25 Baby Boy Nicknames That Are Way Too Adorable

Choosing the perfect name for the baby is an important task to all parents. After all, the name chosen for a child will give him or her an identity that will remain with them for their rest of his life. In many cases, parents choose baby names for the children way before they are born. Sometimes we give them family names, while other times we name them with names that we have heard as we grew up or have fallen in love with.

Either way, we give names to our bundle of joy with pride. As the child grows up, mom and dad will find that a teacher or the neighbor next door or even themselves will shorten that name and start calling the child by a nickname. The nickname commonly known as pet name is a substitute for the proper name. Choosing a nickname for any baby boy is as important as choosing a proper name.

A nickname makes a child adorable and it is the nickname that stays forever. If mom and dad are looking for cute nicknames for their baby boy, we have prepared a list of 25 baby boy nicknames that are way too adorable. Choose the perfect one that touches your heart.

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25 Kit


Kit is the short version of Christopher. It is derived from the Greek name Christophoros meaning “Bearing Christ.” The word ‘phero’ means “To Bear or To Carry”. Christopher was used as a metaphorical name by early Christians. They used the name as an expression of having carried Christ in their hearts. In the Middle Ages, the interpretation of Christopher's etymology leads to legends about Saint Christopher.

Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of travelers is believed to have carried Jesus when he was a child across a river. Other forms of Kit are Chris, Kris. People with this name are humble and creative. Boys named Kit tend to be cheerful and adventurous.

24 Lex


Lex is a short name for Alexander. It is a Latinized form of the Greek name Alexandros meaning “Defending Men”. ‘Alexo’ means “To Defend” and ‘aner’ means “Man.” In Greek mythology, Alexander was another name of the hero named Paris. Alexander the Great was the 4th century Macedonian King. It was after him that the Egyptian city Alexandria was named.

Apart from the eight Popes, this name has been used by kings of Poland, Scotland, and Emperors of Russia. Other forms of Lex are Alec, Alex, Xander, Zander. Extrovert, optimistic, intelligent are a few personality traits of men named Lex.

23 Sam


The name Sam has its origins from Hebrews which means “Sun Child” or “Bright Sun.” It is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Shemuel’ which means “Name of God” or “God has heard.” According to the Old Testament, Samuel was the last amongst the ruling judges. During a period of domination, it was Samuel who leads the Israelites by the Philistines.

God sent prophet Samuel to anoint Saul as the first king for the Israelites. Other forms of Sam are Samm, Sammy, Sammie, Sami. People with this name are born leaders, balance their life well and respond positively to everything that is beautiful.

22 Ash


In Hebrews, the meaning of Ash is “Happy” while in English it means “Ash Tree.” Yggdrasil was an ash tree. Since the ordeal of Odin Hung, ash has always been associated with knowledge and divination. In Celtic legends, it is seen as a sacred tree to the God Lugh. Ash is used for numerous reasons.

Tradition says that the leaf of ash tree brings good fortune and it cures skin disorders such as warts or boils. Other forms of Ash are Asher, Ashon. Famous cartoon Pokemon has its hero name as Ash. Men named ash are creative, determined and hardworking.

21 Jeb


Jeb is a Hebrew name which means “Beloved friend.” Civil War Confederate General Jeb Stuart, this nickname sprang from the initials of his full name James Ewell Brown. Jeb was a Regular Army veteran who had participated in the capture of John Brown at Harpers Ferry in 1859.

Being a Confederate hero he led 1,200 troopers in a famous ride around Union general. He received praises for his intelligence. Other forms of Jeb are Jebbie, Jebby, Jebi, Jeby. People who have the nickname as Jeb are intelligent, energetic, brave, charismatic, disciplined and have the ability to find quick solutions to problems.

20 Jax


In English Jax means “God has been gracious.” In Spanish, it means a masculine form of the Greek name Hyacinth 'alas.' It's a shorter version of Ajax. In Greek mythology, the name is borne by two Greeks who were famous for their skill and bravery.

Ajax Telamon was a brave warrior. After Achilles withdrew, Ajax led the Greeks in the Trojan War. Ajax the lesser was the fastest runner in the Greek army. Other forms of Jax are Jaxson, Jaxton, Jaxon. Men named Jax are Authoritative and tough.

19 Ted


Ted is a short form of Edward and Theodore. It is derived from the Greek name Theodoros which means “Gift of God.” Several saints have this names. Theodore of Amasea was a fourth-century Greek soldier. While the name Edward from old English means “Rich Guard.” It is also a diminutive of Edgar which means “Fortunate and powerful.”

In French Ted also means “Prosperous Protector.” Other forms of Ted are Theodore, Theo, Ed, Eddie. People with this name are adventurous and spiritual. One of the famous personalities with the name Ted is Ted Nugent, a musician.

18 Jay


Jay has its origins from German, Sanskrit, and English. In German, the name Jay means “Swift.” While in Hindu culture it is a male name derived from Sanskrit which means “Victorious” or “Win.” In English Jay means “To Delight.” In Hindu classical mythological writings, there are different deities in with this name.

