25 Baby Boy Names That Guarantee He Will Be Popular

Expectant parents, listen up! One of the first few questions that people ask will be about the gender of the baby and if mom or dad picked a name for him/her yet. It is quite common for folks to get curious about this and it might be quite difficult for parents to maintain that precious little secret. Let them keep guessing until there's a definite name for the expected child

Deciding on a name for a child might be one of the most important privileges bestowed upon parents and they ideally want to make the brightest decision. Be it something traditional, something cute or something quirky, whatever their preference for the child’s name, remember that this can be one of the most fun parts of parenting. So make sure there's a list of all those possible names and pick the one best-suited for the new bundle of joy.

While parents pick one such wonderful name out there, they could also try to keep up with what is trendy. After all, the child might love it when he grows up, to own a popular name. Won’t he? Take a look at some of the names that guarantee to make him popular over the years!

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25 Arlo

Arlo can be a nice name with a hipster touch for your little guy. Pronounced AR-loh, the name is of English origin and believed to be derived from "Anglo-Saxon here" meaning 'Army, fortified, troops' or 'fortified hill'. Some people also consider 'eagle's hill' for its meaning. Arlo is also considered a variant of names such as Harley and/or Arlene.

Renowned people with this name include Arlo Bates, the American author, Arlo West, the American singer, Arlo Hullinger, the American politician, and Arlo Brunsberg, the former professional baseball player. There are a lot of fictional characters named Arlo. To name a few- Arlo Glass from the television series 24, Arlo Dean from the British soap opera 'Family Affairs' and Arlo in the feature film 'Orange County'.

24 Tyler

Tyler can be a unique name for your little boy. The name is of French origin "tieuleor/tieulier which means tiler or a tile maker. Some consider it to be of English origin "Tylere" meaning a brick or a tile. However, the name originated as an occupational name given to a person who makes a tile, brick or a layer.

If you're planning to give this name to your son, you can call him by a nickname "Ty". Tyler is used both as a first name as well as a surname and for both genders. Tyler Blackburn, the American actor, Tyler Breeze, the pro wrestler, and Tyler Thomas the American football player are some celebrities with this name.

23 Caleb

As sweet and innocent as it sounds, the name Caleb, which is of Hebrew origin, means - faithful. If you are one of those moms who might gift your son this beautiful name, he shall grow up to follow its meaning and be faithful all his life!

The name is borne in the Bible by a leader of the Israelites. Caleb leaves Egypt alongside Moses and is one of the two followers over the age of twenty to reach the promised land. Some of the popular Calebs include the youngest child in the book series "Sarah, Plain, and Tall".

22 Elliot

Though Elliot can either be given as a surname or a given name and for both genders, it can be a fabulous name for your little boy! It was historically given to males but over the period of time, there is an equal number of females named Elliot too.

The spelling variants of the name include Elliott, Eliot, Eliott, Elyat and Elyot with the meaning 'With Strength and Right' or 'Bravely and Truly' or 'Boldly and Rightly'! Certain sources also claim that the name has been derived from a French form "Elias" which itself being derived from the name "Elijah". Some popular Elliots include Elliot Abravanel, the American physician, Elliot Brown, the English actor, and Elliot Benyon, the English football player.

21 Adam

Adam can be a very common masculine name for your little guy. The name of the first man ever, per the creation account of Abrahamic religions, is of Hebrew origin. Its usage in the Quran and the Bible has made sure that it is also a common name in countries and different traditions throughout the world.

Though there aren't any spelling variations for the name, there is 'Adan'- a Spanish form of the name. It is given also as a surname in many countries - as its derivative 'Adams' or 'Addams'. The Arabic meaning for the name is Earth/mud. Celebrities with the name include Adam Sandler & Adam Scott, American Film actors, Adam Ambra, the Slovak footballer, and Adam Amirilayev, the Russian politician.

20 Dylan

If you're looking for a popular Welsh name to give your baby boy, do consider Welsh! The name is of Welsh & Celtic Origin with the meaning "Son of the Sea/wave" or "Born from the Ocean". Spelling variations of the name include Dillan, Dillyn, Dyllan, and Dillon.

