25 Baby Girl Names As Basic As Avocado On Toast

The word "basic" has become a part of regular vocabulary in the past few years. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition is "only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending." Some things that are often called basic: pumpkin spice lattes, wearing sweaters and leggings, and being a big fan of the fall season.

Couples are always super thrilled to learn that they're expecting a baby, especially if it's their first one, but then comes the tough part: finding a baby name. It seems fairly rare that a couple will agree on the same name and that they won't disagree at all when it comes to what to call their bundle of joy that they are so excited to meet. Many parents would probably say that they had quite the struggle to find a baby name that they both loved equally.

When it comes to baby girl names, there are some that have been used a lot. These are names that are pretty and lovely and there is nothing wrong with them. The only thing is that they can definitely be described as basic. These are the most popular and trendiest baby names, that's for sure.

Here are 25 baby girl name as basic as avocado on toast.

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25 Becky


Becky is often short for Rebecca, and both of these names can be considered basic names for baby girls. We can definitely see someone named Becky being a fan of avocado toast (but, hey, we all are so maybe we're all a bit basic).

Becky may be a beautiful name that will always sound good to parents-to-be, but if you're expecting a girl and you want a different name, this might not be the way to go. There are so many baby names, though, so don't worry. You'll find the right one.

24 Ashley


Ashley is another baby girl name that is pretty basic.

If you love this name but don't want such a typical name that everyone seems to have, you can definitely still call your baby girl this name. How? Just spell it a bit differently, like "Ashlee" or "Ashleigh." Sure, it still sounds the same, but the spelling makes it stand out a bit more. There's something so nice about a baby name that is truly unique and that you don't hear everyday.

23 Liz


Liz is a basic baby girl name that is also a classic and old-school one. It's short for Elizabeth so you could call your baby girl Elizabeth and call her Liz (or even Lizzy) for short.

It's totally fine to pick a name for your baby girl that is basic, of course, if it's a name that truly speaks to you (and if it's a name that works for both you and your partner). Basic names can be beautiful. There's no reason to shy away from them... unless you don't like the idea of your little girl having the same name as five other people in her kindergarten class.

22 Lauren


Chances are, when you were a kid, there were quite a few Laurens in at least one of your classes. Whenever that happens, the teacher gets into the habit of calling each Lauren by their first name plus the first letter of their last name.

You can probably remember things getting pretty confusing because there were times when your teacher couldn't' tell Lauren P. apart from Lauren S. That sometimes happens when a lot of kids have the same name. If you don't want that to happen, then maybe go for a name that has a bit more flair.

21 Sarah


Did you have a friend named Sarah growing up? You might have known quite a few girls named Sarah because this is such a popular name.

It might even be the most popular girl name ever. Even just looking to Hollywood, there so many people named Sarah: Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Silverman, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, just to name a few. That doesn't mean that you can't name your baby girl Sarah, of course. If you really, really love it, then go for it. But it's definitely a pretty basic name.

20 Jessica


The funny thing about basic names is that even the nicknames sound just as typical. Take Jessica, for example. Most girls named Jessica are called Jess for short, right? Isn't that also super basic?

The name Jessica does appeal to a lot of people since it's so pretty. When we think about it, it almost sounds kind of magical, doesn't it? You can totally see a princess character being named Jessica. A little girl named Jessica is really sweet. See? It's okay to love a basic name.

19 Lindsey


While Lindsey may not be quite as popular as Sarah is, it's definitely still a basic name.

Whether spelled Lindsey or Lindsay, this is one of those names that feels very safe to parents-to-be. You know the names: the ones that you will pick and your friends and family will say, "Oh yeah, I like that name, good job." It's not a name that will make people sit up and wonder, "How did they come up with that? It's so amazing and so unique." It's cool if that doesn't matter to you, but if you want a unique name, you might not want to go with Lindsey.

18 Olivia


Of all the baby girl names on this list, Olivia is unique because it's both basic and also a classic.

