25 Baby Girl Names That Will Take Every Boy's Breath Away

Whether a child ends up going for a girl or a boy, every parent wants their kid to be a heart-grabber. This is one of the reasons why they want their kids to build a strong and engaging personality, have a sense of humor, exercise and eat well, and even have a great name.

Human connection is one of the most important aspects of being alive. It can give us purpose and make an unhappy world feel whole and a place of beauty. And, believe it or not, inspiring a human connection can sometimes start with a name that captures the heart and soul of another. We all know the experience. A great name is like a scent that wraps its tendrils around every inch of us and pulls us in. When we hear that name or speak it ourselves, we soften and our thoughts fade into a romanticized idea of the person.

This is what almost every mama and papa wants for their kids. They want them to be able to instill a sense of love, warmth, and allure that takes away the breath of those around them. Although there are tons of boys' names that can do this, girls' names just seem to do it a lot more efficiently. The names on this list feel like they're designed to create images of pixie dream girls, driven women with class and grace, models and actresses, sophisticated academics and professionals, spunky artists with an edge and a dark sense of humor, or the girl next door that has fought her way to the top.

Essentially, these names inspire visions of everything a guy pines for in a gal. Without further ado here, here are 25 girl names that will take every boy's breath away.

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25 Alessandra

For obvious reasons, the name Alessandra makes us think of a famous model. The exotic name has origins in Spain and is actually a version of Alexandra which means “to defend men.” But frankly, Alessandra is a far prettier version than the original. It's a name that inspires mystery. A name that men will think about long after she’s left the room. It’s a name full of opportunities that only she can define. This is why Alessandra is definitely a name that takes the breath away.

24 Amara

Amara is a female name with origins in Italy, Greece, and Africa. The name is strong attractive and ultimately very stylish. It rings of a sense of multiculturalism and class. But there is an undefined allure to it that causes us all to step back and look at it in wonder. The website Nameberry has seen a rise in the popularity of this name largely because people in the US and the UK are starting to see something quite beautiful about it.

23 Charlotte

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When you hear the name Charlotte you may think about Charlotte's Web or the long line of monarchs that have used this name. You may even think about characters in movies such as Lost in Translation as well as television series like Lost and Revenge. This is a very popular name used by many celebrities and in classic works of fiction. It's so popular because it is a name that is truly elegant and suitable for boys to pine over. It's a confident name something with intelligence and strength. These are things that everyone should value especially men.

22 Ivy

Ivy is a girl's name with origins in England that makes us think of the crash that lived next door. It's a sweet sounding name that also has a little bit of creativity and maybe even an edge to it depending on the personality of the owner. It's a name used in multiple works of fiction as well as television series like 90210 and even in Downton Abbey. In ancient Greece, wreaths of Ivy symbolized faithfulness, a trait that not only men value but everyone, including friends family and co-workers, hold close to their hearts.

21 Seraphina

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Although Serafina is actually of Hebrew origin and means “fiery.” the name sounds like it's straight from a fantasy novel. Names like this often sound romanticized and therefore are ideal for taking the breath from a boy's body. Serafina is an exceptionally feminine name that has been chosen by high-profile parents such as Jennifer Garner. There is a Latin version of the name that’s spelled “Serafina.” Either way, this is a beautiful and distinctive name that is perfect for creating the foundation of a truly fascinating woman.

20 Mia

This short, feminine, and sweet name rolls right off the tongue. It almost sounds like a whisper on the wind. It's a name that is full of beauty and promise. It has origins in Italy and Scandinavia and yet can fit into almost every culture under the sun. It's not long and complicated like some of the other names on this list, making it one that anyone can say at any given time. And yet the name has a genuine depth to it.

19 Zara

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The name Zara is an elegant, evocative and sophisticated sound. It's the name of an edgy fashion designer or that brilliant tech woman that everyone needs help from. It's simultaneously sultry and perfect for someone that wants to cast a spell over mankind. It's of Arabic origin and means “to blossom” as well as “Princess.” Either definition is appropriate for this truly refined and somewhat mysterious name. There’s a reason why Nameberry usually keeps this name close to the top of their list of popular names.

