25 Baby Boy Names That'll Make Him Grandpa's Favorite

Congratulations to everyone expecting a new baby in the coming year! This is such an exciting and fun journey! And this new journey begins with the exciting task of naming a newborn. Over the world, across the centuries, naming one's first child has caught special attention. The new parents go through so much of searching, consulting friends, relatives and others to narrow down their choices to that perfect name.

The aspirations and expectations swell the most while naming the firstborn. Most importantly, the name had to be an amalgamation of all the three times - the present, the past, and the future. The name has to be unique and trendy as per the present, should be acceptable to one's elders and translate into the positive traits for the child in the future. This may seem like a lot to ask, but technology has now made this easy for everyone. 

There are a lot of websites that help parents in choosing a name for a child. This helps to narrow down on great name options which consider the family traditions, avoids any confusion, and ensures the name is uncommon in the present generation. 

So here is one such list which helps families navigating amidst the confusing plethora of names. The background, origin, and details of the names are provided so that everyone can make an informed decision. These boy names are so perfect that the expected son is sure to become Grandpa’s favorite grandson. Though unique names are often chosen by the current generation of parents, grandparents may not really approve of such names. They prefer their grandchildren to have strong, noble and meaningful names, such as the ones given below.

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25 Max

Max is an extremely popular baby boy name which has the meaning ‘greatest’. It is derived from the Latin name Maximilian. Emperor Frederich III named his firstborn son, Maximilian in honor of two famous Roman generals Maximus and Aemiliānus. While the all-powerful Maximilian may seem too traditional for a modern-day baby, it’s diminutive version ‘Max’ is a trendy and laid back option.

Max is also said to be of Scottish origin with the meaning: Magnus' spring. It is also said to be derived from the name Maxwell which means ‘great spring’. The character Max in the children’s classic ‘Where the wild things are' made the name even more popular. Celebrities with this name include Max Ernst, a famous painter, and Max Roach, a jazzman. Skater Scott Hamilton put a new spin on his son’s name with the interesting spelling Maxx.

24 Leo

Leo is a baby boy name which origins from the Latin word 'Leo', meaning 'Lion'. Leo was a common name among Romans. In German, Leo is a diminutive of names Leopold and Leonard. Notably, there have been 13 popes with Leo as their name. Due to its strong name meaning, Leo reflects the strength of body, determination, and character.

Leo is the masculine name adorned by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Italian Footballer Leonardo Bonucci and legendary writer Leo Tolstoy. Leo is a popular name throughout the world with its similar meaning names like Leon Trotsky, Lionel Richie, and Lionel Messi being hugely admired and followed.

23 Roy

Roy is a baby boy name as well as a Family Surname derived from the Norman word 'Roy' meaning 'King'. This name also appears in Scottish Gaelic adapted from the word 'Ruadh' meaning 'Red'. Roy is also an adopted surname in India, bestowed by British as a historical Title of Honor to Bengali People.

Roy is said to be originated as a nickname for a person with Red Hair or reddish complexion. This name is also assumed as a variant of Ray. Famous celebrities who own Roy as their first name include Roy Orbison and Roy Rogers. People named Roy showcase zeal, activeness, and energy alike Kings.

22 Will

Will is a popular baby boy name of Germanic Origin. Originally, it is a diminutive form of William and ultimately comes from 'Wilhelm'. This name became too popular in the English language after the Norman conquest of England. Will can be called by various nicknames like Willie, Willy, Bill, Billy etc.

Will or William means 'Strong-willed Warrior'. It is used by many celebrities like Will Smith, Will Ferrell, Will Rogers, and Will.I.Am. In correlation with it's meaning, Will is historically proven as a popular kingly and warrior name. Naming your kid as Will gives you an opportunity to call him by as many related names that exist for no other name.

21 Sam

Sam is a male given name derived from Samuel of Hebrew Origin meaning either 'Name of God' or 'God has Heard'. In the Old Testament, Samuel was last of the ruling judges and anointed Saul and David as King of Israel. Being a diminutive name, it is also nicknamed as Sammy, Sami, and Sammie. The feminine variant of Samuel is Samantha.