Other forms of Jay are Jason, James, Jordan, Jamie, Jacob, Javad, Justin etc. Jay named men are intuitive and magnetic personalities. Famous people with the name Jay are Jay Baruchel an actor and comedian, Jay Christopher Cutler a footballer and Jay Leno a writer, producer, voice actor.

17 Dex


Dex is a short version of the name Dexter. It has its origins from Old English which means “One who Dyes.” Its derived from the Latin word ‘dexter’ which means “Right-handed.” Other meanings of Dexter are “dexterous”, “favorable”, “skilled” and “right side of a family crest/ shield.” Besides its uniqueness, the name seems to be appealing. Other forms of Dex are Dexter, Dexie.

People with this name are optimistic and hardworking. There are so many personalities with the nickname as Dex such as Dexter Fletcher and Dexter Gordon.

16 Ace


Ace has its origins from Anglo-Saxon, English, and Latin. The Anglo-Saxon and English meaning of this name is “Unity”. This name is usually a nickname given to one who excels. Ace is also an English surname which means “Noble.” The Latin meaning of the name Ace is “First in Luck.”

In Webster’s dictionary, the word Ace also means a “playing card with a single spot on it”. It also refers to being very good at a skill. Other forms of Ace are Alice, Alex, Accey, Aby, Acy. People with this name are generous, happy, intuitive, passionate, energetic, humble and romantic.

15 Ben


Ben is derived from the name Benjamin. It has its origins from Hebrew and it means “Son of the right hand.” In the Old Testament Benjamin is the youngest of the twelve sons of Jacob and Rachel. In the Book of Genesis, he was the founder of the twelve tribes of Israel. Other forms of Ben are Benjamin, Benny, Bennie, Bernard.

Ben named people are very expressive, enjoy life to the fullest, carefree and love traveling a lot. Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller are a few famous personalities with this name.

14 Chris


Chris is a nickname of Christopher. It is derived from English and Greek origins. In English, Chris means “Follower of Christ” while in Greek it means “Carrier of Christ.” The name is associated with St. Christopher who is known as the Patron Saint of travelers. It is believed that when Jesus was a child, St. Christopher had carried him as across a river.

Other forms of Chris are Christopher, Kit, Topher, Krish. People named Chris are artistic, creative and generous. Famous celebrities with the name Chris are Chris rock, Chris Evans Chris Martin, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris O'Donnell etc.

13 Alex


Alex is derived from the name Alexander. Alexander the Great was a Macedonian Military commander. It is derived from the Latin name Alexandros which means “Defender of the People” In Greek mythology, Alexander was used as another name for Paris.

Paris was an instigator of the Trojan War. It is said that Alexander has built huge empires out of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and parts of India too. Other forms of Alex are Al, Alec, ali, Allie, Alley, lex, Xander, Zander, Alyx. People with this name are humble and have a positive nature. Alex Turner is a famous celebrity with this name.

12 Jake


The name Jake is a variation of Jack a word that from Middle English as a variant of Jack. It is another pet name form of John. John is derived from the Hebrew name Johahah which means “God is Gracious.” It is also considered as a short form or nickname of Jacob. Jacob is a Latin word derived from the Hebrew name Yaakov which means “To Heal.”

Other forms of Jake are Jack, Jacob, and John. Multi-talented, intuitive, idealistic, philanthropy, independent and perfectionist are a few traits of people named Jake. 

11 Buck


Buck is derived from Greek and English origins. In English Buck means “Male Deer” while in Latin this name means “Weaver.” It’s an English topographic name used for someone who lived near a prominent beech tree. In German Buck is a short form of the name Burckhard.

In the 18th century, this name was used to describe a fashionably dressed, dashing man. Other forms of Buck are Beck, Back, Bick, Puck, Buch, Bock, Huck, Bruck. Famous Comedian Roseanne Barr chose to name her son Buck., while Buck Taylor is a famous TV actor. Men named Buck are stylish and sophisticated.

10 Dash


The name Dash originates from the English origin. In English, it means “From the Ash.” Dash is an English topographic name used for someone who lived near an ash tree. Other forms of Dash are Nash, Ash, Tash, Rash, Gash, Mash, Cash, Rush, Pash, Bash.

Famous personalities with this name are Dash Mihok, Veronika Dash, Stacey Dash. It’s a short form of Dashiell. Dashiell is an anglicized form of French family name de chiel meaning “Heaven” or “Sky.” Chiel is an archaic Scottish word too which means "A child” or “young person.” People name Dash are straight-forward, knowledgeable and practical people.

9 Wynn


It has its origins from Welsh and English. In English Wynn means “Friend” while in Welsh the name Wynn is derived from a Welsh word ‘gwyn’ which means “white, fair and handsome.” It was a nickname given to a male person with light colored hair and pale complexion or a person who wore white or pale colored outfit.

