25 Baby Names Doctors Have Only Heard Once

Choosing a baby name is an exhilarating task for all new parents. Gone are the days when moms used to choose a common name to attract good luck or to want their children to fit in with the rest of the community. Nowadays, people want smarter and unique names. All parents aspire to give their little bundles of joy special names.

Your name has a great prominence in your life, whether you admit it or not. Kids, and even adults, get self-conscious whenever their names are called out in a crowd. It is a parent’s responsibility to select a name that does not hurt their offspring's self-esteem in front of their colleagues, pals, or even strangers. Keep in mind that the embarrassment due to their names can be a tremendous obstacle for a child, it can make them shy and may even hold them back from accomplishing their dreams. Therefore, be vigilant while deciding on a name for your child.

It's best not to name your little one after an older family member. I'm sure no kid wants to hear that he was named after his great-grand-uncle who fought in the battle of something or the other. It can be a total embarrassment to your little ones as old-fashioned names may not suit the modern generation and may make them the laughing stock of the school.

So what do you name them? Where do you find gorgeous names that will make your child stand out from the rest? Check out these names that are guaranteed to catch your attention and arouse your curiosity. Explore their meanings and historical significance and choose one that suits your child's personality the best. Here are 25 jaw-dropping names that doctors have heard only once, but have never forgotten.

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25 Koa

Koa is a baby boy's name, and its meaning is “warrior” in the Hawaiian language. Adorable, isn't it! The combination of nature and strength indicates that Koas are generally both gentle and bold, and are adventure-loving people. But surprisingly, Koa has never ranked high in the top 1000 baby names list. Children or adults with the name Koa have a deep inner need for quiet. They have a desire to analyze and understand the world that they live in. They look for deeper truths and are quite curious about everything around them.

While pronouncing the name Koa, it should sound similar to the name “Noah,” hero of the biblical flood story in the Old Testament book of Genesis. The Biblical meaning of the name Koa is 'Hope, a congregation, a line, a rule'. This is one reason why many parents like to choose this as the name of their beloved one. For instance, the well-known American guitarist Tom Dumont’s kid’s name is Koa Thomas.

24 Bear

Surprised? People do name their kids animal names too. Bear is a unique baby boy name. It is a powerful and distinctive name. Arguably, the name provides enough confidence to your son to confront any challenge and thereby succeed in it. Though it may seem strange, the popularity of the name is increasing, day by day.

Have you forgotten the famous British adventurist Bear Grylls? Apart from that, the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver used it as the middle name for his boy Buddy. Alicia Silverstone’s son is named Bear Blu while Kate Winslet's is Bear Blaze. Grizzlee, Claws, Baloo, Scout, Scooter, and Theodore are cute and funny teddy bear names if you are looking for similar options.

The name is said to have its origins in English, possibly from the Middle English nickname Bere meaning ‘bear’. It could also have started out as a short form of Germanic compound names with this first element, such as Bernhard. Bears are regarded with both fear and amusement because of their strength and unpredictable temper. But they tend to be clumsy. In the medieval period, bears represented the sins of sloth and gluttony. So don’t be surprised if our strong hero turns out to be a sleep-lover and a food enthusiast.

23 Rowen

Rowen is a unisex name although people seem to prefer the name for boys rather than girls. The name has a Gaelic origin, which when translated means “Little Red Head”. If you are out hunting for a rare name, then try out 'Rowen' to make your sweetheart sound unique to everyone. The name has been around since the 6th century, and surprisingly its popularity has soared up in 2018.

The general characteristics of Rowen name holders are outgoing, innovative, buoyant, accessible, cheerful, social, loyal, and spirited. Rowens always seem to be happy. Hanging out with a Rowen is the best thing to do when you're having a bad day. They can cheer you up in an instant. Ancestors believe that the name brings luck to people. People sometimes give a modification and pronounce 'h' instead of 'w' making it sound more like Rohan than Rowen.

