” What makes it even better is that there are other versions of this name that parents can choose from if they would like something a bit different that is still very similar to Adelia. Adele, Adalia, Adellah, Adella, Adelei, Adelais, and Addalla are some of the variants of Adelia.

Adelia was invented in Germany. However, it has been used in other parts of the world. In the United States of America, Adelia was very popular in the 1880’s. However, it has not seen much success since then.

24 Merritt

This is one name that has been known to be used for naming both boys and girls on a few occasions. But, for the most part, Merritt is usually a name that is chosen for a male child. Furthermore, this name was quite a popular choice among parents having a little boy in the 1880’s.

Since then, it has seen many high and low points of popularity. So far in America, Merritt peaked in 1924 when it was given to 121 little boys. That is not a high number considering the amount of people in the United States at the time, but it is the highest number of people this name has been given to in one year so far.

23 Clementine

This name has such a delicate and beautiful vibe to it. Clementine is a great choice of name for parents who wish to give their little girl a unique name that also has a nostalgic feeling to it.

Clementine originated in France. It came from a very similar name, Clement, which is of Latin origin. “Mild,” and “merciful” are the meanings associated with Clementine.

There are some names that are similar in nature to Clementine. Cecilia, Iris, and Violet are some of them.

22 Eleanora

Sometimes, part of the reason why a name sounds to beautiful is because it stemmed from another name that was already quite successful and popular on its’ own. This is the case of the name Eleanora.

Eleanora is a name that is from both a Spanish and an Italian background. It is a variation on classic name Eleanor. Furthermore, Eleanor itself is a variant on the name Alienor, which came from a French background.

There are a lot of names that are similar to this one. Leonora, Lenora, and Eleonora are just a few of them.

21 Ebba

There are a lot of names that are very vintage and yet also distinct. One of these names is Ebba, as it has been around for awhile and yet it is not a common first or middle name.

This particular version of this name is mainly used for little girls. The masculine form of Ebba is Ebbe.

Though it is not a common name for one to have, it has been heard in many places. Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norwegia are all places where people named Ebba have lived.

20 Harriet

Though it originally came from England, Harriet has connections to France. The name it is derived from is the French name Henriette. “Estate ruler” is the meaning of Harriet.

19 Luella

There are a lot of great names that have gone out of style and, unfortunately, never made a comeback. On the other hand, there are also names that stopped being used for a very long time, but then they were made popular once again.

The name Luella fits into this category because it was once very popular in the 1800’s, and then it was not used as much after the year 1940. However, American parents began using Luella again after 2009, and the popularity of it has been on the rise ever since.

18 Zadie

Some names are simply classic, and what makes them that way is the fact that they never really seem to go out of style. Though there are times when Zadie was not quite as popular as other names, it was still a first name parents seemed to like, and that is why Zadie fits into this category.

Zadie was a name that was very much liked in the 1880’s, though it became slightly less popular afterwards. However, the number of American children that were given this name each year seemed to grow more and more after 2002.

17 Rayne

There are a few names out there that are just associated with one meaning. But, some names have multiple meanings from the different cultures they are connected to. This is the case for Rayne because it has a couple of different meanings tied to it.

Rayne is a Latin name. But, it is also a variant of Rayna, a name that is of both Israeli and Scandinavian origin. The meanings associated with Rayne are “song,” “counsel,” and “queen.” Variants of Rayne are Raine, Raene, and Rayann.

16 Beatrix

Sometimes part of what makes a name attractive is the fact that there are very few, if any, other names that sound anything like it. This is where the name Beatrix comes in, because the only name that sounds a lot like it is Bellatrix.

What makes this name even more fascinating is that it has connections to famous literature. Beatrix is the middle name of author Helen Beatrix Potter, who was famous because of the books she wrote for children.

15 Beverly

There are a lot of names with numerous variations, and Beverly is one of them. Bev, Verlye, Verly, Buffy, Lee, Bevverly, Bevvy, Verlee, Beverlee, Beverley, are a couple of different versions of this name.

This is a name that originated in England. “Beaver stream or meadow” is the meaning of Beverly. Furthermore, it began as a surname before people started using it as a first name.

Beverly first reached the list of the top 2,000 baby names in the 1880’s. The popularity has declined since the 1900’s, but it is still used a lot today.

14 Candace

There are many names that can be traced back to a Latin origin. Candace is one of these names, because it came from a Latin background.

There are a few different meanings to Candace. “Pure” and “sincere” are two of them. Additionally, “white,” is another meaning associated with the name Candace.

There are a couple of names that are a bit like Candace. Arla, Rina, Caralie, Candice, Cierra, and Clarice are some of them.

This name has been used in the United States since the 1880’s, at least. Also, it has remained in the top 2,000 baby names in American since then.

13 Celeste

There are many first, middle, and last names that are often associated with religion. One of these names is Celeste. This is not only a form of a French name, but it is also a form of the name Caelestis, which is of Latin origin. Caelestis is a name that was once popular with people of the Christian faith.

There are quite a lot of various names associated with Celeste. Some of the names that have come from it are Silestyne, Cela, and Celesse.

