25 Baby Names Dad Wouldn't Want To Say Out Loud

Some names just roll off the tongue. It comes in handy when a dad has to refer to his kid – "Oh, Ava. Yeah, we started feeding her broccoli pretty early on. She loves it." It's when Ava turns into Appaloosa that it gets slightly trickier.

Baby names are a giant deal. Way more than they used to be. In the 1950s, popular baby names included Mary, Susan, Nancy, and Maria for girls. For boys, it was a predictable carousel of James, Michael, Robert, and John. All easy to say. Then again, not all too adventurous.

The '70s, '80s, '90s, and 2000s had their names. Some were adventurous. Some went for a vintage spin. Whether it was Stella, Oscar, Clementine, or Pax, none of them posed much of a problem for dad (or mom).

They're out there. This isn't even a matter of super-complicated names. It's the ones that are straight-up challenging to say out loud. Well, either that or they're so bizarre, everyone is just scratching their heads at quite how a set of parents both settled on it. ABCDE is actually a name; so is Yunique. While that one isn't a massive challenge to say, is it really one that dads want to be saying out loud?

Kylie Jenner named her daughter Stormi, after all, and the name started trending straight away. Cardi B's Kulture is a little harder for the playground, but it isn't too bad on the ear. This one is for the little kids who might be having a bit of a tough time. Why? Because of their names.

Names that dad just won't want to say out loud– here are 25 of them.

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Yes, this is actually a name. Or, you know, apparently, a jumble of letters that would probably even challenge a professor of linguistics. Aberycusgentylis was the given name to a child baptized in the UK in the year 1648. As Parent 24 reports, the name made its mark in history as one of the most bizarre we've ever seen. Just about working shortened to "Aber," this boy's name would challenge any dad around. We've yet to see another parent pick it, but it is there!


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Yes, you might be after a unique baby name. Trust us, there are plenty. I'munique is the baby girl's name that is so #Extra, it wound up on a Reddit thread. Somebody had actually encountered a person named I'munique. Their post said: "I work at a bank in North Florida and have been keeping a list of names I come across. My favorite so far is definitely I’munique. It was on her ID and everything.” Talk about putting Cardi B's Kulture in the shadow!


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A ton of baby names come with the theme of hope and miracles. Khloé Kardashian picked True for her 2018-born baby girl. Jessica Alba went with Honor. Back in the real world, names like Grace, Faith, and Hope are all chosen for similar reasons. There's a limit, though. Ah'Miracle is the baby girl's name that has been picked, but it probably isn't going to be topping 2019's charts. Saying it loud as a dad? We almost wish him luck! #BitTooMuch


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Appaloosa is actually a horse breed. With some interesting qualities that include intelligence, endurance, and willingness, the name, Appaloosa has a lot going for it – until you picture dad having to say it out loud. This name is mostly chosen for girls, although we've now entered a gender-neutral age. Unfortunately, this name has proven so unpopular, it wound up on The Daily Star's list of hardest "baby names of all time." On the plus side, we've got great ones. Browse our site for baby names that represent just about anything!


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If you're a bit of a Maverick, you might be tempted to pick a baby name that passes on your personality traits. Bold names are definitely trending. Kylie Jenner made a bang with her baby, Stormi. Future actually called his son Future. There's a point when a name is so bizarrely-spelled though, that saying it out loud runs the risk of causing a bit of a headache. Mhavryck is the alternate spelling of Maverick. "Independent" is the meaning of this name. You can try it, but good luck!


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With its super-classy, super-feminine sound, Genevieve is a beautiful name. This girl's name flies the flag for elegance, but it all turns a bit challenging after the opening letter. While Kate Upton has picked Genevieve for her baby girl, she's already rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's elite. Naming your girl Genevieve might work living on a glitzy, lakeside city in Europe, but if you're a regular mom or dad in Ohio or Michigan, you might find it's a bit more challenging.