22 Maddex

Huh! Maddex? Sounds unique indeed! The name seems quite suitable for a naughty baby boy. So before choosing the name, it is wise to ensure you are having a boy. Well! If you really like to keep things unique, there's nothing wrong in naming your little girl Maddex and you can call her Maddy at home. Bound to get nicknamed 'Mad' too.

The name is of English and Welsh origin. The meanings of the name include “good” and “generous.” Mom will surely love this name as she will definitely want her little boy to grow up to be a good and generous man.

The name Maddex ranks at 1346 in the top national baby boy name chart and is ranking 1719 in New York’s list. The common traits associated with these name holders are astute, odd, instinctive, ingenious, scholarly, and solitary.

21 Jovie

Jovie! Sounds like a super happy kid. The name seems appropriate for both, guys and gals. The meaning of the name includes “happy,” “jovial,” or “joyous”. In fact, the word comes from the word “Jupiter.” Don’t you think of the name as a lively, cute, and cuddlesome one? If yes, then surely this name can be on your shortlist.

Are you expecting your child to be a happy and smiling-faced one? Then Jovie, which sounds similar to Jolie, can be a perfect one. Jo can be the right nickname for Jovie-named fellas. For boys, you can call them as Jojo. Jovita is another name similar to this one, but that's purely a girl's name. The name is still a surprise for many doctors who are hearing it for the first time.

20 Isla

Isla is an adorable and unique baby gal name, whose origin has Scottish roots. It is a celebrated name right from the 20th century. The Scottish meaning of the name is “rocky place”. However, Isla in Spanish means island.

The name Isla is quite an admirable one. It is used in almost all of the English-speaking countries that lie outside the United States of America. In Scotland, the name is on the top 10 ranking list for baby names. The name is well known in England, Australia, Northern Ireland, Canada, Wales, and New Zealand.

The original form of the name was Ilay or Islay.  Remember Ilay Campbell? Ilay was a masculine given name that was quite rare among women. But today Isla is regarded as a distinctly female name while Islay has become a rare male name. Check out the dominant characteristics of children with the name Isla - they tend to be independent, daring, flexible, intelligent, carefree, modern and pleasure-loving.

19 Elian

The name Elian is a baby boy name and has its origin from the Hebrew language. The meanings of the word in the Hebrew language include - The Lord is my God, God is Family, and so on, while in Welsh, it means fawn or saint. In its Latin root, it means 'the sun'. In The Netherlands, Elian has been in use since the early '50s. Whichever meaning you prefer to highlight, the name is positive and strong.

Elian McCready, who is a very well known artist and textile designer, grew up in Wales. Elian is a combination of Elizabeth and Juan. No doubt, the name became famous among American parents right after 1999/2000 news about a young Cuban boy named Elián González. The general characteristics of Elian name bearers include freedom-loving, intrepid, adjustable, smart, placid, forward-looking, and self-indulgent.

18 Joziah

Joziah is a modified version of the name ‘Josiah.’ It is a Hebrew masculine name from the Bible. It is derived from the Hebrew word yōshīyāh meaning ‘the Lord supports, the Lord saves, the Lord heals’.

Modern parents much prefer the new and jazzed-up version of Josiah, namely, Joziah. As per the Bible, Josiah is said to be the king of Judah in the 7th century BC and was one of the greatest kings ever. He became king of Judah at the age of eight after his father was assassinated. He ruled for 31 years.

Of course, the name is commonly used both by the Christians and Jews. The evident characteristics of the Joziah name holders include compassionate, community-loving, sympathetic, family devoted, affectionate, caring, and delicate. They look for harmony and balance in their lives and respond positively to beautiful things.

17 Hermes

Hermes is a unique name for a baby boy. The name has a connection with Greek mythology and its related astonishing stories. The name is considered an eternal one. Don’t you think so? It is indeed a prestigious and proud sounding name meant for a strong boy. People will certainly stop and look at your baby when they hear you calling him by his name.

The meaning of name Hermes is “messenger”. According to Greek mythology, Hermes was a Greek god associated with speed and good luck. He served as a messenger to Zeus and the other gods. He was also considered the patron of travelers, writers, merchants, and orators.