18 Veronica

On first glance, the name Veronica seems a tad boring. After all, it's been around for ages and kind of makes us think of a catty Valley Girl. But due to a renewed interest in the Archie comics, thanks to CW's Riverdale, Veronica has regained some of its allure. It's also a name that is perfect for nicknames. Examples of this would be, Nikki, Nika, Vera, and the very sultry, Ronnie. There's no doubt that many parents-to-be that are reading this will agree that Veronica is a name that will totally cause boys to crawl on their knees.

17 Talia

Talia is a name that sounds exotic and mischievous. It's a name that suits women who are destined to become the source of men's fantasies. The name has a Hebrew origin and means a "gentle dew from heaven" as well as "by the water." Both definitions create an image of grace and beauty that's truly appropriate given the velvet-like sound of the name. It's used by celebrities such as The Godfather's Talia Shire and actress Talia Balsam. It's also seen in fiction such as the Batman comics.

16 Ella

The name Ella is attractive for very different reasons than some of the other names on this list. It's a name that’s vintage and particularly elegant. It's constantly been popular throughout its long history. After all, it was used back in the medieval times. Of course, the name is derived from Isabella which has almost always been beloved by parents. Still, Ella sounds distinctive enough to be worthy of its own merits and shouldn’t be lumped in with longer names like Isabella. It’s short and spunky while still keeping the dignity of the root name.

15 Sienna

Sienna just sounds like the unattainable woman that most guys chase after. Only, it's also a name that holds much respect for itself. Meaning that a Sienna would only choose the right man that fit within her well-established life. She wouldn't just go for anyone pining for her. But still, the name, with origins in Italy, does sound like it's perfect for a beauty queen. The name actually comes right from the Tuscan city, Siena. It's used by multiple celebrities, both for themselves and for their children.

14 Sloane

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Sloane has been the name of many captivating, intelligent, and utterly unique characters in film and television. This includes the love-interest in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in Entourage, as well as Olivia Munn's character in Aaron Sorkin's HBO show, The Newsroom. The name is definitely sleek and sophisticated. It's the name of the new girl that every guy wants to get to know and every girl wants to be. The name has its origins in Ireland and means "raider," which seems entirely appropriate given the fact the girls with this name often take the hearts of every person they come across.

13 Rachel

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The importance of this Old Testament name made it a top choice from the '70s on. At a much earlier time in history, Rachel was often considered to be an entirely Jewish name. However, over the years, other religions have adopted it as well as nonreligious individuals. That's because the name sounds particularly soft and delicate while simultaneously being strong and forceful. This contradiction is one of the reasons why it sounds so alluring. Besides, it's perfect as it was the name of Jennifer Aniston's iconic character on Friends.

12 Natalia

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We've already spoken about the alluring and attractive elements of the name Talia, which comes from a Hebrew origin. But Natalia, which has its origins in Russia, is equally as interesting. However, Natalia is even more unusual and it sounds distinctly more exotic. The versions of this name in England and beyond, Natalie and Natasha, are far more mainstream. Although the name sounds somewhat unattainable, it could easily be used for a slightly edgy girl next door, not just for the model everybody wants to become.

11 Danika

Via: BET

Danika is a breath of fresh air. She’s a smile. A warm laugh amongst a mess of curly hair. She’s that unattainable woman that every man desires. But she’s a woman that knows her worth and therefore picks her partners wisely. There's no doubt that Danika is one of the most alluring female names around. If you utter the name aloud it even feels like your breath is being taken from your body. But the great thing about this name from Eastern Europe is that it's so suitable for a variety of different women. There's not just one personality that works with.

10 Adaline

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Adaline tends to be ranked #180 on Nameberry's popularity charts and if considered to be one of the names that's steadily growing in demand. This was particularly true after Blake Lively was cast as the title character in The Age of Adeline. Without a doubt, Lively is one of the most sought-after, well-respected, and attractive actors in Hollywood. She is the object of many crushes and a goal for others. But there's no doubt that Adaline has become popular thanks to the name itself. It sounds magical as if it casts some sort of spell over everyone around.