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Only one name out-does this one. T.I. has called his son Messiah Ya'Majesty. Jermajesty is the baby name that Parents listed on its "wackiest" baby names list, but Mommyish put it on the most nightmarish "names known to mankind." To be fair, we've heard trickier. Chris Brown has called his daughter Royalty. With Jermajesty, though, it would be a matter of picturing that child running around the backyard, you looking for them, and having to call out: "Jermajesty! Dinner's ready!" Worth a try, but it would be a brave one.


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Talk about a mouthful. As a first name, Crystal is one that's stayed popular. It has a diamond-like feel, it's super-girly, and it can be spelled with the alternate, Krystal spelling. Crystal Shanda Lear is the pun baby name that Geni links to a woman born in 1944. Her parents were named William and Moya. While we'd have expected Crystal Shanda Lear to be born after the year 2000, it looks like this couple was channeling Kardashian vibes ahead of their time. Still up for it?


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For a name that means "beautiful voice," Calliope isn't quite what it seems. There is, admittedly, a very beautiful meaning to this name, but the reality of picking a baby name is having to say it out loud. With origins from Greece, Calliope wins points for being classic, but it's a tough one. "Do you like the name Calliope?" a user asked What To Expect's message boards. Think about it, the fact that they had to ask means that they were questioning it. Not the hardest name, but not the easiest!


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We've got to hand it to this generation. Ashley can now be Ashlee. Kayla can now be Kailagh. When it comes to playing around with the spelling of a name, making it unique is half the fun. Raleigh is the gender-neutral name that comes with a ton of prestige. It's a city in North Carolina, but "meadow of a deer" as a meaning adds a ton of swag. Tweak the spelling to Reighleigh though, and it's basically Riley. Dad might not be too keen on Reighleigh.


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D'artagnan will be easy to pronounce for anyone from France. This boy's name became famous after The Three Musketeers. While it was used for a male character in Stranger Things, something about this name is tricky. First off, the "gn." It's an easy one to pronounce over in Europe. If dad is from the US or UK though, it's going to be a problem. Remember that a baby's name is one that will be said dozens of times in the day. Unless you've mastered the "gn," bear it in mind.



Stanislava is one of the most popular girl names in Russia. This elegant name has long letters, a feminine ring, and it's much softer than the boy's alternative of Stanislav. A famous ballerina with countless IG followers has this name. The easy part for her? Stanislava Postnova isn't from the US. Long names like Esmerelda, Samantha, or Persephone are up for grabs, so for anyone eyeing up a girl's name that's long (and not Stanislava), it might be worth considering those.


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When A Southwest Airlines employee was caught "making fun" of a five-year-old girl named Abcde, it made This Is Insider's headlines. Pronounced "AB-si-dee," this alphabet-centric name is definitely unusual, but it is a name. The media outlet reports that 373 women in the US actually have this name. As to naming your own baby Abcde, you might want to consult with dad first. After all, the alphabet is something he'll be going through anyway. For a name? Bit of a challenge.


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Uniqueness is something that ranks pretty high when it comes to baby names. When Cardi B explained her choice of Kulture on SNL, she said: "Anything else would've been basic." As mommies-to-be scour the Internet for unique baby names, they might be going unconventional, but not many are picking Yunique. While this word actually finds its way into our daily vocabulary, it's picturing dad having to say it out loud that starts to get problematic. Unless of course, you don't want to consider him!


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Vanity – it's something that many of us fear being labeled with (although it hasn't worked out badly for Kylie Jenner). If a glam room and a sea of Swarovski crystals is your jam, a glam name might just be up your street. Bijou, Cadeau, and Crystal all fit the bill. Vanity is the girl's name that takes it one step further, though. Sure, it's not the most obscure name. Then again, Vanity finds itself on this list for being one of those names – dad might not be keen.


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Blanket is a word that will be repeated over and over from the minute that baby is born. Most new dads even wind up bringing the baby home from the hospital in a blanket. Everything changed with this word though, when Michael Jackson chose it as a baby name. Blanket Jackson joins siblings with equally unusual names – including Paris. While Blanket wins points for being unique and gender-neutral, it's unlikely to be topping dad's wishlist. You can try, but you might not succeed!