12 Constance

There are some antique names that are being heard once again due to being the name of a fictional character in a book, television show, or a movie. Constance is one of these because it has been heard on television a bit in recent years because of the popularity of Constance Langdon, a character from American Horror Story.

Constance is a name used by French, English, Canadian, and American people. This name was brought to England by the Normans, and it is also a different form of the name Constantia.

11 Delphine

This name is one that comes from a French origin. Part of what makes it memorable is the distinct meaning it has. “Dolphin” is what Delphine means.

As unique as this name is, there are a few that are considered to be similar to it. Daphne, Calla, Calliope, Philomena, and Fluer are some of these names.

Delphine is not used in America as much as it used to be. However, it stayed on the list of the top 1,000 baby names in the United States between the late 1800’s and 1962.

10 Adrian

Some names are inspired by people, and some are inspired by places. Adrian is a name of Latin origin, and it means “from Hadria.” Hadria was a town in Italy.

This name dates back many years. One of the earliest known people to have a form of this name was Publius Aelius Hadrianus, a Roman emperor. Furthermore, there was a wall constructed in England during his reign, and it was referred to as “Hadrian’s Wall.”

This is mostly a name used for boys, but there are feminine versions of it as well. These names are Adrienne and Hadria.

9 Albert

This name can be traced back to German origins. It came from the name Adalbert. After it began in Germany, it travelled to England.

These days, it can be heard in many other places as well. Hungary, Rome, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Poland are a few of the places who have had citizens with this name.

In the United States, the popularity of this name has gone down a bit. However, it remained extremely popular throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

8 Alexander

When it comes to names that are tied to history, Alexander has been a name given to many emperors and kings. One of them was Alexander the Great.

Furthermore, this is a name that had its’ start within the land of ancient Greece. “Defender of men” is the meaning associated with Alexander.

This name has been popular for many years, and it does not seem like it will be less popular any time soon. So far, Alexander peaked in 1993 in the United States of America.

7 Benedict

Many names have ties to religion in some way. Benedict is one of them. A well known person with this name was Saint Benedict, and he was famous for starting the Benedictines many years ago. After him, Benedict was a name that was popular among people of the Christian faith.

There are a few different versions of this name. Bennett, Bennie, Benny, Ben, Benedito, Bento, and Benesh are a few of the variations of Benedict that exist around the world.

6 Christopher

Another vintage name that has connections to Greece is Christopher. The origin of this name is Greek, and the meaning connected to it is “Christ-bearer.”

This name is very popular, and perhaps it is partially because of the fact that Christopher is the name of a very famous character. British author Alan Alexander Milne (also known as A.A. Milne) created the character Christopher Robin.

It seems that parents have loved this name for decades. In America, there was a slight dip in the popularity of Christopher between the late 1800’s and 1938, but it has since become popular again.

5 Charles

There are a lot of names that can be traced back to just one origin. On the other hand, however, there are also a large amount of names that have multiple origins. Charles fits in here, and that is because it has both a German background and a French background. Furthermore, the meaning of it is “free man.”

Charles has been an extremely popular name for a very long time, especially in the United States. It is also popular in England, New Zealand, and Australia.

4 Douglas

This is a name that is used primarily for male children. Like many other names, it is often either chosen as a child’s first name, or a their middle name. It has also been known to be a surname as well.

Douglas has a Gaelic and Scottish origin. “Black river” is the meaning of it.

There are some variations of this name. Some of the variants of Douglas include Doug, Dugaid, and Douglass.

This name has proven to be rather popular among American citizens. So far, its’ peak was in the early and middle 1900’s. But it is still a name that is used a lot today.

3 Edward

This is a name that was invented in England a very long time ago. It means “wealthy guard,” and it has been used by many people who were a part of the royal family.

There are quite a few nicknames for people named Edward. Some of them are Ned, Ted, Teddy, and Eddie. There are also variations on this name. They include Edmund, Edgar, Eadbhard, Ed, Eddy, Edik, Eddison, and Eadward.

Edward is used in numerous places. Some of them are America, Ireland, Canada, England, Australia, and Sweden. In America, this name has remained a very popular name for many years.

2 Eric

There are a lot of names that have seen great amounts of use for many years. Eric is one of these names, as it has proved to be extremely popular throughout many places around the world.

Eric is a name that can be traced back it a Norse origin. The meaning of it is eternal ruler.”

There are a lot of names that are similar to Eric. Some of them are Jeremy, Erik, Frederic, Jeffrey, Tristan, Kieran, and Sean.

1 Ethan

This name is usually given to male children. Ethan comes from a Hebrew origin, and it has two meanings. One of them is “firm,” and the other is “strong.”

There are a lot of names that are considered to be similar to Ethan. Nathaniel, Caleb, Owen, Elijah, Mason, James, Logan, David, Emmett, Adam, Eli, Nicholas, Asher, Thomas, Gabriel, and Andrew are just a few of them.

Ethan is used in a lot of places. America, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, and England are some of the places where this name has been heard.

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