The Hermes name holders are capable of making friends effortlessly. They are cheerful, active, variable, uneasy, messy, and smart. The name Hermes probably originated from the Greek 'ερμα (herma) meaning "cairn, pile of stones, boundary marker".

16 Lively

Are you searching for a unique name for your cutie-pie? Lively is a notable and distinctive name for your baby girl. Sometimes, having such a name may even save your girl from becoming a brooding teenager and be more popular among her pals.

The name can feel be a bit unusual and surprising for those who call it out. But it will make them feel livelier too. The meaning of the name Lively is  "full of energy, life, etc". The name is English in its origin.

But if your child turns out to be a shy, quiet one, then a name like ‘Lively’ can be a cross for her to bear. The name is getting more popular because of the American actress Blake Lively. However, the name is currently not to be seen on top ranking lists of baby names, and that's a good thing when you are out hunting for unique names.

15 Calix

Calix is one of those rare baby boy names that surprise you with just how cute it sounds. The name is Greek in origin, and its meaning is “very handsome”. Calix is also a male variation of the Latin name Calixta. Currently, the name Calix is not ranking in the top list of the US birth names. In the Latin language, the name Calix means “chalice.”

Calix name holders have an inner desire or tendency to be the leader in a crowd. They tend to have a talent for focusing on relevant or substantial matters and delegate tasks with detailed instructions. Boys with the name Calix display traits of becoming capable and charismatic leaders. They prefer honesty, fairness, and order, even though they are quick-tempered. They are idealists whose inner strength is clearly visible.

14 Zayley

If you are looking for a unique name that is fashionable too, then Zayley is the perfect choice for your pretty little doll. The meaning of the name is “Dry,” and the name is quite prominent in English-speaking countries. The name has Greek origins and is associated with traits such as female independence, empowerment, envy, and zeal.

However, the name is not anywhere on the list of Top 1000 baby names. So surely, the name is going to stand out in a crowd. Zaylee is another similar name, but this one has an Australian origin. Zaylee means flower.

Zaylees have aspiration and inspiration, hope and guidance. They are intuitive and perceptive. They have a good understanding of the human heart. These name holders are good mediators as they have diplomacy and discretion. They are dependable, down-to-earth and well grounded.

13 Bellamy

Bellamy can be a boy name or gal name. Moreover, Bel is a synonym for "fair, good, and handsome" and Amy is a synonym for "friend". Together, the meaning of the name is “good friend,” “fair friend,” “handsome friend,” and “beautiful friend” and is of French origin. Which parent wouldn't want their child to be a good friend?

Children with the name Bellamy have the potential to go to great heights and equally great depths. They are emotional and fixed in their opinions. They are always looking for opportunities to explore the unknown and to use their mental abilities.

Most parents think of it as a feminine name. Some of the nicknames associated with Bellamy include Belle, Bella, Amy, and Mimi. Bella is famous among youngsters, especially after the release of Twilight series.

12 Britta

Britta is a lovable, energetic, and stylish female name, which is well-known in Germany and Scandinavia. This name is a slight modification of Britt or Brigit. The meaning of Britta is "the strength or exalted one". Nevertheless, the Britta name-bearers possess a sincere desire to be a leader and have great personal independence.

Those named Britta are hospitable and sentimental. They tend to be psychic and sometimes moody. They are ruled by love and are affected deeply by a lack of it. They need to be encouraged and appreciated. They are usually interested in the arts and drama.

People with the name tend to have a satisfying amount of evaluating, comprehensive, and learning skills. Most of the Britta name bearers tend to be mystics, lecturers, thinkers, and intellects. Celebrities with this name include Saint Britta, Britta Stephen, Britta Philips, Britta Lejon, Britta Soll and Britta Heidemann.

11 Cash

The Irish surname Cash derives from the English family name, Cass. Consequently, the name is more suitable for boys than girls. Just like your guess, Cass or Casse is indeed connected to the meaning “money” in the form of currency or coins. It is also the short form of the female name Cassandra, which means ‘shining upon men’.