Inspired by the famous Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas, the name can be a literary yet relaxed name which is also quite stylish. The name is used both as a surname & a given name and for both genders. If you're wondering who the popular Dylans are: Dylan O'Brien the American Actor, Dylan Ainsworth, the Canadian football player, Dylan Cramer, the Canadian musician, and Dylan Smith the American businessman- are just a few among them.

19 Jake

'Jake' (Pronounced JAYK) derived from Jacob can be a masculine name for your little son. Although Jake has been a nickname of Jacob and various other names, it has now started getting popularly bestowed as an independent name. The name is of Middle English origin and derived from the Hebrew name "Yaakov" which means 'at the heel'.

The name is single-syllabled, strong and snappy and if you're considering a traditional name, do consider it. Jake Arnott, the British novelist, Jake Colhouer, the American football player, Jake Gyllenhaal, the American actor, and Jake Sheard, the American singer are a few of the popular JAKEs of the world- 

18 Oscar

If you're looking for a conservative name to give your little boy, do consider Oscar! The name is of Irish Origin with the meaning 'a deer loving one'. But it is also believed that the name could be of English origin with the meaning 'Spear of God'. 'Oscar' got its popularity in the 18th century by the Poet James Macpherson who created Ossianic Poetry. Currently, the name is associated with Scandinavia since Napolean was an admirer of Ossianic poetry and named his godson Joseph Bernadotte- who later became Oscar I- the King of Sweden.

Following this, the name has been circulated a lot of times among Swedish people. At Least half a dozen members of Scandinavian royal houses go by the name Oscar! Celebrities with this name include Oscar Bernadi, the Brazilian football player, Oscar Brodney, the American Lawyer & Screenwriter, Oscar De La Hoya, the American Boxer, and Oscar Wendy, the Swedish Football player.

17 Liam

If you're looking for a strong masculine name that's going to be famous for the next decade, Liam is the one! The name Liam is of Irish origin which means Strong-willed warrior! Though Liam started coming off as a short form of William, it has now stood on its own for several years now.

Liam is one of the fastest rising names of Irish origin in the US. celebrities with the name include Liam Neeson- an Irish born actor, Liam Payne- a director. And celebrities who chose to name their sons Liam are Tori Spelling, Craig Ferguson, Rod Stewart, and Calista Flockhart.

16 Riley

Riley can be a stylish name for your little guy. It is a unisex name used as a given name as well as a surname. The name is of Irish origin which means 'valiant' or 'rye clearing'- an indicative of a person who dwelled in a rye field. Pronounced "RY-lee", the name has a number of spelling variants such as Rilie, Rylee, Ryleigh, Reily, Rheily, Reilly and Rylee.

Some of the world's renowned 'Riley's include Riley Biggs & Riley Cooper, the American football players, Riley Martin, the American author, Riley Nash, the Canadian ice hockey player, Riley Smith, the American actor, and Riley Thomson, the American animator. Fictional characters with this name include Riley Biers from Twilight book series, Riley Dawson from the TV series 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles', to name a few.

15 Logan

Logan can be a very apt name for any little guy. As per Names.org, the name is of Irish origin which means "from the hollow" or "a rocking/ balanced stone". Logan is also a unisex name, so if you're not sure about the gender of the baby yet, you can very well go for it!

Logan is the 17th most popular name for baby boys in the U.S and it is believed that it continues to stay popular throughout this decade. Some of the most popular Logans in the world include "Logan Bailly", the Belgian football player), the American actor "Logan Bartholomew" and Logan West who was Miss Teen USA 2012. Obviously, Logan is a good naming option for girls too.

14 Aiden

If you're looking for a good-spirited name for your boy, Aiden can be considered. The name is of Irish Origin which means "born of the fire" or "the fiery one". The name has been derived from "Aodhan" which means; bringer of fire' and is also the name of a Celtic sun god. Though the spelling variations include Aidan, Aedan, and Aiden, there are other variants such as Hayden, Ayden, Aden, and Aydan.