This name was first found in Caernarvonshire former country in Northwest Wales. Other forms of Wynn are Wann, Finn, Lynn, Wynne, Benn, Winn, Gwynn, Din, Wren. People name Wynn are smart, intelligent, good-looking, optimistic, fun loving and have a charming personality.

8 Niko


Nio is a nickname of Nicholas. It is derived from a Greek word Nikolaos which means “Victory of the People.” During the fourth century St. Nicholas was the bishop from Anatolia. According to legends St Nicholas is believed to have saved the daughters of a poor man from the life of prostitution. He is considered as a patron Saint of children, merchant, sailors and of Russia and Greece.

Other forms of Niko are Nikica, Nik, Nikusha, Nicolas. St. Nicholas formed the basic figure of Santa Claus. People with this name are charismatic leaders, ardent, hardworking and manage finances very skillfully

7 Cade


Cade has its origin in German which means “Lump” or “Swelling.” In Middle English, it is a metonymic occupational name for a cooper. In Old French Cade means “Cask” or “Barrel.” Other forms of Cade are Wade, Cave, Cape, Cane, Bade, Gade, Eade, Cage, Lade, Care. The Welsh meaning of the name Cade is “Small Battle” or “Spirit of the Battle.”

In the Shakespearean era, this name was very common and it meant “a rebel.” People with this name are practical, disciplined, family and community lovers. Cade Sutton, Cade Ball, Cade Foehner, Cade McNown are a few celebrities with this name.

6 Finn


The name Finn originates from several origins with a different meaning. In English, the name means “Blond” while in Gaelic it refers to “Small Blond Soldier.” Finn is also an Irish name which means “Fair.” Mythology states that during the 3rd century Finn Maccumhail was legendary Irish hero and was considered as the English Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were called Finians. In Norse, the meaning of this name is “Finder.”

People with this name are generous, knowledgeable, artistic, creative, analytical, practical and introspective in nature. Peter Finn Wittrock is a famous actor while Finn Wolfhard is an actor and musician.

5 Tate


Tate is an Anglo-Scottish name which originated from Old English. The etymological study states that Tata was probably brought to England and Scotland by Vikings. It is derived from Old Norse word ‘teitr’ which means “Glad” or “Cheerful.”

This name was first recorded in Scotland in 1329, a time when a debt due by the king was paid to Thomas Tayt. Tate named men are ambitious, strong-willed inventive and successful. Other forms of the name Tate are Tayte, Tait, Tatum, Tayt. Tate Lovett (Youtuber), Tate Donovan (TV Actor), Tate Stevens (Country Singer), Tate Kobang (Rapper) are famous people with this name.

4 Ernie


This name has its origins from German. It is the nickname or short form of the name Ernest. The word Earnest is derived from the element earnest meaning “Serious.” The German meaning is also “Vigorous.” Also 'Ernie' in England refers to the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment which Picks winning Premium Bond numbers.

Other forms of Ernie are Earm, Earwine, Earwyn, Eerin, Ehern, Eirene, Eraman. People with this name are magnetic personalities, humble, passionate, romantic and broad-minded. Ernest Dickerson a famous cinematographer and filmmaker, Ernest Emerson a martial artist are personalities with a nickname as Ernie.

3 Freddie


Freddie is a German name. The meaning of this Germanic name is “Peaceful Ruler.” The name has been derived from the word ‘Frid’ which means “Peace” and ‘ric’ which means “Ruler” or “Power.” This name is common in continental Germanic-speaking regions.

History says that the Normans brought this name to England in the 11th century. However, this name dried off quickly but was soon reintroduced back by the German House of Hanover during the 18th century when they inherited the British Throne. Other forms of Freddie are Fredic, Fredrick. People with this name are peace-loving, carefree, jovial and helpful.

2 Johnny


Johnny is the English form of ‘Johannes’ and is the Latin form of the Greek word ‘Joannes.’ Its derived from the Hebrew word ‘Yochanan’ which means “Yahweh is Gracious.” The New Testament talks of two people with this name. The first one is John The Baptist a Jewish ascetic who baptized Jesus and was later executed by Herod Antipas.

The second one is Apostle John who is the author of the fourth gospel and Revelation. The name is famous in western European countries. Other forms of Johnny are Jan, Johan, Jon, Johannes, Johnnie. Men named Johnny are adventurous and visionaries.

1 Ziggy


Ziggy is a German name which means “Diminutive form of Sigmund.” The name is famous in English spoken countries. It is a variation of the name Siegfried which is a German name. This name is composed of the elements ‘Sig’ which means “Victory” and ‘frithu’ which means “Peace.”

In the Christian religion, it’s a nickname that is used for boys. Men named Ziggy are expressive, passionate, outspoken and do well in creative areas such as writing, acting, and singing. Other forms of Ziggy are Zig, Zigg. One of the celebrities with this name is Ziggy Marley a famous singer-songwriter, musician, and producer.

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