9 Rayna

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Although Rayna is of Hebrew origin, it's definitely a name you'd hear in the South. Perhaps this is because its meaning is "song of the Lord", which sounds distinctly Southern. The spelling of the name has deep ties to Hebrew, Slavic, and even Scandinavian cultures. Alternatively, it can be spelled, "Reina" and "Reyna." Not only is it the name of Connie Britton's character on Nashville, but it's the kind of name that you'd expect the coolest girl in school to have. But not the mean cool girl; she'd probably be called "Ashley" or "Lindsay."

8 Hailey

Of all the names on this list, Hailey may be one that causes the most discussion. This is because it could easily be seen as a traditional and slightly boring name that's used for the pretty, popular girls at school. But Hailey deserves so much more than that. This is because the name almost sounds ethereal, like something Stevie Nicks would write about. It's also the name of the uber-popular Hailee Steinfeld, who is equally unique and spunky as she is beautiful and talented. In short, this is the name of every boy's crush.

7 Anastasia

Thanks to the history of Russia, the name Anastasia sounds particularly regal and elegant. At one stage in the game, it was a slightly foreboding name. But nowadays it's far more viable and has become increasingly popular in the U.S. Of course, the name does have a very notable connection to the lost daughter of a notable character in history, a story that's been retold in books and in the movies. But in the mainstream, it sounds like something that a particularly exclusive woman would want to be called.

6 Sadie

Sadie is a name full of sass and spunk. It's a name that creates an image that every female wants to emulate, and every male wants to date. It's become incredibly popular thanks to celebrities such as Adam Sandler and Christina Applegate who have chosen to name their daughters this name of Hebrew origin. The original meaning of this name is actually “Princess.” Of course, this could have both positive and negative connotations however the best princesses are smart, unique and particularly alluring.

5 Lila

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Lila is a particularly soft and kind name. It would be hard to see a Lila being someone who was harsh and challenging to be around. It's a name that makes people feel comfortable, accepted, and loved. In Hebrew it means “night”; a time of quiet and self-reflection. This is not dissimilar to its Arabic, Hindi, and Persian origin. Of course, there are many spellings of this name as it has been depicted in literature and in multiple television shows such as Dexter and Friday Night Lights.

4 Chloe

Via: Gorzavel 

Here we spell Chloe with a “C” as not to connect the name with the famous Kardashian clan. This is because Chloe with a “K” does have some negative connotations. It also looks a bit rough-around-the-edges when written on the page. But the name shouldn't be exclusively linked with this famous reality celebrity. It's actually a biblical name that has been incredibly popular throughout Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. It's a name used by Olivia Newton-John and Candace Bergen for their daughters. And is the name of incredibly alluring celebrities such as Chloë Grace Moretz and Chloe Sevigny. It’s also the name of a very sweet and enticing perfume.

3 Thea


Thea is a short form of names such as Dorothea, Althea, Anthea, and Theodora, most of which originate from Greece, and mean "goddess, or godly". Thanks to its meaning, Thea sounds like the name of a woman who is seen by many as angelic, mysterious, and simultaneously powerful. It's the name that the artsy boy is likely to become attracted to. It's the name of a woman who likes to stand out and command her space with grace, heart, and intelligence.

2 Aurora

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Aurora is the name of a person that blankets those around her in light and laughter. It's the name of someone who is a little whimsical and fun. Someone who knows how to capture the hearts of those who near her. After all, the name has ties to the Northern Lights, as well as the magical fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. Nameberry has seen this name climb the ladder of popularity due to its history and the wonder it creates in the minds of those who hear it being uttered.

1 Olivia

Olivia is another name that should be reclaimed from the mean popular women who don't add much intelligence or grace to it. Originally, it was a megapopular name in Britain. This is thanks to William Shakespeare who originally gave it the grace and creativity that it deserves. In ancient Greece, the olive was a symbol of the goddess Athena, as well as a token of peace and fertility. There's a reason why olive wreaths were awarded to the winners of the Olympics. The name is attractive and a sign of good-will, as well as tender and effortless. That's enough for any boy's knees to buckle.

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