Sam is a popular name in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese regions. The famous personalities who own this name include Grammy Award winner Sam Smith, Samuel Beckett and author Samuel Clemens (known as Mark Twain). People with Sam as their name are believed to be spiritually intense with a desire to endure.

20 Joe

Joe is a baby boy name originating from Hebrew. It is a diminutive form of Joseph. This name means in Hebrew as 'Jehovah shall increase/add'. The mention of Joseph appears in Book of Genesis, Jewish Bible, and the Quran (as Yousuf). Just like Joe, Jo is used for the feminine version of Joseph as Josephine.

In Italian, Joseph is called as 'Giuseppe', while many other variants are used around the globe. Apart from Joseph, son of Jacob, this name also holds significance from two other historical characters of New Testament: Joseph, the husband of Mary and Joseph of Arimathea, a secret disciple of Jesus. Famous celebrities who own this name are Joe Jonas, Joe DiMaggio, and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

19 Calvin

Calvin is a baby boy name derived from the Latin word 'Calvinus' meaning 'Bald'. In French, it is referred to as Cauvin or Chauvin. Apart from its quirky meaning, Calvin has reigned to be one of the cool and charming names. This name earned popularity because of French theologian John Calvin and the famous Fashion designer, Calvin Klein.

Boys named Calvin are said to be mystical, wise and eccentric in nature. They also tend to be intuitive, mentally strong and bold in nature. The celebrities using this name include Scottish Musician Calvin Harris, 30th President of the United States John Calvin Coolidge, and Calvin Broadus also known as Snoop Dogg. 

18 Cyrus

Cyrus is a male boy name with its origin in Persian. It is the English transliteration of the Persian name 'Kourosh', which means 'Sun' or 'One who bestows care'. Cyrus is also said to be the Latin form of Greek 'Kyros' and Persian 'Kurus'. Cyrus the Great was the emperor who founded the Persian Empire.

The nicknames related to Cyrus are Cy and Ciro. People named Cyrus are believed to be innovative, courageously and caring. Famous celebrities who own this name include Cyrus McCormick, Irish-Indian Businessman Cyrus Pallonji Mistry and Cyrus Villanueva. Miley Cyrus and Actress Noah Cyrus use Cyrus as their surname.

17 Felix

Felix is a baby boy name with its origin in Latin, which means 'Happy or Lucky' and 'successful'. Due to its favorable meaning and being borne by 67 saints and 4 popes, Felix remains a popular choice in Europe from middle ages till now. Felix is an energetic and optimistic name to drive fortune and happiness in one's life.

Felix being a short name doesn't require a nickname but it can be casually called as Fixe. Apart from many celebrities, Felix is also used for many fictional characters. Celebrities named Felix include German DJ Felix Jaehn, German footballer Felix Kroos and Puerto Rican Boxer Felix Trinidad. Felicity is the feminine form of Felix.

16 Cleo

Cleo is a unisex baby name derived from Cleopatra or Cleophus.ItIt'slternate spelling is Clio. Often borne by females, Cleo comes from Greek origin and is a prefix which means 'pride', 'fame' or 'glory'. In Greek mythology, Clio is the name of the Muse of History.

The predecessors of this name lived b it's meaning and had a glorious life. In case of male usage of Cleo, it is originally a short form for Cleophus, which means 'Vision of Glory'. Cleo is often used as a nickname for Clementine. The famous celebrities who owned this name include Canadian football Quarterback Cleo Lemon and Baseball player Cleo Smith.

15 Hamish

Hamish is a baby boy name with Scottish origin, which is an adapted form of Scottish Gaelic: Seamus or Sheumais. It is equivalent to James in English; which itself is derived from Jacob. The meaning of Hamish is 'Supplanter', which means one who supersedes or replaces. The personality traits of Hamish reflect power to lead and reign.