Strangely enough, the popularity of the name fell around 1894 and it returned to the baby name list victoriously in the year 2003. The reason for its return is the sad demise of the famous musician Johnny Cash and many American parents named their child after this great musician, out of respect. The popularity of the name spread even in Montana and Oklahoma, where country music still prevails in the hearts of people.

10 Calla

This unique baby name is more suitable for females than males. Calla is of Greek origin, and its meaning is “the most beautiful”. Calla is a Lily name and is an alternative name for those who adore the name Lily, which is quite common in English-speaking countries. People having this name crave tranquility, concord, love, and friendship.The dominant characteristics of the Calla name bearers are romantic, creative, instinctive, ethereal, and inspirational. They are wise and practical, with an appreciation for beauty. They always think before they act. Their prime desire is to build and be in a secure environment at home and at work.

In spite of lesser popularity when compared to the name Lily, Calla appeared in the top baby name list during the last decades of 19th century.

9 Kael

Kael is an appealing baby boy name and is a respelled version of Cael. Wondering about the name Cael? Perhaps you will be familiar with this name - it comes from a mythical character in Irish folklore. The meaning of the Gaelic origin name is “slender” and “fair.” Kael name bearers have an intense desire for a stable and affectionate family or community.

The popularity of the name increased in the United States since it sounds similar to the names Kale and Cale. Some of the common traits witnessed in Kael name bearers include inspirational, instinctive, mystical, quick-witted, cheerful, and truth-seeker.

If you recall, Superman's birth name was supposed to be Kal-El  meaning the “Voice of God”. With a name like Ka-el, your might turn out to be a super wonder too.

8 Raine

The name Raine comes from the French word for Queen, ‘Regina.’ It is also similar to the Celtic-Welsh Rhiannon (Rihanna) meaning “great queen”. Also, the name Raine holds the meaning “she is singing”. Raine is a variant form of Raina, Rani, etc.

Ordinarily, girls having the Raine name are said to be instinctual and in harmony with the universe. Just like other nature-inspired names, the Raine name holders are also idealists. Raine is a female whose beauty is unfathomable. She is adorably cute and the slight settling of her hair runs a man's heart wild. On the inside, she is loving and kind.

Nevertheless, the name is known because of Raine Spencer, the stepmother of Princess Diana. Furthermore, there are other celebrities with the Raine name such as - Raine Browns, Raine Michaels and so on. Other versions of Raine include Reina, Rayne, Reine, Rane, Raina, Reyna, and Rana.

7 Arnelle

Arnelle is a female version of the well-known male name Arnold. It is an English baby name, and the meaning of the name is 'modern'. Arnold, and consequently Arnelle, derives from baptismal compound names such as Ernault or Arnolt, of which "arn", means an eagle, and "wald", to rule. So in the German language, the name is said to mean “power of the eagle.”

The name bearers have an innate tendency to inspire others and persuade them to follow their spiritual views. Some of the common traits of Arnelle name bearers include law-abiding, vigilant, conventional, committed, value integrity, and discipline.

The daughter of O. J. Simpson is Arnelle Simpson, and hence the name is getting more famous among people. Some of the nicknames for Arnelle are Arnella and Arnell. Arnelle is currently on the New York’s baby name list and occupies the 1960th position.

6 Lathan

Lathan is a baby boy's name, which means “Hebrew Nathan”. In the Old Testament, Nathan is the prophet who chastised King David for his adultery with Bathsheba and for the death of Uriah the Hittite. The Biblical meaning of the name Nathan is: Given, giving, rewarded.

The name Lathan started getting popular only since the year 2010. Some of the dominant characteristics of Lathan name holders are collaborative, thoughtful, sympathetic, caring, tactful, kind-hearted, tolerant, devoted, courteous, and stable.

The name is prevalent in the towns of Layton or Latham. Some of the celebrities with this name include Lathan Williams and Lathan Toland. It has its origins in both America and England. The meaning of the name is “God has given” and “barn.” Here are the other versions of the name Lathan - Lath, Lathy, and Lathools.