According to Nameberry, it means "olive tree." As the website says, "Olivia, a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity, is one of the top girls' names in the world. Like her sisters Isabella and Sophia, Olivia is a megapopular name not only in the US but in the UK, Australia, Canada, and throughout the Western World."

17 Kristen


Kristen is a fun and cute baby girl name. Sure, it may be basic, but sometimes you just have to go along with something that's basic. After all, so many of us love PSLs in the fall and we love posting selfies on social media sometimes and listening to popular music. That may make us basic, but do we really mind?

According to Babble, this is a baby name that was the most popular a few decades ago: "Kristen has fallen out of vogue since its peak in the 1980s. The name is probably familiar to many nowadays thanks to Twilight actress Kristen Stewart." Even now and then, we do meet a Kristen, and it does seem like a basic name.

16 Samantha


Samantha is a basic name for sure. Parents who chose another name for their baby girl probably have encountered at least one Samatha (or one Sam for short) in their kids' classrooms. The good thing about calling your kid this name is that if they're a tomboy and don't like anything too girly, you can call them Sam and they'll be happy with that.

This name is the girl version of Samuel, and Nameberry says that parents have been calling their daughters Samantha since the 18th century. That's definitely a long time, right?!

15 Jennifer


Jennifer is an incredibly popular baby girl name, which also makes it basic. There are Jennifers pretty much everywhere: in Hollywood (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.) and most likely in your child's friend group.

We can't decide what's more basic: Jennifer or the popular nickname, Jen. Nameberry says that moms and dads were all about naming their daughters Jennifer in the 1970s.

It seems that parents are still choosing this name today because there are still lots of kids with this name.

14 Britney


Did you grow up loving Britney Spears and her fun pop music? You might be interested in calling your baby girl Britney if you did. Or you might think that it's too basic of a name and go for something else, which is totally fair.

Britney is an interesting case since it's a basic baby girl name that also manages to stand out. It's not quite as popular as names like Sarah and Jennifer, so you don't meet quite as many Britneys. But it's still a name that screams basic.

13 Mackenzie


If you choose to name your baby girl Mackenzie, you could definitely call her "Mac" for short which is cute. This is another name that is in the basic category.

Nameberry notes the history of this interesting name: "Originally inspired as a a girls’ name by eighties TV actress Mackenzie Phillips, parents have flocked to Mackenzie -- once only a male name -- for their daughters."

Like the other names on this list, if you feel really strongly that your baby girl should be named Mackenzie, then that's awesome. Just because something is basic doesn't mean that it's not good (after all, we all love avocados and coffee, right?).

12 Amber


Amber is absolutely a basic name, and it kind of sounds like a name that was popular back in the '80s (along with names like Tiffany). It just screams "pop star" right?

Nameberry has something really interesting to say about this girl name: "Though perhaps not as currently stylish as Ruby, Jade, or Pearl, Amber has a colorful history (remember the notorious Forever Amber heroine?). Unfortunately, it does come with the 'Amber Alert' connotation for modern parents (and their children)."

It does sound like Amber Alert, so that's a really good point.

11 Maddie


What does Maddie mean? Maddie is often short for Madison, and as Nameberry says, Madison means "son of Maud."

Nameberry sheds some light on why it's been a popular name: "Some parents like Madison for its upscale feel while others want a fresh way to get to the nickname Maddy. Still others have moved on to similar choices Addison and Madelyn. While those names may continue to rise, Madison is definitely on a downward trend, though it remains one of the most popular girls' names starting with M."

10 Charlotte


Charlotte is a gorgeous name. If we hear this name and automatically think of Charlotte from S. and the City, we're probably not alone there. That character is so prim and proper but she's also sweet and charming, and those are great qualities to have.

Again, Charlotte might be a basic name, but it's still pretty great. If we're wondering what it means, we have Nameberry to help us out: it means "free man." Hmmm. That's interesting?

It's a very popular name, which is why it's also basic, and Nameberry says that it's popular along with other names such as Isabella, Olivia, Emma, and Sophia.

