25 Baby Girl Names That Have the Best Nicknames

Every parent, new and experienced, can agree that naming your baby is one of the most fun and stressful things you can do. It's fun because you get to pick a name for this precious new life. It's also stressful because you're naming another human being. The name you and your partner choose for your new baby can determine a lot in their future. How much they hate you for naming them something awful, for one. Really though, picking a name for your new baby doesn't have to be a headache or tennis match of sorts, going back and forth with your partner with different names you both either love or hate.

And choosing a baby name with a good nickname brings another element of difficulty to the whole process. Picking a unique name for your baby that also has special meaning to you and your partner is all well and good, but let's be real here. If you can't shorten it down to a nickname in the future, your daughter won't be the happiest sullen teenager out there.

Luckily, these baby girl names are ones that have the best nicknames for your new baby, making it possible to give her a good name that she can really call her own as she grows older.

25 Elizabeth

Elizabeth is kind of a given when it comes to picking out a baby girl name that has good options for nicknames. Your Elizabeth can become a Liza, Beth, Liz, and even Ellie. Basically, you'll be giving your new daughter the option of being whoever the hell she wants. Go you.

24 Katherine

Katherine is a classic name, lending itself to great women in history like, well, Katherine the Great, so already you have a solid history to go with. Should you choose to name your daughter Katherine, she can eventually go by Kat, Kathy, or Kate while letting it still be obvious the origins of her nickname.

23 Christina

The great thing about the name Christina is that even in its full form, it isn't as formal as it could be. But should you want to go the nickname route (and really, who doesn't, right?), there's Chrissy, Chris, Tina, and Christy. So, your daughter can either be an obvious Christina or a Tina all on her own.

22 Susanna

While Susanna isn't exactly the most modern option for your new baby girl, it is one that will leave her feeling pretty unique. While she's young, though, you can opt for Suzie, Suze, or even Anna, which is another pretty-sounding name all on its own. With a name like Susanna, you hardly need a middle name either. So, it's pretty much a win-win.

21 Josephine

If you name your daughter Josephine, you'll probably never actually call her as such unless she's in trouble and you need to shout out her first, middle, and last name. In which case, we totally don't blame you. But, for the days when your daughter is behaving herself, the shortened nickname options are Jo, Joey, or Josie--all solid options to pick from or use interchangeably.

20 Annabelle

Annabelle is a pretty and smooth-sounding name all on its own, but nickname potential allows for even prettier options, if that's possible. You could cut it down to Anna or Belle, or even Bella or Annie. Basically, your daughter will be golden, with no shortage of awesome nicknames.

19 Amelia

The best nickname for the name Amelia would probably be Lia (pronounced Lee-ah), but it's kind of the only one you need. True, Amelia is a unique baby name on its own, but what's the point in choosing a cool baby name if you can't get any nickname options to go with it?

18 Anastasia

You don't have to be a secret orphan princess to garner the name of Anastasia. You also don't have to have been born at the beginning of the 20th-century either. But, should you choose this name for your new baby girl, you'd likely come to love the nickname of, simply, Ana or Stasia.

17 Lillian

If you love the nickname of Lilly, but prefer a more formal (but equally as pretty) version of the name, then Lillian would be kind of perfect for your daughter. It also isn't a nickname that is so obscure that others would find it hard to figure out the root name, which is a big bonus and pretty much the whole point of great nicknames.

16 Tallulah

You're probably quick to think of Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and that's totally understandable since it is an incredibly unique name overall. The nicknames that come along with it, though, are also unique in their own right. If you get tired of dealing with the three syllable name, you could opt for Tally or Lula.

15 Isabella

The name Isabella gives birth to nicknames like Izzy or Bella, which is pretty obvious, sure, but doesn't make them lose any of their merits. The name Isabella, along with its nickname counterparts, also make you think of a soft spoken, pretty, angelic version of a little girl. And if you end up raising a toddler permanently stuck in the terrible twos, then you can still dream, right?

14 Penelope

Penelope may have one of the best nickname options with the name Penny, which honestly stands on its own just fine. But that's just a good component of a good nickname--the ability to be a name on its own and be strong enough to stand firmly.

13 Eleanor

The name Eleanor, which undoubtedly makes you think of a strong woman like Eleanor Roosevelt, is one that is relatively dated, sure, but it also isn't an overly common and modern one like Brittney or Tiffany. Plus, you get to include nicknames like Ellie and Nora.

12 Olivia

Should you choose the name Olivia for your new baby girl, you'll also be gifting her with the nickname options of Olive, which is insanely adorable as is, or something like Liv or Livvie. And we can all agree that those options make adorable names for your daughter as opposed to the longer, slightly more formal option, should that be her preference as a kid.

11 Alexandria

The most obvious nickname for Alexandria would be Alex, of course, which is great on its own. But you don't get a name like Alexandria without getting the privilege of multiple nicknames. In this case, other than Alex, the best nicknames would be Andrea, Andy, and even Al.

10 Matilda

Other than being the marvelous main character in a family movie of the same name, Matilda is as unique as it is versatile. If you'd prefer to have a shortened, more relatable name for your little one, then shortening Matilda to Tilly or Mattie are not only easier to spell, but totally adorable.

9 Adelaide

True, the name Adelaide is a bit dated and you probably have a great aunt somewhere with a similar name. But using it for a little newborn is a way to refresh it as a baby girl name. Plus, you can give her the nickname Lay or Addie, which are both perfect options.

8 Jessica

This name isn't as unique or "out there" as some of the other baby girl names on this list, but it garners some pretty legit nicknames any kid (and adult) would love. Jesse or Jess, which both make the root name apparent, aren't too far off from the original name. Double win.

7 Lucille

The most obvious nickname for the formal name of Lucille is Lucy--you know, as in Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy. And, Lucy on its own is a name that's pretty timeless, never seeming to sound "dated" or old fashioned. Your little girl can almost exclusively go by Lucy for as long as she wants.

6 Belinda

At first glance, Belinda isn't the most beautiful sounding name, sure, but there is much more to it than its full root form. Opt for the nicknames Linda or Belle, both pretty options in their own right, and both different enough to give your daughter a choice in the matter.

5 Beatrice

In the hit Divergent movie series, the lead heroine's name is Beatrice, but she eventually goes by the name of Tris. Being able to name your daughter after a strong female figure, even if fictional, is always a plus. And then, you have the options of Bea or Tris as cute nicknames.

4 Olympia

The 12 Olympians describe the most important Greek Gods of mythology, so choosing the name Olympia for your daughter is already a strong and solid name. The most important thing, though, is whether or not you can get some good nicknames out of it, and of course you can. There's Ollie, Lolly, or even Pia. Take your pick.

3 Cordelia

The best shortened nickname for Cordelia is Cordy, which is pretty straight and to the point. But as with the most important nicknames, it doesn't stray too far from its root name and doesn't come from seemingly nowhere.

2 Juliette

Of course, the obvious nickname for your daughter should you choose the name Juliette is Julie. But other nicknames include Lettie or Let, which are even more unique than the full name itself, and allow your little girl to have a little more independence.

1 Cecelia

If you already love the name Cecelia and need no further convincing on it, we really don't blame you. But the name also warrants some pretty cool nicknames to go along with it. Opt for Cee-Cee or Lia (again, that's Lee-ah), and you're set. If it doesn't take much to find an awesome nickname for your little girl's name, then you're pretty much set.

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