25 Baby Girl Names So Beautiful And Rare, We Won't Be Telling Our BFFs

Everyone knows a Jennifer. Same goes for Ashley, Katie, and Jessica. Social media friends lists are basically a giant carousel of the world's most common girls' names. They might inspire some mommies-to-be when it comes to all things traditional, but something about 2019 is marking a change. Moms want something unusual.

Sure, there are extremes. The celebrity world has been serving those up on a platter for decades. It's been nearly 15 years since Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple Martin. Then 2018 threw out Stormi from Kylie Jenner and Kulture from Cardi B. Roll around in private jets these kids might, but their unusual names might prove a touch too "wacky" for the average mom.

Still, there's a desperate hunt for unique baby names. Trawling lists has become the standard way to spend that pregnancy, although it really shouldn't be. Couch-bound as those final months may seem, something about spending the final weeks lost in the baby names list feels a bit wrong. There should be a simple list for every mom (and today might just be her lucky day).

Rare, unusual, and for a girl. We know what to do with instructions like these. We also know better than to throw mommies impossibly complicated or uncool names that are totally going to end up on the "no" pile. This one is for the moms who have hunted far and wide for a stunning and unique baby girl's name that nobody else will be taking. Likewise, one that's so beautiful, it'll likely make other moms jealous. Here are 25 of them – all perfect, all rare, and definitely ones moms won't want their besties stealing.


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There just isn't a name like it. With a 2019 sound and that utterly unique feel, Lumi is the baby girl's name that every mom wishes they'd thought of (and only the lucky ones do). With just four letters, this name manages to channel the cute "i" ending, a crisp sound, and a feeling of brightness that few other names have. "Snow" is the meaning of Lumi. Over in Finland, the name is fairly popular, but outside of the country, it's virtually unheard of. Utterly stunning.

24 IDA

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There's a slight old-school, Hollywood glam to the name Ida. With an unusual sound and spelling, this name ticks a lot of boxes. It's anything but ordinary, but it equally isn't one of those names that nobody will be able to pronounce."Industrious one" is the meaning of this super-cute name. Anyone loving wide, open vowels but wanting something classy should probably stick this one on the list. Ida has topped baby name lists over in Denmark and Norway, but it's like the rest of the world hasn't heard of it.


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From someone who was born in France, you have it on good authority. Avignon is as slick and awesome as it sounds. Avignon is actually a town in France. It's also a girl's name. If your head is going a bit "meh" over how to pronounce the "gn" bit, it's pretty simple. The sound is "n" and the letter "g" is silent. Just mix the two for a "nyuhh." With a statement set of consonants and a beauty that nobody else will be picking, Avignon is the baby name for a classy momma.


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Literally, how nuts baby charts would go if people knew about the name Freya? You probably don't want to find out. Freya is the beyond-adorable baby girl's name with unusual Norse origins. "A noble woman" is the meaning of this name, so don't be thinking any old baby can pull this off (of course, yours will). Not many names begin with "f." Fiona is the most-chosen one, but if you aren't too keen on picking a Shrek character, you might want to consider Freya. So soft, so beautiful.


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Given that this word means "gem" or "jewel" over in France, you're off to a good start with Bijoux. Also, seriously, that spelling. For any momma who wants the statement "x" but still craves that sense of class, this name is it. The "oux" doesn't pronounce the last letter, so this diamond-esque name stays light. Bijoux might sound like the "Boujee" shade from Kylie Cosmetics, but it's got its own sass. If you can guarantee anything, it's that no other girl in class will be called Bijoux (although they might wish they were).


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2019 mothers are all about the unusual sounds, double letters, and that stamp of uniqueness. Aerinn is the alternate spelling of Erin that takes an already-beautiful name and makes it even more so. Basically, the kind of name you see Teen Mom cast members "almost" nailing, but if you pick Aerinn, you'll be one step ahead. With origins in Ireland and a meaning of "exalted or strong woman," this is one that comes with as much inner beauty as it does outer.