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"What's the weirdest baby name you've ever heard?" a Reddit user asked the Internet in 2012. A string of names came from across the globe, and yes, Cviiilin was on it. This name is largely believed to stem from the Roman numerals in it, but this is no Blue Ivy (where IV is the Roman numeral, four). As the Reddit user explained, Cviiilin is actually Caitlin, but the spelling takes things up a notch. Probably not one that dad would want to be saying out loud.


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Everybody knows someone called Max. At any rate, they've watched Mad Max: Fury Road. Some people even know a guy named Maximus. Maximilian is the boy's name that isn't super-wacky, but it's definitely a mouthful. The variant of Maximilian means "greatest." While its Latin origins would give any baby named Maximilianus a classic edge, it would likely do something else. It's called having a dad who wished mom had picked an easier name. It's up for grabs, but best ask dad first.


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Sometimes, a mommy wants a sugary-sweet name. Ariana Grande kind of has one. Whether it's Rose or Heart, a name that flies the flag for all things cute can be very tempting when that bundle of joy is a girl. Trixibelle is the girl's name that channels all things girly, but it doesn't rank highly when it comes to considering dad. Trixi for short might work, but remember that we're looking at actual names, here. Of course, if you're super-keen, you can pitch it to dad, but prepare for a "no!"


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Beyonce and Jay-Z named their son Sir. With statement parents and their $1.16 billion net worth, as per Forbes, Sir joins his twin, Rumi and older sister, Blue Ivy. Sirprince is the baby name that Parent 24 scooped up on its list of harrowing "baby names." While there's nothing wrong with it, per se, Sirprince is a bit on the OTT side. It's a case of picturing saying it loud – in an ordinary setting. Also, bear in mind that adult males are called "Sir." He'd be Sir Sirprince.


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There's a summery, meadow-like feel to the name Paisleigh. This girl's name ranked 840th as the most-chosen baby girl's name in the US in 2017, but we've got a feeling moms were doing the picking here. The variant spelling of Paisley is actually gender-neutral, but the cons are up there with the pros for this name. "Eigh" endings can be tricky, and Paisleigh's sweet sound might not be for every dad. Additionally, "church, cemetery" is the meaning of this name. Eep!


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If you want a fresh, fruity name, they do exist. Cherry is just one example. Lemon is the gender-neutral name that might come with a fresh squeeze, but remember that lemons can be sour. Most of all here, it's us picturing a dad calling out: "Lemon! Lemon!" as his kid leaves the school gates. A fruit name it might be, but if you want to avoid your baby being a grocery list item, you might want to consider carefully before choosing this one.


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Jezebel will always be a double-edged sword. This girl's name isn't the hardest name when it comes to saying it out loud, but the connotations of this name are less-than-wholesome. Jezebel has been used as an unsavory girl's nickname for quite some time, now. How would dad feel with a little Jezebel? Well, he'd have to explain his choice of baby name at the workplace. While there are Biblical links to this name, plenty more easier ones are available! Shiloh is just one of them.


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Chief Keef might not top charts like Travis Scott or The Weeknd, but this guy wins for baby names. His son, Sno Filmon Dot Com Cozart caused such a stir, The Independent wrote an entire article about it. If you're wondering, part of the name is inspired by Keef's record label. Dot com might be the way our future children roll, but when you're throwing in website vibes from day one, it's a touch intense. We saw this name and smiled, but we don't bank on dads liking it.


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There is more to this name than you might think. Cassiopeia was, as Wikipedia states: "One of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century [Greece-based] astronomer Ptolemy." Sure, naming a child after the stars is pretty cool. It's when it comes to saying out loud that the problems might arise. Shortened to Cassie, this name could be perfect. In full? Picture dad trying it and you'll see why we found it a spot on this list.

Baby names aren't all perfect. For these 25, we're sure that they made for great people, but let's not kid ourselves. Dad will not be happy saying them out loud.

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