Although the name is considered for girls as well, it isn't much popularly used for girls. To name a few celebrities with the name: Aiden Blizzard, the Australian cricketer, Aiden Bonar, the Australian football player, Aiden Turner the English actor and Aiden MacCarthy, an Irish doctor. FIctional Characters with the name include Aiden Burn from the TV Series CSI: NY and Aiden Ford from the TV series Stargate Atlantis.

13 Arthur

Portrait of happy beautiful baby on the bed in his room.

Arthur can be a very common and elegant name for your son. The etymology of the name, however, is disputed, it is believed that the name is derived from that of the legendary hero 'King Arthur'! Though there aren't any spelling variants for the name, in many Slavic, Roman and Germanian languages, they consider "Artur". 

If you are going to consider this name for your little guy, you could perhaps give him nicknames like "Art" or "Artie"! The name has been established many times in the history by those like King Arthur( King of Britain in the Arthurian legend), Arthur, the Prince of Wales, Sir Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the British writer, and Arthur Cayley, the British mathematician, to name a few.

12 Mason

Mason- Pronounced "May-son" can be a very adorable name for your baby boy. The name is of French origin which means "Stoneworker". Mason was earlier heard across as a surname but over the recent years as a beautiful first name option itself.

You can also give Mason a cute nickname "Mase". Popularity-wise too, Mason is a huge hit! There was once a well-known rapper named Mason Durell Betha who used to go by the name Mase. He was very active during the late 90s. Most millennial mommies would still remember him and might want to pick his name for their little boys.

11 Isaac

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Isaac can be one of the traditional names you can give your little boy. Transliterated from Hebrew, 'Itzhak' was one of the three patriarchs mentioned in the Hebrew-ian bible whose story has been mentioned in the book of 'Genesis'. Pronounced "AI-Zak", the name is derived from Judaism and is common among Jewish, Christian and Muslim societies. The name roughly means "Laughing".

The spelling variants of the name include Issac and Isac and the nicknames are Ike and Ise. To name a few famous personalities with this name: Isaac Newton, the English mathematician, physicist & astronomer, Isaac Okoronkwo, the Nigerian football player, Isaac Leib Peretz, the Yiddish writer, and Isaac Slade, the American lead singer.

10 Jaxon


Jaxon can be an incredible name for your little boy, which can get an adorable nickname "Jax". Jaxon is just a spelling variant of the good old name "Jackson" which means 'God has been gracious' or that he shows favor.

Although Jaxon is a very common name, you might have to explain its spelling to people every now and then. Nevertheless, give your son this fabulous name and let him have one of the popular names in the United States. Some of the celebrities who named their son Jaxon are musician Keith Anderson, athlete Jay Christopher Cutler, and actor Kristin Cavallari.

9 Aaron

The name Aaron is derived from the Hebrew "Aharon" after the "H" Phoneme being dropped. Aaron is the brother of Moses and the first high priest of the Hebrews- as described in the Torah, the Quran, and the Baha'i Iqan. Though it is uncertain as to how the Biblical name originated, the ancient Egyptian form gives the meaning "Warrior Lion". The spelling variants of the name include Aron, Harun, and Aharon.

Though the name Aaron has been initially used by early Christians and Jews, it later became exclusively Jewish in the 17th century and again became common among both of these by the 20th century. It is both used as a given name and a surname. To name a few celebrities with this name: Aaron Carter, the American singer, Aaron Eckhart, the American actor, Aaron Sloman, the AI scientist, Aaron Burr, the American politician and Aaron Finch, the Australian cricket player.

8 Carter

Consider the name Carter if you’re looking for a stylish Irish name for your little boy. The name is of Irish, English and Scottish origin, given both as first names and surnames. It is an occupational name that refers to a person who transports goods via a cart or a wagon. The name is also believed to be of Celtic and Gaelic origins and possibly derived from 'McCarter' where Mc stands for 'son of'.

Ever since the 20th century, the name is quite common among those African-Americans who desire to trace back their roots to the Caribbean or the southern U.S. To name a few popular 'Carter's of the world- Carter Camper, the American ice hockey player, Carter Jenkins, the American actor, and Carter Glass, the American politician

7 Jenson

For those of you who're looking out for a patronymic name for your little son, Jenson can be an amazing option. The name originates from Germany and Scandinavia and is mostly used as a surname rather than a given name.