In Scotland, Hamish is a nickname for Highlander, while in South Australia it is a top-ranking name. Various celebrities who are named Hamish include New Zealand's Cricketer Hamish Marshall, Australian Comedian Hamish Blake and European Editor-at-large for Vogue Hamish Bowles. Hamish is occasionally used as a nickname but presents itself as a cool first name.

14 Sebastian

Sebastian is a Latin baby boy name which is derived from Sebastianus, which means 'From Sebastia'. The meaning of Sebastian is 'Venerable' and 'Revered'. This name is primarily inspired by Saint Sebastian, a 3rd Century Christian Martyr. Sebastian makes up for many cool nicknames like Sebi, Sebas and Bastian. The name has continuously remained popular in the United States, Europe, Chile, and Australia.

Celebrities from various fields have made this name much more famous, like Swedish DJ Sebastian Ingrosso, Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Stan. The personality traits of Sebastian name includes truth, perseverance, and persistence in character.

13 Ralph

Ralph is an English as well as Irish, Scottish, Dutch, German and Scandinavian baby boy name originated from the Old Norse 'Rathulfr' which means 'Wolf Counselor'. It became Ralph during the 18th century after various versions like Radulf, Rauf, Raff, and Rafe. Ralph is a popular name throughout Europe and Latin America.

Ralph holds many other variants like Ralf (Dutch, Swedish, German and Polish), Raoul (French) and Raul (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Catalan). Many celebrities who are named Ralph include Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren, Academy Award Winner Ralph Fiennes, and Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. The personality traits of the name Ralph reflect creativity and sheer genius.

12 William

William is an English baby boy name of Germanic origin. It means 'Resolute Protector'. This name became largely famous in English after the Norman conquest of England in 1066 A.D by William the Conqueror. William owns too many variants in different regions. Wilhelm is used in German, Polish and Swedish language, while Guillermo in Spanish and Liam in Irish.

From middle ages, William has been the name of many kings, in addition to the great playwright William Shakespeare. In the modern world, Prince William is the name of the first son of Prince Charles. Since it's inception, William has always been one of the most popular names.

11 Charlie

Charlie is a unisex name originated in England. It means 'a free man'. Traditionally a boy's name, Charlie is a too common name for girls in the United States. However, Charlie is still primarily a boy's name in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. Charlie is the diminutive as well as a nickname for Charles.

Charlie is considered as the friendliest name on the planet and has always remained a favorite in European countries. Many celebrities of the same name include the famous British actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Puth, Charlie Sheen and many more charming and energetic personas.

10 Julian

Julian is a baby boy name derived from Latin name 'Julianus' meaning 'Youthful'. Julian was the name of the last pagan emperor Julian the Apostate in the 4th Century. It has also been the name of various early saints. Julian is a form of Julius, which was a family name of various Roman emperors and still showcases a royal touch.

The famous personalities of the same name include Jamaican Singer Julian Marley (Son of Bob Marley), Julian Casablancas and Australian Internet Activist Julian Assange. The personality traits of Julian name reflects the strength of character, boldness and an unconquerable firm attitude.

9 Arthur

Arthur is a baby boy name from the Celtic origin. Its history is disputed but its popularity is derived from the name of the legendary hero King Arthur. Art and Artie are the diminutive forms of the name Arthur. Arthur means 'bear man' or 'bear king' from Celtic elements Artos. It can also be related to the Roman family name Artorius.

Famous bearers of this name include Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Arthur Ashe. With the legendary image of King Arthur affixed to its name, Arthur has become a synonym of bravery, courage, and enthusiasm.

8 David

David is a baby boy name of Biblical Hebrew origin, derived from King David; the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. David means 'beloved'. David is one of the most popular masculine names in both the United Kingdom and the United States with an average of 92,597 Davids being born each year in the U.S alone. It is one of the most popular names in Christian and Jewish culture, and in Islamic tradition, it is spelled 'Dawud'. The most commonly used diminutive forms of David are 'Dave' and 'Davy'.

The historical name 'David' reflects the strength of character, pureness of heart and the righteousness with which King David led his life. The mention of David in every scripture makes this name a prominent choice for sowing religious and spiritual essence in your child. Famous celebrities who bear this name include David Schwimmer, David Bowie, David Boyle, and David Hasselhoff.