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Over in Germany, tons of moms will be picking Heike. Find one mom you know who has even considered this one. The feminine form of Heiko is cute, snappy, upbeat, and it sounds amazing. For anyone who found The Sound of Music's Heidi a bit too sweet, Heike is the more demure alternative that will turn heads from day one. "House owner" or "Lord of the manor" is the meaning of this name. While that might mean she acts like she rules the house, she'll be all set for life with Heike.


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Something about the "br" opening is shaking things up in the baby name world. We had Brie on Desperate Housewives. The MCU now has Brie Larson. Whether it's Bryanne or Bryony, moms are digging versions of this name all over. Bryanna comes as more unusual. This girl's name channels signature double letters, open vowels, and the soft sounds that give it so much femininity. It's one of those names that feels as easy-going as it does chic. Added bonuses for the fact that you can play around with the spelling all you like, here.


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Over in France, Ciel means "sky." It's one of those nature-inspired names that really takes the meaning of potential and puts it into writing. Ciel has something extra, though. While moms over in the US or Canada will pick Skyler, Skylar, or Sky, not many are picking the option in another language. Ciel has a soft sound, crisp, short letters, and it's got the wow factor. Put it this way– when we saw it, we almost hovered over listing it. Basically, once you know about it, we can't pick it as our "unique" name!


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Not all unique names have to sound foreign. Sheridan is the remarkably easy-to-say name that manages to pull off being from another land (but it doesn't sound it). It's also gender-neutral. Sheridan has origins in Ireland. Its soul-seeking meaning of "searcher" adds a certain depth to the sound. Its delicately-placed letters add that signature feminine finish. Sheridan can easily be shortened to Sherry, but something about the full-length version is making everyone glad the option is there. We just adore this one.


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That accent, already. Anaïs is the beyond-stunning baby girl's name that will probably make the person printing the birth certificate do a double-take. Foreign accents always add a twist to a baby name, but not many see this one. The origins of Anaïs are in the Catalan and Provence parts of Europe. The meaning is "grace." With a pronunciation of "an-EYE-ees," it's also pretty easy to say. The name itself is already so popular, a perfume has been named after it.


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Short, beautiful, unique. What more can you ask for? Enya is the elegant, unfussy baby girl's name that comes with a fire meaning– it literally means "fire." The name's origins lie in Ireland. This name won't be one that any other mom will be picking (seriously, turn around and look at all the Kaylees and Krystals), but opt for it, and you won't regret it. Having both an "e" opening and managing to stick in a statement "y" isn't something you see with many names. Probably why Enya wound up on this list.


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You know you've got an edge on the competition when you've taken Suki and given it a different name. Suki might be super-popular over in Japan, but Suvi is a different story. Firstly, this name comes from Finland. With a meaning of "a summer child from the south," Suvi is one of those names that has more to it than meets the eye. "I" endings are adored. Whether it's Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG or variant names like Britni, everyone's digging that letter. You won't want to be telling your besties about Suvi, though.


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There's only one way you'll be familiar with Odette. If you're into ballet, you'll know that Odette is the "good" white swan in Swan Lake. She is mirrored by the black (and bad) Odile. While both names are beautiful, there's a delicate purity to Odette that you just don't see with many names. It sounds classy. It isn't pretentious. Ultimately, it's the girly name that won't be outgrown once she decides that ballet classes are over. Then again, if she keeps going with it, Odette would literally be perfect.


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We're all familiar with Abigail. Less-so with Avigail. This Hebrew name might be popular with new mommies over in Israel, but beyond this tiny Middle Eastern country, Avigail is virtually unknown. The meaning? "One who provides joy and happiness." It also means "beautiful." If anything provides joy and happiness, it's that little bundle of joy. If anything represents true beauty, it's the arrival of a new baby. Avigail is one of the rarest, most beautiful names around– pro tip: keep it to yourself.


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We've got to give it to you, France. Knocking out the epic baby names is your domain. Manon is the beyond-beautiful baby girl's name that has a ballet named after it. It's simple and low-frills, but something about Manon has a touch of the #Extra. Precisely what every mommy wants. Manon des Sources is a famous book over in France, but you don't need to be a literary expert to see the beauty in this name. If you can picture a little giggling Manon, you've found your name.