9 Hannah


Hannah is a truly beautiful name for a baby girl. Nameberry says that it means "grace" and it has quite the long history: "Hannah is one of the nation's top biblical girls' names—it surpassed Sarah in 1998, and is behind only Abigail and Elizabeth. Hannah is a name with many sources of appeal: Old Testament roots, soft and gentle sound, and a homey yet aristocratic image. The Biblical Hannah was the mother of Samuel."

Hannah is definitely a name that you hear very often, so if you want something a bit more offbeat, it might be best to choose another name for your little girl.

8 Vanessa


Another basic baby girl name is Vanessa. There are many famous people with this name, from Vanessa Hudgens to Vanessa Redgrave, and it does sound very elegant.

As Baby Center says, Vanessa is also a name that is popular in Greece and it means "butterfly." So if you choose the name Vanessa for your baby girl and someone tells you that it's too basic, you can laugh it off and say that it means butterfly. That's a beautiful meaning for a name to have.

7 Emma


Emma is a perfect name. When you hear that a baby girl has been named Emma, you just can't help but sigh because it's lovely.

Emma is an old-fashioned name and brings to mind the Jane Austen novel of the same name, which was the inspiration for the movie Clueless that we all know and love. According to Nameberry, Emma means "universal." Since it's a name that we would consider to be basic, it makes sense that it has that meaning. It literally means a name that many people would have.

6 Kelly


According to a funny story on Narcity, a girl named Kelly "Has a good handle on this whole 'adulting' thing."

Every mom wants their little girl to grow up and, well, actually be a grown-up, so if you want that, too, then it sounds like a great idea to call your baby girl Kelly. You're giving her the best start in life, right? Kelly is a cool name for sure, as long as you don't mind that it's a basic name. Out of all of the basic names, Kelly is one that has an interesting ring to it.

5 Kim


Of the name Kim, Narcity says, "Your mom's favourite out of all of your friends."

Do you want to name your baby girl Kim? If you do, you might go for the name Kimberly since it sounds a bit fancier and you can, of course, call her Kim for short (or Kimmy, which is an adorable nickname). Kim is a strong name and sounds like someone who can take care of themselves. Sure, it may be a basic name, but it's a good one.

4 Stephanie


Stephanie is another baby girl name that is basic when we stop and think about it. You totally had a friend growing up named Stephanie.

The cool part about naming your baby girl Stephanie is that you can call her Steph for short. Didn't you want to be called Steph as a kid? Chances are, you thought that was the coolest nickname ever and that a girl named Steph is really awesome and sophisticated. You might still think the same thing today and you want your baby girl to grow up to be just as amazing. Sure, Stephanie is one of the most basic names out there, but it's still a fairly solid pick.

3 Amanda


How do you feel about Mandy as a nickname for Amanda? It's totally possible that you think it's cute but if you float the idea with your family, they'll tell you that there's no way that you can call your baby girl Mandy.

Amanda may be a basic name and yet it has a pretty ring to it since it's got three syllables. It's also a name that looks nice when someone writes it down, and since your daughter will be writing her name down quite a lot, that might be something to consider. Hey, picking names is tough. Whatever helps narrow down the choices, right?

2 Katie


Katie is another basic baby girl name that people use a lot. If you don't know any Katies, then your partner does, or your friend does, or your mom does. There are always Katies around.

It's short for Katherine, which might be too formal for some people. If you love the name Katherine and think that it's perfect for your baby girl but don't want to use Katie for short, then sure, that can be your baby girl's name. And if you love the name Katie, then there's nothing wrong with it. It's a nice name. It's just basic.

1 Emily


Here we are at what is perhaps the most basic baby girl name of all: Emily.

Emily sounds like a girl who does all of the things that we associate with the word basic. She prefers leggings to pants. She drinks lots of PSLs and loves cold brew coffee. She makes smoothies (and smoothie bowls). She loves Taylor Swift and other pop music.

But you can name your baby girl Emily and call her Em for short, which is almost too adorable. See? Some of these baby girl names are good. We just have to admit that they're basic.

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