5 Kaia

Kaia is a pretty baby gal name and is of Hawaiian origin. The meaning of the name is “the sea.” People with this name are worldly and determined. The name is also similar to the Scandinavian name Kaja. It is also said to be a diminutive form of the name of Katarina meaning  "pure".

Kaia is an alternate form of the name “Gaia” or “Gaea” (a Greek Titan). The well-known actress Rosa Blasi’s daughter’s name is Kaia Jane. Some of the nicknames of Kaia are Kye, KiKi, Kai, Kai Kai, and KK.

Celebrities that share the name Kaia include Kaia Kanepi, Kaia Wilson, and Kaia Gerber, who is the daughter of the international model Cindy Crawford. The dominant traits of these name holders include creative, smart, sophisticated and friendly.

4 Dangelo

Dangelo is a baby boy's dream name and is a spelling variation of the name Deangelo. The name is of African-American origin, and it means “of the angels.” In the Greek language, the meaning of Dangelo includes “divine messenger,” “messenger,” and “messenger of God."

The name is a product of the popular “De” prefix married with the Italian masculine name Angelo. Angelo is derived from the Latin word “Angelus” meaning a heavenly creature – an angel/ This, in turn, originated from the Greek word αγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger". So, in Italian, the meaning of the name Deangelo is considered to be: 'From the angel'.

Dangelo first came on the boys naming list in the year 1985. Some of the general characteristics expected from those named Dangelo are reliable, stable, realistic, diligent, persistent, scholarly, and conventional. The nicknames of the name Dangelo include Angel and Angelo. Some famous people with similar names are D’Angelo, and D’Angelo Jiménez. However, the name is not prominent among today’s generation.

3 Bexley

Bexley is an Old English name which means box trees and woodland clearings. Bexley is also said to have the meaning "Protected Kingdom". In the year 2016, the name Bexley was on the Top 1000 baby name list and had a ranking of 970. The name Bexley might have also originated from the place with the same name. Bexley is an area of south-east London, England.

Some of the nicknames of the name Bexley are Bex, B, Bexy, etc. Moreover, Bex, which is one of the nicknames of Bexley, means “to tie.” Bexley is a female name which again showed a ranking of 979 in the top baby name lists of 2018 in babycenter.com. But when you ask a doctor how frequently they have heard this name, the answer is surprising - "maybe one or twice." Children with the name Bexley are independent, determined, and have a persevering nature.

2 Mika

Mika is such a pretty name, isn’t it? It is a Hebrew baby name, and in the Hebrew language, its meaning is “gift from God”. The name is appropriate for both boys and girls. The male version traces back to Finland and Scandinavia and is the short form of the name Mikael.

However, the female version of Mika originates from Japan, and its meaning is “beautiful fragrance.” It is pronounced 'MEE-kah' and the name has been quite popular in Japan since the 1960s. It's still reasonably well-used even today. The attributes of the name Mika are beauty, fragrance, and flower. Surprisingly, in Native American language, the meaning of the name Mika is 'intelligent raccoon'.

Leadership skills, analytical skills, and learning skills are dominant in Mika name bearers. Common traits include thoughtfulness, peaceful, reflective and interpretive. Though it's gaining popularity, the name is one that's rarely heard by doctors more than once.

1 Hazel

Hazel is an adorable baby girl name, which is English in origin. The meaning of the name is interpreted as “the hazel tree,” “nut,” or “a nut-bearing shrub.” According to the Celtic legend, the name symbolizes wisdom and creativity. Ironically, in the Tectonic language, the name means "commander".

Hazel, though not popular in the US, is well known in many parts of the world. In fact, the name has been famous since the 9th century, a time period in which plant and flower names became fashionable as first names.

These name bearers are said to have an inner desire for a consistent adorable family or community, and an urge to commit to tasks with others, and earn proper rewards. Other common traits include introspective, silent, and thoughtfulness. The name is more suitable for a quiet, shy child than a loud, naughty one.

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