7 Andrew

Andrew is a baby boy name in English form, derived from Greek Andreas. It means 'manly', 'strong', 'brave' and 'warrior'. Andrew is often referred in short form as Andy and Drew. It is one of the most popular names in Australia, Norway, and European countries. Andre is the French and Portuguese variant of Andrew.

According to the Christian Bible, St Andrew was the earliest disciple of Jesus and also one of the twelve apostles. Andrew has a rich charm as well as religious significance. Famous personalities by the name Andrew include English cricketer Andrew Flintoff, pop artist Andy Warhol and two of the presidents of the United States: Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson.

6 Jesse

Jesse is a common first name originated from Hebrew. In Hebrew, it is pronounced as Yishay. Jesse is used as a male name, while Jessie is the spelling for the female variant. In the Old Testament, Jesse is the name of King David's father. It means 'Gift'. Apart from English, Jesse is also a Dutch and Finnish masculine name.

Jesse is a famous American name known for the Wild West Outlaw Jesse James. Few of the many celebrities who bear this name include actor Jesse Eisenberg, Maroon 5's Keyboardist Jesse Carmichael and Keane's Bassist Jesse Quin. Jesse is a cool name with a positive meaning.

5 Archie

Archie is a Scottish baby boy name derived from the German name 'Archibald', which is composed of elements like 'erchan' (genuine or precious) and 'bald' (bold). This name was introduced by Germans during the Norman conquest of England, from where it reached to Scotland. Archie means 'Truly Brave'.

People named Archie are competent, practical and focused on nature. Significant characteristics of Archie reflect tenacity and toughness. As Archie is a diminutive version, it sounds charming and catchy. Famous celebrities by this name include jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp and Archie Kao. Archie is also used as a feminine name for Indian name like Archana.

4 Ezra

Ezra is a masculine name with its origin in Hebrew. It means 'Helper'. Ezra was a 5th Century Jewish Scribe and Priest mentioned in the Old Testament. People named Ezra are said to be Wise and Patient. They also tend to have a visionary perspective and an optimistic approach towards their striving.

Among the numerous influential personalities, Ezra Pound is one of the most famous name bearers. British musician George Ezra is another famous celebrity with the same as last name. Naming your boy as Ezra will serve a historical impression along with the wise traits of an influential name.

3 Leon

Leon is a baby boy name of Greek origin. It is a similar name to Leo meaning 'Lion'. The oldest person to be known as the bearer of this name was Leon of Sparta. Leon can be interchangeably used as Leo. An equivalent Greek name for Leon is Leonidas.

Leon is widely used in English, German, Dutch, Russian, French and Spanish. It indicates courage, strength, and grandeur. Famous personalities who had Leon as the first name include Leon Trotsky, Leon Edel and Swiss watchmaker Leon Breitling. Leon is an impressive name with a powerful attitude assigned to its meaning.

2 Simon

Simon is a baby boy name from Hebrew 'Shimon', meaning 'listen' or 'heard'. Deriving from an adjective, it also means 'flat-nosed' as a classical Greek name. In the Bible, Simon was the name of two apostles. People with this name tend to be efficient at analyzing, observing and understanding. Being name of the apostles, Simon is a common name in the Christian world.

There is numerous famous celebrity who bear this name. Few of these personalities include Simon Cowell,  Simon Pegg and Danish footballer Simon Poulsen. Simon Peter and Simon the Zealot were two of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

1 Zeke

Zeke is a Hebrew baby boy name which means 'God Strengthens' or 'May God Strengthen'. It is the diminutive form of the name Ezekiel. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Ezekiel is acknowledged as a Hebrew Prophet. Zeke is believed to be a gracious name and blessed with the name of God.

People with this name tend to be calm, sympathetic and down-to-earth. Being a short name, Zeke is a blend of first name and nickname. Famous celebrities named Zeke include Zeke Bonura and trumpet player Zeke Zarchy. Zeke is a name which adorns its bearer with balance and adaptability.

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