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It's time to take things over to Hawaii. The Rock may be dominating the baby name front from that part of America, but he doesn't have enough daughters to cover all this state's gorgeous names. Kailani means "sea and sky." Basically, the beautiful baby girl's name that comes as a double-whammy for any mother who is eyeing up nature names. Kylie Jenner may have chosen Stormi, but her girl isn't covering both the skies and the ocean. Kailani is so unique, so stunning, and so deserving its spot on this list.


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There's one exception to the "unheard of" aspect when it comes to Lourdes. Madonna did pick it for her super-beautiful daughter, Lourdes Leon. Let's be honest, though. The name still isn't on peoples' radar. Lourdes is a pilgrimage destination in France. Every year, thousands of people turn to this sacred destination for its reputed healing powers. As a name, Lourdes works beautifully. With a meaning of "craggy slope" and an unusual sound, it's the unique stunner you just hadn't thought of.



That slightly fancy, classy, unpretentious name you've been looking for (and briefly wondered if you might never find)? Genevieve is it. This delicate, feminine, and powerful name comes with length, but there's beauty in every letter. "Tribe woman" is the meaning of Genevieve, although you'd never guess it. The name hails from France– specifically, the Basque region. It's popular all over Europe, but the map for Genevieve is still pretty blank across the pond. Even cuter is the shortened Geni nickname option.


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It's the name category that every mommy-to-be is trying to perfect. The "not-too-wacky" name that's unusual, but fits in with the surroundings. We've seen Novalee from Catelynn Lowell on Teen Mom OG. Likewise, Adalynn from Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2. Neither has managed to spot this beautiful name, though. Addelyne is the baby girl's name that means "the noble." The origins are from Germany, but the sound totally works in the US, UK, or Canada. Well, anywhere, to be honest. We saw this name and fell in love.


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If Matilda is a touch rare, it's got nothing on Clotilda. Also, for real, try saying this one out loud. It's just gorgeous. Clotilda is the ultra-girly, ultra-cute girl's name that just makes you picture a little munchkin with a bow in her hair. It also comes with a boss meaning. "One who is famous for her war skills" is what you'll be answering to if you name your little one Clotilda. If, however, you can handle a spaghetti-flinging war (and want the cute name perks), Clotilda is a strong contender.


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If Clotilda is the unusual version of Matilda, then consider Ember the same for Amber. We've seen a zillion girls named Amber. Beautiful as this precious stone and color-based name may be, not every mom wants something that common. Ember ups the ante with its bookmarked "e" letters, Canada and Germany roots, and the fact that no-one else will have it. "Coal that is burnt" may be the meaning of Ember, but it'll be those other moms who feel burned that you picked it!


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It's just too cute for words, right? The name (and that baby). Leisel is the snappy little girl's name that is tied to the Jewish faith but has origins in both the UK and Germany. It's got the cute-as-a-button feel, an "l" letter at each end, and don't think this name scrimps on meaning. "Perfection lies within the God" is the meaning of Leisel. In a way, it's the best solution ever to any momma looking for a meaningful name that doesn't come cluttered or old-fashioned-sounding. Thumbs-up for Leisel.


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Hello, class. Darcy is the girl's name that pulls off upper echelon from start to finish (and it doesn't even have to try). While alternate spellings of Darcey have seen world fame reached with the ballerina, Darcey Bussell, this name can be spelled either way. It's even gender-neutral. The meaning of Darcy is "dark one," although it equally means "one from Arcy or from the fortress." A dark side isn't what you see at the start, but if she's going to have a cheeky side (trust us, it'll come), this name could work right out.


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You won't find this one on baby name lists, no matter how hard you scour. From someone who has a friend named Reyhan, you have it on good authority– the name is pretty much exclusive to the country of Turkey (although it really shouldn't be). Reyhan translates to "basil." With a herbal edge, a delicate sound, and a cute "Rey" nickname possibility, this girl's name is an all-round winner.

A full 25 baby names. All as unique and rare as each other. You kind of want to keep these to yourself, but there's a part of you that has to share, right?

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