25 Baby Crib Ads That Are Actually Unsafe

Your baby's future crib. You spend hours looking for the perfect crib and the perfect bedding. You comb through pregnancy magazines and online stores and see hundreds of beautiful cribs that would look perfect in your baby's nursery.

Bedding sets with adorable animals, fire trucks, or princessy patterns. Of course, they're adorable and everything you'd wish for in your baby's nursery. You imagined a nursery just like these baby crib ads portray, a picture-perfect newborn retreat. But, did you know that almost half of the baby crib ads you see are actually displaying an unsafe crib, bedding setup, or baby sleep position?

According to USA Today, 11 top chain stores that sell baby products have had almost 900 of the checked 1800 crib displays deemed unsafe for a baby of any age to sleep in. Experts worry that people will see these displays and advertisements and, although they're adorable, they'll get the wrong ideas when it comes to putting baby to bed safely.

Soft mattresses, tons of toys, lots of blankets, bumper pads, and gaps in the railings and between the railing and crib can significantly increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

So, while it's perfectly okay to find a crib and bedding set you think is perfectly adorable, consider safety first. These ads are the absolute opposite of safe sleeping displays.

25 The Case Of The Unsafe Bumper

24 Overheating Baby Alert!

23 Splinters, Anyone?

22 The Blanket May Be Cozy, But It's Also A Hazard

21 Remove The Blankie, Please

20 Where's The Baby?

19 Mom, How About A Safer Crib?

18 Too Much Height, Not Enough Railing

17 Does This Look Sturdy?

16 Bumper Mania

15 No Pillows, Please!

14 Mobiles And Bumpers And Stuffies, Oh My!

13 Leave The Accessories Out Of The Crib

12 Not The Safest Contraption

11 This Crib Is A Safety Trap!

10 The Baby Head Snatcher

9 It's Called "Back To Sleep" For A Reason

8 Mommy, I Don't Need Blankets!

7 Save The Drapes For The Windows And Toys For Playtime

6 If She Can Reach The Mobile, Time To Take It Down

5 Unsafe Accessories, Galore!

4 This One Will Cause You Anxiety

3 Let's Hope Baby Doesn't Move Too Much

2 It's A Crib, Not A Window

1 The Princess Needs A Safer Carriage

Sources: USA Today

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