The name has the name "Son of Jens" and is believed to have originated from "Johannes" that translates to John with the meaning "God is Gracious". The spelling variants of the name are Jensen and Jenssen. One of the famous people out there with this name is Jenson Button, the Formula One driver. There is also a popular German rock band known as the"Jenson McKenzie".

6 Roman

Roman can be one of the traditional names which are gaining popularity these days and do consider it if you're looking for one such name. The name has its origin dating back to the Roman Empire and the Latin language. The name is believed to be derived from "Romanus" which means "Of Rome". Thus, in that sense, the name can refer to a citizen of the Roman empire or a man or Roman, Greek or Latin culture.

The variations of the name according to various cultures include Romain (French), Romano (Italian), PoMaH (Russian). Some of the most renowned personalities with the name include Roman Abramovich, the Jewish Russian Oligarch, Roman Atwood the American comedian, Roman Greenberg, the Israeli boxer, Roman Dmowski, the Polish politician and Roman Shirokov, the Russian football player.

5 Lewis

If you're looking for an exciting yet historic name, you could really consider 'Lewis'! The name originates as an English version of the French name "Louis" which is of Frankish/Germanic origin with the meaning "Fame in War". Variants of the name in several other languages include Ludwig (German), Luis (Spanish), Luigi (Italian) and Ludvig (Scandinavian).

While Louis continues to be popular in France, the English variant Lewis is equally preferred among the British and Americans. Some of the popular people with this name include Lewis Archer Boswell, the American aviator, Lewis Black, the American comedian & actor, Lewis Dark, the football player, Lewis Nash, the American jazz drummer, and Lewis Holtby, the German football player.

4 Ronnie

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If you're looking for a cute and pet name-ish kind of a name with a good meaning, do consider ones like Ronnie! The name has been used both as a given name as well as a pet name, both of which are quite popular these days. The name is believed to have been derived from "Ronald" or the female name "Veronica".

However 'Ronald' is said to be derived from a form of 'Berenice' and its greek form Berenike with the meaning "Victory Bringer". So consider this name for your son and let him bring victories throughout his life! Here are a few famous people with this name: Ronnie Barker, the English actor, Ronnie Bryan, the English Cricketer, Ronnie Harrison the American footballer, Ronnie Peterson, the Swedish race car driver and Ronnie Ray the American Sprinter.

3 Jackson

For all the MJ fans out there, needless to say, the name Jackson can be one of your best picks. Though the name mostly comes across as a surname, it is used as a given name as well. The name is of English and Scottish origin with the meaning "Son of Jack". Some also believe that the name is a variation of "John" and has the meaning "God has shown favor". The spelling variant of the name is Jaxon and the various nicknames include Jack, Jacky, Jacki, and Jackie.

Some popular personalities with this name are Jackson Davis, the American Actor), Jackson Emery, the American basketball player, Jackson Proskow, the Canadian journalist, Jackson Martinez. the Colombian football player. And to name a few fictional characters with this name: Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy, Jackson Healy from The Nice Guys and Jackson Storn from the film Cars 3.

2 Reuben


If you are a fan of the famous American hot sandwich, you could probably consider the name Reuben for your little boy. The name is of Hebrew origin and according to the Book of Genesis, Reuben is the eldest son of Jacob. 

Reuben is a rich underused, Old testament choice of a name for your little boy. It can give a friendly, down-home image alongside having all the ingredients for success. Also, it is expected that all the Jacobs will grow up and follow their Biblical namesake and name their sons Reuben! Some of the world's popular 'Reuben's include Reuben Blades, the salsa singer, Reuben David Thorne, the New Zealand rugby player, and Reuben Wood the American politician.

1 Jayden

Jayden can be a cute name for any little boy out there. The name is of American origin and is very popular in the United States. It is just a spelling variation of "Jaden" which is very common. Jayden can be pronounced just the way it is spelled and that should make it easier!

If you choose to give your son the name Jayden, you could also give him a nickname "Jay". And to name one popular Jayden in the past, consider the eccentric son of the musician and actor Will Smith! Other celebrities who chose the name for their sons are Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

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